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Saturday, August 25, 2012---Salute to Troy Celebration

As soon as my brother Charles and I walked out of the John McKay Center tour, we walked over to Heritage Hall to meet my husband Jim. There was a tent that was set up on the west patio area outside Heritage Hall. It was the check-in area for former USC football players who were on the 1962 team. Yes, it was their 50th Reunion!

Trojan Candy took pictures of seven members of the 1962 team at the check-in area and inside Heritage Hall where they congregated.

Mike Gale
Mike Gale of the 1962 team
Chuck Arrobio
Chuck Arrobio of the 1962 team
Lynn Reade
Lynn Reade of the 1962 team
Willie Brown
Willie Brown of the 1962 team
Bill Nelson
Bill Nelson of the 1962 team
Joe Austin
Joe Austin of the 1962 team
Stan Donte
Stan Donte of the 1962 team

FIGHT ON, Football Team of 1962!

We three waited outside of Heritage Hall for the opening of the passage into the Loker Track Stadium. The Salute to Troy was supposed to start at 4:30 p.m., but entry began at 4:15. Everyone rushed in to their tables. Trojan Candy put her belongings at the table, and, while every other guest at our table went to get their food, I went to take PICTURES!

Pierson Clair and Charles ChanMy brother Charles met up with me later. We met up with a friend, who likes to take pictures just as much as we do... the official USC photographer, Pierson Clair (9/23/2010). Spirit of Troy and Song GirlsAgain, like last year, Pierson and Charles compared cameras and talked "shop." Then, on to the task at hand. Trojan Candy visited with new and old football friends, taking as many pictures as I could until the program began.

The Spirit of Troy and the Song Girls were on the stage when Athletic Director Pat Haden began the program. President Max Nikias addressed the audience next and announced that a famous Trojan had passed away today. We observed a moment of silence for Neil Armstrong. FIGHT ON, forever, Neil!

Two NCAA Championship Teams were introduced next. The four-peat USC Men's Water Polo Team and the four-peat USC Men's Tennis Team took the stage with tumultuous applause. FIGHT ON, Men's Water Polo! FIGHT ON, Men's Tennis!

Men's Water Polo team
4-peat Men's Water Polo Team Champions
Men's Tennis team
4-peat Men's Tennis Team Champions

Then, the 50th Anniversary Team was introduced, followed by the 25th Anniversary Team. Amazingly, there were more members in attendance from the 1962 team than the 1987 team!

1962 USC Football team
FIGHT ON, 1962 Football team!
1987 Football team
FIGHT ON, 1987 USC Football team!
Pat Haden and John Robinson
The Marv Goux Award was given to Coach John Robinson. FIGHT ON, Coach Robinson!

Kyle NegreteBefore our current team was introduced, the Football Alumni announced that Senior Punter Kyle Negrete won their $10,000 John Wayne Scholarship for the highest G.P.A. Congratulations Kyle!

As the 2012 Team was announced, my brother Charles took pictures of the activity on the stage, and I took candid pictures of the team as they waited to go on stage. What fun it was to snap so many pictures of friends!

To see all the pictures that we took, there are two Picasa albums. CLICK HERE FOR MY ALBUM; CLICK HERE FOR MY BROTHER'S ALBUM. Enjoy!

What another exciting Salute to Troy!

BEAT Hawaii!


August 25, 2012---The John McKay Center Tour

My husband Jim and I rushed to the east side of Heritage Hall at 1:30 p.m. We checked in early for Salute to Troy so that we could take a tour of the new John McKay Center. The lines to check in were long, and the tour line stretched from the entrance of the All-American Walk all along the Loker Track Stadium. Luckily, we were in the first tour group.

Two friends, Gregg Millward and Julian Bonse, who both work in Athletic Development, stood by to answer questions and direct the tours.

Gregg Millward
Gregg Millward
Julian Bonse
Julian Bonse
Football field
The Center looks so different now that it is finished. The hallway took us by the 40 yard football field first.
Football field
Football field in basement of McKay Center
Nike Exhibit
Then by the Nike Exhibit (picture taken by my brother Charles Chan).
Training room
Then we saw the work-out equipment in the training room.
Training room
It is at least four times more equipment than there used to be in the Heritage Hall basement!
Nutrition Bar
Then we saw the well-stocked Nutrition Bar for doing it "The Trojan Way"!
Trojan Candy and Jawanza Starling
As we came to the end of the first hallway, a good friend came towards us. It was Jawanza Starling. My brother Charles Chan took this impromptu picture of us.

Jawanza told us that his summer job at the USC Medical Center went well. We told him we would see him later at the Salute to Troy. With a smile, Jawanza was off.

Video Board
We toured the lobby next. The vision board was enormous! Our friend Jeffrey Ota took this picture from the second floor.
Tommy Trojan
Another friend Ray Nagami took this Tommy Trojan picture on a wall on the second floor.
Trojan decoration
There was an impressive USC wall decoration with the five Trojan mottoes on the north lobby wall. Remember the mottoes at the base of the Trojan Sword (see my August 16 article)?
I was also impressed with the Student-Athlete Academic Services Room. Before, in the basement of Heritage Hall, SAAS had no windows. Now, there is knowledge and light!
Mural in lobby
As we left the Center, we saw the two large murals of outstanding USC athletes on both sides of the main entrance doors.
Second Mural in lobby
FIGHT ON, all USC athletes!

As we walked outside, we saw the John McKay statue. What a tour!

Trojan Candy will continue with individual pictures of some of the 1962 USC Football Team in my next blog entry and the Salute to Troy Celebration. Check back soon!

FIGHT ON, until then.

August 24, 2012---Matt Barkley to the Rescue!

John McKay quoteAs my husband Jim and I walked toward the John McKay Center on our way to Heritage Hall, I noticed the quotation by John McKay on the All-American Walkway. "All that matters is if you can look in the mirror and honestly tell the person you see there, that you have done your best." Better words were never spoken! The Center is all completed now.

Matt Barkley and Kelly KaneshiroWhen we entered Heritage Hall from the west doors, I noticed a young lady standing at the desk. It was our new friend Kelly Kaneshiro. She is the niece of my Trojan daughter Steffany's youth basketball coach. (Coach Keith Kuroyama and wife Sharon). Kelly is an incoming USC Freshman from Okinawa, Japan. She helped us set up, stayed to visit and naturally, Trojan Candy interviewed her. Kelly is a Biology Major. Her interests are sports, softball, basketball, volleyball and Trojan Football!! Kelly likes to listen to hip-hop, rap and alternative music. Her favorite movie is "Hoosiers." Like most other incoming Freshmen, Kelly likes to "hang out with friends." Kelly, you can hang out with Trojan Candy at the desk every week! Kelly told me that she would like to meet one particular person today at the desk...Matt Barkley! I told her that he comes by sometimes. Then, to our surprise, Matt walked in the door and over to the desk to visit! We visited for a while, and then Trojan Candy took their picture. FIGHT ON, Kelly! Thanks, Matt, for saving the day!

There were many tours in the lobby today and many visitors came to get posters. We have Women of Troy Volleyball and Women of Troy Soccer posters all the time. Sometimes, we have had football posters.

Greg ZebrackFive more new friends came to the desk after Kelly. Trojan Candy recruited the second new friend. He was just standing in the lobby, and he looked like an athlete to me. So, I walked up and asked him if he was a USC athlete. To my delight, he said that he was! Then, he followed me to the desk for his interview. Greg Zebrack is an MBA student who transferred back to USC from the University of Pennsylvania. Greg is from Los Angeles, and he will play outfield on the USC Baseball Team. Greg has many interests. His favorite movie is the "Shawshank Redemption," and he likes to listen to "house music." Traveling to Europe, especially Greece, is a favorite. Reading and family time are his last two favorites. FIGHT ON, Greg!

Mel HughesMy third new friend, is actually an "old" friend. Trojan Candy sees Mel Hughes at all sporting events, and we sit at the same table at Monday Morning Quarterback. Mel came for a Women of Troy Board Meeting. He is an 1963 USC alumnus who majored in Electrical Engineering. Mel grew up in Hermosa Beach and met his wife Doris while he was a Junior at SC. They have two children, and their son Mark graduated from USC in Business in 1993. In our interview, I learned many new things about Mel. He is Vice-President of WEMS, Inc., in Hawthorne. Mel was a member of the City Council in Rancho Palos Verdes from 1982-1991 and served as Mayor twice. He was also a member of the Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Commission from 1978-1992. What a civic minded friend! Mel is, like yours truly, a huge football, men's and women's basketball, and men's and women's volleyball fan. FIGHT ON, Doris! FIGHT ON, Mel!

Emily BarthNew friend number four walked up to the desk with Khaled Holmes. Emily Barth, who is from San Marino, just started her job upstairs working for Athletic Development. She was hired from a pool of 233 applicants! She is also #1 in Khaled's eyes! They have been dating for five months now. Emily just graduated from USC in May 2012. She was a Communication Major with a Psychology Minor. In 2011 Emily was the president of Kappa Alpha Theta and was a member for four years. For hobbies she likes outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, traveling and volunteering. Emily volunteers for the PAC-12, the Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment Commission, and the Rose Bowl. Thanks, Khaled for bringing a new friend to the desk. FIGHT ON, Emily!

Kevin BrooksTrojan Candy's fifth new friend walked up to the desk after just having worked out. Sophomore Kevin P. Brooks is majoring in History/Pre-Law and minoring in Sports Media. From Maryland, Kevin is a first year football equipment manager. He is a member of FIJI. When asked about his favorite music, Kevin wrote that he likes all kinds of music. His favorite movie is "Jurassic Park." Trojan Candy also knows that he likes to work out! FIGHT ON, Kevin!

Giovanni di PoaloI also recruited my last new friend upstairs in the Administration Office. He has walked by the desk several times but never stopped. I finally got him to come downstairs for an interview. Giovanni "Gio" di Poalo is a red-shirt Sophomore on the football team. He plays on the Offensive Line. Gio, who is majoring in Sociology, is from Santa Barbara. Naturally, he likes water sports. His favorites are waterskiing, swimming and "hanging-out." Gio wrote that his favorite movie is "Wedding Crashers," and his favorite music is 90's Rock. You can also "hang-out" with Trojan Candy at the Heritage Hall desk any time, Gio! FIGHT ON, Gio!

Seen at the SCene:

Coaches: Golf: Chris Zambri, Andrea Gaston; Soccer: Ali Khosroshahin, Laura Janke (We wished them good luck in their game at 3:00 p.m.); Rowing: Ligita Kaviere

Anna Gustafson and Emily BooneLacrosse: Anna Gustafson, Emily Boone

Women's Golf: Rachel Morris

Soccer: Kristina Noriega, Haley Boysen, Isabelle Johnson

Rowing: Iskra Angelova

Heritage Hall Friends: Kelly, Alpha, Charles Qian, J.K. McKay, Karen Bowman, Paul Goldberg, Sean Jordan, Craig Kelley, Pat Haden, Drew Morcos, Catherine Hill, Isaac Flores, Ben Kapinos, Donna Heinel, Darcy Couch, Dave Tuttle, Tim Tessalone, Jill Dennis, Rebecca Morin, Melinda Marino, Jessica Onyepunuka

Track and Field: Allen Williams, Doug Bogie

Luis NevarezZack KusnirFootball: Matt Barkley, Zack Kusnir, Christian Thomas, Luis Nevarez, Khaled Holmes, John Katnik

To all our football friends: Don't forget us at the Heritage Hall desk! Come and visit us weekly, either on Thursday or Friday.

August 19, 2012---USC State of Troy Event

Adam Bart and Trojan CandyJenkins GardenMy husband Jim and I were invited to the lovely home of Jeffrie and John Jenkins to attend an USC Associate-Athletics event. Everyone gathered on the garden level. As we walked around to mingle, Trojan Candy saw a familiar face. It was Adam Bart, the Senior Executive of the USC Associates. Then, I noticed that he was wearing the same USC Hawaiian shirt that I was! So, I just had to have a picture of us.

Samantha Johnson with Allison and Ali KhosroshahinAmy RodriguezThe main attraction of the event was Gold Medalist Amy Rodriquez. We saw her come to join her former coach Ali Khosroshahin, his wife Allison and current Women of Troy Soccer player Samantha Johnson. When Amy walked up, she smiled at Trojan Candy. She remembered that I had interviewed her in 2008. She let me hold her Gold Medal. It is heavy! Then, she graciously posed for a picture. FIGHT ON, Amy!

We walked around meeting new friends and visiting with all of the USC Coaches that were in attendance. The coaches were Ali Khosroshahin-Women's Soccer; Mick Haley-Women's Volleyball; Anna Collier-Women's Sand Volleyball; Peter Smith-Men's Tennis; Chris Zambri-Men's Golf; Ron Allice-Men's and Women's Track and Field; Frank Cruz-Baseball; Bob Cantu-Men's Basketball, Dave Salo-Men's and Women's Swimming; and Jovan Vavic-Men's and Women's Water Polo.

Mick Haley, Anna Collier, Kirby Burnham, Kendall Bateman, and ?
Mick Haley, Anna Collier, Kirby Burnham, Kendall Bateman, and ?"
Peter Smith
Peter Smith coached a fourth straight NCAA Men's Tennis Team Championship!
Chris Zambri
Chris Zambri coached the Men's Golf team to another NCAA finals!
Ron Allice and Fred Crook
Ron Allice coached a lot of Olympians!
Frank Cruz and Gregg Millward
Baseball Coach Frank Cruz talked with Gregg Millward.
Bob Cantu
Bob Cantu recruited a great Men's Basketball class!
Ron Orr and Jovan Vavic
Ron Orr with Jovan Vavic who coached a fourth straight NCAA Men's Water Polo Championship team!
Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy serenaded us.

The Spirit of Troy descended the stairs to the garden and provided the guests with a concert before A.D. Pat Haden began the program. Pat introduced all the coaches and made comments about last year's athletic accomplishments. He emphasized that 108 of our 109 Athletic Seniors will graduate! Amy Rodriguez spoke about the London Olympics and showed everyone her Gold Medal.

Samantha Johnson, Kendall Bateman, Kirby Burnham, Dante Flores, Zoe Scandalis, Ray Sarmiento, Kevin Swick, Michael Rosenthal, Ramsey Sahyoun, Sam Smith, Amy Rodriguez, and Maddy RosenthalThen, the current and former student athletes, who attended the event with their coaches, introduced themselves. They are, from left to right: (back row) Samantha Johnson, Volleyball; Kendall Bateman, Volleyball; Kirby Burnham, Volleyball; Dante Flores, Baseball; Zoe Scandalis, Tennis; Ray Sarmiento (3/11/2011), Tennis; Kevin Swick, Baseball; Michael Rosenthal, Water Polo; Ramsey Sahyoun, Golf; (front row) Sam Smith, Golf; Amy Rodriguez, Soccer; and Maddy Rosenthal, Water Polo.

What an exciting Trojan afternoon!

To see some of the 200 guests that Trojan Candy spoke with and took pictures of, LOOK AT MY PICASA ALBUM BY CLICKING HERE.