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Women of Troy Tennis match with Arizona State.

Monday, March 25, 2024---USC Women of Troy Defeat Kansas

Trojan Candy attended the first two rounds of the Women's NCAA Basketball tournament at Galen Center where USC hosted Texas A&M Corpus Christi and Kansas. Below are exciting videos of our Women of Troy victory over Kansas in the second round. Enjoy them.

video 8805
The starters for both teams were introduced. Starting for USC were Kaitlyn Davis, McKenzie Forbes, Rayah Marshall, JuJu Watkins, and Kayla Padilla.
video 8807
JuJu Watkins made a three point shot for USC’s first basket.
video 8836
This video showed the highlights of the first half.
video 8840
Juju stole the ball in the third quarter.
video 8859
JuJu shot foul shots in the third quarter.
video 8873
The Women of Troy played good defense and offense.
video 8890
JuJu shot two more free throws.
video 8893
McKenzie Forbes drove in to the basket and was fouled.
video 8894
McKenzie made both free throws.
video 8898
Late in the fourth quarter, USC Graduate Student India Otto entered the game to much applause.
video 8901
After the game, JuJu congratulated teammate McKenzie, fans in the stands, and her family.

video 8902After finishing television interviews, JuJu signed more autographs for fans as she walked into the tunnel.

KEEP FIGHTING ON, USC Women of Troy Basketball!