June and July 2013 Candygrams

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Sunday, July 14, 2013---Spirit of Troy Reception

Richard and Teresa Flores, Pat and Dudley Poon, and Jim YeeMy husband Jim and I were fortunate to be invited to the Spirit of Troy Reception today. It was in Founder's Park. The food was very delicious, and there was an open bar.

We were able to sit with friends Richard Flores and his mother Teresa Flores, whom we met at the USC Associate's lunch before the USC-Utah football game last season.

Dr. Art Bartner welcomed all the guests to the reception. He thanked us for our contributions.

Spirit of Troy
Then, we heard them...
Spirit of Troy
the band marched from out of nowhere to the reception,
Spirit of Troy
and they played!
Dudley and Pat Poon with flutist
Dr. Bartner presented a "Band Helmet Trophy" to every donor. Pat and Dudley received theirs from a band member who is a flutist.
Jim and Candy Yee with Arthur Bartner
Afterwards, Jim and I were able to take a picture with Dr. Bartner.
Spirit of Troy Helmet
Before we left, Trojan Candy took a picture of our trophy.

Serge LiberovskyThen, I saw an old friend. Spirit of Troy member Serge Liberovsky (9/1/2011). We talked for a while before Jim and I caught a tram back to the parking lot.

What an enthralling afternoon!

FIGHT ON, Spirit of Troy!

Thursday, July 11, 2013---An Old Friend

Pat and Dudley Poon with Abe MarkowitzAs my sister Pat, brother-in-law Dudley and I were shopping at the USC Bookstore, an old friend walked up to us with a big smile on his face. Abe Markowitz (8/14/2009), who had come to the bookstore to meet a friend, met three friends instead! Abe told us that he is practicing with the football team in unofficial work-outs. Nothing is official yet. Trojan Candy sure hopes that he can play center for USC this season. FIGHT ON, Abe!

Thursday, June 20, 2013---Lunch at the University Club

Karen Bowman, Pat and Dudley Poon, Andrea Gaston, Jim Yee, and Trojan CandyTrojan Candy, my husband Jim, my sister Pat and my brother-in-law Dudley were invited to lunch at the University Club by Women of Troy Golf Coach Andrea Gaston. Friend Karen Bowman, who works in the USC Athletic Office, came with Coach Andrea.

The lunch was delicious, but the conversation was better! We talked about the Pac-12 Championship and the NCAA National Championship that our Women of Troy had just won recently. Then, Coach Andrea reminesced about several Women of Troy Golf alumnae. Trojan Candy has interviewed four of them in Heritage Hall. Such proud moments!

Some of these same alumnae, along with three current players and a future Trojan, just competed in the U.S. Women's Open. The current Trojans were Annie Park, Doris Chen (2/3/2012), and Kyung Kim (9/27/2012). Former Trojans were Lizette Salas (11/5/2009), Belen Mozo (4/25/2008), Dewi Claire Schreefel, Irene Cho, Jennifer Rosales, Candie Kung and Nicole Castrale. A future Trojan was Gabriella Then. Friend Doris Chen and alumnae Jennifer Rosales, Lizette Salas, and Dewi Claire Schreefel made the cut in the competition. Congrats, Doris and Alumnae! FIGHT ON, USC Women of Troy Golf!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013---Football 101

Trojan Candy was late to "Football 101," because the freeways were so conjested. Also, it was difficult to park on campus since McClintock Avenue was closed to vehicular traffic.

George Farmer, Leonard Williams, and Scott StarrAs I rushed to the John McKay Center, some familiar faces were coming toward me. They were football friends that I have met at Heritage Hall and interviewed. Even though I was late, I stopped to greet them. George Farmer (6/23/2011), Leonard Williams and Scott Starr (9/27/2013) smiled and agreed to pose for a picture. Josh Shaw, Greg Townsend Jr., and Jabari RuffinThen, right behind them were friends Josh Shaw (1/13/2012), Greg Townsend, Jr. (4/26/2012) and Jabari Ruffin (whom I call Denzel 7/13/2012). They also smiled and posed for a picture. Josh told me that the John McKay Center is off limits to all athletes today. I told them the reason is that "Football 101" is being held at the Center. As Trojan Candy walked on, I thought that they must think that I carry my camera with me everywhere. They are almost right!

When I reached the John McKay Center, there was no one in sight! Luckily, a lady was coming out of the lobby door and let me in. She told me that everyone was downstairs. I rushed to the elevator and guess who came on the elevator with me...Coach Ed Orgeron! We chit-chatted on the way down. Downstairs was bustling with activity. Unfortunately, I had to go back upstairs to the street level to check in.

Rachel Morris, Ariya Crook, Jordan Adams, and Cassie HarbertsMax WittekAs soon as I returned downstairs, I went to work. I was able to visit with and take a picture of Women of Troy golfer Rachel Morris (11/18/2010) and Women of Troy basketball players Ariya Crook (6/23/2011), Jordan Adams and Cassie Harberts. Then, I went to take my picture with Max Wittek (3/23/2012). Every attendee got to take a picture with Max. However, I took a picture of him first, then friend and USC photographer Pierson Clair took a picture of Max and yours truly. If you go to Pierson's website, www.pc4photo.com you will see fabulous pictures of USC athletes and maybe some of "Football 101." Andrea Gaston and Rachel MorrisAs I walked back to my seat, I saw Women of Troy Golf Coach Andrea Gaston and current team member Rachel Morris. They were nice enough to pose for a picture. What big smiles...they are both still beaming with their NCAA Championship victory!

Marqise LeeTrojan Candy stopped to talk to one last friend before the program started. Marqise Lee (9/22/2011) was by the stairs and smiled when I walked up to him. I told him to check out the nice picture that I took of him at the USC-ucla Track meet. He said that he would and then graciously posed for yet another picture for me.

Donna HeinelNow, down to the business at hand. Senior Associate Athletic Director Donna Heinel opened "Football 101." She gave an overview of the past year and covered all of our athletic accomplishments.

Then Women of Troy Basketball coach Cynthia Cooper introduced the three Women of Troy Basketball players who sat in the audience---Ariya, Jordan and Cassie. Coach Cooper announced that Cassie is playing in the World University Games this summer in Russia. Congrats, Cassie!

Rachel MorrisCoach Andrea Gaston took the podium next. She talked about the hardships that the team endured last season and the accomplishment that they achieved this year. Rachel Morris came to the podium after Coach Gaston and told all the ladies in the audience that, "The team took the tournament 'One shot at a time,' and we feel your support!"

Layla Kiffin
After Rachel left the podium, Layla Kiffin thanked all of the attendees for coming. Then she introduced her husband Lane.
Lane Kiffin
Coach Kiffin spoke about his children and their new pet dog.
Ed Orgeron
Coach Orgeron came to the podium next. The energy level of the event just sky-rocketed! Coach "O" led us in some exercises and then dismissed us into three groups.
Gregg Millward
Trojan Candy was assigned to friend Gregg Millward's group.
Clay Helton
My group met with Offensive Coach Clay Helton in the team meeting room on the second floor. Coach Helton explained offensive positions and plays. Our offense should be fantastic next season!
John Baxter
Next Gregg took us outside to the field. Associate Head Coach and Special Teams Coordinator John Baxter was waiting for us.
Andre Heidari
With the help of two friends, Coach Baxter demonstrated punt and kick-off techniques. Who were my two friends? Placekicker Andre Heidari (9/8/2011)
Kris Albarado
and new punter Kris Albarado (9/16/2011).
John Baxter and Kris Albarado
First, Coach Baxter and Kris demonstrated punting techniques.
Andre Heidari
Then Andre demonstrated kick-off techniques.
Kris Albarado
Interestingly, both Kris (shown here) and Andre wore different size and different color shoes to do their kicking.
After Coach Baxter answered questions, we were taken back to the basement field for our third session.

Daniel Nguyen, Gregg Millward, and Ray SarmientoHowever, as Trojan Candy was walking down the ramp to the basement, I saw two more friends. Tennis stars Daniel Nguyen (5/3/2012) and Ray Sarmiento (3/11/2011). D. Nguyen is now on the pro-tennis circuit and Ray will be a Senior on the Men's Tennis Team next year. Naturally, I took their picture with Gregg. FIGHT ON, Men's Tennis!)

Ross CummingNewly named Defensive Coach Ross Cumming spoke about and demonstrated defensive techniques in our third and last session in the basement.

Next on the agenda, was lunch in the little Galen Restaurant. It was delicious! As I walked to my car with my sister Pat after we finished our lunch, we saw USC Director of Track and Field Ron Allice and Donna Heinel.Ron Allice and Donna Heinel Ron had a big smile on his face! Why not?! He's retiring to pursue many other interests! Congratulations and Good Luck, Ron!

My lockerThe next activity was in the John McKay Center Football Locker Room. All the ladies picked up our picture with Max Wittek that Pierson took. They were fantastic! Then we all roamed around the locker room searching for favorite football players. Trojan Candy noticed that John Auran is still using my locker.

Ed OrgeronCoach Orgeron led the cheer to get us hyped up and ready to run out to the Howard Jones Practice Field. Layla and Lane KiffinCoach Kiffin and his wife Layla were preparing for the pep talks to the Defense and the Offense.

Then, Coach Kiffin made a grand entrance to deliver his PEP TALK IN THIS VIDEO.

The ladies were all pumped up when they went out to the practice field. Unfortunately, Trojan Candy had to leave "Football 101" early at this time. My nephew Zach was graduating from high school in Mission Viejo.

What an enjoyable and informative day! I can't wait for the 2013 football season to start! FIGHT ON, all USC Football Coaches!