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Sunday, August 22, 2010---Salute to Troy

Trojan Candy went to Salute to Troy again this year. When the guests entered, the USC Women's Soccer Team passed out the programs. So nice to greet several Soccer friends! Each table was decorated with a pot of miniature roses on a white tablecloth. As usual, the food was scrumptious and plentiful! The Spirit of Troy and Song Girls performed USC themed songs all evening.

This year's Salute to Troy was mostly the same but was different in a few ways. As always, Trojan Candy enjoyed seeing all of her USC football friends, getting autographs, and hearing all the pep talks that each coach presented. It was nice to see the 1960 and 1985 Alumni Teams.

Brian Baucham and James HarbinMeet and Greet signSalute to Troy began with one of its major changes---the fenced in area where the entire football team went to meet the guests, give them autographs, and pose for photographs. In the program part, Coach Lane Kiffin called that area the "Player's Petting Pen." Another change was the cordoned off dining area for the players and their parents. The Coaches and Athletic Department employees didn't even sit in that special parents-player area.

Abe Markowitz with Trojan Candy
Abe Markowitz with Trojan Candy
Stanley Havili
Stanley Havili
Say 'Cheese!'
I see Kevin Greene, Nick Perry, Jurrell Casey (9/3/2009), Armond Armstead (4/24/2009), George?, Da'John Harris (4/17/2009), Hebron....but who's number 2?

Ezra and Patrick Kim, Trojan Candy, and Jim Yee1960 AlumniNew Athletic Director Pat Haden started the program part with a new wonderful tradition at this year's Salute to Troy. He introduced every USC coach in all the other sports and praised them for their recruiting and their accomplishments. FIGHT ON, USC Coaches!

Pat then introduced the 1960 and 1985 Alumni Football teams.

1985 Alumni
1985 Alumni Football team

Lane and Monte KiffinLane KiffinPat next introduced our new Head Coach Lane Kiffin. Coach Kiffin began by taking off his sunglasses to show that he had nothing to hide! After talking about the football team as a whole, he introduced each football coach beginning with his dad, Monte Kiffin. But, he couldn't get his dad off the stage when the elder spoke too long about his defensive players!

Every Football Coach introduced his position players, and there were loud cheers for each player! Football season is coming soon!

The evening closed with fireworks!

Trojan Candy would like to thank her brother Charles S. Chan for his pictures. FIGHT ON, Charles!

August 19, 2010--- No Football Practice! No Workouts!

As Trojan Candy was walking to Heritage Hall to volunteer, I saw the same UCLA ambulance parked in front of the Olin Hall of Engineering. I will ask again, "Why is there a UCLA ambulance on the USC campus?"

It was actually a slow walk from the parking garage to Heritage Hall. Why? I was caught behind a slow moving tour group. The participants were incoming USC freshmen. When I got to Heritage Hall, the lobby was also filled with more students who were waiting for their tour to begin. FIGHT ON, USC Class of 2014!

Robert WoodsHayes PullardSince the football team had no practice and no workouts today, numerous football players came to the lobby. Seven of them came to the Heritage Hall desk for the first time. As soon as I set up, three new football friends came to the desk together. The first friend, who was wearing a Phillies baseball cap, was Freshman Robert Woods. Robert played for Serra High School in Gardena and grew up in Carson. He is undecided in his major but not in his hobby. Robert loves to play NCAA 2011! Trojan Candy can hardly wait to see his NCAA highlights in 2011. FIGHT ON, Robert!

The second new football friend wore an Atlanta Braves baseball cap. Is Brice Butler an influence? Hayes Pullard, who is from L.A. and will play linebacker, attended Crenshaw High School. Hayes will major in Business at USC, and he, like Robert, likes to play video games for a hobby. FIGHT ON, Hayes!

Xavier GrimbleThe third new football friend came up to the desk with his right foot in a cast. Xavier Grimble is a Freshman tight-end and is undecided in his major. He played for Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas. Like Robert and Hayes, Xavier likes to play video games for a hobby....especially NCAA 2011! After I took his picture, Xavier told me that he only has a high sprain and that is why he is wearing a cast. GET WELL SOON and FIGHT ON, Xavier!

Another new football friend came to the Heritage desk. Christian Thomas, also a Freshman tight-end like Xavier, played at Highland High School in Palmdale. He is a Communication major, who told me that his hobby is sleeping! As Trojan Candy pressed him for more information about any other hobbies, Christian told me that he played piano and cello for four years and that he likes R & B music. He walked away before I could take his picture. Christian, come back so that I can take your picture! Until then, FIGHT ON, Christian!

Patrick KimThen two more football friends came together to the Heritage desk for the first time. Freshman Patrick Kim, an offensive lineman, played at Ayala High School in Chino Hills. Patrick said that he is undecided in his major. His hobbies are "hanging out" with his friends and listening to all kinds of music. Patrick said that he wants to learn to play the guitar. FIGHT ON, Patrick!

Emon Saee, who came to the desk with Patrick, is a red-shirt Sophomore quarterback. He played at Calabasas High School. Emon, who is majoring in Economics, walked away from the desk after he wrote his information in my notebook and before I could take his picture. Come back, Emon, so that Trojan Candy can take your picture! FIGHT ON, Emon, until then!

Dillon BaxterThe last new football friend walked up to the Heritage desk out of curiosity! With a big smile, Dillon Baxter came to see why several football players were standing around the desk. A new friend, just like that! Dillon, who is a tailback, enrolled at USC in the spring 2010. He played at Mission Bay High School in San Diego. Guess which other two tailbacks were from San Diego. (Marcus Allen and Reggie Bush!) For hobbies, Dillon said that he likes to listen to rap music and that he likes to surf! Trojan Candy told him after I took his picture, that we look forward to seeing him run in the Virginia game. Another big smile! FIGHT ON, Dillon!

Trojan Candy found out who the "mystery football player" is. Will Butch Lewis please come to visit at the desk on Thursday, September 2nd? I need your picture and interview!

Doug and Fyetta CampbellTwo new friends, who were visiting from Greenville, South Carolina, came by to visit. Doug and Fyetta Campbell, who actually lived in Downey and Santa Monica before moving to South Carolina, flew to L.A. to watch USC football practice, as they have done for the past thirty-four years! Unfortunately, they were not able to attend any practices because of the NCAA sanctions. Doug, who is from Quincy, Massachusetts (the home of two American presidents, John Adams and John QUINCY Adams!), worked in insurance and at Dow Chemical. Fyetta is from the Harrisburg, Pennsyvania, area. Trojan Candy wants to thank them for the scrumptous cookies that they gave my sister Pat and me the next day. We look forward to seeing them next August 2011! Hopefully, they will be able to attend some practices then. FIGHT ON FANS, Doug and Fyetta!

There were many "new USC student parents" in the lobby today. It was so nice to meet all of them! Trojan Candy is so glad that their son or daughter chose USC. Best university in the universe!

Trojan Candy with Dr. Arthur BartnerDarting into the Heritage Hall lobby was old friend, Dr. Arthur C. Bartner. He had a whistle around his neck, so there must be a band practice looming! Dr. Bartner told Trojan Candy that there was a rumor circulating that said he had suffered either a heart attack or a stroke. Dr. Bartner said that he didn't have either. He was sick with Bell's Palsey (a virus) during the summer, but he is recovered now! Thank Goodness! All afternoon Trojan Candy heard the band practicing on the Loker Track Field. Assistant Band Director Tony Fox also stopped by for a visit. FIGHT ON, Dr. Bartner! FIGHT ON, Dr. Tony Fox!

Seen at the SCene:

Matt BarkleyJordan CameronFootball players: Even though there was no practice or workouts scheduled, the players told Trojan Candy that there were meetings all day. Coming to visit at the desk were Nick Perry, Da'John Harris, James Boyd (three times!), David Ausberry, Omari Crittenden, D.J. Morgan, C.J. Gable, Abe Markowitz, Derek Simmons, Brian Baucham, Joe Houston (who is kicking really well now!), and Curtis McNeal. Matt Barkley came by with his USC Offensive Playbook in hand. Notice the glare from the thick book. That is because there are so many DAZZLING plays inside! Trojan Candy had to take a picture of Jordan Cameron and his "Mohawk"!

Women Soccer players: Trojan Candy wished Alyssa Davila and Megan Ohai good luck in their season opener on Friday, 8/20.

Women's Volleyball: Falyn Fonoimoana and Alex Jupiter came to visit. Two other volleyball players came with them but walked off quickly before Trojan Candy could interview them. Next time!

Men's Track: While Trojan Candy was busily asking several football players at the desk to autograph a media guide for my son Greg, an athlete walked up and said, "I'm not a football player" when I handed him the guide to autograph. Trojan Candy was stymied for a couple of seconds. Then I realized, he's star track athlete, Ahmad Rashad!

Coaches: Football: Coach Lane Kiffin walked briskly through the lobby, deep in thought, and Coach Orgeron walked by with his usual smile. Women's Soccer: Coach Ali Khosroshahim walked by the desk and Trojan Candy wished him good luck in the opener. Women's Rowing: Assistant Coach Marketa DeQuine came to visit.

Luke StephensSpirit of TroyHeritage Hall Friends: Head Trainer Sergio Prieto came to the desk wearing a Houston Astros baseball cap. It was a gift from his cousin. Trojan Candy told him that Houston is her hometown. Photographer friend Dan Avila came to chat with Trojan Candy and some new "USC" parents. Finally, friend Luke Stephens, a Sophomore who is a student worker in the football office upstairs came to the desk holding a two foot tall trophy. It was cardinal and gold with a football player on the top. Luke, who is majoring in Business Administration and helps with recruiting information, told Trojan Candy that the trophy is his to keep since there was no label on it. What a lucky Trojan!

As I left Hertiage Hall, I saw the Trojan Marching Band practicing!!! Football season will be coming soon!

August 12, 2010---A Mystery Football Player! Soccer Rules!

UCLAKyle Negrete, John Manoogian, and Ronald JohnsonWhile Trojan Candy was walking to volunteer at Heritage Hall there was a UCLA ambulance parked in front of Olin Hall of Engineering. Why is there a UCLA ambulance parked at USC?

Four new Football friends came by the desk for the first time. The first new football friend was #15 Kyle Negrete. Kyle, who is from Fresno, is a Red-Shirt Sophomore punter majoring in Accounting. He told Trojan Candy that he loves his church and family time. Kyle posed with two friends, John Manoogian and Ronald Johnson. RoJo is everywhere! FIGHT ON, Kyle!

D.J. MorganMatt KalilFreshman D.J. Morgan, the second new friend, is a tailback from Taft H.S. in Woodland Hills. He is a P.P.D. major, and he loves to swim. During his interview, D.J. met up with a friend, Volleyball player Alex Jupiter, FIGHT ON, D.J.!

One of the biggest football players Trojan Candy has ever seen came to the Heritage Hall desk for the first time. Matt Kalil, with a big smile on his face, told me that he is a Sophomore majoring in Sociology. He, like his older brother Ryan, is from Corona. (I thought that the name Kalil sounded familiar, and that is why I mistakenly thought that Matt was a Senior!) Matt will play left tackle this season. Trojan Candy wonders if there are any more future Trojan Kalils? FIGHT ON, Matt!

Mystery friend and Brice ButlerGood friend Brice Butler (8/20/2009) posed with the fourth new football friend. However, Trojan Candy was not able to interview him. So, I am asking my "unknown mystery friend" to come back to the Heritage Desk again for an interview. Until then, FIGHT On!

Robert, Sophia, and Noah CarlosAlumnus Robert Carlos brought his two young children to Heritage Hall to show them where he worked on campus. Sophia is three years old and Noah is four years old. Please notice what Sophia's t-shirt says! Robert, who graduated in 2000, majored in Kinesiology and worked on the Athletic Medicine Team with baseball and football athletes. Proudly, Robert told me that he also worked with Trainer Jack Ward! FIGHT ON, Robert!

Lainie Ransom and Samantha JohnsonThree new Women of Troy Soccer Players came to the Heritage Hall desk today. The first new friend was Lainie Ransom. She came to the desk with a fellow soccer player, Samantha Johnson. Lainie is a Senior majoring in History. She told Trojan Candy that, "I'm a Valley Girl." Even though Lainie is from Sherman Oaks, she said that she likes the beach. FIGHT ON, Lainie!

Friend Megan Ohai brought a new soccer friend Isabelle Johnson to the desk. Isabelle, a sophomore, plays mid-fielder and is majoring in Civil Engineering. (I thought that only Cross Country runners majored in Civil Engineering!) From Monrovia, Isabelle said that she likes to hang out with friends. FIGHT ON, Isabelle!

Isabelle Johnson and Anne TurnerThe third new soccer friend was Sophomore Anne Turner, who is a goal keeper. Anne, who is from Pacific Palisades, is majoring in Aerospace Engineering. (Another engineer!) Anne likes to hang out with her friends, just like Isabelle! FIGHT ON, Anne!

Erica Dolani and Stephanie GravesTwo Spirit of Troy members came to the Heritage desk for the first time. Graduate student Stephanie Graves, who is from Palm Desesrt, told Trojan Candy that she played the mellophone (a trumpet on steroids) as an undergratuate and is now a T.A. for the band. She is majoring in Communication Management and used to work at Heritage Hall for USC RipsIt. Stephanie is active with Alpha Phi Omega, Catalyst Ministries, and ballet. FIGHT ON, Stephanie!

Just as I finished interviewing Stephanie, a fellow Spirit of Troy member came to the desk. Erica Dolani, who is a Senior majoring in Urban Planning, is from Petaluma. She is a Silks member of the band as well as a Volleyball Tutor in the Heritage Hall basement. Erica, like Stephanie, is active in the Catalyst Ministries, and unlike Stephanie, is a member of Alpha Delta Chi Sorortiy. FIGHT ON! Erica!

Wernher KuckThe last new frend to come to the Heritage HALL Desk was Wernher Kuck. Wernher earned an M.S. in Neurobiology from USC in 1987. He was on campus to consult with a Cinematography friend about a new independent film that will be a blend of two films....The Godfather and Colors! Can't wait to see it! FIGHT ON, Wernher!

Seen at the SCene:

Football players: Good friend Brice Butler, wearing one of his twenty signature baseball caps (his Atlanta Braves one this time) had a small orange Gatorade bottle with him. Trojan Candy teased him and asked where Coach Kiffin's GALLON water bottle was. He defensively replied, "Oh, it's in my locker!" Brice needs to clue me in to the "Mystery" football player! Jordan Cameron came by with his new "Mohawk" hair cut. Is that the new haircut of this season? Trojan Candy needs to get a picture of Jordan, Zach Herberer, and Blake Ayles together with their new "do's"!) Shareece WrightOther good friends who came by to visit at the desk, not once, but twice were Joe Houston and Shareece Wright. Notice the name Melanie on Shareece's shirt. Only Trojan Candy is bold enough to ask, "Who is Melanie?" Shareece said that she is his girl friend and that she attends Cal State Fullerton! Omari Crittenden, Brian Baucham, Kevin Graf who told me that his number is #77 and not #71 this season, and Kyle Prather came by to visit. Smiling and waving "Hello" as they ran down the stairs to the training room were Matt Barkley and Drew McAllister.

Soccer: Friends Megan Ohai, Samantha Johnson, Ashley Freyer, Carly Butcher and Claire Schloemer either waved "Hi" or came by the desk to visit. Soccer season starts on Friday, August 20th. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Soccer!

Women's Volleyball: Alex Jupiter and Falyn Fonoimoana came by to say "Hello."

Coaches: Monte Kiffin, Ed Orgeron, and Ron Allice waved "Hello."

Friends: Sergio and several Athletic Medicine Team members all came by the desk en masse. Good friends Helen Yan and Dan Avila came to visit.

August 6, 2010---Football Practice Has Begun!

As I walked by Howard Jones Field, I saw a group of young people crossing the street in front of me. Then I recognized Sergio Prieto. I waved to him and told him to come by the Heritage desk later. Sergio, who is the "Head Honcho" of the Athletic Medicine team that takes care of the football team on the field and in the workout room, smiled, waved, and said that he would.

Walking toward me was Jawanza Starling. He was carrying a gallon jug of water (More on that later). I told him to come by the Heritage desk later. He smiled, said "Hi," nodded, and went on his way.

Keyshawn KartR.J. StoweThen just outside of Heritage Hall I saw a Keyshawn Kart. How nice that Keyshawn Johnson donated it to his alma mater! FIGHT ON, Keyshawn!

Once inside Heritage Hall, new members of the Athletic Medicine Team came up to the desk for the first time. Sergio, true to his word, walked up with new friend R.J. Stowe. R.J., who is a Kinesiology Major and a Business Law Minor, is from La Quinta, CA. He is a Student Trainer for football and is a member of Alpha Gamma Omega. His favorite hobby is watching the Lakers. (Go Lakers!) FIGHT ON, R.J.!

Anje'le Alston and Katie CalpinoMaya ShemeshThree more Athletic Medicine Team members then came to desk to visit and take a snack. Katie Calpino, who is from Doylestown, Pennyslvania, is a Senior majoring in, what else? Kinesiology. Katie works with football, baseball, and track athletes. Pictured with Katie is her friend and fellow team member, Anje'le Alston. Anje'le is a Sophomore majoring in Kinesiology. She works with football and aquatic athletes. For her hobbies, she likes to play softball and play the violin. FIGHT ON, Katie! FIGHT ON, Anje'le! The Last Athletic Medicine Team member to come to the desk for the first time was Maya Shemesh. Maya is a Junior from Santa Monica. She is majoring in...Psychology! Maya works downstairs with football and soccer athletes. Her hobbies are to be with friends, and she likes to read. FIGHT ON, Maya!

The lobby was very busy today. Current football players walked from the downstairs out to the Galen Center for their lunches. There were many large tours of school children, a high school water polo team, two coaches meeting recruits, and former Trojan athletes coming back to visit.

Randy and Ryley TaylorFootball Alumnus Randy Taylor and his eight year old daughter Ryley came by the desk. Naturally, Trojan Candy asked if Ryley wanted a snack. Randy told me that he played football with Rodney Peete in 1985-1986 and baseball at USC. Randy attended Bishop Amat High School, and he majored in Public Administration. He has been married to Dejeune Tanner for ten years, and they have two future Trojan children. Ryley plays soccer and runs track, and son Mason, who is four years old, also plays soccer. Randy said that he has worked for singer Barry White for three years, for the Quaker Oats Company, and for Gatorade. James Boyd, Allen Bradford, Matt Barkley, and Ronald JohnsonFIGHT ON, Randy!

Outside of Heritage Hall, Matt Barkley, Allen Bradford, Ronald Johnson (not pictured), James Boyd and two other football players (who need to come to the desk so that Trojan Candy can meet them) held am impromptu session with a tour group of children. Matt did most of the speaking. Trojan Candy heard him tell the children to work hard, stay in school, and then attend USC!. Way to go, guys! What outstanding role models!

Kyle Prater, Helen Yan, and Ronald JohnsonWhile Trojan Candy was outside, our friend Helen Yan met up with Kyle Prater and Ronald Johnson. (RoJo is everywhere!)

Nick Young and Sam ChowLast, but not least, a Trojan friend and USC Alum Nick Young came to the desk to say "Hello." Nick played guard and forward on the USC basketball team in 2004-2007. Nick plays on the Washington Wizards during the NBA season and comes back to LA in May. He works out at the Galen Center daily during the summer. Trojan Candy teased him and asked if he is married yet. He showed his ringless wedding finger and, with his playful smile, said, "Not yet." Nick stayed to visit for quite a while. He told me that he had just seen fellow Alumnus Gabe Pruitt last night. SIDs Tim Tessalone and Dave Tuttle came out to say "Hello" to Nick. Our Trojan Alumnus friend and former Men's basketball manager, Sam Chow, spoke with Nick for quite some time. Nick told us that his Wizard's contract is up next year. Sam and I both said that he can come to play for the Clippers or Lakers! Nick said that he would love to return home to LA to play! We would love to have him back home, too! FIGHT ON, Nick!

Seen at the SCene:

Football players: Zack Heberer came to the desk with a bag of ice tied on his right shoulder. He told us that he is "on the mend." Somehow he looked different! That's it! Zack cut off his long locks, and now he has a Mohawk! Trojan Candy should have taken his picture! Next time. The walking wounded! De'Von Flournoy had his right arm in a sling. He told us that he would be better in three days (I hope so!). Brian Baucham, Omari Crittenden, C. J. Gable, Marshall Jones, and Abe Markowitz all came to visit. Trojan Candy visited with Michael Morgan outside while the players were meeting with the tour group. Michael was carrying a gallon bottle of water just like Jawanza! Both players are staying hydrated, just like Coach Kiffin must have ordered! Trojan Candy asked Michael to come and visit at the desk next time. Michael said that he was trying to follow coach's rule and not eat junk food! Guess Trojan Candy will have to give out more gum!

Track: Joey Hughes, with his signature smile, came by to visit and take his favorite Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. "We are so proud of you!" I said with a nod from Sam. Joey finished third in the 400 meters at the NCAA track meet. Trojan Candy, teasing him as he left, said, "First place next year!" That statement elicited another big Joey smile!

Coaches: Walking around upstairs on the phone was Coach Lane Kiffin. Men's Basketball Coach Kevin O'Neill, in his signature shorts, smiled and said "Hello." Track Coach Ron Allice with his signature smile also said "Hello." Then, Trojan Candy saw Women's Soccer Coach Ali Khosroshanin outside during the football player's tour session, and his dad Mehdi Khosroshanin (try spelling their name in a spelling bee!) came to the desk for a snack and a chat! Check out the father and son's picture on April 15, 2010.

August 3, 2010---Associate's Preview Tour of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center

Entrance to Tutor Campus CenterTapestry by John NavaTrojan Candy was treated to a preview tour of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center this morning.

The main entrance to the Campus Center is off the International Plaza. Inside the Main Entrance Foyer is a beautiful tapestry by John Nava. Do you see Dr. Steven Sample? Do you see Olympic swimmer Rebecca Soni? Who else do you see?

Trojan Family RoomInfinity StatueThe Trojan Family Room has a multi-tiered fireplace and a skylight. The room is enormous!

Downstairs is the Grand Ballroom that can seat 1200 Trojans for events. Outside the entrance to the Grand Ballroom is this captivating "Infinity Statue."

the ForumTrojan Candy with Bill ChurchillUpstairs on the fourth floor is the Forum. Notice the beautiful windows and the "Trojan" ceiling!

On the third floor is the Trojan Generations Room. Unbelievably, the sculptor of this wood "Traveler" was in our tour group. His name is Bill Churchill. Bill told Trojan Candy that it took him two weeks to sculpt "Traveler" from one piece of wood. Astounding!

Trojan Family RoomThe last picture is the Trojan Family Room from the second floor. Breathtaking!

What a magnificent new Ronald Tutor Campus Center! Every Trojan needs to come to campus and see it for himself or herself! FIGHT ON, Trojans!