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Friday, August 26, 2011---Women of Troy Lacrosse is in the House!

My husband Jim and I met my sister Pat and her husband Dudley in the parking lot. Pat and Dudley had volunteered at Heritage Hall yesterday and drove in again today to stuff Cardinal and Gold envelopes. What devoted volunteers!

McKay CenterMcKay CenterAs my husband was taking pictures of the John McKay Center construction from the top of the Loker Track Stadium, I waited downstairs with our cart. Pat and Dudley walked up, as well as Khaled Holmes and Matt Barkley. Both Khaled and Matt were still in uniform. Matt stopped to say, "Hello" and give yours truly a hug. He said that he was just leaving practice and that he had been on the field from 6:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. What a devoted Trojan!

There is even more progress on the construction of the John McKay Center.

Pat and Dudley stuffed the envelopes upstairs while Jim and I volunteered and stuffed at the information desk downstairs. Actually, only Jim stuffed. Trojan Candy was so busy with friends, new and old, coming to the desk that I didn't have any time to stuff. Eleven new friends came to visit at the desk!

Victoria QuintanarThe first new friend came to Heritage Hall to make a delivery. Victoria Quintanar works in Recreational Sports at the Lyon Center. She is a Senior majoring in Theatre. Her emphasis is in Stage Management and Event Management. Victoria, who is from San Diego, has many interests. She likes sports, theatre, dancing, cooking and baking! FIGHT ON, Victoria!

Rhett Ellison, Assistant Coach Justin Mesa, and Christian TupouTrojan Candy recognized the next new friend who walked up to the desk for the first time. I remember him from the Trojan Football:101 for Ladies that I attended on June 14, 2011. Tight Ends Assistant Coach Justin Mesa, who came with Rhett Ellison (11/12/2009) and Christian Tupou (11/11/2010), graduated from USC in 2006 with a degree in Kinesiology. He is in his second year as a graduate assistant. Justin said that he played football and baseball at Cathedral H.S. He loves to travel! Thailand was his last destination. Many more Bon Voyages, Justin! FIGHT ON, Justin!

Mytrinh HuynhMytrina Huynh visited at the desk with us for a long time. She works for a medical device company that specializes in heart monitors. Mytrina said that she comes periodically to check on the athletes who use their heart monitors. On the personal side, Mytrina attended LSU and then transferred to UCI. She majored in Business and Biology. For hobbies, she likes to backpack, jog and garden. We look forward to more visits from Mytrina!

Adrienne Taylor and Patricia JanscoFriend Adrienne Taylor brought her teammate Patricia Jancso to the desk. Patricia is from Hungary and plays Defender on the Women of Troy Water Polo Team. She is majoring in Human Performance. Patricia didn't write about any of her hobbies this time. She'll just have to come back to the desk to finish her interview! FIGHT ON, Patricia!

Peter YoboPeter YoboThe fifth new friend finally came to the desk. He is one of the few 2010 USC football players that Trojan Candy has not interviewed. No More! Peter Yobo walked up to the desk for the first time. Naturally, I asked if I could interview him. With a very big smile, Peter said, "Yes." Peter, who plays Offensive Tackle, is from New Jersey and from Ghana, initially. He is a Senior this year (I just interviewed him in time!), and he majored in Economics. When Trojan Candy asked him about any hobbies, Peter's face lit up! One hobby is working out. The other hobby is managing his non-profit charity called "Stand Above". (Notice Peter's wristband!) "Stand Above" aids children all over the world. What a Trojan with a charitable heart! FIGHT ON, Peter!

John KatnikTrojan Candy asked the next new friend to come over to the desk. He has to be on the football team, I thought to myself. And I was right! Freshman John Katnik is from Palos Verdes and plays Offensive Guard. John said that he is undecided in his major. For his hobby, John wrote that he likes to hang out with friends. (Yeah, another friend for Trojan Candy to hang out with!) When I asked John why he chose USC, he said that his father John played on the offensive line at USC. Then, the list got longer. John said that three other family members are Trojans also. Norm Katnik on the offensive line, Kurt Katnik as a tight end, and Brad Walker as a wide receiver! What Trojan lineage! FIGHT ON, Father John! FIGHT ON, Norm! FIGHT ON, Kurt! FIGHT ON, Brad! FIGHT ON, John!

J.R. TavaiThe seventh new friend this week is J.R. Tavai. J.R. played at Mira Costa High School in Redondo Beach. An incoming Freshman, J.R. is undecided in his major and will play on the defensive line. For hobbies, J.R. likes to listen to all kinds of music and "hang out" with his family. Perhaps, J.R. will eventually "hang out" and visit with Trojan Candy at the Heritage Hall desk. FIGHT ON, J.R.!

Bhupinder SinghBhupinder Pal Singh comes out from his little hidden "cubby" office every week to see my husband Jim and me. He works in the hidden Trojan Access Office on the first floor of Heritage Hall. His job is Athletics Technical Support. Bhupinder is earning his Masters in Electrical Engineering from the USC Viterbi School. My husband Jim earned his Ph.D in Materials Science from the same school in 1974. (Two comrade engineers!) Bhupinder, who is from Jalandhar, Punjab, India, likes all kinds of music and basketball. FIGHT ON, Bhupinder!

Steve HsuThe ninth new friend walked up to the desk with a big cheery smile! Steve Hsu is a full-time USC P.E. Department Instructor. He teaches Yoga, Stress Management for Healthy Living, Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Physical Conditioning, and Weight Training. No wonder that he is in tip-top shape! These classes are not all that he has taught. Steve wrote that he taught at Chaffey College, U.C. Riverside, Mt. SAC, Claremont, and Loma Linda before he came to USC. Some classes that he taught at those universities were Zumba, Kung Fu San Soo and Spinning. Perhaps he'll teach these classes at USC next semester! Steve said that he rides the train in every day from Rancho Cucamonga. (Not only does he expend a lot of energy...he saves it too!) At the end of our conversation, Steve, with a big "teasing" smile on his face, asked Trojan Candy to guess what university he graduated from. Looking at that smile, I guessed (in disgust) ucla. Steve said, "Yes, but he loves teaching at USC!" However, Steve is still a friend, because as all Trojans know: Steve used to be a Bruin for four years, but, now he is a Trojan for LIFE! FIGHT ON, Steve!

Hilary Bowen and Devon WillsNew friends #10 and #11 are "In the House!" Hilary Bowen and Devon Wills walked up to the desk together. They are both Women of Troy Lacrosse Coaches! Hilary is from Rochester, N.Y. She played lacrosse at Northwestern University. Her hobbies are reading and BOXING! I wouldn't mess with her! FIGHT ON, Hilary!

Devon Wills works with Hilary in the Galen Center. She is from Denver, and she played at Dartmouth College. The two coaches knew one another before they arrived at USC. Both of them played on the U.S. Lacrosse Team! Hilary played on the team in 2009, and Devon still plays on the U.S. Team. For hobbies, Devon likes to surf (welcome to L.A.!), run, and read. FIGHT ON, Devon! FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Lacrosse!

Seen at the SCene:

Coaches: Golf: Andrea Gaston, Kurt Schuette, and Chris Zambri. Football: Monte Kiffin, Lenny Vandermade, Sammy Knight, Ed Orgeron, Aaron Ausmus , and Ted Gilmore. Women's Tennis: Richard Gallien. Rowing: Ligita Kaviere.

Basketball: Dewayne Dedmon and Ashley Corral.

Rowing: Lenka Vrecnikova, Magda Janicka, Dionne Licudine, Ewa Tymoszewska, Ewelina Nowak, and Vineta Mola.

Heritage Hall Friends: J.K. McKay, Pat Haden, trainer Angele, Tim Tessalone, and Darcy Couch.

Track and Field: Jovonte Slater, CoCo Ndipagbor, Jessica Davis, John Mance, Reggie Wyatt and Farren Benjamin. Congrats, Farren, on your L.A. Times article. Well Done!

Women's Water Polo: Adrienne Taylor.

Soccer: Anne Turner

Armond Armstead and Da'John HarrisFootball: Khaled Holmes, Matt Barkley, Tre' Madden, Patrick Kim, Anthony Brown, T.J. Bryant, Randall Telfer, Nick Perry, Robbie Boyer, Tyler Grady, Da'John Harris (4/17/2009), Nic Curry, Christian Tupou, Rhett Ellison, Jawanza Starling, Brandon Carswell, Kevin Greene, Marshall Jones, Dillon Baxter, Curtis McNeal, De'Von Flournoy, Soma Vainuku, Kevin Negrette, Zack Kusnir, Brice Butler (8/20/2009), Taylor Ashton, Marshall Jones, Drew McAllister and Armond Armstead (4/24/2009). Trojan Candy hopes that Armond is cleared soon for practice!

August 21, 2011---Salute to Troy 2011 Football Kickoff

Men's TennisMen's Water PoloAs Trojan Candy walked through the massive USC football helmet at Salute to Troy 2011 Football Kickoff, I saw all the tables covered with tablecloths. Each table was adorned with a vase of cardinal and gold roses. Very nice! Traveler was ready to pose for pictures at the east end of the Loker Track Stadium. At the west end, tents were set up for the Women's Soccer Team, the three time NCAA Champion Men's Water Polo Team, and the three time NCAA Champion Men's Tennis Team to give autographed pictures to all fans.

This year the football team was not required to stay in a fenced-in area. Take that, NCAA! As each player walked among the tables and in the aisles, fans asked them for autographs and pictures. My brother Charles walked around with me to take pictures of the players. Whenever Trojan Candy saw a player who hasn't stopped by the Heritage Hall desk to be interviewed, I gave him my TrojanCandy card and invited him to come visit at the desk. As we roamed around taking pictures, we ran into my friend Pierson Clair, the Official USC Photographer. Charles and Pierson talked "shop" and compared their expensive Nikon cameras. Then, it was back to the task at hand for all three of us! In addition to meeting new friends, it was so much fun to visit with so many "old" football friends!

Hayes Pullard, Xavier Grimble, and Dion Bailey
Hayes Pullard, Xavier Grimble, and Dion Bailey
Robert Woods
Robert Woods (8/19/2010)
Aundrey Walker and Matt Barkley
Aundrey Walker and Matt Barkley
Taylor Ashton and Mom Denise
Taylor Ashton and Mom Denise
Tre' Madden and his family
Tre' Madden and his family
Brian Baucham, Antwaun Woods, James Harbin, Marcus Martin, and Allen Noble
Brian Baucham, Antwaun Woods, James Harbin, Marcus Martin, and Allen Noble
J.R. Tavai, Tyler Grady, Christian Heyward, and Abe Markowitz
J.R. Tavai, Tyler Grady, Christian Heyward, and Abe Markowitz
Trojan Candy with Cyrus Hobbi, Zack Kusnir, and Jeremy Galten
Trojan Candy with Cyrus Hobbi, Zack Kusnir, and Jeremy Galten (8/8/2011)
Kyle Negrete and John Auran
Kyle Negrete and John Auran
Shane Horton and Matt Kalil
Shane Horton and Matt Kalil
Trojan Candy with Patrick Kim
Trojan Candy with Patrick Kim
Dillon Baxter
Dillon Baxter
George Farmer
George Farmer
Trojan Candy with T.J. McDonald
Trojan Candy with T.J. McDonald
Brice Butler
Brice Butler (8/20/2009)

We had to stop roaming when the program began. The Master of Ceremony was Athletic Director Pat Haden, and President C.L. Max Nikias welcomed all attendees. The program continued with the honoring of USC Olympians Louis Zamperini, John Naber and Quincy Watts. Coaches of other sports were introduced next.

1961 Football teamAugusto AlonsoThe Football Alumni Association awarded the inaugural Graduate Scholarship to Augusto Alonso. It was a complete surprise to Augusto! Congratulations! Then, players from the 1961 Trojan Football Team (50th Anniversary) and the 1986 Trojan Football Team (25th Anniversary) were honored. What a splendid tradition to follow!

Then the football coaches introduced their players according to position. Behind the stage, the Spirit of Troy and, on the stage, the Song Girls livened up the festivities with their music and dance. Excitement filled the air!

Defensive Backs
Defensive Backs Anthony Brown, T.J. Bryant, Tony Burnett, Patrick Hall, James Harbin, Torin Harris, Ryan Henderson, and Marshall Jones
Defensive Linemen
Defensive Linemen Zack Kusnir, Nick Perry, J.R. Tavai, and Greg Townsend Jr
Quarterbacks Matt Barkley, Cody Kessler, John Manoogian, Anthony Neyer, and Max Wittek with Coach Clay Helton
Ted Gilmore and his son T.J.
Wide Receivers Coach Ted Gilmore with his son T.J.

As usual, the annual Salute to Troy was a huge success! Fireworks brightened the sky as the guests left.

Thanks for all your pictures, Charles!

My friends, you can see almost 200 more pictures by visiting my Picasa album by CLICKING HERE.

FIGHT ON USC Football Team! Beat the Gophers!

August 19, 2011---Seven New Friends and Women's Soccer, Too!

The progress of the John McKay Center is even more impressive at ground-level. It seems that construction is ahead of schedule. We'll see!

West Wing of McKay Center
West Wing of McKay Center
Center and East Wing of McKay Center
Center and East Wing of McKay Center
East Wing of McKay Center and Heritage Hall
East Wing of McKay Center and Heritage Hall

Olympics DisplayAs I entered the lobby, there was a new, colorful display. It featured the 392 USC athletes who have competed in the Summer Olympic Games. Our Alma Mater has sent more athletes to the Olympic Games than any other University! Our total medal count is 258. Trojans have won 122 Gold Medals and have won at least one Gold Medal in every Summer Olympic Games since 1912! Proudly, if USC were a country, we would rank 12th in Gold Medals and 19th in overall medals. Trojans have represented 57 countries in the Olympics. USC is indeed a "world" university! Perhaps, we have some new Olympians developing on campus right now! FIGHT ON, Past, Present and Future USC Olympians!

The first Trojan athlete that Trojan Candy saw when I entered Heritage Hall was Robert Woods. Immediately I asked him when he was going to be able to practice. With that gorgeous smile of his, Robert said that he was practicing today! Thank goodness! I wonder who is happier...USC fans or Matt Barkley?

Marco LopezSeven new friends came to the Heritage Hall desk today for the first time. R.J. (our new Sergio Prieto, who is in charge of all the student athletic trainers downstairs) brought Marco Lopez to the desk. Marco, who is from South Gate, is a Sophomore majoring in Kinesiology. I told Marco that when I was a home teacher, my mailing school in South Gate was Tweedy Elementary. Marco said that he lives near Tweedy. What a small world! Marco works with the football athletes. For hobbies, he likes to skate board, play basketball and work out. FIGHT ON, Marco!

Nathan GuertlerCarrying a large water bottle (as the coaches have instructed), Nathan Guertler came to the desk but couldn't stay for an interview. He had to attend a position meeting in the auditorium. Trojan Candy made him promise to come back to the desk after the meeting ended. Nathan said that he would, and he did! Nathan is a red-shirt Freshman from Norco. He plays on the offensive line and is undecided in his major thus far. Nathan likes to listen to music and play his guitar (a multi-talented Trojan!). FIGHT ON, Nathan!

Allen WilliamsThe next two new friends walked into the lobby, went toward the stairs and then came back to the desk. They looked like high schools students, but then Trojan Candy noticed the tee shirt that one of the young men was wearing. It read, "USATF Junior All American 2011." Hmmm...they must be athletes. My observation was correct! Allen Williams, who wore the tee shirt, is an incoming Freshman on the USC Track Team. He attended Bishop O'Dowd H.S. in Oakland. Allen plans to major in Political Science and compete in the 110 m high hurdles and the triple jump. For hobbies, Allen said that he likes to sing (another multi-talented Trojan!) and play video games. His favorite is Xbox 360 Madden NFL 12. When I asked why he chose USC, Allen said that he is a second generation Trojan. His mom, Marcheta Ganther Williams, majored in Music and graduated from USC in 1983. FIGHT ON, Marcheta! FIGHT ON, Allen!

Jovonte SlaterAllen's friend is also going to compete on the USC Track Team. Jovonte Slater will compete in the 100 m, 200 m, 4x400 m relay and the long jump. Phew, that's a lot of events! He attended Vista Murrieta H.S and plans to major in Computer Science with an emphasis on "gaming." That makes sense, since Jovonte wrote that two of his hobbies are playing video games and card games. Jovonte also likes to work out, hang out with friends (who include Allen whom he just met three days ago!), and eat! FIGHT ON, Jovonte!

Charles BurksThe fifth new friend to come to the Heritage Hall desk for the first time came up with several football friends. Trojan Candy had just finished taking Jovonte's picture, so I couldn't recall who the friends were. (Sorry, if I don't list you in "Seen at the SCene"). Freshman Charles Burks, who attended Edison High School in Costa Mesa, is from Huntington Beach. Charles said that he wants to play linebacker. He is undecided in his major right now. Charles said that his hobby is drawing (another multi-talented Trojan!). FIGHT ON, Charles!

Junior PomeeMy sixth new friend, with a shy smile on his face, came to the desk right after I finished taking Charles's picture. Freshman Junior Pomee played at Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley. Junior said that he will play tight end on the team and that he will major in Communications. Then Junior told us that his cousin Ryan Henderson is also an incoming freshman defensive back on the team. Naturally, Trojan Candy told Junior to bring Ryan to the desk ASAP! For his hobby, Junior wrote that he likes to play his ukulele (another multi-talented Trojan!). FIGHT ON, Junior!

Spiro PsaltisThe last new friend of the day went upstairs to see John McKay, Jr. On his way up, he ran into Pat Haden. On his way down, he stopped to talk with us. Spiro Psaltis is a USC baseball alumnus who played in 1978-1981. His team won the 1978 National Championship under Coach Rod Dedeaux! FIGHT ON, USC Baseball! Spiro graduated from the USC Business School in 1981 and went on to play professional baseball with the Kansas City Royals and the California Angels from 1981-1985. His family is made up of all Trojans! Spiro's father, Anthony Psaltis, played basketball at USC in 1952-1956. In 1954 his dad Anthony was on the only USC Men's Basketball team to reach the Final Four! FIGHT ON, USC Men's Basketball! Spiro's mother graduated from USC in 1955 and both his sister and brother graduated from USC in 1984! What a TROJAN FAMILY! Tradition will live on in another generation. Spiro and his wife have a ten year old son Troy and a six year old daughter Sophia! FIGHT ON, Psaltis Family! FIGHT ON, Spiro!

Seen at the SCene:

Women's Soccer: The women were preparing for their first game of the season against Cal State Long Beach. (My husband Jim and I walked over to the game, but, unfortunately, our ladies lost 2-1. It's only one loss, we'll bounce back!) Carly Butcher, Samantha Johnson, Claire Schloemer and several other players, who walked through the lobby. FIGHT ON Women's Soccer!

Coaches: Football: Lenny Vandermade and Sammy Knight; Soccer: Ali Khosroshahin, with several assistants, walked through the lobby on the way to McAlister Field. Trojan Candy wished them, "Good Luck!"

Heritage Hall Friends: John McKay, Jr., Pat Haden, Don Winston, Ron Orr, Craig Kelley, Tim Tessalone, Darcy Couch, Dave Tuttle, Heather (Pat Haden's Secretary) and Casey (Pat Haden's Sister-in-Law)

Football: Robert Woods, Kevin Greene, Brice Butler (Trojan Candy is so glad that he stayed!), Anthony Sarao, Zack Kusnir (with longer hair), Xavier Grimble, Ross Cumming, Brian Baucham, Patrick Hall, Taylor Ashton, James Harbin, Torin Harris, Marshall Jones, Abe Markowitz, Hebron Fangupo, T.J. McDonald, Martin Coleman, Marc Tyler, Nick Perry, T.J. Bryant, Marquis Simmons, and John Manoogian

Men's Water Polo: Peter Kurzeka. Peter, I'm so sorry that I didn't get to meet your aunt. I went to take a picture, and, by the time I came back, you were gone. Please forgive me!

August 18, 2011---Visions and Voices

My husband Jim and I were fortunate to be invited to attend "SPARK" at Bovard Auditorium today. It was 6th Annual Vision and Voices' Multimedia Showcase to kickoff the new season. The line to attain a wristband for admittance started at 3:45 p.m. The performance was scheduled for 5:30 p.m. We were about 30th in the long line that started at Bovard and ended past Taper Hall. As we waited on the Bovard steps, we were surrounded by incoming USC Freshmen. Upon entering Bovard, every audience member received a black Visions and Voices T-shirt and bag. Trojan Candy will wear her new T-shirt one day at Heritage Hall.

Visions and Voices pre-showVisions and VoicesThe performing artists were all uniquely talented! What an hour of entertainment by M.B. Gordy, Brian King and Scott Pagano (pre-show performance); National Poetry Slam champion Javon Johnson (teaches in the USC Department of American Studies and Ethnicity); Kenton Chen (USC alumnus and founding member of Backbeats); Joe Hernandez-Kolski (HBO Def Poet); and We Are Heroes (dynamic all-female dance crew).

Kenton Chen
Kenton Chen
Joseph Hernandez Kolski
Joseph Hernandez Kolski
We Are Heroes
We Are Heroes

FIGHT ON, Visions and Voices!

August 8, 2011---Guitars!

McKay CenterMcKay CenterMcClintock Avenue is still being repaired. However, there has been much progress on the John McKay Center. The west basement will be an indoor football field and the basement nearest Heritage Hall will be a rehabilitation room.

There was excitement throughout Heritage Hall because of the upcoming scrimmage at the Coliseum. But there were only a few tours that came to the lobby. Six new friends did stop by the desk.

Patty and Rich GalippoThe first two new friends came in the door together. Chris Galippo's mom Patty and dad Rich were looking for him. They came to campus to see the Coliseum scrimmage. Trojan Candy told Patty and Rich that Chris was the only athlete to give me an autograph in my notebook! Then I showed it to them. Patty is from Albany, New York, and Rich is from Cleveland, Ohio. They met in Michael Angelo's Pizzeria in Long Beach. Patty said that she was athletic, but, because she was in college before Title 9, she didn't have the opportunity to compete at the intercollegiate level. Rich played some basketball. Chris has an older sister named Kelli, who attended Pepperdine with majors in Spanish and Professional Writing, and a younger brother named Ryan, who is attending Cal Baptist University and is majoring in Psychology. Trojan Candy loves to meet the parents of Trojan athletes!

Jeremy GaltenTrojan Candy brought the next new friend to the desk for an interview. I just knew that he was a new football player! Jeremy Galten transferred to USC in the spring of 2011 from the College of San Mateo. My Trojan daughter Steffany lives in San Mateo! Jeremy, who will play on the offensive line, is a Junior majoring in International Relations. He said that he took piano lessons when he was younger and that he likes all kinds of music. Jeremy is from a large family. He has two brothers, two sisters and three stepbrothers. His step dad went to USC also! FIGHT ON, USC Step Dad! FIGHT ON, Jeremy!

Jill DennisThe fourth new friend has come to the Heritage Hall desk many times. Trojan Candy has known her for five years, but I just decided to interview her! Jill Dennis, who works as an Administrative Assistant for Don Winston upstairs, is the liaison for the Heritage Hall volunteers. She has worked at USC for 16 years! Jill's husband Dino Dennis was the Football Equipment Manager from 1974 to 1994. Jill was born in Riverside, played softball at Chabot Junior College in the Bay Area, and transferred to Cal, where she majored in Physical Education. Jill and Dino have three cats named Bob, Puss and Boots. For hobbies, Jill said that she likes to read horror books (especially by Stephen King) and to crochet. FIGHT ON, Jill!

Marcus MartinThe fifth new friend came about by a coincidence! Trojan Candy was walking back to the desk when she saw Marc Tyler come up the stairs from the basement. I said, "Hi, Marc" and he smiled. Then I saw another young athlete, who had just come up the stairs behind Marc, stop and look at me. Trojan Candy wondered why he just stopped in his tracks and looked at me. Then it occurred to me that his name might be Mark also. I asked him, "Is your name Mark?" He said, "It is Marcus." Naturally, Trojan Candy made him follow me to the desk. Another new friend! Marcus Martin, whose football jersey number is #66, will play on the offensive line. He is from Los Angeles, attended Crenshaw High School and is majoring in Communication and Cinema. For hobbies, Marcus said that he likes to BUILD computers and to play video games. His favorite game is Action 3 Sports. He gave Trojan Candy two reasons for why he chose USC. His mom is an alumna who majored in Accounting and his home is very near campus. FIGHT ON, USC Mom! FIGHT ON, Marcus!

Dewayne DedmonThe last new friend walked into the lobby carrying a guitar. He was so tall and slender, Trojan Candy recognized him as a new member of the Men's Basketball team. I called him over to the desk. Dewayne DedmonLuckily, he obliged! Dewayne Dedmon, who is 7 feet tall, came to USC in spring 2011. He is from Lancaster, CA, and is majoring in Economics. For hobbies, Dewayne said that he likes to draw and to play video games. His two favorite games are NBA 2K11 and Fight Night. Then, Trojan Candy asked him if he is excited about traveling to Brazil with the team. Dewayne said that this is his first trip abroad and that the departure date of Friday, August 12, is his 22nd birthday! Happy Birthday, Dewayne! FIGHT ON, Dewayne! More about the Dewayne and his GUITAR later!

Seen at the SCene:

Men's Basketball: James Blasczyk

Women's Volleyball: Natasa Siljkovic

Heritage Hall Friends: Darcy Couch, Isaac Flores, J.K. McKay, Teresa Verbeck, Kathleen DeCristo, Irene Puentes, Sean Jordan and Jeremy Hogue.

Football: Patrick Kim, Khaled Holmes, Xavier Grimble, Craig McMahon, Kevin Graf, Anthony Brown, Kyle Negrete, John Martinez (with a different haircut), Robert Woods, Marc Tyler and Martin Coleman (wearing a Big "T" on his shirt that stands for Tonga).

Brandon Carswell and Brian BauchamNow, about that GUITAR. Brandon Carswell, Brian Baucham and Curtis McNeal walked rapidly through the lobby, said "Hi" and continued on their way to a Guitar class final. Trojan Candy was able to take a picture of Brandon and Brian when they returned after their final. Then I asked Brandon and Brian if they knew their classmate Dewayne Dedmon? Both agreed yes. When Trojan Candy remarked how tall Dewayne is, Brandon said that he wasn't that tall. I told my two friends that he is really tall to me, but not as tall to them since they are also tall! Both of them agreed with smiles on their faces. Unfortunately, Trojan Candy didn't have a chance to take Curtis McNeal's picture.

August 4, 2011---So Many New Friends!

McKay CenterMcKay CenterMcClintock Avenue is still torn up with construction. Pipes need to be laid. The John McKay Center is now three stories tall. As my husband Jim asked friend John McKay, Jr., a question about the construction, John told us that the bottom of the three floors will be underground. Can you see what he is talking about? The lobby was busy all day. So many tours! So Many New Friends!

Marika HoeckmannTen new friends either walked up to the Heritage Hall desk or were coaxed by yours truly. The first new friend has been to the desk before. Senior Kinesiology major Marika Hoeckmann is from Diamond Bar. She has worked as a Student Athletic Trainer downstairs for three years in football, baseball and aquatics. Marika likes to hangout with friends, and she loves to go to Santa Monica Beach. FIGHT ON, Marika!

Tre' MaddenTrojan Candy called out to the second new friend to come to the desk. I just knew that he was a new football player. He did and he is! Freshman Tre' Madden is from Mission Viejo. He will play at linebacker. For hobbies, Tre' said that he likes to go to movies and to listen to hip-hop music. Out of curiosity, I asked Tre' why he came to USC. He said that he always wanted to be a Trojan and that one of the main reasons is that his uncle, Daylon McCutcheon, played football at USC. Amazingly, Tre's other uncle, Marcus McCutcheon (Daylon's younger brother), played football at Stanford University. Marcus was my son Greg's roommate at Stanford for their freshman year! What a small world! FIGHT ON, Tre'!

Pete ArbogastThe third new friend was a familiar face, or should I say, "VOICE!" Peter Arbogast walked up to the desk to say, "Hello." He left to re-park his car and came back to be interviewed by yours truly! Pete, who majored in Broadcast Journalism at USC, graduated in 1978 and began a radio announcing career with USC in 1989. Presently, Pete is working on a documentary for SCTV about USC home stadiums before the Coliseum. He and his wife Jenny share five children: Stephanie, K.C., Veronica, Holly, and Leo, and one four year old grandson, C.J. For hobbies, Pete likes to run, play Geocache (where the entrant finds hidden items), and compete in Orienteer (which is map and compass racing). What intriguing hobbies! Come back soon to broadcasting USC basketball games, Pete! Trojan Candy and many others miss you. FIGHT ON, Pete!

Alison RamosThe fourth new friend walked up to the desk simultaneously with three other people. Women's tennis Senior Alison Ramos was accompanied by her good friend Pt Salirathavibhaga. Alison is from Carson and is majoring in Human Performance. She is on the Executive Board of the Trojan Athletic Senate. Alison said that she likes to attend music concerts. Her favorite music is Indie Rock and electronic music. Pt is Alison's high school friend who is visiting from Thailand where she attends the International School in Bankok. Enjoy your USC visit, Pt! FIGHT ON, Alison!

Pt Salirathavibhaga, Trojan Candy, Alison Ramos, and Margaret CollierThe other two people at the desk were USC alum Margaret Collier and Greg Cowan. Margaret earned her MPA in 1984. She worked for Western Airlines for 19 years and as a LAPD training coordinator for 25 years. FIGHT ON, Margaret!

Greg stopped by the desk to show us two pictures that he was donating to USC. He donated a team picture of the 1924 USC football team and of the 1926 USC football team. Thank you, Greg!

Aundrey WalkerThe eighth new friend walked into Heritage with linebacker friend Anthony Sarao. As Anthony said, "Hello," Trojan Candy told him that I wanted to interview his friend. I knew that he was a football lineman. Freshman Aundrey Walker came to the desk with a slight smile. Yes, he is an offensive lineman! A BIG offensive lineman!! Aundrey, who is from Cleveland, said that he will major in Sociology and minor in Criminology. He said that he came to USC for the opportunity and the academics. All Trojans are glad that he is a Trojan! Aundrey said that he likes to sing R & B music, listen to John Legend, read non-fiction reality books, watch movies and just chill out! When Trojan Candy asked if he plays any other sports, Aundrey said that he played basketball in high school and that he can DUNK! Are you reading my blog, Coach O'Neill? FIGHT ON, Aundrey!

James BlasczykThe next new friend could barely walk in the Heritage Hall door without ducking. Trojan Candy knew that he is a basketball player! James Blasczyk plays center. He said that he transferred from Texas A & M because of the coach. You go, Coach O'Neill! James was born in Michigan but lived in Houston for six years. A fellow Houstonian! For hobbies, James said he likes to play XBox Call of Duty and Fight Night. He also likes to RELAX! FIGHT ON, James!

Kiki AlofaituliThe tenth new friend to come to the desk for the first time was Freshman Kiki Alofaituli. She attended Mater Dei H.S. Kiki is going to major in Biological Sciences and wants to be a Physical Therapist. For hobbies, Kiki likes to read her favorite author, Nicholas Sparks, and play volleyball. Her mom played volleyball at the University of Hawaii. We're glad that Kiki is playing basketball for USC! FIGHT ON, Kiki!

Seen at the SCene:

Heritage Friends: Dan Avila, J.K. McKay, Teresa Verbeck, Karen Bowman, and tour guide Michael Wang

Women's Volleyball: Natasa Siljkovic, who was able to go home in Uzice, Serbia, during the summer.

Scott Thompson with Charlotte GraceScott Thompson with Charlotte GraceCoaches: Football: Sammy Knight, Clay Helton, Joe Barry, Ed Orgeron, Lane Kiffin, John Baxter, Lenny Vandermade and Director of Player Personnel, Scott Thompson. Scott walked through the lobby carrying his two month daughter Charlotte Grace. What a cutie, even though she wasn't too happy at the moment! Women's Golf: Andrea Gaston Track and Field: Ron Allice Soccer: Ali Khosroshahin, who was with a recruit.

Track: CoCo Ndipagbor, who enjoyed the Pan Am games, and Blake Shaw

Women's Basketball: Alexyz Vaioletama and Deanna Calhoun

Soccer: Carly Butcher, Autumn Altamirano, Haley Boysen and Isabelle Johnson

Football: Abe Markowitz, Kevin Greene, Brian Baucham, Khalid Holmes (who likes his change to center), Emon Saee, Markeith Ambles, Nickell Robey, Marc Tyler, T.J. McDonald, Patrick Kim and Wes Horton.