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Thursday, April 28, 2011---Good Luck!

Much progress has been made on the John McKay Center. It sure looks like the construction will finish on time.

McKay Center
Walls are going up
McKay Center
Concrete walls are up

Trojan Candy wished every athlete who came to the Heritage Hall desk today, "Good luck on your finals!" Finals start next week.

Six new friends came to the desk for the first time.

Kate ShumwayThe first new friend was a swimmer! Kate Shumway is a Sophomore majoring in Public Relations. She is from Chicago. Kate wrote that she likes "hanging out with friends." Trojan Candy hopes that Kate becomes a regular visitor to the desk and that she brings more new swimming friends with her! FIGHT ON, Kate!

Brandon WolfeSophomore Brandon Wolfe came to the desk with a big smile. Brandon, who is from Fullerton, runs the 3K steeplechase on the men's track team. He is majoring in Kinesiology and minoring in Architecture. Brandon wrote that he enjoys hanging out with friends. He also likes to play the piano and the guitar. Trojan Candy wished Brandon good luck in his finals and good luck against the Bruins in the dual meet. FIGHT ON, Brandon!

Ewa TymoszewskaJunior rower Ewa Tymoszewska was the third new friend to come to the desk today. She is a Junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Ewa, who is from Poland, rows on the 2nd Varsity Eight. She wrote that her favorite book is "Crime and Punishment" and her favorite movie is "The Lion King." Her hobbies are running and dancing. FIGHT ON, Ewa!

Chelsea BuehningThe next three new friends, who walked up to the desk together, are Women of Troy Soccer players and a coach. Chelsea Buehning is a Left Defender. Trojan Candy noticed that she is left handed. Chelsea said that being left handed and left footed is an advantage in soccer. She is from New Jersey and is majoring in Sociology. Chelsea likes to go to the beach and to draw. FIGHT ON, Chelsea!

Liz FernandesLiz Fernandes plays outside Defender/midfield. Liz is from Boston, and she is majoring in Business Administration. She wrote that her favorite movie is "The Lion King." She and Ewa are from different countries, but they both like the same movie! Small World! FIGHT ON, Liz!

Asst Coach Laura JankeWomen of Troy Assistant Coach Laura Janke signed my notebook and let me take her picture, but she didn't write any details about herself. Next time! FIGHT ON, Coach Janke!

Seen at the SCene:

Track and Field: Trojan Candy saw Joey Hughes as we walked to Heritage Hall. I wished him "Good luck" in his finals and against the Bruins on Saturday. Other track friends who were likewise wished "Good luck" in their finals and in their dual meet were: Shana Woods, Loudia Laarman, Jessica Davis, Alitta Boyd, Farren Benjamin, Bryshon Nellum and Aareon Payne.

Women's Water Polo: Adrienne Taylor

Soccer: Samantha Johnson, Anne Turner, Mia Bruno, Isabelle Johnson, and Haley Boysen

Coaches: Football: Lenny Vandermade, Monte Kiffin who kidded some players about taking snacks, Willie Lee Garza and Lane Kiffin; Soccer: Ari Khosroshahin

Rowers: Lienne Stuberouska, Kajsa Olsson, Anna Janicka, and Celine Doerr

Heritage Hall Friends: Delphine, Karen, Hugh Garvey, Ben Kapinos, Hervey Malone II, who brought his parents to tour Heritage Hall, Dan Avila, Dr. John Petruska, UPS-David, Andrew Webster, Chester Reyes, Marcus Choy, and Dan Ludwig

Football: Emon Saee, Dion Bailey, Zack Kusnir, Marquis Simmons, Anthony Brown, Kevin Greene, T.J. McDonald (T.J. will be attending his father's USC graduation on May 13. T.J.'s dad is Tim McDonald), George Uko, Patrick Hall, Khalid Holmes, Brandon Carswell, T.J. Bryant, Tony Burnette, Christian Thomas, Matt Kalil, Nickell Robey with his skateboard, Armond Armstead, Devon Kennard, Derek Simmons, Nick Perry, Brian Baucham, Boomer Roepke, Xavier Grimble, Marc Tyler, John Manoogian, Jesse Scoggins, and Ross Cumming.

GOOD LUCK to our Trojans to win NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in Women's and Men's Tennis, Men's Volleyball, Women's Water Polo, Women's Rowing, Women's and Men's Golf and Women's and Men's Track!

April 26, 2011---The Hall of Fame Luncheon

Trojan Candy was lucky to be invited (thanks to friend Steven Block) to attend the "USC-UCLA Hall of Fame Dual Track Meet" luncheon today. The event is an annual affair and was at Heritage Hall this year since the USC-UCLA dual meet will be at Loker Stadium on Sunday, April 27th.

Sam Nicholson and Quincy WattsThe Heritage Hall conference room was filled with UCLA track athletes and coaches, USC track athletes and coaches, fans of both teams and former USC/UCLA track stars. There were several Trojan Candy track friends in attendance, and I met some new friends. I was able to interview USC's 1992 Olympic Gold Medal winner, Quincy Watts. Quincy said that he coaches sprints at Harvard Westlake H.S. in Studio City. He also said that he owns Neotone. Neotone sells "injury prevention" athletic wear. What a novel idea! FIGHT ON, Quincy!

Quincy was inducted into the Hall of Fame along with four other famous USC track and field athletes and one coach. The four Trojan alumni were Angela Williams (who is the only man or woman to win four straight NCAA 100 m championships), 2003's Men's Pac-Ten Track Athlete of the year, Ryan Wilson (100 m high hurdles and 400 m intermediate hurdles), 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist Felix Sanchez (400 m hurdles), and Olympian Jack Davis (1951-1953, high and low hurdles). The USC coach that was inducted was Coach Jim Bush. Coach Bush was at USC for six years. He was also Quincy Watt's personal coach. FIGHT ON, Angela! FIGHT ON, Ryan! FIGHT ON, Felix! FIGHT ON, Jack! FIGHT ON, Coach Bush!

Director of Track Ron Allice spoke and introduced some of the track team athletes who were in attendance. At the podium were Captain Marissa Minderler, Captain Nia Ali, Captain Dalilah Muhammad, Trey Henderson, Brendan Ames, Oscar Spurlock, Blake Shaw and Captain Joey Hughes. Trojan Candy also saw friends Alitta Boyd, Jade Niemeyer and Farren Benjamin.

Trey Henderson and Marissa Minderler
Trey Henderson and Marissa Minderler
Brendan Ames, Nia Ali, and Oscar Spurlock
Brendan Ames, Nia Ali, and Oscar Spurlock
Alitta Boyd and Dalilah Muhammad
Alitta Boyd and Dalilah Muhammad (12/3/2010)
Blake Shaw and Joey Hughes
Blake Shaw and Joey Hughes
John Smith, Karen Hecox-Candaele, and Bob Day of UCLA; Jim Bush of both UCLA and USC; and Quincy Watts, Angela Williams, and Felix Sanchez of USC
Hall of Fame Inductees John Smith, Karen Hecox-Candaele, and Bob Day of UCLA; Jim Bush of both UCLA and USC; and Quincy Watts, Angela Williams, and Felix Sanchez of USC

FIGHT ON Men's and Women's Track Team to another victory on Sunday over the UCLA Bruins!

April 20, 2011---The Women of Troy Basketball Banquet

Trojan Candy was out of town visiting her three grandsons on Wednesday, so I asked my brother, Charlie Chan (yes, that is his real name!) to attend the banquet in my place and take pictures of the team for me. My sister Patti Poon related the events to me. Thanks to both of them!

Two Seniors were honored. They were Kari LaPlante and Michelle Franco. Kari also won the Barbara Williams Academic Award for the highest GPA. FIGHT ON, Kari! FIGHT ON, Michelle!

Kari LaPlante
Senior Kari had the highest GPA
Michelle Franco
Senior Michelle Franco
Women's Basketball team
Women's Basketball team

Other awards were given to three other players.

Trojan Spirit Award: Christina Marinacci

Freshman of the Year: Cassie Harberts

Team M.V.P: Briana Gilbreath (6/25/2009)

Briana's sister, Stefanie Gilbreath, was standing with Briana at the time of the announcement, so the team jokingly said that they were M.V.P. Sisters!

Christina Marinacci
Christina Marinacci received the Trojan Spirit Award
Cassie Harberts
Cassie Harberts was Freshman of the Year
Briana, Audrey, and Stefanie Gilbreath
Ashley Corral
Ashley Corral is the All Time Trojan 3 point shooter
Jacki Gemelos
Jacki Gemelos had a great comeback season

Needless to say, fun was had by all!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Basketball!

April 17, 2011---We Like the Same Music!

Trojan Candy enjoyed the Trojan Marching Band's Spring Concert. The title of the concert was "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things," and the repertoire was remarkable!

Dr. Bartner chose his favorite music from different genres, and Trojan Candy likes them too. Dr. Tony Fox arranged beautiful medleys in his "Salute to Glenn Miller" and his "Beatles Medley." The band played "Mars" from Gustav Holst's "The Planets" and "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" like a symphonic orchestra! Guest artists were USC Professor Jim Self, renowned tuba instructor who is famous for his tuba solo in the movie "Jaws," and John Charles, who sang the Beatles medley.

Dr. Arthur Bartner
Dr. Bartner conducted the Symphonic Band
Nolcha and Tony Fox
Tony Fox arranged two medleys for the Spring Concert
Drs. Arthur Bartner and Jim Self
Dr. Arthur Bartner and John Charles
Dr. Bartner declared John Charles an Honorary Member of the TMB
The Trojan Marching Band
Now for the pep rally
Fight On!
Fight On!

Then the remainder of the Trojan Marching Band marched into Bovard. A rousing pep rally ended the concert.

There was a reception after the concert in the John Tutor Alumni Center. The finger food and desserts were scrumptious! For a keepsake, every reception guest was given a sunglass case holder sewn from old Trojan Marching Band uniforms. What a memorable gift!

FIGHT ON, Trojan Marching Band!

April 16, 2011---Senior Salute for Men's Volleyball

Men's Volleyball SeniorsTrojan Candy could not attend the Senior Salute that followed the last MPSF season Men's Volleyball Match. Our men swept #6 U.C. Santa Barbara 3-0. My good friend Eiko Bates and her husband Raymond did see the victory and sent me this picture. Thank you, Eiko!

FIGHT ON, Men's Volleyball to an MPSF title and then an NCAA title!

April 16, 2011---Swim with Mike

Trojan Candy arrived very late at the 31st Annual Swim with Mike. I was still able to take a few pictures of the event. There were swimmers finishing their laps. Some volunteers changed the total contributions to $1,404,941!

Swim with Mike
31st Swim with Mike Event
Some swimmers finishing their last laps
Awesome Total!
What an awesome total for today!

Awesome Water Polo TitlesIt was awesome to see some of our Water Polo National Championship banners!

Congratulations to Ron Orr for another successful Swim with Mike Event and FIGHT ON!

April 14, 2011---There's Nothing Better Than to Sweep the bRUINs!!!!

After volunteering at Heritage Hall earlier today, Trojan Candy and husband Jim came back to the Galen Center to see the USC Men's Volleyball Team play the UCLA bRUINs.

Our men swept the bRUINs in three games! There is no better feeling than to BEAT the bRUINs!

Teams introduction
The introductions before the match.
One point from a sweep
One point away from a sweep!
Team celebration
Final score
The final score.
The customary handshaking after the match

FIGHT ON, Men's Volleyball, to another VICTORY over the bRUINS in the MPSF Championship quarterfinals on Saturday, April 23rd!

April 14, 2011---A Short, Productive Day at Heritage Hall

My husband Jim usually takes pictures of the construction site of the John McKay Center from the top of the Katherine Loker Track Stadium. The walls are coming up. I took some pictures from ground level that shows in between the walls. Production is really showing progress now!

McKay Center
McKay Center
McKay Center
McKay Center
McKay Center
McKay Center

We could volunteer for only half the time today because we had to pick up our daughter Kelly, her husband Gen and our grandsons Zane and Kane at the airport. In the shorter time, five new friends came to the desk for the first time.

Erica ChristiansonErica Christianson is a 6th seat Novice Rower. She is from Duarte and is majoring in Political Science. Erica wrote that she likes to play Frisbee. She also likes to sleep! Erica then told Trojan Candy that she has a fraternal twin named Lauren who is also at USC. Lauren is undecided in her major,. Before Erica left, she said that there will be a friendly(?) competition between the Women of Troy Rowers (that didn't travel to Virginia) and the USC Men's Club Rowing Team. FIGHT ON, twin Lauren! FIGHT ON, Men's Club Rowing Team! FIGHT ON, Erica!

Four MarinesTrojan Candy was able to take a picture of four Marines who toured Heritage Hall. The ladies are stationed at Camp Pendleton, and they just returned from deployment in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, they rushed out the door to catch up with other Marines on the tour before I could interview them. Hopefully, when the ladies see their picture, they will email me their names. THANK YOU, and FIGHT ON to our brave Marines!

P.S.: One of the Marines contacted me by email, and here is her message:

Hello, my name is Lcpl Tiffany Webster. I was one of the women in the photo you took while touring your campus last week. The names of the Marines pictured are as follows from left to right. Lcpl Vanzant, Lcpl Webster, Lcpl Deleon and Lcpl Jones. We are attached to Headquarters and Support Battalion. Thank you for the wonderful photo....SEMPER FI :-)

Khaled HolmesMatt Barkley brought the next new/old friend to the Heritage desk. Khaled Holmes, whom Trojan Candy partially interviewed at the "NFL at a Crossroads" panel discussion on April 7th, came, as he said he would, to visit. For hobbies, Khaled said that he likes to watch movies and television. When I asked what his favorite movie or television show was, Khaled smiled and shrugged his shoulders! Scroll down to April 8 for more about Khaled in another interview! FIGHT ON, Khaled!

Ben KapinosFreshman Ben Kapinos came quickly to the desk. Ben, who is a Football Manager, told Trojan Candy how lucky he is to have this position. He is undecided in his major and came to USC from Maryland. Ben's hobbies are sports, music and movies. Trojan Candy will find out more about Ben's hobbies the next time he comes to visit. FIGHT ON, Ben!

Coach Casey MoonFriend and Women of Troy water polo goalie Adrienne Taylor brought Assistant Men's Water Polo Coach Casey Moon to the desk for an interview. She encouraged Coach Moon to do the interview. Thanks, Adrienne! Coach Moon told us that he is very shy and doesn't like to talk about himself, but Trojan Candy was able to interview him. Casey started swimming when he was four years old and played water polo when he was 8 or 9 years old. He attended UC Santa Clara where he earned a B.S. in Molecular Biology and a B.S. in Political Science. Coach Moon came to USC since he knew Coach Jovan Vavic from a club team. His hobbies are surfing and reading. FIGHT ON, Coach Moon!

Andrew WebsterThe fifth and last new friend was Andrew Webster. Andrew, who is from Long Island, New York, is a Master's student in Public Relations. He works in the Sports Information Department in Heritage Hall, and he also works for the Los Angeles Kings. Andrew likes sports, movies and food. His favorite movie is the "Shawshank Redemption." Andrew wrote that he barbecues a lot and loves to eat pizza. Yum and FIGHT ON, Andrew!

Two football friends came by the desk with tap shoes in hand. T.J. Bryant and Brandon Carswell both take tap dancing with Dillon Baxter. Tap On, guys!

Armond Armstead told Trojan Candy that he is fine now. He was sick with a virus, not a heart problem! Stay well and FIGHT ON, Armond!

Seen at the SCene:

Women's Soccer: Ashley Freyer, Claire Schloemer, Brittany Kerridge, Carly Butcher, Anne Turner and Gabriela Chiriboga

Water Polo: Adrienne Taylor

Women's Basketball: Jacki Gemelos and Kari LePlante

Men's Basketball: Evan Smith and Maurice Jones. MoJo had to be coaxed to the desk. He told us that the men will play in Brazil on August 10, 2011. He's looking forward to going to Brazil because he's never been there.

Track: Farren Benjamin, Loudia Loarman, Trey Henderson, Jade Niemeyer, Jennifer Jones and Jessica Davis

Heritage Hall Friends: Dr. Bryce Nelson, SID Darcy Couch, Dan Avila, Katie Calpino and Anje'le Alston

Coaches: Football: Ed Orgeron, Sammy Knight and Lenny Vandermade

Football: De'Von Flournoy, Brandon Carswell, T.J. Bryant, Hayes Pullard, Armond Armstead, Matt Barkley, Xavier Grimble, Markeith Ambles, George Uko and Anthony Brown

Trojan Candy will be taking a week off to spend time with my three grandsons.

FIGHT ON, until then!

April 8, 2011---Trojan Candy Knew His Older Brother!

Trojan Candy interviewed him at "The NFL at a Crossroads" panel discussion last night. Khaled Holmes has walked by the Heritage Hall Information desk numerous times but never stopped. Last night when he was sitting next to Matt Barkley in the audience (see picture in article below), I seized the opportunity! Khaled wrote the answers to my interview questions on a piece of paper, not the usual USC notebook. Khaled is a Junior with a double major in Classics/Communication. He attended Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana. When I asked him about any hobbies, Khaled said that he loves technology! Then I told him that I see him a lot with Matt. Khaled said that he has known Matt and Matt's cousin Robbie Boyer since the 6th grade! Wondering about the title? Khaled's older brother is former USC tight end Alex Holmes (2001-2005). Trojan Candy and my son Greg were friends with Alex before I started volunteering at Heritage. FIGHT ON, Alex! FIGHT ON, Khaled!

Now, moving forward to today, the construction site is getting deeper and deeper. Peering through the chain-link fence, you can not see any workers or equipment in the deep hole! A wall is being built.

McKay Center
McKay Center
McKay Center
McKay Center
McKay Center
McKay Center

Today five new friends came to the Heritage Hall desk for the first time.

Kristi GadallaThe first new friend walked up with teammate Kerstin Fuller. Freshman Kristi Gadalla is a novice starboard (7 seats) rower from San Diego. Kristi is majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She loves going to the beach, reading and running. FIGHT ON, Kristi!

Mace RapseyThe second new friend, Mace Rapsey, walked up with a big smile on his tanned face. Mace is a Freshman Utility player on the 3-peat National Champion Men's Water Polo Team. Talking with Mace, Trojan Candy easily detected an accent. Mace told me that he is from Sydney, Australia. He said that he is one of three Australians on the team. Mace said he came to USC because his friend, goalie Joe Dennerley, was already on the team and because he knew of Coach Jovan Vavic. Mace is undecided in his major. He likes traveling and going to the beach. Mace has traveled to Spain, Italy, France, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. Thank goodness he has included Los Angeles in his itinerary! FIGHT ON, Mace!

The next two new friends reminded me of my native state of Texas!

Dallas KelleyDallas Kelley, a football Linebacker who enrolled at USC this spring semester, is from Riverside. He is majoring in Sociology. Dallas wrote that he likes "hip-hop" and "rap" music. Welcome to USC, Dallas! FIGHT ON, Dallas!

Austin RittenourAustin Rittenour, a red-shirt Junior from Concord, CA, is majoring in Economics and minoring in Accounting. His nickname is L.C. L.C. plays Linebacker. Quite naturally, one of his hobbies is strength training. His other hobby is playing golf. Perhaps L.C. could be a two-sport athlete at USC! FIGHT ON, Austin!

Hugh GarveyMy last new friend today was tour guide Hugh Garvey. Hugh said that Chris Cheung told him to stop by the desk. Thanks for the referral, Chris! Hugh was leading a tour, so the interview was brief. Hugh is a Sophomore majoring in Business and Film. He is from New Jersey. Hugh wrote that he likes cars, movies and food. The next time that Hugh brings a tour into the Heritage lobby, Trojan Candy will ask him what kinds of cars, movies and food. FIGHT ON, Hugh!

Every time a women's rower came to the desk to visit, we congratulated them on their astounding victories in San Diego. Several ladies told Trojan Candy that the team will be competing in Virginia the weekend of 4/16 to 4/17th. The Varsity 8 and Varsity 4 rowers will be leaving for Virginia on Thursday, 4/14. Good Luck, ladies!

Seen at the SCene:

Rowers: Kerstin Fuller, Kinga Mikolajczyk, Magda Janicka, Jelena Zelenovic, Anna Janicka, and Tanya Ouyang

Heritage Hall Friends: Friend Charles White, in Laker garb, ran up to the desk and ran out the door to play basketball. It was so nice to see him again! Don Ludwig, Dan Avila, Dr. Bryce Nelson, Irene Puentes, J.K. McKay, Tim Tessalone, Darcy Couch, Dr. John Petruska, Charles Qian, Hal Keimi and Dave Tuttle

Coaches: Football: Lenny Vandermade, Ed Orgeron, Monte Kiffin, Sammy Knight and Aaron Ausmus

Track: Caroline Lutzky and Eva Orban

Women's Volleyball: Natasa Siljkovic who told us that the team is playing three training games on Saturday

Women's Golf: Stefanie Endstrasser

Men's Basketball: Garrett Jackson

Women's Water Polo: Adrienne Taylor, who told us that two teammates have concussions

Women's Soccer: Who also are playing training games this weekend. Carly Butcher, Claire Schloemer, Ashley Freyer, Lainie Ransom, Haley Boysen, Brittany Kerridge, Mia Bruno, and Gabriela Chiriboga

Football: Dillon Baxter (who rode away on his scooter), Nickell Robey, Marc Tyler (who told Trojan Candy that he is practicing now), Nick Perry, T.J. Bryant, Curtis McNeal, T.J. McDonald. Trojan Candy asked T.J. if he attended the previous night's panel discussion, "The NFL at a Crossroads," since his father Tim McDonald had been at the pre-reception. T.J. said that he could not attend the panel because he had a class! What a conscientious student! George Uko, Anthony Brown, Brandon Carswell, Patrick Hall, Marquis Simmons, Zack Kusnir (who discussed with me last night's panel with Mark Sanchez and Matt Leinart), Brian Baucham, Hayes Pullard, Xavier Grimble, John Manoogian, Taylor Ashton (who attended the panel also), Boomer Roepke (another panel attendee), Ross Cumming and Anthony Neyer.

April 7, 2011---For the Good of the Game: The NFL at a Crossroads

NFL Panel discussionMatt LeinartTrojan Candy really enjoyed the panel discussion that was presented by the USC Annenberg Institute of Sports, Media, & Society on Thursday.

The event was delayed about 50 minutes. Unfortunately, three of the six panel members were trapped in an elevator. Mark Sanchez, Willie Gault and Leigh Steinberg were rescued by the fire department. The other three panel members were Shelby Jordan, Toi-Cook and Matt Leinart. Trojan Candy was able to visit with friend Matt Leinart before the panel started. It was so nice to see him again. I started my blog after Matt graduated, but he is in my blog now! FIGHT ON, Matt!

The NFL panel
The NFL panel
Mark Sanchez
Mark came back for this panel. He was the first football player on my blog.

The panel was informative and thought-provoking. The reception afterwards had delicious sandwiches!

Current football friends who attended the panel were Matt Barkley, Khaled Holmes, Kevin Graf, Zac Kusnir, Emon Saee, Boomer Roepke and Taylor Ashton. Friend Dan Avila was the official photographer.

Matt Barkley and Khaled Holmes
Matt Barkley and Khaled Holmes
Kevin Graf, friend, and Zack Kusnir
Kevin Graf, friend, and Zack Kusnir
Matt Leinart and Kevin Graf
Matt Leinart and Kevin Graf