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Friday, September 30, 2011---Women of Troy "Official Visit"

Trojan Candy and my husband Jim were invited to the Women of Troy "Official Visit" and Kick-Off luncheon.

Stefanie and Briana Gilbreath and Jacki GemelosWhile we were checking in, we saw three friends. Women of Troy basketball players Stefanie Gilbreath, Briana Gilbreath, and Jacki Gemelos who will anchor the Women of Troy Basketball team. The Founder's Room was filled with excitement. There were other current Women of Troy athletes in attendance.

Senior Associate Athletic Director Dr. Donna Heinel was the Mistress of Ceremonies. The program celebrated Women of Troy accomplishments. Future USC Hall of Fame inductee and former USC Athletic Director Barbara Hedges was honored. FIGHT ON, Barbara!

Barbara HedgesBarbara reminded us how Title IX opened the doors for women's athletics

Rebecca SoniAfter we saw a replay of Rebecca Soni's upset win over Australian Leisel Jones in the 2008 Olympics 200 meter breast finals, Rebecca was honored. She said that she has seen the replay only a few times when she felt the need for inspiration. The replay inspired everyone in the audience. FIGHT ON, Rebecca!

Other featured speakers were A.D. Pat Haden, Women of Troy Basketball Coach Michael Cooper and Briana Gilbreath. Seated at the tables were Water Polo Captains Kara-Leigh Huse and Nadia Dan and Rowers Helen Tinkus and Gabriela Zarate-Demacedo.

Kara-Leigh Huse and Nadia Dan
Kara-Leigh Huse and Nadia Dan represented Women's Water Polo
Helen Tinkus and Gabriela Zarate-Demacedo
Helen Tinkus and Gabriela Zarate-Demacedo represented Women of Troy Rowers

After the program, all guests were invited to watch a Sand Volleyball demonstration on the basketball courts east of Parking Structure X. A court was set up for the demonstration. Coach Anna Collier introduced us to her team. FIGHT ON, Sand Volleyball!

Geena Urango and Anna Collier
Geena Urango with Sand Volleyball Coach Anna Collier
Sand Volleyball demo
Sand Volleyball demo

Then, a quick cart ride took us to the next demonstration at the Loker Track Stadium. Coach Lindsey Munday and her Women of Troy Lacrosse team demonstrated some warm-up drills and scoring drills. As the demonstration ended, we all rushed into Heritage Hall because it was raining! FIGHT ON, Lacrosse!

Lacrosse team
Lindsey Munday
Lacrosse team

Scrumptious desserts were served in the Varsity Lounge while we waited for Mark Jackson to take us on a hard-hat tour of the John McKay Center. In the basement of the center we saw the room that will house the one-half football field. There will be two giant tubs for athletes to rehab in the Sports Medicine wing. Then, we toured the area where the football offices will be. Mark told us that the construction is ahead of schedule.

Half football field
Half football field
Two giant tubs
Two giant water tubs will be here for Sports Rehab
Football offices
Football offices will be here

After the tour, my husband and I stayed at the Heritage Hall tunnel door where the football players were bringing their gear up to load in the equipment truck. So nice to say, "Good Luck!" to so many friends. Beat Arizona!

Women of Troy SoccerDonna HeinelOur final destination for the day was the Women of Troy Soccer match versus Oregon State. Friend Donna Heinel drove us over in a cart. On the way, we encountered Pat Haden driving a cart. My hubby and I arrived during halftime, sat by Brittany Kerridge's grandfather who was visiting from Colorado, and left at the end of regulation with the score tied 1-1. We were tired from such an eventful day!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy!

September 29, 2011---Another Amazing Alumnus!

McKay CenterMcKay CenterThere is so much progress on the John McKay Center.

The Heritage Hall lobby was very quiet at first. Then, Trojan Candy saw a young man who looked like a football player. I thought to myself....he must be a senior. As he came closer to the desk, I asked if he was a football player. He said, "Yes." Then, I recognized his face but couldn't recall his name. He smiled and waited patiently for my answer. Finally, I told him that his dad was an actor on "Starsky and Hutch." There was an ever bigger smile on his face, as he said, "Yes" again. Finally, my synapses worked! Justin FargasI recalled his name! It was football running back alum Justin Fargas! Trojan Candy told him that we pulled for him when he played on the Raiders. Justin told us that he played for the Raiders for seven years, and now he is back at USC to finish his degree in Sociology. When Trojan Candy asked him to write something in my book about himself...Justin wrote, "Happy to be back at USC to finish my degree." We are too, Justin! FIGHT ON, Justin!

My next two new friends are both on the Women of Troy Soccer Team.

Heather DavisFreshman Heather Davis is a Center Defender. Unfortunately, she is in rehab now. Heather, who is from Thousand Oaks, is undecided in her major. She wrote that her favorite movie is "Remember the Titans". When I asked her why she came to USC, Heather said that she always wanted to come to USC. All Trojan fans are glad that you you did, Heather! FIGHT ON, Heather!

Erica VangsnessJunior teammate Erica Vangsness, who transferred from Pierce College, plays Forward. Erica told me that she began playing soccer at four. She is majoring in Public, Policy and Development, and her favorite movie is "Pretty Woman." (Another Trojan after my own heart!) Erica's favorite color is orange (not cardinal?), and her favorite music is soft rock by The Fray. FIGHT ON, Erica!

Erin McGilliwayTrojan Candy's fourth new friend walked into the lobby carrying a large "stick" with a net attached to it. Could it be a lacrosse racket? Yes, it was! Sophomore Erin McGilliway plays the "Attack" position on the Women of Troy Lacrosse Team. She told Trojan Candy that the lacrosse players are practicing five days a week, lifting weights two days a week, and running three days a week. What a work-out! Erin is from Pleasanton, CA, and is majoring in Global Health (Another interesting USC major!). Erin said that she started playing lacrosse in the 6th grade. Before then, she played soccer. Erin said that her mother, who is from New York, where lacrosse is a major sport, made her quit soccer when she was a sophomore in high school and switch to lacrosse. Now, Erin is glad that she switched! For her favorites, Erin wrote that she likes John Mayer music, the movie "Parent Trap" and the color green (not cardinal?). FIGHT ON, Erin!

Michael GrantAs soon as I heard him speak, Trojan Candy knew that he spoke "Real" English. I love his accent! Michael Grant lived in London, England, for thirteen years and then moved to Santa Barbara in 2005. Michael's parents are from South Africa and New York. There are three brothers and one sister in his family. Michael said that he used to play soccer but got bored of it. He wanted to play an individual sport and chose tennis. Yes, you are right if you figured out that Grant plays on the USC Men's Tennis Team. Grant is majoring in Human Performance (another interesting USC major!). His hobbies are cars and technology. Michael's favorite television show is "The Rookie", and his favorite movie is "Blood Diamond." FIGHT ON, Grant!

Steve LimMy last new friend is Senior Steve Lim. Steve competes on the USC Men's Golf Team and is majoring in Economics. He came to the United States from Busan, Korea, eight years ago and attended Fairmont Prep in Anaheim. Steve's two older sisters live in Chicago, and his parents still live in Busan. His hobbies are playing video games (StarCraftZone) and snowboarding. His favorite music is House Music and Electro. FIGHT ON, Steve!

Seen at the SCene:

Ray SarmientoMen's Tennis: Ray Sarmiento (3/11/2011) with his "long" skateboard. Ray is flying to Tulsa, Oklahoma, with Daniel Nguyen and Yannick Hanfmann to compete in the ITA All-American Championships. FIGHT ON, Daniel! FIGHT ON, Yannick! And FIGHT ON, Ray!

Women's Water Polo: Adrienne Taylor and Blair Moody

Heritage Hall Friends: Chelsea Forte, Odette Overton, David, Andrew Morcos, Maya Shemesh, R. J. Stowe, Anje'le Alston, Katie Calpino, Jillian Giannini, Irene Puentes, Issac Flores, Craig, Ron Orr, J.K. McKay, Jason Pommier, Darcy Couch, Trennon Smith and Tim Tessalone

Soccer: Mia Bruno, Rachel Wimmer, Samantha Johnson, Autumn Altamirano, Chelsea Buehning, and Carly Butcher

Rowers: Anna Wierzbowska, Jelena Miladinovic, Tanya Ouyang, Liene Bertasjus, Kinga Mikolajczyk, and Magdalena Janicka

Women's Basketball: Alexyz Vaioletama and Stefanie Gilbreath

Coaches: Football: Scott Thompson, Ed Orgeron, Monte Kiffin, Lenny Vandermade, Justin Mesa, and Ted Gilmore; Women's Rowing: Ligita Kaviere

Track: Jessica Davis. Loudia Laarman, Alitta Boyd, Dalilah Muhammad, CoCo Ndipagbor, Blake Shaw, Aareon Payne, Anniya Louis, and Carolyn Lutzky

Football: Devon Kennard, Jawanza Starling, Marquis Simmons, Will Andrew, De'Von Flournoy, Drew McAllister, T.J. McDonald (to whom Trojan Candy told to get three INTERCEPTIONS against Arizona), Khaled Holmes, Christian Thomas, Randall Telfer, Brandon Carswell, George Uko, Brice Butler, Robert Woods, Anthony Brown, Demetrius Wright, Aundrey Walker, Dillon Baxter (who told us that his dad is here this weekend), Jesse Scoggins, D.J. Morgan, Junior Pomee, Cody Romness, and Andre Heidari

Trojan Candy will volunteer at Heritage Hall next on Thursday, October 6th

FIGHT ON, until then!

September 23-24, 2011---Two Sweeps are Better than One!

Trojan Candy went to both Women of Troy Volleyball games this weekend. We played #1 Cal on Friday night and #2 Stanford on Saturday night.

There were many friends at the USC vs Cal match. The Women of Troy Water Polo Team was there, but I couldn't find them. During my search for them, Trojan Candy saw the Women of Troy Rowers, the Men's Basketball Team, some members of the Men's Volleyball Team, and some Women of Troy Volleyball Alums.

Rowing team members
Women of Troy Rowers supporting the Women's Volleyball team
Men's Basketball team members
Men's Basketball supporting the Women's Volleyball team
Men's Volleyball team members
Men's Volleyball supporting the Women's Volleyball team
Women's Volleyball Alumnae
Women of Troy Volleyball Alumnae
Tony Ciarelli
Men's Volleyball Alumnus Tony Ciarelli
Victory celebration

Our women SWEPT the #1 Cal Bears by 25-23, 25-20, and 25-22!

There was a reception after the victory. The cake was delicious! Three Freshman players---Emily Young, Bria Russ and Hayley Crone---were featured and interviewed. FIGHT ON, Emily! FIGHT ON, Bria! FIGHT ON, Hayley!

Emily Young, Bria Russ, and Hayley Crone
Freshmen Emily Young, Bria Russ, and Hayley Crone

Could our Women of Troy win back-to-back? There was excitement at the pre-game buffet in the Galen Founder's Room Saturday night. Trojan Candy met Kim Ruddins at the buffet. Kim, who played at USC in 1981-1985, won a Silver Medal in the 1984 Olympics. I got to hold it!

After the USC second set victory over Stanford, Kim's banner was raised. What an honor! FIGHT ON, Kim!

Kim Ruddins
Olympic Silver Medallist Kim Ruddins
Kim Ruddins' banner
Kim Ruddins' banner

Our women SWEPT the #2 Stanford Cardinal by 25-23, 26-24, and 25-23!

Two SWEEPS are better than One!

September 22, 2011---Missed the First, but not the Second and Third!!!

McKay CenterMcKay CenterAs I waited outside the Loker Track Stadium Office while my husband was at the top of the stadium taking pictures of the John McKay Center construction, Christian Tupou rode by on his bicycle, greeted me with a BIG smile and said, "Hello." Trojan Candy noticed that his hair is really longer since the last time I saw him.

As soon as we walked into Heritage Hall, I saw John Jackson outside on the east patio. I took a few seconds to put my stuff down on the counter and then went outside to say "Hello." He was gone! Missed him! (The FIRST!)

Chinese crested dogThen, two ladies with two dogs came into the lobby. One lady, who was holding her chihuahua, told us that she used to work at USC. Then she asked if Julie's was still open. Sadly, I told her that it has been closed for several years. Then, Trojan Candy noticed the second dog was wearing a cute USC outfit. The dog is a Chinese crested. Isn't he cute?!

As we were setting up, a familiar face came to the desk. He asked us where Pat Haden's office was. I recognized him, but could not recall his name. The only question that blurted out was, "Are you the L.A. Ram's quarterback?" With a smile, he said, "Yes." Then, my husband escorted him to the stairs. What is his name?

Marqise LeeThere wasn't much time to contemplate....a new friend walked right up to the desk. Freshman football Flanker Marqise Lee, who is from Inglewood, is majoring in Cinema. His favorite color is green. (Not cardinal?) Marqise wrote that his favorite music is Hip Hop and that his hobby is playing basketball. As we spoke more, Marqise told Trojan Candy that he intends to play basketball at USC also! I asked if he had met Coach O'Neill and Marqise said, "Yes." Another outstanding two sport Trojan athlete! FIGHT ON, Marqise!

Whitney BlaineA lovely young lady walked up to the Heritage desk for the first time. Whitney Blaine is a USC alum who majored in Journalism and Political Science. She told Trojan Candy that she started working with FSN in May. She is a reporter for (Fox Sports/ Whitney had a "scoop" for us! She told us that Alex Holmes was in Heritage Hall. Trojan Candy wanted to see our friend! Then, as any good reporter would do, Whitney stayed for a while longer in the lobby....looking for a story! FIGHT ON, Whitney!

Catherine KongThe next new friend was Sophomore Catherine Kong. Catherine is a Coxswain on the Women of Troy Rowing Team. She is from the Bay Area and is majoring in Business/Finance and Computer Science. Catherine's hobbies are watching the NBA (Lakers, of course), reading, and following technology blogs. Perhaps, she'll follow my blog now! FIGHT ON, Catherine!

Kamaron GermanyTrojan Candy's fourth new friend is Freshman Kamaron Germany. (What an interesting last name!). Kamaron, who is a tailback on the football team, is from Covina. He is majoring in Business Administration. Kamaron wrote that his hobbies are watching television, dancing and singing. I have to find out more about Kamaron's singing. Next time! FIGHT ON, Kamaron!

Kai KelleyWhen my fifth new friend walked up to the desk, I knew that he was an athlete. He is! Kai Kelley is a Senior, and he competes on the USC Track Team. Kai, who majored in Physical Education, is from Los Angeles. His event is the 110 m hurdles. Kai said that his hobby is building and painting small model cars. So far he has ten cars in his collection. What a unique hobby! As I took Kai's picture, I asked him what he is listening to. "Little Wayne" was his reply. FIGHT ON, Kai!

Trojan Candy and Alex HolmesTrojan Candy almost missed the SECOND One, but I didn't! As I walked out of the Ladies Room, I recognized him, even behind his sunglasses. "Old" friend Alex Holmes walked right by me! Naturally, I ran up to him, and instant recognition! Then, a big smile and a big hug for yours truly! (Whitney was right!) Trojan Candy and son Greg had met Alex at a pre-season football practice in 2001. Current USC center Khaled Holmes is Alex's younger brother. Alex played tight end at USC and graduated in 2004. We followed him when he played for the Miami Dolphins. Now, Alex told us that he is in Commercial Real Estate. He owns a social media company called "Wild Hair Media" and oversees affairs of the Polamalu Family. Yes, that Troy Polamalu! Alex's younger sister is married to Trojan football alum Troy! Alex will be in Heritage Hall more now since his company has a project in the downstairs training room. FIGHT ON, Alex!

Leah GallegosDirector of Operations for Women of Troy Soccer Leah Gallegos is my seventh new friend. Leah transferred from Florida State University to USC and played forward on the USC Soccer Team from 2005-2007. She majored in Ethnic Studies and graduated in 2007. One of Leah's hobbies is yoga and her second interest is Son Jaracho music. Leah sings in a group called "Las Cafeteras." Sing on and FIGHT ON, Leah!

Kenny MorrisTrojan Candy's eighth and last new friend of the day walked into Heritage Hall carrying a large case. As he put it down, my husband Jim said that he has seen him before. With a smile, Kenny Morris told us that he used to be the Drum Major for the Spirit of Troy. That is where we have both seen him. Kenny, who is from Kailua, Hawaii, majored in Sociology when he attended USC in 2005-2009. He played trombone in the band and was the Drum Major in 2009. Kenny plays in the Laker Band now. (He's so lucky!) For hobbies, Kenny likes to play basketball and to tailgate at USC football games. He works for the Gallo Wine Company and was on campus recruiting student athletes. We watched his case while he went upstairs to meet with Pat Haden. FIGHT ON, Kenny!

Kurt WarnerNow for the THIRD One. The lobby was beginning to fill up with camera men, directors and make-up ladies. What is going on? Kurt Warner, whom Trojan Candy saw three hours ago, walked back into the lobby. Trojan Candy got up enough nerve to ask him if I could take his picture. With a smile, he posed. Then, about twenty minutes later, I asked him for his autograph for my son Greg. With another smile, he autographed the back of one of my Trojan Candy cards. As it turns out, USA Network was in Heritage Hall to tape the pilot for a reality show entitled "The Dream Life" starring Kurt Warner. Trojan Candy will definitely watch it!

Seen at the SCene:

Heritage Friends: Maya Shemesh, Dr. John Petruska, Dr. Bryce Nelson, Joyce, Christine Ovanesian, J.K. McKay, Odette Overton, Bhupinder Singh, Donna Heinel, Isaac Flores, and Jordan Cohen

Women's Soccer: Mia Bruno, Claire Schloemer, Rachel Wimmer, Carly Butcher, Samantha Johnson, and Jamie Kucharski

Rowing: Liene Bertasjus

Women's Tennis: Maria Sanchez, who is working out at her alma mater

Women's Water Polo: Adrienne Taylor, and Blair Moody

Track: Jennifer Jones

Men's Basketball: Byron Wesley and James Blasczyk

Football: Christian Tupou, Kyle Negrete, Xavier Grimble, Craig McMahon, Emon Saee, Simione Vehikite, Curtis McNeal, Jawanza Starling, J.R. Tavai, Nick Perry, Rhett Ellison, Brandon Carswell, Matt Barkley (who was on his way to have lunch with his dad), Nathan Guertler, T.J. Bryant, Drew McAllister, Marc Tyler, Zac Kusnir, T.J. McDonald, Boomer Roepke, Dillon Baxter, Will Andrew, Soma Vainuku, George Uko, Anthony Brown, Kevin Greene, Aundrey Walker, Amir Carlisle, Dion Bailey (wearing a cap of his favorite team...the Pittsburgh Steelers), De'Von Flournoy, Hunter Simmons, Randall Telfer, D. J. Morgan, and Khaled Holmes

Coaches: Rowing: Ligita Kaviere; Women's Tennis: Richard Gallien and Wes Nott; Men's Tennis: Peter Smith; Men's Basketball: Kevin O'Neill; Women's Basketball: Michael Cooper; Lacrosse: Devon Wills; and Football: Lane Kiffin, Scott Thompson, Lenny Vandermade and Ed Orgeron

September 17, 2011---Congratulations to the USC Men's Tennis Team!

Before the Syracuse football game, my husband Jim and I walked to Heritage Hall to join in the Ring Ceremony for the "Three-peat" NCAA Champion USC Men's Tennis Team.

Several tennis team members and coaches were already on the Heritage Hall patio. With a big smile on his face, Steve Johnson showed Trojan Candy his 2009 and 2010 championship rings. When the Spirit of Troy Pep Band arrived, the ceremony began.

George Husack, Steve Johnson, and Peter Smith
Coach George Husack, Steve Johnson, and Coach Peter Smith
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson showing 2009 and 2010 Championship rings
Dick Leach
Former Tennis Coach Dick Leach was in attendance

After acknowledging former Men's Tennis Coach Dick Leach, Coach Peter Smith and A.D. Pat Haden presented a 2011 NCAA Championship ring to every player, coach, and staff. Steve Johnson received an additional ring for his Singles Championship.

Men's Tennis Team, Coaches, and Staff
Men's Tennis Team, Coaches, and Staff
Jared and Jaimie Murayama
The rings were a generous gift from Jared Murayama. Jared's daughter Jaimie is a USC alumna. FIGHT ON, Jared! FIGHT ON, Jaimie!
Ray Sarmiento
Ray Sarmiento proudly showed me his 2011 championship ring.

FIGHT ON, USC Men's "Three-peat" NCAA Tennis Champs! FIGHT ON, to #4 in 2012!

September 16, 2011---Heritage Hall Football Rally

Song GirlsSpirit of TroyThe late afternoon before the USC-Syracuse football game, the Spirit of Troy was ready for the rally.

The Song Girls were ready for the football rally.

Standing on the Heritage Hall counter, Trojan Candy was ready to take pictures and movies of the rally. TO SEE FIVE OF MY RALLY MOVIES, click on each of the links below. FIGHT ON!

Team bus
As my husband and I left Heritage Hall, we walked by the team buses.

Carry On, Mighty Men of Troy, to another victory!

September 16, 2011---Better Late Than Never!

McKay CenterMcKay CenterTrojan Candy arrived at Heritage Hall around 1:45 pm. It was later then we normally arrive to volunteer since we attended "The Campaign for the University of Southern California" program in Bovard Auditorium first. My husband Jim went to take pictures of the John McKay Center as I set up. I thought that not many new friends would come by the desk since we were so late. Thank goodness I was wrong! Twelve new friends were interviewed today.

Blair MoodyThe first new friend gave me the most extensive interview yet! Blair Moody, who is from Sacramento, competes on the Women of Troy Water Polo Team. She is majoring in Sociology. Blair wrote that her hobbies are listening to music, taking pictures and dancing with her friends. Then, Blair added that her favorite candy is Twix and Snickers, her favorite color is green, her favorite animal is a puma, her favorite season of the year is fall, and her favorite sport is football! (Football must be her favorite spectator sport!) FIGHT ON, Blair!

Then, the entire USC Swimming Team walked into Heritage Hall with some recruits! After the team left, five of them came to the desk for the first time. They were all divers on the team.

Tory IshimatsuThe first diver was Senior Tory Ishimatsu. Tory, who is from Seal Beach, is majoring in Human Performance. She followed Blair's interview statement and wrote that her favorite animal is the white tiger and that her favorite season is spring. For hobbies, Tory listed shopping, movies, music, and hiking. FIGHT ON, Tory!

Jessie WarrenFreshman Jessie Warren, who is from San Juan Capistrano, was the second diver. She is majoring in Psychology. Jessie's favorite animal is the cheetah, her favorite season is fall, and her favorite sport is boy's lacrosse. (Lacrosse must be her favorite spectator sport!) Jessie has many hobbies: going to the beach, movies, music, making bracelets (I would like to see her handicraft soon!) and dancing. Wonder if Jessie knows Blair? FIGHT ON, Jessie!

Celia PinczowerThe third new "diver" friend was Freshman Celia Pinczower. Celia is from Kirkland, WA, and she is majoring in Business Administration. For hobbies, Celia likes snow skiing, surfing, and dancing. Could Blair possibly know both Jessie and Celia? Celia's favorite animal is the frog, her favorite season is spring, and her favorite sport is ... Diving! FIGHT ON, Celia!

Jordan Gear and Cody WalwickThe two young men divers waited so patiently for their teammates to finish, then all five divers had to leave for a meeting. Trojan Candy apologized to the guys and asked them to come back soon for their interviews. They both said that they would. My two new friends are Freshman divers Jordan Gear and Cody Walwick. FIGHT ON, Jordan! FIGHT ON, Cody!

Rachel WimmerMy seventh new friend walked up to the desk with a big pretty smile. Freshman Rachel Wimmer is from Los Altos Hills in Northern California. Rachel, who plays centerback on the Women of Troy Soccer Team, is majoring in Business Management. Her favorite activity is surfing and her favorite movie is "The Notebook." Rachel wrote that she likes to listen to Reggae music. FIGHT ON, Rachel!

Anna Liberovsky and Kyent ChinFriend Anna Liberovsky brought Trojan Candy's eighth new friend to the desk. Anna's boyfriend is USC alum Kyent Chin. Raised in L.A., Kyent graduated with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from USC in 2003. He currently works as an I.T. Infrastructure Consultant. One of his clients is Care More in Cerritos. Another neighbor! As an undergrad, Kyent was a member and officer of Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity. He wrote that he likes to watch college football (He hasn't missed a USC home football game in ten years!), and to play computer games. Kyent is looking forward to the release of "Star Wars: the Old Republic!" FIGHT ON, Kyent!

Trojan Candy's next three new friends are all football players.

Kris AlbaradoFreshman Kris Albarado is a punter on the team. He is from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Kris is majoring in Communications, and his favorite movie is "Fast Five." His hobby is playing the guitar, and his favorite music is Rap. Wonder if all kickers like Rap? Kris and Andre Heidari do! Trojan Candy has to interview more kickers and punters to find out. FIGHT ON, Kris!

Javorius AllenFreshman Javorius Allen, whose nickname is "Buck", is a tailback on the football team. Javorius is from Tallahassee, Florida, and is undecided in his major. He wrote that he likes to study the playbook (such devotion!), play with his "little" brother (who is sixteen) and listen to Michael Jackson music. Another Trojan after my own heart. FIGHT ON, Javorius!

Ryan MullerRyan Muller came to the desk with Javorius. Ryan, who is a Freshman, plays linebacker, but he has hurt his left wrist. (Get well, quick, Ryan!) Ryan is from Boulder, Colorado, and is majoring in Public, Policy and Planning. He likes to play basketball and listen to all kinds of music. FIGHT ON, Ryan!

Ron Orr, Nate Higgins, and Micah PiippoThe last new friends came to the lobby and asked to speak with Ron Orr. As my husband Jim went upstairs to get Ron, Trojan Candy spoke with the two young men briefly. Nate Higgins is a "Swim with Mike" scholarship recipient. When Ron arrived, I took a picture of Ron, Nate and Micah Piippo. FIGHT ON, Ron! FIGHT ON, Nate! FIGHT ON, Micah!

Seen at the SCene:

Craig McMahonCraig McMahon walked up to the desk wearing the shirt that was passed out at the USC-ucla Women's Volleyball game on September 9th. We'll "Spike the Bruins" on 11/25/11!

Football: Abe Markowitz, Xavier Grimble, Ross Cumming, Nic Curry, Emon Saee, D.J. Shoemate, George Farmer, Brice Butler, Craig McMahon, T.J. Bryant, Dillon Baxter, Randall Telfer, Jawanza Starling, Taylor Ross, Matt Barkley (Trojan Candy was finally able to wish him a belated 21st birthday, face to face), Dion Bailey, J.R. Tavai, Chris Pousson, Kyle Negrete, Boomer Roepke, and Zac Kuznir

Heritage Friends: Darcy Couch, Irene Puentes, Tony Fox, J.K. McKay, Pat Haden, Jillian Giannini and Chelsea Forte

Soccer: Samantha Brown and Autumn Altamirano

Track: Caroline Lutzky, Jessica Davis, Loudia Laarman and Jovente Slater

Coaches: Soccer: Ali Khosroshahin; Women's Tennis: Richard Gallien; Swimming: Dave Salo (with recruits); Women's Basketball: Michael Cooper (with recruits); Men's Volleyball: Bill Ferguson (with recruits); Men's Tennis: Peter Smith (who verified that the ring ceremony will be on Saturday, 9/17, at 2:30 p.m.); and Football: Aaron Ausmus, John Baxter, and Lane Kiffin

September 16, 2011---Celebrations at Bovard Auditorium

Trojan Candy was invited to attend the program at Bovard Auditorium this morning. The ceremony was a celebration of the "Academic Achievements of the University of Southern California" and a kick-off for President C.L. Max Nikias's "The Campaign for the University of Southern California."

The Campaign
The Campaign for USC
Spirit of Troy
The USC Spirit of Troy and friend Dr. Art Bartner opened the program with a few pieces. The band greeted each speaker with a short rousing flourish.
Max Nikias
Max Nikias announces The Campaign for USC

President C.L.Max Nikias liked his introductory band piece so much, he had the band play it twice! Dr. Nikias told the audience that USC will be an "...undisputed academic world class university..." Then he recalled the "...Destined Reign of Troy when a thousand roads led to Rome (the new Troy) ...." After setting the bar for funding at SIX BILLION dollars, Dr. Nikias ended his speech with the analogy, "All roads can lead to USC!" FIGHT ON, Dr. Nikias!

To celebrate academic achievements at USC, there were three inspiring presentations by Professor Ange-Marie Hancock, Dr. Mark Humayun and Dr. Paul Debevec.

Ange-Marie HancockPolitical Science Associate Professor Hancock lectured about how she perceives that the "...cultural generation gap is causing the gridlock in Washington...." Her slide about "The Oppression Olympics" is quite thought provoking. FIGHT ON, Professor Hancock!

Mark HumayunBiomedical Engineering and Cell and Neurobiology Professor Mark Humayun's presentation left the entire audience AWE-Struck! He showed how USC's Keck School of Medicine and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering is cooperatively developing a new field of Neurophotonics along with Caltech and the Oak Ridge National Lab. Neurophotonics has already enabled a woman who was blind for thirty years to see letters on an eye chart! AWE INSPIRING! FIGHT ON, Dr. Humayun!

Associate Director for Graphics Research Professor Paul Devevec's presentation was likewise AMAZING! He showed with vivid pictures how the USC Institute for Creative Technologies has already developed "photoreal digital actors" in several Hollywood blockbusters. Then, he showed what future research will develop! FIGHT ON, Dr. Devevec!

Paul DevevecThere were videos of many interviews of USC Trustees, Professors, Students and Athletes that were interspersed during the program. Close friend Woman of Troy Track and Field member Farren Benjamin was featured in one of the videos.

Parade of ScholarsTo further accenctuate USC's academic achievements, a Parade of Scholars (several Trustee and Presidential scholars) ended the program.

Then, the Spirit of Troy and the Song Girls marched into Bovard for a rousing finale!

Trojan Marching Band
Spirit of Troy played a few more familiar songs
USC Pep Band
USC Pep Band led us to Alumni Park
Tony Fox and USC Pep Band
Pep Band led by Tony Fox and Song Girls

As the attendees exited Bovard Auditorium to walk to the picnic in Alumni Park, the USC Pep Band conducted by friend Dr. Tony Fox, serenaded us. Scrumptious food and Conquest too! FIGHT ON, Spirit of Troy!

What a day of Celebrations!

September 9, 2011---Women of Troy Volleyball Has Started

Trojan Candy attended the USC-UCLA Women of Troy volleyball match. There was a lot of excitement in the air! Naturally there was .... we were playing the Bruins!

Beat the Bruins!
Beat the Bruins!
Women of Troy Volleyball team
Women of Troy Volleyball team
Game has begun!
Game has begun!

The first 5,000 fans received a white t-shirt with cardinal and gold inscription. Trojan Candy got one. The t-shirt read, "SPIKE THE BRUINS!" I'm all for that!

The Women of Troy Basketball Team and the Men's Basketball Team attended the match in support of the women. The entire student section was full and lively!

Women of Troy Basketball team
Women of Troy Basketball team
Women of Troy Basketball team
Our Women of Troy Basketball team
Women of Troy Basketball team
Our Women of Troy Basketball team
Briana Gilbreath and Kate Oliver
Briana Gilbreath and Kate Oliver

After the second match, former Trojan volleyball greats were honored. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Volleyball Alumnae!

Volleyball Alumnae
Volleyball Alumnae
Volleyball Alumnae
Volleyball Alumnae

The only downer of the night was that we lost to the Bruins in three games. Next time, we'll do the sweeping!

September 8, 2011---Track is in the House and a Happy Birthday!

McKay CenterMcKay CenterTrojan Candy brought an extra ice chest today to carry the Ghirardelli Chocolate into Heritage Hall, because it was so HOT outside.

Every week there is so much progress on the John McKay Center. Those workers have lots of stamina to work in the heat!

As I walked into Heritage Hall, a good friend was standing there. Carol Fox had come for a meeting in the lounge. I asked her to visit the Information desk after the meeting in the lounge, and she said that she would. Then, it was constantly busy at the desk. Thirteen new friends came to the desk for the first time!

Jennifer Jones and Londyn GageFriend Jennifer Jones brought the first new friend to the Heritage Hall desk. Londyn Gage plays outside center on the USC Rugby team. She is a Junior majoring in Public Policy and Development. Londyn wrote that she is a "social person" and that she likes to make all kinds of music. Most of all, Londyn is a fellow Texan from Houston! FIGHT ON, Londyn!

Andre HeidariThe next two friends came up to the desk together. Freshman Andre Heidari, who is from Bakersfield, wrote that he is undecided in his major. Andre is the Place Kicker on the football team. His hobby is to play football! When Trojan Candy asked what he is listening to on his earphones, Andre said, "RAP!" Rap On and FIGHT ON, Andre!

Cody KesslerAndre's friend is also from Bakersfield. Cody Kessler is a Freshman, and he is also undecided in his major. Cody plays Quarterback on the football team and says that his hobby is to play football all day long. Both Andre and Cody told Trojan Candy that when they were in Bakersfield at Scottsdale H.S. and Centennial H.S., respectfully, they were RIVALS. Now, at USC, they are ROOMMATES! Trojan Candy added on, "FRIENDS for LIFE!" Both guys smiled and agreed. FIGHT ON, Cody!

Ivan Kustic and Mace RapseyFriend Mace Rapsey brought the fourth new friend to the Information desk. Sophomore Ivan Kustic is from Riseka, Croatia. He is undecided in his major. Ivan said that one of the main reasons that he came to USC was to play for Coach Jovan Vavic and to play on the Three Peat National Championship water polo team. For enjoyment, Ivan said that he likes to listen to guitarist Jack Johnson. FIGHT ON, Ivan!

Luis NevarezRed-shirt Sophomore Safety Luis Nevarez (#37) wrote that he is a Junior College transfer from College of the Sequoias. Luis, who is from Visalia, is majoring in Communications and plans to become a Sports Broadcaster. For hobbies, Luis says that his are enjoying family time and watching sports (football, basketball, the Lakers and the Dodgers). Trojan Candy will enjoy watching Luis play in the Coliseum! FIGHT ON, Luis!

Jamie Kucharski and Elizabeth EddyThe sixth and seventh new friends came to the desk together. (What is happening today? Everyone is coming in two by two!) Women of Troy Soccer teammates Jamie Kucharski and Elizabeth Eddy both had big, friendly smiles on their faces. Trojan Candy interviewed Jamie first. Jamie is a Junior majoring in Kinesiology. She is from Santa Clarita, CA. Her hobbies are quite diverse. Jamie likes baking and snowboarding. FIGHT ON, Jamie!

Sophomore Elizabeth Eddy is from Orange County. She is undecided in her major. Elizabeth's hobbies are very similar. Elizabeth likes surfing and sailing. FIGHT ON, Elizabeth!

Victor BlackwellTrojan Candy's eighth new friend walked up to the desk wearing a Brooklyn Dodger's baseball cap. When Trojan Candy asked him his name, he said it was, "Victor." Immediately, I said, "Blackwell?" (Don't ask me how that particular name came into my head.) With a big smile, Victor said, "Yes." Victor is not from Brooklyn. He was born in Los Angeles and his family lives in Cerritos. Cerritos!!! That is where my husband and I live. Immediately we talked about local landmarks. Then, back to business, I interviewed my neighbor. Victor, who is a Freshman, is majoring in Communications. He plays wide receiver on the football team, but he also played basketball and ran track at Mater Dei. Victor likes to hang out with friends. He likes poetry and likes to listen to both Rapper Kendrick Lamur and Hip/Hop artist Drake. FIGHT ON, Victor!

Carol FoxShe came back as she said she would! Friend Carol Fox came out of the Alumni Council meeting carrying a lovely glass vase of cardinal and gold flowers. Then she gave them to me! Thanks, Carol! Trojan Candy knows Carol since we are both members of Town and Gown of USC and the Trojan Guild. Carol earned her undergraduate degree at Pepperdine University where she majored in Music. She played classical piano! Then Carol attended USC at the graduate level and majored in Education Administration and Curriculum. She is a Trojan for Life now! When I asked her if she has any hobbies, Carol paused and said, "Attending USC events!" She is most certainly busy on campus. Carol was the President of the USC Alumni Association last year, and she has just been named a Trustee at USC. While we were talking, Marc Tyler walked up to the desk. I introduced him to Carol. Carol was glad to meet him, too. We both wished him good luck on Saturday. FIGHT ON, Carol!

TRACK is in the HOUSE! Trojan Candy's last four new friends are all on the USC Track Team. There was a meeting in the Auditorium so the entire team walked in the south doors. Several old friends stopped by the desk also. They are mentioned in "Seen at the SCene" below.

Aaron BrownThe ninth new friend is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sophomore Aaron K. Brown is undecided in his major. He competes in the 100 m, 200 m and the 4x100 m relays. Aaron told Trojan Candy that, when he was deciding which college to go to, he was considering going to Florida and Texas. Thank goodness he chose USC! Aaron wrote that he likes Hip Hop and R&B music. FIGHT ON, Aaron!

Vanessa JonesFreshman Vanessa Jones is from Fontana. She is majoring in Political Science. On the track team, she competes in the 400 m. Vanessa said that she loves to have FUN! Her favorite music is Hip Hop, R&B (just like Aaron!) and Gospel. FIGHT ON, Vanessa!

Melia CoxFreshman Melia Cox is from Long Beach. She is almost a neighbor, too! Melia didn't write down her major (next time), but she did write that she competes in the 100 m hurdles, 400 m hurdles and the triple jump. Melia's hobby is fashion! FIGHT ON, Melia!

Alex CollatzTrojan Candy's last new friend is Freshman Alex Collatz. Alex is from Bakersfield. (Wonder if she knows Andre or Cody?) Alex competes in the throws: the shot put, the discus and the hammer. For her hobbies, Alex wrote that she likes to read and to spend time with her family. FIGHT ON, Alex!

Track was in the HOUSE!

Seen at the SCene:

Happy Birthday to whom? Trojan Candy is a blogger. But, I am so busy writing my blog and volunteering at other places that I don't regularly read other blogs. So, when Matt Barkley walked through the Heritage Hall lobby today and waved to us, Trojan Candy just smiled and waved back, as I usually do. I did not know to wish him, "Happy Birthday!" because I did not know Matt turned 21 today. So, a belated Happy 21st Birthday, Matt!

Track (their meeting was at 2:35 p.m.): Jennifer Jones, Anniya Louis (with a different hairdo again!), Caroline Lutzky, Jovonte Slater, Josh Mance, Joey Hughes (told him I saw him in our recording of the Minnesota football game), Jessica Davis, Cooper Thompson, Dalilah Muhammad, Lauren Chambers, and Jenna Puterbaugh

Women soccer: Brittany Kerridge, Mia Bruno, and Shelby Church

Baseball: Sean Spear (with his skateboard)

Water Polo: Mace Rapsey and Adrienne Taylor (who feels much better this week!)

Coaches: Football: Lenny Vandermade, John Baxter and Scott Thompson. Lacrosse: Hiliary Bowen. Rowing: Ligita Kaviere

Heritage Friends: Pat Haden, Dan Weber, Odette Overton, Maya Shemesh, Andrew Morcos, Bhupinder Singh, Dr. John Petruska, UPS friend David, J.K. McKay, Rebecca Morin, Isaac Flores, Gary Klein, and Darcy Couch

Rowing: Magda Janicka

Football: Brice Butler, Brian Baucham, Devon Kennard, Emon Saee, Randall Telfer, Kevin Greene, Junior Pomee (on crutches, get better soon Junior!), T.J. Bryant, George Uko, Christian Thomas, Dillon Baxter, Marshall Jones, Drew McAllister, Markeith Ambles, J.R. Tavai, Marc Tyler, and Abe Markowitz

FIGHT ON! And BEAT Syracuse!

September 3, 2011---USC vs Minnesota Football game

Jim Yee and Jordan CohenTrojan Candy and husband Jim arrived at the Coliseum in time to see many of our friends on the football team in the Trojan Walk. So many "high 5's"! Then, I saw a USC cart stop for the procession. Friend Jordan Cohen was the driver. Jordan gave us a short ride to the Fan Fest. Trojan Candy almost wanted to beep the horn at all the people in our way...but thought the better of it. Thanks and FIGHT ON, Jordan!

Michelle FrancoWe saw another familiar face in the Fan Fest. Women's Basketball Alumna Michelle Franco. Michelle works for Kumho Tires now. We tried to win a prize by throwing small footballs through a small hole, but no success this time. Michelle told us with a big smile, "Better luck, next time!" It's always nice to see an old friend! FIGHT ON, Michelle!

John JacksonAs we walked by the large ESPN/710 stage south of the naked statues, Trojan Candy spotted someone on the phone sitting on a couch on the stage. Another friend! John Jackson was talking on the phone. When I waved, he smiled and posed for this picture. FIGHT ON, John!

Torin HarrisThe first thing that we noticed when we walked to our seats was the brand new video board at the west end of the Coliseum. It is gigantic and also clear! Naturally, I took too many pictures of it. But one picture was prophetic!

There was a moment of silence for the passing of USC's eighth president Dr. John Randolph Hubbard. FIGHT ON, Dr. Hubbard!

John Hubbard
In memory of John Hubbard

As the team ran onto the field, the cheerleaders were running with a new large flag! Excitement filled the air!

New SC flag
New SC flag
Robert Woods
As for the game, all of the USC scoring occurred in the first half. Robert Woods scored all three of our touchdowns. Trojan Candy got a picture of his first (of many more)! FIGHT ON, Robert!
Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy showed a new formation during halftime. Sorry that the "SC" is upside down. Jim and I sit on the south side of the Coliseum underneath the Press Box.
Olympic Torch
The fourth quarter started with the traditional lighting of the Olympic Torch.
Marcus Allen
Then, there was a "1st Super Heroes" presentation on the video board. Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Allen was honored. FIGHT ON, Marcus!
Our team fought on to a 19-17 victory when Torin Harris made his interception with 53 seconds left in the game. Did you remember my featured picture on the new video board? FIGHT ON, Torin!
Final score
Final score

Victory!We Trojans will "...Carry On to another victory..." over Utah next week!

September 1, 2011---So Many INTERESTING New Friends!

The walls are starting to come up at the John McKay Center. Every week shows so much progress.

McKay CenterMcKay CenterMcKay Center

Heritage Hall was rather quiet today. There were no tours coming in the lobby and fewer football players came by the desk. But, Trojan Candy met eight very INTERESTING new friends.

The first new friend would not let me take his picture! He wrote about himself (and others!) in my notebook, though. New friend Michael Moline wrote that he works on the newly named Ned Miller Statistician Staff. Ned Miller was the Head Statistician at USC football games for 54 years. Stan Granch is now in that position. Michael also told Trojan Candy that the SID Department has created a "Ned Miller" scholarship to fund an intern to work in their department. What a worthy cause! Michael said that his son Daniel Moline is a Senior at USC majoring in Structural Engineering and minoring in Business. The family lives in Agoura Hills. In 1979 Michael was the Student Body President at L.A. Valley College where he majored in Communications. He is currently the Senior Vice-President of Heritage Auction. Michael's hobbies, in order, are family, history, collecting and sports. Trojan Candy's first interesting new friend! FIGHT ON, Daniel! FIGHT On, Michael!

Anna and Serge LiberovskyTwo new friends walked up to the desk together. They were brother and sister! Anna Liberovsky told Trojan Candy that she remembered seeing me at the Heritage Hall desk when she was an undergrad at USC (before I started this blog). Anna, who is from Rockville Centre, New York, was a coxswain on the Women of Troy Rowing Team in 2002-2007. She majored in Astronautical Engineering and minored in Music. Anna has many hobbies (another interesting new friend!) They are cooking, baking, knitting, rowing and music! FIGHT ON, Anna!

Her brother Serge Liberovsky, is a Sophomore at USC now. He is undeclared in his major, and he plays the French horn in the USC Trojan Marching Band. Interestingly, Serge also plays Goalie on the USC Ice Hockey Team. At this point in the conversation, Trojan Candy congratulated Serge on perpetually beating the Bruins in hockey. That brought a big smile to Serge's face. For hobbies, he likes to play video games and music. Come back and visit every week, Serge! FIGHT ON, Serge!

Cleary ClarkTrojan Candy's fourth new friend definitely had a southern accent. Cleary Clark was born in Seattle but moved to Tuskegee, Alabama. Cleary sure speaks like a native Southerner! He played wide receiver and tight end at Tuskegee University. At this point, Trojan Candy asked Cleary if he had any eligibility left. Sadly, Cleary does not. Also at Tuskegee, Cleary was a tour and learning assistant for football and baseball. Now the interesting part, Cleary also attended the Air Force Academy for two years! He is now at USC in his third year studying MFA Film Production and Film Direction. FIGHT ON, Cleary!

Sarah WeltyMy next four new friends are current athletes at USC. Senior Sarah Welty is from Long Beach. She majored in Communications and played on the Women of Troy Water Polo team until she hurt her back and had two back surgeries (Ouch!). Sarah has traveled to interesting locations...Australia, Indonesia and Europe, and she plans to travel to several more! Her other hobby is baking cupcakes and other pastries (Hmmm!). FIGHT ON, Sarah!

Will AndrewRed-shirt Sophomore Will Andrew plays Linebacker on the football team. Unbelievably, he has never come to the desk in three years! But, now, he has! Will, who is from Huntington Beach, is majoring in a very interesting major, Human Performance. Trojan Candy forgot to ask him about his hobbies. Next time! FIGHT ON, Will!

Byron WesleyThe seventh new friend walked in the door, and Trojan Candy just knew that he was an athlete. I asked him to come to the desk for an interview, and he did. Byron Wesley is a Freshman shooting guard on the Men's Basketball Team. He is from Rancho Cucamonga. Byron is undecided in his major. Here is the interesting development in Byron's life. Byron did not start playing basketball until he was in the seventh grade. He was a pitcher up until then. Curiously, I asked him why he switched. Byron said that he shot up to 6'3" in the seventh grade, so playing basketball seemed to be the natural choice. Byron said that his hobbies are rapping and making music. FIGHT ON, Byron!

Sean SpearMy eighth and last new friend of the day came into Heritage carrying his skateboard. At the time, Los Angeles Times USC Football reporter, Gary Klein, was at the desk. As Trojan Candy began interviewing Sean Spear, Gary turned to Sean and said, "I know your father!" Very interesting! It turns out that Gary played baseball at Cal State Northridge while Sean's dad played at Pepperdine. The two guys spoke for several minutes at the desk. Sean followed in his father's foot steps; he plays centerfield on the USC Baseball Team. A Junior, Sean, who is from Oak Park, CA, is majoring in Public Policy with an emphasis on Real Estate and is minoring in Entrepreneurship. For hobbies, Sean likes to surf, bike, (skateboard also!) and travel. He has traveled to Europe, South America and Asia! (Wonder if he knows Sarah?) When Trojan Candy asked Sean why he came to USC instead of attending his dad's alma mater, Sean said that since he was seven years old his dream school was USC. Thank goodness that his dream came true! FIGHT ON, Sean!

Seen at the SCene:

Matt Barkley walked into Heritage Hall wearing an interesting t-shirt that read, "Young and Reckless"! Trojan Candy teased him about the inscription on his shirt. Then, I told him about the soap opera named "The Young and the Restless". Matt said that he never heard of that soap opera. Trojan Candy doesn't watch it either. I watch "One Life to Live"!

Another Trojan wearing an interesting t-shirt was Wes Horton. Wes wore his "Be the Hammer" shirt that was awarded to him last year for his superb play by Special Team Coach John Baxter. Keep up the good work, Wes!

Football: Tyler Grady, Rhett Ellison, Anthony Brown, Randall Telfer, Xavier Grimble, Matt Barkley, Zack Kusnir, Devon Kennard, Nick Perry, Lamar Dawson, Brice Butler, Drew McAllister, Wes Horton, T.J. Bryant, Allen Noble, T.J. McDonald, Kevin Graf, Kevin Greene, Boomer Roepke, De'Von Flournoy, Nickell Robey, and Emon Saee

Women's Tennis: Allison Ramos

Men's Basketball: James Blasczyk

Rowers: Jelena Zelenovic, Magdalena Janicka, Anna Wierzbowska, Eglit Vosu, and Vineta Moca

Water Polo: Mace Rapsey and Adrienne Taylor (Feel better, Adrienne!)

Soccer: Anne Turner and Mia Bruno (Recuperate fast, Mia!)

Men's Golf: Jeffrey Kang

Coaches: Lacrosse Coach Hilary Bowen with a recruit and Track Coach Ron Allice

Track: Anniya Louis (with yet another new hairdo!), Bryshon Nellum, Caroline Lutzky, Reggie Wyatt, Jade Niemeyer and Loudia Laarman

Heritage Hall Friends: Odette Overton, Luke Stephens, Jordan Cohen, Tim Tessalone, Gary Klein, Irene Puentes, Maya Shemesh and Christine Ovanesian