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Friday, August 16, 2013---USC Football Team Pictures

Utengsu Swim StadiumAs my husband Jim and I walked to the John McKay Center, we saw the new Utengsu Swim stadium. Progress is being made.

We arrived at the John McKay Center at 8:30 a.m. Workmen were just assemblying the bleachers for the football team photo. Jim and I were joined by my sister Pat, brother-in-law Dudley and brother Charles. Trojan Candy thought that the football team pictures would be taken at 9:00 a.m. As it turns out, they were scheduled for 10:00 a.m.

Ron Orr and Emily Barth
There was a lot of action around 9:30 a.m. Friends Ron Orr and Emily Barth (8/24/2012) came to set up tables in the patio.
2013 football
Footballs and pens were lined up on the tables.
Marqise Lee
Then, a friend stepped into the patio to see what the commotion was. Friend Marqise Lee (9/22/2011) posed for yet another picture by yours truly. I couldn't resist telling Marqise, "I always have my camera with me, so you better be careful, you don't know where I might show up!" My remarks elicited a "big" smile on Marqise's face!
Kevin Greene
With the balls all ready, the first player to sign the footballs was friend Kevin Greene (11/5/2009).
Lamar Dawson
Then friends Lamar Dawson (7/14/2011)
Xavier Grimble
and Xavier Grimble (8/19/2010).
Silas Redd, Xavier Grimble, and Buck Allen
Silas Redd (8/9/2012), Xavier Grimble, and Buck Allen posed for Trojan Candy.
More players
The entire team crowded in the patio area to sign.
Spirit of Troy

Next on the agenda was the team picture. SID Tim Tessalone lined the players up in numerical order first, then he seated them in the bleachers. Here is our 2013-2014 USC Football Team!

Nelson Agholor
More friends posed for pictures. Friend Nelson Agholor "primped" for this picture after his team position picture.
John Auran
Then, Jim took this picture of our football locker recipient, John Auran and yours truly. It was so nice to finally meet John. Now all I need is a future interview for my blog!
Josh Shaw, Leon McQuay III, Anthony Brown, and Kevon Seymour
Josh Shaw (1/13/2012), Leon McQuay III, Anthony Brown (9/23/2010), and Kevon Seymour (8/16/2012).

CLICK HERE TO SEE MY GOOGLE ALBUM with many more pictures of our Trojans by team position, our coaches and many candid photos of Trojan Candy's friends.

Kudos to my brother Charles. I used many of his team position pictures.

D.J. Morgan, Marqise Lee, Hayes Pullard, Silas Redd, Xavier Grimble, and young fanI am ending this entry with this last picture of D.J. Morgan (8/12/2010), Marqise Lee, Hayes Pullard (8/19/2010), Silas Redd, Xavier Grimble, and a little USC Fan!

Thursday, August 15, 2013---Trojan Coaches Club

Ken and Sue HustingTrojan Candy was at USC for the Trojan Coaches Club meeting. When I arrived at the John McKay statue in front of the John McKay Center, I met two fellow Trojans---Ken and Sue Husting. They came for this meeting with about fifty other members and guests.

The meeting began with a private tour of the Center. Our tour guide was none other than J.K. McKay, himself! J.K. led us en masse into the lobby. Since Trojan Candy had already toured the John McKay Center several times, I immediately took pictures of the new murals in the entrance as J.K. spoke about the giant video screen in the lobby. It was so nice to see some friends in the murals.

left mural
Left mural

Friends on left mural (L-R) Ray Sarmiento (3/11/2011), Devon Kennard (11/5/2009), Jamie Fink (11/5/2012), Haley Anderson (3/16/2013), Chass Bryan (10/28/2012), and Cassie Harberts (4/18/2012).

Friends on right mural (L-R) Jenna Puterbaugh (9/23/2013), Rachel Morris (4/19/2012), Sabrina Santamaria (5/11/2012), Mace Rapsey (4/8/2011), Josh Mance (3/31/2011), and Kirby Burnham (5/6/2013).

right mural
Right mural

The tour continued on the first floor.

Next, we walked upstairs to the Football Offices. Trojan Candy saw two new items I have not seen before.

Daily schedule
There was a "Typical Day" schedule for the football team on a screen.
football alumni
Then, around the corner of the small lobby was a mural of famous USC football alumni at the Coliseum. Can you name all the famous Trojans? See answer at the bottom.
Frank Gifford plaque
In the same lounge area that I took pictures of the NCAA Championship rings, Trojan Candy found a wall of NFL Hall of Fame Plaques. I was able to take a sharp picture of Frank Gifford's plaque. Frank is still FIGHTING ON!
J.K. McKay
J.K. next took us into the team meeting room. He filled us in on our Coliseum plan and some team tidbits. Then, we went to the lower level.

As the rest of the tour group walked around the football field and the weight room, Trojan Candy stayed outside of the Football Locker Room. What a payoff! I got to visit with and take pictures of some friends! They all came out of the locker room.

Kris Albarado
Kris Albarado (9/16/2011)
Devian Shelton
Devian Shelton (8/16/2012)
Ryan Dillard
Ryan Dillard
Anthony Sarao
Anthony Sarao (7/14/2011)
John Martinez and Cyrus Hobbi
John Martinez (10/1/2010) and Cyrus Hobbi (2/9/2012)
Cody Temple
Cody Temple (5/3/2012)
Gio di Poalo
Gio di Poalo (8/24/2012)
Ryan Henderson
Ryan Henderson (8/21/2011)
J.R. Tavai, Erick Jepsen, and Peter McBride
J.R. Tavai (8/26/2011), Erick Jepsen (5/3/2012), and Peter McBride (2/25/2011)

Boy, do I miss seeing my friends at Heritage Hall! Morgan Breslin came out also, but didn't want me to take his picture. That is typical Morgan!

Sam and Pat NicholsonThe tour ended at the All-American Walk. We kept walking to Dedeaux Field for "Happy Hour" and dinner. The Open Bar was already set up. Two friends, TCC Past President Sam and Pat Nicholson were selling raffle tickets at the check-in-desk. Trojan Candy met Sam and Pat through their grandson Eric Strangis. Eric played on the USC Men's Basketball Team (2008-2012) and was the only graduating Senior last year. Pat told me that Eric is doing well in his business job. What fantastic news!

The food was delicious. Prime rib and salmon! Mmmm. Oh, yes, the Bar was still open!

Mike Gin and Dan HubbsThe meeting was very interesting. New USC Baseball Coach, Dan Hubbs, gave us an insight into next year's team. Then, Gary Paskwietz spoke about the football team and staff.

Trojan Candy recognizes eight of the nine famous USC and NFL Alumni. They are from left to right: Junior Seau, Ronnie Lott, Ron Yary, Anthony Munoz, Lynn Swann, Willie McGinest, ?, Keyshawn Johnson and Marcus Allen (8/30/12). If any of my readers knows who our unnamed alumnus is, please email me. Thanks!

What an exciting evening!