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Thursday, April 26, 2012---Two Down, One to Go!

The construction site outside of the John McKay Center changes so much every week. The most notable difference was the leveling of the front yard.

Yard in front of West Wing of McKay Center
Yard in front of West Wing of McKay Center
Yard in front of Center and East Wing of McKay Center
Yard in front of Center and East Wing of McKay Center
Yard in front of East Wing of McKay Center
Yard in front of East Wing of McKay Center

When Trojan Candy walked into Heritage Hall, every trophy was moved off the "SC" rug. They were moved for the Los Angeles Times/USC Book Fair that was on campus the weekend of April 21-22. On display during the Book Fair were the USC Child Care Programs Pre-school art displays. Being a retired teacher, I enjoyed looking at all the children's work. Hope you enjoy them too.

SC rug
A rare view of the bare SC rug in Heritage Hall. Isn't it beautiful?
USC Child Care Art Exhibit poster
USC Child Care Art Exhibit poster
USC Child Care Art Exhibit
USC Child Care Art Exhibit
USC Child Care Art Exhibit
USC Child Care Art Exhibit
USC Child Care Art Exhibit
USC Child Care Art Exhibit
USC Child Care Art Exhibit
More USC Child Care Art Exhibit

Five new friends came to the desk for the first time. I have been trying for four years to interview two of them. Trojan Candy finally got them!

Josh TennefossThe first new friend was Josh Tennefoss. Josh is a red-shirt Senior majoring in Kinesiology and Math. He competes in the 400 meters on the USC Track Team, but he, unfortunately, is injured now. Josh said that he only started running track when he was a Senior in high school. It is quite an accomplishment that he can compete at the collegiate level. Josh is from Northern California, and he said that his mother teaches at Stanford. When I asked about his favorite movies, music, books, etc, Josh said, "I like everything!" Well, Trojan Candy likes her new friend already! Get well, Josh, and FIGHT ON!

Steve JohnsonThe second new friend is one of the two athletes that I have been trying to interview for four years. Trojan Candy just happened to glance over at the west glass doors of Heritage Hall. The glare from the sunlight made it hard for me to see, but I saw a silhouette of a tall athlete. He looked like Steve Johnson! Immediately, I ran to the door and called out, "Steve!" When he turned around to look who called out his name, I asked if he would come back to the desk for an interview. With a smile, he said that he would! Steve was both funny and very personable. My husband Jim showed him my web site with pictures of the men's tennis team on it. (4/20/2012 and 4/14-15/2012) Another big smile appeared on his face when he saw the picture of him dousing Roberto Quiroz. Now, about the interview. Steve is a Senior on the USC three-peat NCAA Championship Tennis Team. From Orange, he majored in Human Performance. I asked Steve when he started playing tennis. To my amazement, he said, "Two years old." Steve said that his dad is a tennis coach and that his mom played tennis in high school. What lineage! When asked about hobbies, Steve said that he likes to play sports with teammates and friends. His favorite movie is "Anchorman," and he likes to listen to ColdPlay. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Steve!

Greg TownsendI was flipping through my football program from last season, looking for the few football players that I have not been able to interview yet. I had just noticed the picture of Greg Townsend, then, he walked up to the desk! Is that ESP or not? Greg said that he was on his way downstairs for his tutor session, but he was nice enough to let Trojan Candy interview him first. Greg wrote that he is from Los Angeles and that he is undecided in his major thus far. He said that he would probably declare Public Policy and Development as his major next semester. Greg, who is a defensive back, likes to play basketball and video games for his hobbies. His favorite video games are Madden and 2K12. Greg's favorite movie is "He Got Game!", and his favorite music artists are Drake, Nipsey Hussle and 1/G. Before Greg rushed off, I told him that my son's name is also Greg, and that I chose that name because every Greg I have ever known is nice looking! With that, there was a slight blush and a smile on Greg's face. FIGHT ON, Greg!

Ben LankenauThe fourth new friend is the second athlete that I have been trying to interview for four years. He was just standing by the desk on the telephone. When I first looked at him, I thought that he might be a football player. Then, at a closer look, Trojan Candy realized that he was a Senior on the men's championship tennis team. I asked if I could interview him, and luckily he, like fellow teammate Steve Johnson, said, "Yes." Ben Lankenau, who is from Newport Beach, majored in Business and Finance. He works for a "start-up" company now and will have a full-time job also in Newport Beach after graduation. Ben wrote that he started playing tennis when he was five years old and that after graduation he will play less tennis (since "tennis" is his life right now). I asked him how he will stay in shape, and Ben said that he is a "work-out junkie"! Ben likes to watch and play basketball. His hobby is working on cars. Trojan Candy thought that the cars were little model cars. No....Ben modifies real, BIG cars. He just finished working on a Cobra! What a hobby! Congratulations, and FIGHT ON, Ben!

"Two Down, One to Go!" Steve Johnson and Ben Lankenau are new friends! Now, Trojan Candy needs to interview the third Men's Tennis Senior...Daniel Nguyen!

Hannah GreenMy fifth new friend is Freshman Hannah Green. She is a driver on the Women of Troy Water Polo Team. Hannah, who played at Coronado High School in San Diego, plans to major in Broadcast Journalism. She told us that her dad is a Navy Seal and that she has lived in seven different locations around the world. Hannah has lived in Spain, Bahrain, Rhode Island, California, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and now at USC. What a variety of locations! Hannah's favorite movie is "The Breakfast Club," and she likes country music. She wrote that her dream is to sky dive! What an adventuresome soul! FIGHT ON, Hannah!

Seen at the SCene:

Soccer: Caroline Stanley, Anne Turner, Heather Davis, Mia Bruno, Kristina Noriega

Women's Volleyball: Bria Russ, Natasa Siljkovic

Men's Water Polo: Mace Rapsey

Women's Water Polo: Adrienne Taylor

Rowing: Magda Janicka, Caroline Trawick, Kajsa Olsson (Beat the Bruins on Saturday!)

Women's Basketball: Christina Marinacci, Ariya Crook, Dominique Scott

Men's Basketball: Ari Stewart

Coaches: Football: Aaron Ausmus, Scott Thompson, Justin Mesa, Lenny Vandermade, John Baxter

Heritage Hall: Don Winston, Adolfo Corona, Zade Shakir, Martin Jaurequi, Scott Jacobsen, Fed-Ex Dave, Ron Orr, Mark Jackson, Donna Heinel, Eloy Lopez, John Canales, Haili Sun, Susie Cognetta, Jordan Cohen, Jennifer Ellis, Jill Dennis

Football: Chad Wheeler, Marqise Lee, Josh Shaw, Randall Telfer, George Uko, Jesse Scroggins, Marquis Simmons, T.J. McDonald, Cyrus Hobbi, Junior Pomee, Victor Blackwell, Morgan Breslin, Jawanza Starling, Max Wittek, Boomer Roepke, Hayes Pullard (brought his brother Joseph to the desk. Joseph wants to transfer to USC.), Dion Bailey, Frankie Telfort, Devon Kennard, De'Von Flournoy, Torin Harris, Cody Kessler, Marcus Martin, Aundrey Walker (Trojan Candy did not recognize him at first for two reasons. He was carrying a guitar, and he lost 75 pounds!), Cody Temple (We met him as we left Heritage Hall. I asked him to come to the desk for an interview. He said that he would. Cody just had an operation and is recuperating. He will play in 2012!)

Joseph and Hayes Pullard
Joseph wants to join Hayes at SC
Aundrey Walker
Aundrey lost 75 pounds! Looks great!
Cody Temple
Cody will be ready for football this fall

Haiti Update: T.J. McDonald and Josh Shaw added three more names to the eleven names that I already listed last week. The three additional football players are Khaled Holmes, Nickell Robey, and Kyle Negrete. Take care, my friends!

April 20, 2012---Senior Salute for our Men's Three-peat Tennis Team

The Marks Tennis Stadium was already filling up an hour before the USC-ucla tennis match was to begin. Trojan Candy was finally able to purchase her 3-Peat Men's Tennis shirt for this season. The free In-N-Out burger later was the bonus.

Jonny Wang
While I was downstairs in the office, that is located under the stands, buying the shirt, Jonny Wang was tightening the strings on his racket. FIGHT ON, Jonny!
Spirit of Troy Tennis Pep Band
The Spirit of Troy arrived for the Senior Salute for our three Seniors.
Ben Lankenau and Peter Smith
Ben Lankenau was honored first. FIGHT ON, Ben!
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen was honored next. FIGHT ON, Daniel!
Steve Johnson
Then, last, but not least, Steve Johnson was honored. FIGHT ON, Steve!
Coaches and the Seniors
The three coaches, Peter Smith, George Husack and alum Jeff Tarango joined the three families on the court.
Steve Johnson
Head Coach Peter Smith hugs Steve Johnson after his Court 1 victory.
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen gets an ovation after his Court 3 victory.

How will we ever replace these Championship Seniors?

Good Luck in the Pac-12 Championships! Good Luck in the NCAA's!

FIGHT ON, Men's Tennis to a four in a row NCAA Championship!!!!

April 19, 2012---Good Friends!

My son Greg rode in with my husband and me today. He is visiting from San Mateo this week, and he came to campus to have lunch with Assistant Band Director Tony Fox at the Faculty Center. Greg had taken composition lessons with Tony for five years.

We three saw more progress at the John McKay Center. The outside of the building is more defining, and the yard area is being leveled.

McKay Center and Heritage Hall
McKay Center and Heritage Hall
Yard in front of McKay Center
Yard in front of McKay Center
Work along the fence near Loker Stadium
Work along the fence near Loker Stadium

The Heritage Hall Lobby was fairly quiet at first. Then, a steady stream of friends came to the desk. Four new friends eventually came to the desk for the first time, and two friends, who hadn't been to the desk for several years, came to visit and give Trojan Candy an update about themselves.

Kristin BurgerThe first new friend was Sophomore Kristin Burger who is from Newport Beach. Kristin competes on the Women of Troy Water Polo Team. (Yeah! Not too many water polo players come to the desk.) She said that friend Adrienne Taylor and she attended the same high school (Newport Harbor) together. Two good friends! Kristin is majoring in Communications, and she came to Heritage Hall today to inquire about a job in the SID Department. For hobbies, Kristin likes going to the beach and hanging out with friends. She likes all kinds of music. Kristin was also very helpful. Since she is a water polo player, she was able to identify Ivan Kustic in a picture from my blog on the Swim with Mike event last week. Thanks for your help and FIGHT ON, Kristin!

Nicole BerberetA familiar face walked up to the desk. Then I recognized the big smile. It was Nicole Berberet. She was a guard on the Women of Troy Basketball Team in 2006-2009. We just saw her last night at the Women of Troy Basketball banquet. Nicole told us that she has spent the past two years working on the women's basketball staff. She produced the wonderful video recap of the past season that was shown at the banquet. Nicole, who is from Yorba Linda, is just finishing her Masters in Teaching at USC. She said that she will be teaching in Orange County this fall. (Another teaching Friend!) FIGHT ON, Nicole!

Morgan MorrowMorgan Morrow and Kyle NegreteThe second new friend just came to the desk when good friend Kyle Negrete also walked up to visit. Junior Morgan Morrow, who is from Bear, Delaware, plays outside back/outside mid-fielder on the Women of Troy Soccer Team. During the interview, Kyle stayed at the desk to tease Morgan. However, she paid him no mind and still wrote in my notebook! Morgan wrote that she is majoring in Global Health. Her favorite music is rap/alternative and her favorite movie is "Remember the Titans." As she wrote that her hobby is shopping for clothes, the Women of Troy Soccer Coach Ali Khosroshahin called out and waved to her and Trojan Candy as he walked out the door. Meanwhile, Kyle was still at the desk, smiling. After I took Morgan's picture, Kyle came to pick her up. I couldn't resist taking this picture! Two good friends! FIGHT ON, Morgan! Kyle, too!

Steven GalvanSophomore Steven Galvan is Trojan Candy's third new friend for today. Steven has been a Student Manager for the Track Team since last August. He said that he loves being a student manager! Steven is majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Law. From Montebello, Steven wrote that he likes all kinds of music and that his favorite movies are "Watchmen" and "Good Fellas." For hobbies, he likes to run (no wonder he chose the track team to work with!) and to work out. FIGHT ON, Steven!

Nora AnguloNora Angulo is my fourth new friend. She is a Junior majoring in Human Performance. From South Pasadena, Nora competes on the USC Women's Club Team in Ice Hockey. She wrote that her hobby is (what else?)... ice hockey, and her favorite movie is (what else?)..."Miracle on Ice." In addition to ice, Nora likes all kinds of music. FIGHT ON, Nora!

Rachel MorrisTrojan Candy thought at first that next person was a new friend, but I had interviewed Rachel Morris on 11/18/10. For an update, Rachel is majoring in Business Administration. She is now a Sophomore on the Women of Troy Golf Team. FIGHT ON, Rachel! FIGHT ON, Women's Golf in the NCAAs!

Seen at the SCene:

Anniya Louis and Erica VangsnessTwo more good friends! Anniya Louis and Erica Vangsness met at the desk. They hugged one another and told Trojan Candy that they have been friends for 15 years! Anniya and Erica went to Overland Elementary School in Los Angeles together. Now, luckily, they are at USC together! Trojans forever!

Track and Field: Jessica Davis. Caroline Lutzky, Allen Williams, Anniya Louis, Reggie Wyatt, Trey Henderson

Soccer: Erica Vangsness, Autumn Altamirano, Mia Bruno, Jamie Kucharski, Heather Davis, Morgan Morrow, Kristina Noriega, Brittany Kerridge, Samantha Johnson

Men's Golf: Jeffrey Kang

Heritage Hall Friends: Bhupinder Singh, Luke Stephens, Dr. Bryce Nelson, Greg Millward, Sara Kalemkianan, Sean Jordan, Darcy Couch, J.K. McKay, Paul Goldberg, Isaac Flores, Haili Sun, Martin Jauregui, Nassim Mirreghabie, Karen Bowman, Don Winston

Women's Basketball: Deanna Calhoun, Dominique Scott, Alexyz Vaioletama, Kiki Alofaituli

Rowers: Caroline Trawick, Jenna Blau, Jelena Miladinovic, Gabriela Zarate-DeMacedo

Coaches: Football: Lane Kiffin, Aaron Ausmus, Lenny Vandermade, Scott Thompson, Justin Mesa; Women's Golf: Andrea Gaston; Soccer: Ali Khosroshahin; Men's Water Polo: Casey Moon

Football: Marqise Lee, Curtis McNeal, Chad Wheeler, Anthony Brown, Nickell Robey, Anthony Sarao, Xavier Grimble, Dion Bailey, Josh Shaw, Morgan Breslin, Allen Noble, Buck Allen, Hayes Pullard, Andre Heidari, J.R. Tavai, Cyrus Hobbi, Devon Kennard, Lamar Dawson, Peter Yobo, Chris Pousson, Kevin Greene, Emon Saee, Christian Thomas, Dion Bailey, Anthony Neyer, Khaled Holmes, Demetrius Wright (with a smile on his face, finally!), De'Von Flournoy, Max Wittek, Cody Kessler, Joe Houston (whom I finally got to introduce to my son Greg!), Ryan Henderson (whom I haven't interviewed...how did I miss him?), T.J. McDonald

Good Friends Doing Good Deeds!

Kevin Greene and T.J. McDonald gave Trojan Candy the names of the football players that are going to Haiti. T.J. said that they have all their shots, passports, etc. The players are Matt Barkley, Josh Shaw, T.J. McDonald, Devon Kennard, Kevin Greene, Robert Woods, Dion Bailey, Max Wittek, Cody Kessler, Hayes Pullard and Cyrus Hobbi. They leave on May 14th and return May 19th. Take Care, my Trojans!

April 18, 2012---The Women of Troy Basketball Banquet

Jerseys and pictures of the five seniorsMy husband Jim and I went to the Women's Basketball Awards Banquet in the Galen Center Founder's Room. The room was buzzing with conversation when we entered. Immediately, I took pictures of the five Senior jerseys and pictures. Then, as the team members came in the door, Trojan Candy did what she loves to do the most...take pictures!

The Lady Trojans always look so different at their banquet than when we fans see of them on the basketball court. They are much taller in real life! Plus, they are all so pretty in their dresses, high heels, and make-up.

Kemana Otosi, Deanna Calhoun, Thaddesia Southall, Kiki Alofaituli, and Ashley Corral
Kemana Otosi, Deanna Calhoun, Thaddesia Southall (2/3/2012), Kiki Alofaituli, and Ashley Corral
Ariya Crook
Ariya Crook
Michelle Jenkins and Kari LaPlante
Michelle Jenkins and Kari LaPlante
Audrey, Stefanie, Wardell, and Brianna Gilbreath
Stefanie and Briana Gilbreath with parents Audrey and Wardell
Michael Cooper and Ariya Crook
Coach Michael Cooper with Ariya Crook
Kemana Otosi, Deanna Calhoun,  Thaddesia Southall, and Dominique Scott
Kemana Otosi, Deanna Calhoun, Thaddesia Southall, and Dominique Scott
Christina, Mike, and Toni Marinacci
Christina Marinacci with her parents Mike and Toni
Kate Oliver and Desiree' Bradley
Kate Oliver and Desiree' Bradley
Dorothy, Craig, and Cassie Harberts
Cassie Harberts with her parents Dorothy and Craig

Tai DillardAs I walked around the tables taking pictures, I noticed an unfamiliar face. She looked like a player, but I found out when I met her that she is new Assistant Coach Tai Dillard. Tai said that she has been on campus for only two days. Welcome to USC, Coach Dillard!

After dinner, the Program began. Athletic Director Pat Haden spoke first and was followed by Senior Women's Athletics Administrator Donna Heinel. Up next, Coach Michael Cooper listed the five high points of the past season. They were the Gonzaga win, our sweep of UCLA, that we played like a team, the Cal sweep, and the ASU/Arizona sweep. Then Coach Cooper announced the awards. They are as follows:

Most Inspirational Award: Jacki Gemelos
Newcomer of the Year Award: Ariya Crook
Most Improved Player Award: Christina Marinacci
Women of Troy Award: Stefanie Gilbreath
Coaches' Award: Cassie Harberts
Co-MVP Award: Briana Gilbreath and Ashley Corral

Then it was the Seniors' turn at the podium. The five Seniors are Ashley Corral, Jacki Gemelos, Briana Gilbreath, Stephanie Gilbreath, and Michelle Jenkins. Earlier, we congratulated Ashley on her fantastic accomplishment when she won the State Farm Women's 3-Point Contest on March 29th. Congratulations, Ashley! Briana's mom Audrey told Trojan Candy that Briana will be allowed to take her finals early so that she can report to the Washington Mystic's training camp on April 29th. Congratulations, Briana! Unfortunately, Jacki was not in attendance because of a family matter. Jacki will play for the Minnesota Lynx this season, so Trojan Candy can cheer for her on television. Congratulations, Jacki! Each of the four Seniors present gave an emotional speech about their fondest memories. All the guests were, likewise, touched! Trojan fans, as well as yours truly, will miss all of you!

The program ended with a video produced by alumna Nicole Berberet. The video recapped the season, highlighted each Senior, showed some humorous situations and featured five underclassmen spoofing the five Seniors.

FIGHT ON, Ashley! FIGHT ON, Jacki! FIGHT ON, Briana! FIGHT ON, Stefanie! FIGHT ON, Michelle!

Women of Troy Basketball team
Women of Troy Basketball team
Women of Troy team with scout team
Women of Troy team with scout team
Christina Marinacci, Michelle Jenkins, Ashley Corral, Stefanie Gilbreath, and Briana Gilbreath
Christina Marinacci with Seniors Michelle Jenkins, Ashley Corral, Stefanie Gilbreath, and Briana Gilbreath
Kate Oliver, Alexyz Vaioletama, Kiki Alofaituli, and Cassie Harberts
Kate Oliver, Alexyz Vaioletama, Kiki Alofaituli, and Cassie Harberts

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Basketball!