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Thursday, September 23, 2010---Finally, The Trophy's There, But Where Are the DT's?

It was so quiet when Trojan Candy set up the desk at Heritage Hall. There were football, women's soccer and women's volleyball posters, as usual, on the desk. But where were the DT's? No time to ponder that question very first new friend came by the desk

Soccer trophyKyle ErnsbergerSenior Kyle Ernsberger works downstairs as a soccer trainer this semester and will change to football next year. He is from Valencia and told Trojan Candy that we have met before! Kyle had brought a group of children to Heritage Hall on April 29, 2010, when his fraternity, Sigma Nu, hosted 100 children to their Sigma Zoo. He is majoring in Human Performance and loves everything that is SOCCER! Kyle even plays on the USC Club team. So, naturally, Trojan Candy took Kyle's picture by the newly placed 2007 NCAA Women's Soccer Championship Trophy in the Heritage Hall Lobby! Come and see the trophy sometime. FIGHT ON, Kyle! Liene Stuberovska

The next new friend was Liene Stuberovska, who is from Baldone, Latvia. She came to the U.S. on August 25, 2010, (Women's Water Polo Coach Ligita Kaviere recruited Liene), and is a Starboard on the team. Liene, who is undecided in her major, likes to watch romantic comedies and said that her hobby is ROWING! (Imagine that!) FIGHT ON, Liene!

A very familiar face came up to the desk, but his hair was a little different. Pierson Clair, whom Trojan Candy met about three years ago, came in pulling a large camera bag. Pierson contracts himself out to the USC Sports Marketing Department. After Pierson graduated in 2008 he founded his own company PC4 Media. Trojan Candy will include his picture later. Pierson wants to email me one of his own pictures. FIGHT ON, Pierson!

Peter KurzekaEric ChildsThe fourth friend was chosen as one of the "Athletes of the Week." He was Men's Water Polo Driver Peter Kurzeka. Peter, who is from Rancho Palos Verdes, saw his name at the bottom of the bulletin board along with fellow "Athlete of the Week" Women's Volleyball player Falyn Fonoimoana. When Trojan Candy asked if I had taken his picture before, Peter said that I had interviewed him before. Yes, last January! FIGHT ON, Peter!

A new football friend walked up to the desk. Junior Eric Childs plays Tight End and is majoring in Biomedical/Mechanical Engineering. Eric, who is from Cypress, likes to surf, skateboard (See it in his hand?), and play soccer. (Wonder if he knows Kyle?). Trojan Candy couldn't finish his interview because he had a noon class. Next time! Until then, FIGHT ON, Eric!

Jelena ZelenovicThe next new friend is from Serbia. Yes, you guessed it, she is on the Women of Troy Rowing Team. Jelena Zelenovic is a Sophomore and is undecided in her major. For hobbies, she likes to watch French movies (She speaks a little French) and read psychological novels. Keep reading and FIGHT ON, Jelena!

Jenna PuterbaughThe seventh new friend came to the desk while Trojan Candy was interviewing Jelena. At first glance I thought she was Jenna Bush (Yes, the President's daughter)! Amazingly, her name was Jenna! Freshman Jenna Puterbaugh is from San Diego. She is majoring in Human Performance, and she runs the 100 meters, 200 meters and relays. Jenna loves to attend Michael Sylvester's weekly Bible Study Classes. FIGHT ON, Jenna!

Anthony BrownFreshman Defensive Back "Anthony Brown" (as he wrote his name in quotation marks in my notebook) came up to the desk with a big smile and wearing an Anaheim Angels baseball cap. Anthony, who is from Mississippi, is majoring in Communication. He loves to dance as a hobby. Anthony says that he loves all types of dancing. Keep on dancing and FIGHT ON, Anthony!

Dion BaileyFreshman Safety Dion Bailey, who is from Carson, came to the Heritage desk next. Dion is majoring in Economics. He told Trojan Candy that he likes reading good books in his free time. Dion also said that he likes to listen to all kinds of music. FIGHT ON, Dion!

Kristopher WashingtonAnother Human Performance major came to the desk for the first time. Kristopher Washington, a Sophomore from Detroit, Michigan, (just like my sister Pat) runs the middle distances, the 800 and the mile on the USC Track team. For his hobby, Kristopher said that he likes movies. After Trojan Candy asked him what kind of movies he likes, Kristopher's face lit up. He said that he likes Comedies, Romance, Action (my favorite kind also) and Horror (another Trojan after my own heart!). Then, Kristopher gushed how he especially loves Freddie Krueger horror movies! Enjoy your movies and FIGHT ON, Kristopher!

Jeff ColemanThe last new friend came to the desk as Trojan Candy was packing up. Jeff Coleman, who is from Huntington Beach, earned his B.S. in Business in 2004, and he will earn his Dental degree in May 2011! Not one, but two USC degrees! For his hobbies, Jeff likes to snowboard and ski. Proudly, Jeff told Trojan Candy that his uncle, John Coleman, also graduated from the USC School of Business and played football with O.J. Simpson. FIGHT ON, John! FIGHT ON, Jeff!

Trojan Candy was actually a "Security Guard" for a few minutes. Ryan Maier, the Assistant Director of Game Management, removed the plastic case from Matt Leinart's jersey. Then he asked me to watch the jersey for a few minutes because he had to go upstairs. Trojan Candy was very diligent in guarding Matt's jersey, that is, until some friends came to the desk. I didn't even see Ryan put the plastic case back on the jersey!

Seen at the SCene:

Men's Basketball: Donte Smith and Marcus Simmons came by to say "Hello."

Women's Basketball: Briana Gilbreath came to the desk with a big smile. Briana told Trojan Candy that she will march in the Procession for the Inauguration for new President C.L. Max Nikias on Friday, October 15. She was picked to represent Trojan athletes because of her academics and being picked on the All-Pac-10 Team.

Track and Field: Aareon Payne, Farren Benjamin, Alitta Boyd, and Elan Hilaire all came by to visit and take a treat.

Women's Water Polo: Kami Craig came by with a big smile and said "Hello."

USC Coaches:

Football: Walking upstairs were Monte Kiffin and Lane Kiffin. Walking around the lobby using a cane was Ed Orgeron. Lenny Vandermade, with his trademark smile, stopped by to visit.

Women's Tennis: Richard Gallien.

Men's Basketball: Kevin O'Neill came by the desk twice.

Rowing: Ligita Kaviere and Marketa DeQuine come to the desk every week.

Football: Matt Barkley walked by engrossed in his telephone conversation. De'Von Flournoy, Kevin Graf, David Ausberry, Kevin Greene, James Boyd, Derek Simmons, Mitch Mustain, James Harbin, Malcolm Smith, Zack Herberer and Marc Tyler all came by the desk. When Marc took a treat, Coach Lane Kiffin leaned over the balcony railing and asked Marc what he was hiding behind his back. Oops! Nick Perry gave Trojan Candy a big hug and told me that he will play against Washington State. Ronald Johnson came by to visit when Ricky Rosas was visiting. Trojan Candy asked Rojo why he changed his number from #8 to #83. Rojo explained that he is preparing himself to be a pro. In the NFL, all the receivers wear higher numbers.

Oh yes, about the DT's. They are normally stacked on the Heritage Desk. They are a perfect enticement for athletes to come to the desk. More new friends for Trojan Candy! But the DT's have been moved to a rack outside the east doors of Heritage Hall. Naturally, Trojan Candy took a handful and put them on the Heritage Hall desk counter top.

September 16-19, 2010---Trojan Candy in Minneapolis

On Thursday morning my sister Pat, brother-in-law Dudley, friend Dan Avila and Trojan Candy sighted at least twenty Trojans in line to board our Southwest Airlines plane to Minneapolis. Trojan Candy met several new friends on both legs of our flights. I met a fellow alum named Candy! There are two of us! Other new friends were Janice Diaz (2002) and Sheila Kwok (2003), two Marshall School of Business alums just like my Trojan daughter Steffany. On our second leg out of Denver, I met the President of the San Diego Trojan Club, Mark McCord. He sat across the aisle from Dan. The two guys talked for most of the trip. Then a third new friend walked back to talk with Mark and Dan. As he went back to his seat, Trojan Candy met Dr. Gary Laine. Gary lives in northern California and is an avid autograph seeker, just like my son Greg. Gary's daughter Shannon is a current USC Song Girl. Shannon is dating Matt Barkley's Mater Dei High School teammate and current USC teammate Robbie Boyer. Trojan Candy met her last new friend as we deplaned in Minneapolis. He was so tall! Jack Tingley, a 1974 USC swimmer, told Trojan Candy that Ron Orr broke every one of his records. FIGHT ON, Candy! FIGHT ON, Janice! FIGHT ON, Sheila! FIGHT ON Mark! FIGHT ON! Gary! FIGHT ON, Jack! As all the passengers departed, a Southwest flight attendant wished Trojan Candy, "Good Luck on Saturday!" FIGHT ON, Southwest Airlines!

Minnesota State CapitolCapitol GOLD HorsesFriday was a nice sightseeing day. The Minnesota Capitol in St. Paul is beautiful inside. The entire color scheme is Cardinal and Gold! In front of the Capitol Dome are four horse statues. Minnesota residents call them Minnesota Capitol GOLD Horses. Trojan Candy calls them, Four TRAVELERS!

Mall of AmericaMall of America amusement parkIn the afternoon, we went to the Mall of America. We were only able to walk in one third of it, but we were able to see the amusement park in the center. It was so nice to see a few fellow Trojans window shopping.

Bobak Ma'eriTom Rysavy with Pat and Dudley PoonIn the evening, we went to the Young Trojan Club's reception at Stella's Fish Cafe. Trojan Candy met the vice president of the Alumni Club of the Twin Cities, Bobak Ma'eri, on the upstairs patio where the "young alumni" fraternized. Then I met the President of the club, Tom Rysavy, on the second floor where the food was served. The appetizers were delicious! There were crab cakes, stuffed mushrooms and shrimp cocktail! The "older alumni" stayed on the second floor where the food was, and it was definitely warmer. With age comes wisdom! Bobak and Tom did a fabulous job! FIGHT ON, Bobak! FIGHT ON, Tom!

Nehi Ogboeven and Chris ChengSaturday was Game Day! No rain! No snow! Bright sunshine...the first we saw since Thursday! This is California weather in Minnesota! The Minnesota campus, the "U" to local residents, has a lot of character. The architecture is similar to the University of Washington campus Trojan Candy saw last year. Pat, Dudley and I made it to the Radisson for the pre-game Tailgate. There were around 500 Trojans at the event. The Trojan Marching Band (composed of only Juniors) and Song Girls performed for us. (Shannon was not there, though). Then, Trojan Candy saw a familiar face! It was Chris Cheng, the Undergraduate Student Government President and his Vice-President, Nehi Ogboeven.

Then it was on to the TCF Bank Stadium. The year-old stadium seats 55,000 fans and was only 300 people short of a sellout. Approximately 3,000 Trojans traveled to Minnesota for the game.

TCF Bank Stadium
TCF Bank Stadium
Opening kickoff
Opening kickoff
Robert Woods kickoff return touchdown
Robert Woods returned a kickoff for a touchdown.

What a bummer! Minnesota scored first, last and in the middle. But my beloved Trojans scored more points in between. We Fought On to Victory, 32-21! It was so exciting to see Allen Bradford score, Chris Gallipo got an interception and C.J. Gable made a crushing block that opened up the gigantic hole for Robert Woods to score the 93 yard kick-off return touchdown.

Trojan CandyFinal scoreGoodby from TCF Bank Stadium.

Fight On!

The only disappointment was the Gopher touchdown with eleven seconds left.

Minnesota SquirrelActually, the mascot of Minnesota is not really a is a sixteen stripe squirrel (A tidbit and a picture of the squirrel that Trojan Candy learned on the Capitol tour)! Go Squirrels! (Never mind!)

Our day was finished with a scrumptious Victory dinner in Dinky Town!

On Sunday it was so nice to fly back to L.A. with about fifteen other victorious Trojans!

September 10, 2010---The Women of Troy Volleyball is Undefeated!

USC logoStudent boostersOn the eve of the first home football game, Trojan Candy enjoyed watching the Women of Troy Volleyball Team remain undefeated when they beat the University of Virginia Cavaliers at the Galen center. The big screen has a new animation of the USC logo.

There is a student booster group that does "The Fish" in unison. Bingo is played and Trojan Candy won on five "I" numbers. The prize?...two tickets to the next home game...USC vs UCLA on Friday September 24. Beat the Bruins!

Spirit of TroyPost game receptionCan you see the victorious team in the middle of the Spirit of Troy? The Women of Troy won the match in three games by the scores of 25-15, 25-16 and 25-16.

After the victory, there was a Post Match Reception.

Kirby Burnham, Sam Hirschmann, Falyn Fonoimoana, Alexis Olgard, Natalie Haggland, and Sara Shaw At the Reception all six Freshmen team members (Kirby Burnham, Sam Hirschmann, Falyn Fonoimoana, Alexis Olgard, Natalie Haggland, and Sara Shaw) answered questions from the moderator. What is it like being on the SC team? What did they like about going to USC? Compare high school versus collegiate level volleyball. Coach Mick Haley recapped the three games and individual play.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Volleyball!

September 9, 2010---What a Difference the Football Team Makes!

The lobby at Heritage Hall was busy all day. What a difference from last Thursday when the football team was in Honolulu!

Ten new friends came to the desk for the first time. One was a famous sportscaster. More about him later.

Jio FontanThe first new friend was Junior Jio Fontan. Jio transferred to USC from Fordham University because he wanted to come to the West Coast. He is a guard on the men's basketball team and is majoring in Sociology. Jio said that he is the biggest "homebody." He likes to spend time with his family and friends. He also likes to listen to rap music, especially the band M&M. FIGHT ON, Jio!

Kimmee Roleder and Geena UrangoTwo familiar faces walked up to the desk. Trojan Candy knew that they were Women of Troy Volleyball players. One new friend was Senior Kimmee Roleder. Kimmee is a Communications major. She likes coaching club volleyball, and she loves the beach, eating and napping! Trojan Candy knew that Kimmee hurt her knee and is out for the year. There is a silver lining, though! Kimmee told me that she will use her red-shirt year and return for her fifth year in 2011. FIGHT ON, Kimmee!

Geena Urango was the other familiar face because Trojan Candy attends some Women of Troy Volleyball games. Geena, like Kimmee, is a Senior and is a Communications major. She, like Kimmee, also loves the beach. Geena told Trojan Candy that she likes to try new food dishes and that she likes to listen to all kinds of music, except for country music. (A Trojan after my own ear!) FIGHT ON, Geena!

Fred RogginLater is now...Trojan Candy would recognize his voice anywhere! Channel 4 sportscaster Fred Roggin walked in the lobby, came over to the desk and asked me if I had seen his cameraman. Believe it or not, I had seen a cameraman in a white shirt carrying his camera and tripod through the lobby about ten minutes earlier. Trojan Candy relayed this information to Mr. Roggin and asked him why he was at Heritage. He told me that he came to tape a segment with Coach Lane Kiffin for broadcast on Sunday night. I told him that I always try to win on the trivia questions on his show "The Challenge" but have not won yet. With a smile, Mr. Roggin said, "Maybe this year!" I'll let you know if I win!

Tony BurnettMy first new football friend was Sophomore Tony Burnett. Tony, who is from Watts, plays cornerback on the team and is majoring in Human Performance. For hobbies, Tony said that he likes to read, draw and sleep! When Trojan Candy asked him what kind of books that he likes to read, Tony said that he likes adventure books and any books that involve a "struggle." As for his drawing, Tony said that he "doodles" and draws random places. FIGHT ON, Tony!

Mannat SainiThe sixth new friend came to the desk with a beautiful smile. Mannat Saini, who is a coxswain on the Women of Troy Rowing team, is a Sophomore. As of now, she is undeclared in her major but is leaning toward Pre-Med. Mannat, who is from Newport Beach, is a photographer for the Daily Trojan and the El Rodeo. For hobbies, she likes to listen to Indian music and to sleep! (Does she know Kimmee? Tony?) FIGHT ON, Mannat!

Tyron SmithMannat does know my next new football friend. She chatted for a short time with Tyron Smith after he walked up to the Heritage Desk with his good friend Derek Simmons. After she left, it was Trojan Candy's turn to interview Tyron. He is a Junior from Moreno Valley, CA. Tyron plays on the Offensive Line and is majoring in Real Estate (I wouldn't want to trespass on his real estate!). For hobbies, Tyron likes to play video games. FIGHT ON, Tyron!

James HarbinThe eighth new friend was Cornerback James Harbin. James, a red-shirt Junior, is majoring in Political Science. He played at Narbonne High School and Los Angeles Southwest J.C. before he transferring to USC. James told me that his main interests are political science and football, but he does have time to go roller blading at a local Skate Depot. James is fast moving, on and off the field! Keep rolling and FIGHT ON, James!

Wes HortonBecause he was hurrying on his way to the 2:15 pm football meeting, Trojan Candy had very little time to interview her ninth new friend, defensive end Wes Horton. Wes, a red-shirt Sophomore, said that he is majoring in Human Performance. For hobbies, he likes to play video games. His favorite game is Fifa. (Wonder if Wes plays video games with Tyron?) FIGHT ON, Wes!

Matthew PalmerThe tenth and last new friend to come to the Heritage Desk today was Senior Matthew Palmer. Matthew, who is from Jamaica, runs the sprints on the track team. He competes in the Sprints...110 hurdles, 4x100 and 4x400...and he majored in Economics. For hobbies, Matthew likes to listen to Reggae, Rap and Dancehall music. FIGHT ON, Matthew!

Seen at the SCene:

Women of Troy Soccer: Samantha Johnson, Claire Schloemer, Carly Butcher and Ashley Freyer came by to visit and were wished "Good Luck" in their upcoming Trojan Invitational this weekend.

Football Team: Christian Thomas, Scott Stephens, Derek Simmons. Brian Baucham (who laughed at his Salute to Troy picture), Kevin Greene (who saw his picture for the first time), Brandon Carswell, John Manoogian, Malcom Smith, Curtis McNeal, Brice Butler ( who, surprisingly, was not wearing a baseball cap), Abe Markowitz (who was unfortunately in a wheelchair), Kyle Negrette, James Boyd (who waved but didn't stop at the desk), and newly anointed place kicker Joe Houston (who was also the only player carrying a purple water bottle) all stopped by the desk to visit.

Women of Troy Golf: Current golfers Lizette Sala and Cyna Rodriquez came by to visit. Then, Trojan Candy was so happy to see an old friend, who is now a professional on the LPGA tour, Belen Mozo! Belen was one of the first golfers that Trojan Candy wrote about on her blog. Belen is just as pretty as ever!

Women of Troy Basketball: Stefanie Gilbreath told Trojan Candy that practice begins on October 3rd.

Men's Basketball: Marcus Simmons always comes to the desk with his shy smile.

Joey Hughes and Tony BurnettMen's Track and Field: Smiling Joey Hughes, who is everywhere!

USC Coaches:

Football: Monte Kiffin and Keary Colbert, who waved from upstairs. Trojan Candy called out to Coach Kennedy Pola. He came to the desk, but I was unable to interview him and take his picture. Next time!

Men's Volleyball: Bill Ferguson with a recruit and his family.

Women of Troy Soccer: Ali Khosroshahin

Women of Troy Rowing: Ligita Kaviere (who told me about a four-person concrete canoe in Kaprielian Hall that civil and mechanical engineering students built and raced!) and Marketa DeQuine

Heritage Hall Friends: Trainers Catherine Belme and Sergio Prieto, Lacrosse player Jessica Hsuen, photographer Dan Avila, and Helen's dad Albert Yan.

Heritage workers: Don Ludwig, Kathleen De Cristo, Teresa Verbeck and Lambert Bittenger who was on his way to a meeting.

Trojan Candy will be reporting from Minneapolis from Thursday , September 16, to Sunday, September 19. Beat the Golden Golphers!

September 4, 2010---About that Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas, NOT Honolulu!

Zac, Keisha Thomas, Dan Vance, Steffany, and ParkerTrojan Candy's sister Pat and her husband Dudley flew to Hawaii for the USC-Hawaii game.

My husband and I volunteered at Heritage on Thursday, September 2, and then drove to Las Vegas on Friday the 3rd. Why? We went to help our Trojan daughter Steffany and son-in-law Zac by babysitting Parker, our third grandson. Stef and Zac flew to Las Vegas to attend Stef's USC roommate's wedding. The bride, Keisha Thomas, is marrying Dan Vance. Both of them live in Keisha's hometown of Chicago. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Keisha!

September 2, 2010---The Women of Troy Rule Again

USC truckAs I walked out of the parking garage, I was ready to see the UCLA ambulance parked in front of Olin Engineering...but, happily, it was not there! In its place was a USC Football Equipment Truck! All is well on the USC campus!

The Heritage Hall Lobby was quiet since the football team is in Hawaii...but not for long. The Women of Troy ruled!

Four new friends, all of the female gender, came to the desk for the first time.

Mia BrunoThe first new friend was Women of Troy soccer outside back, Mia Bruno. Mia, who is a Freshman and undecided in her major, is from Palos Verdes. For hobbies, she likes to read nonfiction books and to go to the beach. Mia told Trojan Candy that both her parents are USC grads! Once a Trojan...Always a Trojan! FIGHT ON, Mia and her parents!

Jade NiemeyerThe second new friend was (former Bruin and now Trojan) Junior Jade Niemeyer. Jade is the smallest Track and Field Javelin and Hammer thrower in the U.S. She is a Film Major from North Kitsap High School in Poulsbo, WA. Her favorite thing to do is "Chitlaxfn!" She told Trojan Candy that it is to, "Chill out and relax with her friends." Keep chilling and FIGHT On, Jade!

Natasa Siljkovic

The third new friend was Sophomore Natasa Siljkovic. Natasa, who is from Serbia, is majoring in International Relations and is a middle blocker on the Women of Troy Volleyball team. She loves to read EVERYTHING! She also loves to be with friends and listen to American rock music. Her favorite rock groups are Metallic, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Simply Red. Natasa told Trojan Candy that she also loves "Ex Yu" (former Yugoslavia) rock music. This is 20 to 30 Yugoslavia bands that play music mainly from the 1980s and 1990s. Rock On and FIGHT ON, Natasa!

Christine OfieshThe fourth lady to come to the Heritage Desk for the first time, but who is already a good friend of Trojan Candy, was Christine Ofiesh. Christine, who was an Alpha Gamma Delta, graduated from USC in 1974 with a History degree in L.A.S. She was a teacher for a while (just like Trojan Candy was for 37 years!). We are both members of the Trojan Guild of L.A. and Town and Gown. Christine is very active in many USC organizations. She is in the Trojan League of Los Angeles, the Norris Auxiliary, the USC University Hospital Guild, the Alumni Board of Governors, the Board of the Trojan Marching Band, and the Committee! Phew! What a devoted, hard-working Trojan! FIGHT ON, Christine!

Marquis SimmonsOne football friend came by the desk to visit. Marquis Simmons gave Trojan Candy a big hug and then a kiss on the cheek! We took a picture together as we consoled one another since neither of us was in Honolulu with the team. Trojan Candy, because she had to be in Las Vegas over the Labor Day weekend and Marquis, who had an appendicitis operation on August 13th and is still recovering. He will return to the team on September 13th. Marquis told me that he really enjoys being around people and that he loves "old school music" from the 60's, especially Motown. (Trojan Candy was thinking that Big Band music is "old school music"! What a generation gap!) Marquis is the player who sang "Lean on Me" on the ESPN special with Pete Carroll. Get well soon and FIGHT ON, Marquis!

Seen at the SCene:

Women of Troy Soccer: Megan Ohai, Carly Butcher, and Alyssa Davila came by to visit.

Women of Troy Golf: Lizette Salas came to the desk with her usual big smile.

Women of Troy Rowing: Jana Vyhnankova came to the desk with her shy smile.

Women of Troy Water Polo: newly graduated goalie Tumua Anae waved "Hello."

Track and Field: Sean Cawley came to say "Hello."

Coaches: Women's Golf Andrea Gaston. She told Trojan Candy that their golf season starts next weekend in Texas. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Golf team! Women of Troy Rowing Assistant Coach Marketa DeQuine came by with a big smile. Track Coach Ron Allice walked through the lobby. Lastly, Men's Water Polo graduate assistant coach Pavol Valovic also walked by with a big smile and a big "Hello."

Heritage Hall Friends: Professor Bryce Nelson told Trojan Candy he would bring me some different potato chips. Then, "Skip" the fireman and one of Pat Haden's neighbors came by to get football posters and to visit for a while.

Howard Jones FieldAs Trojan Candy walked by Howard Jones Field (where the football team practices) on her way to the garage, I noticed that the field was being refurbished while the team was in Hawaii. Carry On Mighty Men of Troy to another Victory!