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Friday, October 29, 2010---Heritage Hall Pep Rally!

Spirit of TroyMore Spirit of TroyTrojan Candy attended the Friday "Jock" Rally that occurs before every home game. The Spirit of Troy came running en masse into Heritage Hall through the east doors. Some of the band members were dressed in Halloween costumes. The Winds performed from the balcony. The Song Girls did their routines to every piece and Dr. Bartner was...Dr. Bartner! So much excitement!

Then the entire football team and coaches entered Heritage Hall from the west doors. The team came in with so much energy and enthusiasm. Many of the players danced to the music. Trojan Candy got a special wink from Michael Morgan!

Football team
The Football team came from the west doors
Michael Morgan
Michael winked at me
Football team
The Football team enjoyed the revelry

John BaxterJurrell CaseyThis Friday Special Teams Coach John Baxter climbed the ladder to rally the team. Jurrell Casey (9/3/2009) was chosen to hold the Trojan sword during the playing of Conquest. What an honor!

When the rally ended, the players rushed quickly out the south doors to grab their gear and get in the two buses that will take them to the team hotel.


October 28, 2010---A True DUCK HUNTER!

Trojan Candy volunteered at Heritage Hall by herself this week since my husband Jim was out of town for a conference.

Eight new friends came to the desk today. Which new friend is the true DUCK HUNTER?

Erin YoderHaley BoysenThe first new friend to come to the desk was Sophomore Erin Yoder. Erin plays on the Women of Troy Volleyball team. She is from San Clemente and is majoring in Human Performance. Erin said that she loves to go to the beach (She IS from San Clemente!) and to play beach volleyball! FIGHT ON, Erin!

The second new friend has come by the desk with other soccer team members, but somehow Trojan Candy has missed her. That is, until now! Haley Boysen, who is from Moorpark, plays the center mid-field position. She is a Freshman and is undecided in her major. Haley said that she loves to go to the beach! (And she is not even from San Clemente!) Her favorite beach is Zuma Beach in Malibu. FIGHT ON, Haley!

Gabrielle GonzalezAnthony ArtukovichJunior Gabrielle Gonzalez, who works with the Men's Water Polo team downstairs, came to the desk for the first time. Gabrielle is majoring in Human Performance and Spanish. She is from Eagle Rock, and, like Erin and Haley, Gabrielle loves to go to the beach with friends. She also loves to workout. Gabrielle works downstairs and can workout downstairs! FIGHT ON. Gabrielle!

Almost a neighbor from Long Beach Wilson High School, Anthony Artukovich is a fifth year Senior who is majoring in Public Policy and Development with an emphasis in Real Estate Development. Anthony is a Driver on the Men's back-to-back Championship Water Polo team. He likes to surf, ski in winter and go to the beach! All water-related sports! (Does he know Erin and Haley?) Is he the True Duck Hunter? NO! FIGHT ON, Anthony.

Craig McMahonCody Romness, Hayes Pullard, and Brian BauchamThe fifth new friend is Craig McMahon, a Freshman football place kicker from Bakersfield. Craig is undecided in his major. For his hobbies, Craig told Trojan Candy that he likes to fish and to HUNT! When I asked him what he likes to hunt, Craig said, "Doves and DUCKS!" Craig is my true DUCK HUNTER! (Oregon Ducks, get it?) FIGHT ON, Craig!

Junior Safety Cody Romness is Trojan Candy's sixth new friend. Cody, who is from Palm Desert, is majoring in Business with an emphasis in Music Industry. Cody's hobbies are music, surfing and snowboarding. Cody came to the desk with friends Cornerback Brian Baucham and Linebacker Hayes Pullard. FIGHT ON, Cody!

Christine OvanesianStudent Athletic Trainer Christine Ovanesian is a Junior majoring in Kinesiology. Christine came upstairs to the desk because her (and my) friend Sergio Prieto asked her to get a snack for him. Naturally, Christine took one for herself too! She is from Glendale and her hobbies are playing basketball, hanging out with friends and shopping. FIGHT ON, Christine!

Blake ShawThe eighth new friend, who came to the desk momemtarily after Christine, is fellow Houstonian (Cypress Falls) Blake Shaw. Christine and Blake knew one another. Blake is a Junior majoring in Business Marketing and is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha. He competes in the 800 meter and 1500 meter on the USC Track Team. Blake says his hobbies are running and music. He has sung in a choir since he was in the 5th grade. Blake said that he loves to sing! Perhaps one day, Trojan Candy can hear him sing. FIGHT ON, Blake!

All throughout the day there was a crew from ESPNU that was taping "Road Trip." They interviewed Matt Barkley and taped all around Heritage Hall. ESPNU is in the house!

Seen at the SCene:

Women of Troy Rowers: Magda Janicka, Carin Andersson, Kate McFetridge and Anna Janicka came by the desk to visit. The ladies will be participating in "Row of America" this weekend.

Mia Bruno, Haley Boysen, and Anne TurnerWomen of Troy Soccer: Trojan Candy congratulated every team member for defeating the Bruins on Friday, October 22. Anne Turner, Samantha Johnson, Lainie Ransom, Mia Bruno and Brittany Kerridge were all smiles!

Women of Troy Water Polo: Goalie Tumua Anae came to the desk with a big smile. She told Trojan Candy that she has one more semester before she graduates.

Track: Jade Niemeyer, Judith Onyepunuka and Nate Anderson all came to say "Hello."

Men's Basketball: Marcus Simmons showed Trojan Candy his new tooth.

Women's Basketball: Stefanie Gilbreath said that she was going to check out Coach Cooper's new L.A. Laker's championship ring.


Football: Monte Kiffin, Kennedy Pola who said "Hello" from the balcony, Keary Colbert and Lane Kiffin who was being interviewed by L.A. Times reporter Gary Klein.

Men's Water Polo: Assistant Coach Pavol Valovic walked by with a smile.

Heritage Friends: Tour guides Chris Cheng (the Prez) and Charles brought tours into the lobby. Lambert, Jill Dennis and Markisha Lee came to visit.

Last, but not least, thirty three football friends came to the desk.

Marc Tyler and Chris HaleMarshall Jones, Butch Lewis, Hebron Fangupo, and Marc Tyler (who met USC football alum Chris Hale). The last two spoke for several minutes. Chris told Marc that he had worked out with Marc's dad, Wendell Tyler, at Mr. Sac. Joe Houston had two stitches on his right thumb. How can a place kicker injure his thumb? Kyle Negrette sported a new mustache. Anthony Brown showed Trojan Candy his tattoos. One of them was a tiger. It is his favorite tattoo because the tiger is always ready! Anthony also told me that his nickname is "Mighty Mouse." Tony Burnett, Malcolm Smith, Kris O'Dowd, Jawanza starling, Brice Butler, Nic Curry (Trojan Candy told both Brice and Nic that she was rooting for the S.F. Giants to win the World Series because USC baseball alum Barry Zito is a pitcher on the Giants team), John Manoogian, Christian Thomas, David Ausberry, Kevin Graf, Taylor Ashton, Brandon Carswell, Demetrius Wright, Jeff Serrano, Tyron Smith who assured Trojan Candy that he would play against the Ducks, Nickell Robey, Brian Baucham, Hayes Pullard, Tyler Grady, Allen Bradford, Zack Kusnir, Robert Woods, Hunter Simmons, Allen Noble, James Harbin, De'Von Flournoy, Torin Harris, and Abe Markowitz.

October 24, 2010---Basketball Salute to Troy

Trojan Candy was in Las Vegas the weekend of the 22nd for a family dinner, but my brother-in-law Dudley Poon and my good friend Hal Keimi took pictures for me. Thanks so much, guys!

Briana and Stefanie Gilbreath
Briana (6/25/2009) and Stefanie Gilbreath
Kevin O'Neill and Patti Poon
Coach O'Neill with my sister Patti
Nikola Vucevic
Our center Nik
Patti Poon, Venus Lee, and Dudley Poon
Patti Poon, Venus Lee, and Dudley Poon
Women's basketball team
Women's basketball team
Men's basketball team
Men's basketball team
Bill Sharman, Roberta and Kevin O'Neill, and Bob and Betty Boyd
Bill Sharman, Roberta and Coach O'Neill, and Bob and Betty Boyd
Trojan Dance Force
Some of the Trojan Dance Force

It looks like all Trojans, who were in attendance, had fun!

October 18, 2010---Trojan Candy Saves the "J"!

As my husband Jim and I were walking to Heritage Hall, we saw John Jackson walking toward us. Naturally, Trojan Candy spoke to him. John said, "Hi, Candy." I couldn't believe that he remembered my name! When I mentioned to John that my husband was going to Monday Morning Quarterback instead of myself today, John said that he thought that there was no MMQ today, but one next week. He got his bye weeks mixed up! Trojan Candy assured him that there was a MMQ today. Trojan Candy saves the "J"! (John Jackson, that is!)

After my husband Jim helped me set up, then he walked across campus to the Galen Center where MMQ is held each Monday after a game.

Wait a minute.... Why am I volunteering at Heritage Hall on Monday and not Thursday or Friday? I traded with the usual Monday volunteer friend Marianne Hunt, because I am going out of town for a family dinner. Wish me luck in Las Vegas!

Kajsa OlssonFour new friends came to the Heritage Desk. Freshman Kajsa Olsson, who is from Sweden, came to the U.S. in August. With a smile, she said that her parents are coming to visit her in two weeks! Kajsa, who is undecided in her major, is a Starboard on the Women of Troy Rowing Team. For hobbies, she likes to hang out with her friends, and she loves to ski. Kajsa said that there are better mountains and better snow in Norway, so she skis there! We're sure glad that she rows here! FIGHT ON, Kajsa!

Cristala Andrews A First for Trojan Candy! Assistant Women's Tennis Coach, West Nott, came by the desk for the first time, but I was not able to take his picture. He said that he had a commitment, and he would be back. However, right in front of my eyes was Cristala Andrews, my first ever Women of Troy Tennis Team member! Senior Cristala, who is from Las Vegas, is a Politcal Science Major. Trojan Candy told her that we are going to Las Vegas on Thursday and asked if she had been home to Las Vegas since school started. Cristala said that she hadn't been home, but her mother just visited her last week. Cristala likes listening to music, going to concerts and watching comedy movies. She said that she came to USC because USC has the best combination of athletics and academics! In other words, USC is awesome! (I'll second that!) FIGHT ON, Cristala!

Martin Jauregui The third new friend was graduate student Martin Jaurequi. Martin, who is a working toward a Ph.D in the Rossier School of Education, works as a learning specialist who tutors athletes in the Heritage Hall basement. Martin's wife is also a USC graduate student earning her Master's Degree in the MFT program. As you can imagine, Martin and I had a lengthy discussion about several learning topics, since yours truly is a retired teacher! Martin said that he enjoys working in athletics because of the personalities and the success that he sees academically. When he has time from his busy schedule Martin enjoys reading, watching TV and eating all sorts of foods. FIGHT ON, Martin!

Diane Stepheson The last new friend was introduced to Trojan Candy by her good friend Samson Chu. Samson had come over to Heritage to visit after MMQ, Diane Stepheson is the mother of men's basketball player Alex Stepheson. Unfortunately, Diane was at the desk at the same time that there were MANY football friends and Trojan Candy couldn't interview her! I will interview her soon via telephone!

Seen at the SCene:

Heritage Hall Friends: Plumber Jesus Cande, Lambert, Ron Orr, Tim Tessalone, Professor Bryce, Kathleen, and Max Caudle who told me that he is recovering from surgery (no wonder Trojan Candy has not seen him for several months), Kyle Ernsberger. Sergio Prieto and Lin and Rob McDermott (who will be returning to Salem, MA on Tuesday) stopped by.

Women's Soccer: Carly Butcher, Samantha Johnson and Megan Ohai came by to visit.

Women's Rowing: Iskra Angelova, Allison Dorr and Haley Boysen came to the desk.

Track: Alitta Boyd, Elan Hilaire (who told Trojan Candy that she is rehabbing and may need surgery), Ahmad Rashed, and Brendan Ames all came to visit.

Women's Volleyball: With a big smile on her face, Geena Urango came to say "Hello."

Men's Water Polo: Peter Kurzeka told Trojan Candy that he saw his picture (by the bulletin board when he was chosen Pac-Ten Player of the Week) on my blog.


Soccer: Ali Khosroshahin

Women's Rowing: Ligita Kaviere and Marketa DeQuine come to the desk every week.

Football: Lenny Vandermade, Keary Colbert, Ed Orgeron who is still walking on crutches and Monte Kiffin either came by the desk or waved from upstairs.

Football Players: At least 37 players came by the Heritage desk today! Some came in the morning and others came just before their 2:00 pm meeting. Some players rushed the desk all at one time and Trojan Candy was not able to identify all of them. Phew! Here is the list! Curtis McNeal, James Boyd, Brandon Carswell, Jurrell Casey, John Martinez (who told Trojan Candy that he got to play for the first time in the Cal game), Joe Houston (who told me that 25 players visited Children's Hospital this morning), Boomer Roepke, Dillon Baxter ( who said that he sprained his toes, but that he will be better), De'Von Flournoy, Derek Simmons, David Ausberry (whom Trojan Candy congratulated on his great game against Cal), George Uko, Kevin Graf, Frankie Telfort (whom Trojan Candy needs to interview!), Jawanza starling, Kristofer O'Dowd, Tyron Smith, Nick Perry, Allen Bradford, Torin Harris, Brian Baucham, Marc Tyler, Dion Bailey, Tony Burnett, Nickell Robey (they came one right after another, but there was no banter today), T.J. McDonald, Markeith Ambles, Robert Woods (whom Trojan Candy congratulated on another great game!), Zack Kusnir, Michael Morgan (who is one of the few players that likes pretzels!), Christian Thomas, Da'John Harris ( whom Sam, my husband Jim and I all complimented him for his interception in the Cal game!), and Christian Tupou.

Trojan Candy and Jesse ScrogginsOne of the last football players to visit the desk was Quarterback Jesse Scroggins. Trojan Candy was able to finish his interview from last week. Jesse is a Freshman whose major is undecided. When I asked about any hobbies, Jesse said that he had none. Then he said that he likes to watch other Pac-10 football games on television with his teammates. When Trojan Candy took a picture with Jesse, I told him that he looks taller standing next to him than when I see him from behind the desk. At the instant that my husband Jim took the picture, Jesse was standing tippy-toe next to me to make himself even taller! What a teaser! FIGHT ON, Jesse!

What was half of the USC Football team doing in the Heritage Hall Lobby on a Monday of a bye week? Visiting Trojan Candy!

Come back to visit when I volunteer next on Thursday, October 28th!

FIGHT ON, until then!

October 15, 2010---Inauguration Day and Heritage Hall too!

What a busy day! Trojan Candy and husband Jim attended the Inauguration of Dr. C.L. Max Nikias first, then we took our picnic lunch back to Heritage Hall. We never had time to eat our lunches because it was so busy!

There were several people standing around the information desk when we walked into Heritage Hall. They were from Arizona and were trying to get autographs. After we set up, some football players did come to the desk. Seven new friends came to the desk in a very short time.

Pat Haden with Trojan CandyThe first new friend was new Athletic Director Pat Haden. He personally took some of the children who were at the desk upstairs to look for Matt Barkley. Unfortunately, Matt was not around, so A.D. Haden took the children to meet Coach Lane Kiffin. When they returned, they were beaming because Coach Kiffin had autographed their footballs!

Two new football friends came to the desk.

William RojasRed-shirt Junior William Rojas walked up with a big smile on his face William, who is from Granada Hills, is majoring in Business Administration and plays Defensive Back. He attended Bishop Alemany High School, ASU and Moorpark J.C. William is the President of the Latino Business Student Association. His interest is in Real Estate. FIGHT ON, William!

Jesse ScrogginsThe second new football friend was Freshman Quarterback Jesse Scroggins. Jesse was in a hurry for the meeting, but Trojan Candy was able to take his picture. An interview will follow at a later date. FIGHT ON, until then, Jesse!

Rob and Lin McDermottTwo other autograph seekers with a jersey to sign were Lin and Rob McDermott from Salem, MA. Rob is an ardent USC fan. His children are named Troy (after Troy Polamalu), Todd (after Todd Marinovich), Curtis (after Curtis Conway) and Brandy (after a USC song girl)! Even Trojan Candy didn't name her three children after any USC namesakes! Rob's children sent him and his wife Lin to L.A. to visit our campus and to attend the Cal game. Enjoy your visit, Lin and Rob!

Waseem Samaan and Natasha MichelThe last new friends came to the desk just as we were packing up to leave. Natasha Michel is a USC graduate student attaining her Masters degree in Accounting. Her friend, Waseem Samaan, is also studying toward his Masters degree in Accounting. Waseem, who is from Michigan, is also a T.A. in Accounting. He interests are dance, fashion and traveling. FIGHT ON, Natasha! FIGHT ON, Waseem.

Seen at the SCene:

The visitors at the desk were able to get the autographs of several football friends. Football players were Derek Simmons, Jesse Scoggins, Patrick Hall, Joe Houston, Jawanza starling, Nickell Robey, Curtis McNeal, Chris Pousson, Michael Reardon, Tony Burnett, Brice Butler, Drew McAllister, and Randall Telfer.

Three coaches said "Hello." They were Coach Lane Kiffin, Coach Ed Orgeron and Coach Kevin O'Neill (Men's Basketball).

October 15, 2010---Inauguration Day

Inauguration bannerPresidential Party platformThe weather was cloudy, but the Inauguration of President C.L. Max Nikias shone brightly. Banners with a Latin motto "fas regna Trojae" on them were unfurled throughout Alumni Park. The procession of honored guests, that was filled with pomp and circumstance, took forty-five minutes. Students, Parents, Alumni, Volunteer Leaders, Staff, USC Hospitals, Delegates from Colleges and Universities, Delegates from Learned Societies, Academic Flag Bearers (representing each foreign student's home country), Faculty and the Presidential Party all marched from Bovard Auditorium to the platform in Alumni Park.

Flags of foreign studentsThe 126 foreign student flag bearers framed the audience. Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Edward P. Roski, Jr. was the Master of Ceremonies. Trojan Candy knew two of the speakers. I know Undergraduate Student Government President Chris Cheng and USC Alumni Association Board of Governors President Carol Fox. Both of them congratulated the new president in their speeches.

In his speech titled "The Destined Reign of Troy" (a loose translation of the Latin motto on the Inauguration banners), President Max Nikias wove a story of the destiny of USC to reign in many fields in this century. He stressed USC's interest in the Pacific Rim. I was impressed with his statement that "Uncertainty is the Beginning of Adventure." President Nikias' administration has started out tremendously and the "Adventure" begins! At the end of the ceremony, two gifts to USC were announced. Trustee Ming Hsieh announced his gift of 50 million dollars for nanomedical research to develop drugs and other therapies for cancer treatment. Needless to say, Trustee Hsieh's donation was greeted with breathless surprise from the attendees. Then, the Annenberg Foundation's gift of 50 million dollars, that will build a new 90,000-square foot building with studios and newsrooms for the digital age, was also announced. What a finale! FIGHT ON, USC Trustees!

Max and Niki NikiasUSC BandAfter the recession, everyone went to eat lunch in McCarthy Plaza and was serenaded by the USC Spirit of Troy.

FIGHT ON, President C.L. Max Nikias!!

October 9, 2010---The Stanford Weekend

Parker's partyParkerTrojan Candy, my husband Jim and my Stanford graduate son Greg went to Northern California to celebrate Parker's (my third grandson) 1st Birthday on Friday, October 8th. What a nice family dinner on his birthday and then, a "Spinner" Birthday party on Saturday! The party was so much fun, with plenty of food and so many toddlers running around.

Spirit of TroyStanford bandThen, after watching some of the Cal massacre of UCLA on television, it was off to the Stanford-USC game. Greg, my sister Pat, brother-in-law Dudley and I walked halfway around Stanford Stadium to see the USC-Stanford water polo match. Along the way we saw the Stanford Band (?) and the USC Band. FIGHT ON, Spirit of Troy!

Stanford water polo matchStanford Press BoxWe arrived in the 4th period of the water polo match and unfortunately my beloved Trojans were losing 5-2. The final score was 5-3. It was disappointing, but our men will beat Stanford again, when it counts!

On to the game. USC fans were sitting in both end zones. The sun on us was very hot. We must have brought Southern California weather with us, just like in Minnesota! Greg sat in the Stanford Press Box with a media pass, while the three of us sat on the second level right above the USC band and cheerleaders.

The game began!ScoreboardThe game started off perfectly. We stopped Stanford in three downs, and then we scored first! The scoring went back and forth the entire game. Trojan Candy really thought that we would win 35-34, but several factors gave the game to Stanford.

There's always next year!

October 7, 2010---Who's the Man!

So many football friends came by the desk today that Trojan Candy was almost wiped out of treats.

In addition, nine new friends did come by the Heritage desk and were interviewed by yours truly.

Adolfo CoronaVineta MocaAdolfo Corona came to the desk to see if he could get a Coach Kiffin poster. Unfortunately, those posters are long gone. After giving him my Trojan Candy card, I interviewed him. He is undeclared in his major but is leaning toward Engineering. Adolfo, who is from South Gate, plays the trumpet in the Trojan Marching Band. He also plays the guitar, drum and violin. What a musical talent! FIGHT ON, Adolfo!

The second new friend just came to the U.S. on August 25, 2010. Betcha can guess which USC sport she competes in! Yes! Women of Troy Rowing! Vineta Moca, who is a Freshman undecided in her major, is from Latvia. She loves music (all kinds, she told me) and traveling. FIGHT ON, Vineta!

Nic CurryBrittany KerridgeAn old friend, Senior Cornerback Nic Curry came to visit again! He also runs the 100 and 200 in track. Nic said his life is pretty much the same since Trojan Candy initially interviewed him on November 20, 2009. Nic likes to listen to R & B and Hip-Hop music. His new hobby is cooking! Nic says he now loves to watch the Food Network! Keep cooking and FIGHT ON, Nic!

My next new friend plays Center-Mid-fielder on the Women of Troy Soccer Team. Brittany Kerridge, who is from Golden, Colorado, is a Junior majoring in Accounting. She loves Romantic Comedy movies, shopping and going to the beach. Her favorite beaches are Manhattan Beach and Santa Monica. FIGHT ON, Brittany!

Andrew MorcosTorin HarrisHe came back! Trojan Candy didn't have time to interview him last week since I was leaving, so I asked him to come back this week. Andrew Morcos, the Physical Therapist for all the athletes in Heritage Hall, came to the desk with a smile! "Drew," as everyone calls him, went to UNLV as an undergrad and then attended the USC Physical Therapy Graduate School. He has worked in the Heritage Hall basement for three months, but he knows the names of all the athletes who work out in Heritage. Drew likes to research P.T. "stuff" and play basketball. FIGHT ON, Drew!

My sixth new friend was in a hurry, so Trojan Candy interviewed him quickly. Red-shirt Freshman Torin Harris is majoring in Public Policy, Management and Planning. He likes to listen to music, hang out with his friends, and go to the beach. Wonder if Torin know Brittany? FIGHT ON, Torin!

Demetrius WrightTrojan Candy's next new friend is Freshman Cornerback Demetrius Wright. Demetrius, who is from Corona, has many hobbies. He likes to play video games, especially NCAA 2011, "hang" with friends and listen to Trans Porter music. FIGHT ON, Demetrius!

John McKay Jr.The eighth new friend was John McKay, Jr. Trojan Candy actually missed him earlier when he walked by the desk so fast I couldn't stop him to take his picture. But, as he was returning to his office upstairs, I got him. My friend, Dan Avila, who was standing at the desk visiting, also helped to stop him for a visit. No interview, however. Trojan Candy told John that my husband and I were at the 1974 USC-Notre Dame game when USC was behind at the half 24-7, and then Anthony Davis ran the opening kick-off of the second half 100 yards for a T.D. Then the flood gates opened! USC's Pat Haden, John McKay, Jr. and the offense scored 48 unanswered points in one and a half quarters to win 55-24! All the Trojan fans stood and yelled the entire time. John smiled and said that 300,000 Trojans claim that they were there. Trojan Candy saved my ticket stub for a souvenir! FIGHT ON, John!

Jeff SerranoMy last new friend for the day was #99 football walk-on, Jeff Serrano. Jeff, who is from Walnut and who transferred from Mt. Sac, is a Business major. He plays many sports in addition to football...golf, basketball and soccer! Jeff said that he is a "Big Family Guy!" FIGHT ON, Jeff!

About the title...You will find out "Who's the Man" below.

Seen at the SCene:

Women's Soccer: Samantha Johnson, Haley Boysen and Mia Bruno all came by to visit.

Women's Basketball: for the third week in a row, fellow Texan Briana Gilbreath came to say "Hello." She said that her older sister Stefanie will be playing this season. A double threat!!

Marcus SimmonsMen's Basketball: Marcus Simmons and Nikola Vucevic came by to visit. Marcus told me he had a tooth knocked loose in practice and had it replaced at the USC Dental School. As you can see, they did a great job! FIGHT ON, Dental Students!

Heritage Friends: Sean Jordan came to get his favorite Ghirardelli dark chocolate, Professor Brice Nelson smiled and said "Hello," Dan Avila and SID Tim Tessalone. Tim walked by the desk while Joe Houston was at the desk and rubbed Joe's head. Smiling, Joe told Trojan Candy that Tim was his baseball coach in second grade and that he grew up with Tim's two sons. Talking about rubbing heads, football secretary Irene Puentes from upstairs came to the desk just after Tim rubbed Joe's head. Then she also rubbed his head! Joe just smiled both times!

Women's Golf: With a big smile on her face, Lizette Salas told us that she and the team set a school record -17 below par in the Edean Ihlanfeldt Invitational October 4-6. Unfortunately, we still lost by two strokes to Cal.

Rowing: Kate McFetridge, who was one of the first athletes that Trojan Candy interviewed, came to the desk with her beautiful smile.


Men's Basketball: Kevin O'Neill

Women's Soccer: Ali Khosroshahin and his dad

Rowing: Ligita Kaviere and Marketa DeQuine

Football: Monte Kiffin waved and said "Hello" from the upstairs balcony. Trojan Candy ran over to Kennedy Pola to catch him before he went upstairs. Coach Pola said that he had a meeting. Missed him again! Next time! Lenny Vandermade waved and said "Hello," and Sammy Knight came to get a treat just before the 2:15 p.m. meeting. Trojan Candy found out that Ed Orgeron was in the hospital with an infection. Hope he can coach in the Stanford game. FIGHT ON, Coach Orgeron!

Jordan CameronFootball: So many friends came by the desk, and there was a "big rush" right before the 2:15 meeting. Hebron Fangupo walked by, but Trojan Candy didn't interview him. Next time! Carrying a big water bottle, but not wearing his signature baseball cap, Brice Butler gave Trojan Candy a big hug. Joe Houston, Kevin Graf, T.J. Bryant, Shareece Wright who had his left thumb bandaged, Marshall Jones, Malcolm Smith who walked by, Tyler Grady, and Butch Lewis. Coming by together were Derek Simmons, Jurrell Casey and Tyron Smith. Michael Morgan, carrying a water bottle, gave me a big hug. Marquis Simmons had a bandage on his right hand. Chris Pousson, Christian Thomas, Marc Tyler. Da'John Harris, Allen Noble, Jawanza starling, Brandon Carswell, Dion Bailey, and Zack Heberer all came to the desk. (Phew!) Trojan Candy asked Jordan Cameron why he was growing out his Mohawk. Jordan said that his Mom hated it. (That's a good reason!) I also asked him how his sister Brynn and nephew Cole is doing. Jordan said that Cole is huge! (Another future Trojan!) Finally, Who's the Man! Tony Burnett came first to the Heritage Hall desk, then his "twin" Nickell Robey came to the desk just before the 2:15 p.m. meeting. Trojan Candy told Nickell that Tony had come to the desk earlier. Then, Nickell told me to tell Tony, "I'm the MAN!" How did Trojan Candy get stuck in the middle of this?

Joey HughesMen's and Women's Track: Bryshon Nellum "ran" by the Heritage desk before Trojan Candy could greet him. Jade Niemeyer came to visit and Trojan Candy noticed her "Beat UCLA" button on her backpack strap. (Jade transferred from UCLA last year! Once a Trojan...always a Trojan!) Jenna Puterbaugh and Elan Hilaire also came to visit. Then a familiar face walked up. Trojan Candy recognized him right away! Pole vaulter Brandon Estrada told me that he is now competing for Puerto Rico since his dad, Eric Estrada, is Puerto Rican. Brandon just placed second in the Central American Games. Congrats, Brandon! Last but not least...Joey Hughes. Joey came to the desk all dressed up in a suit. Needless to say, he sure looked suave! Joey rushed off to his "Athletes Pressing Beyond" meeting. This is a campus organization that Joey created to raise athletes' expectations. Each member dresses up from head to toe once a week on meeting days. Trojan Candy saw Joey again and took his picture as we were leaving Heritage Hall.

October 1, 2010---USC Twins and Parent's Weekend!!

It's Parent's Weekend on campus, and numerous USC parents came to Heritage Hall with their son or daughter. Trojan Candy spoke with several parents who came to the desk and some whom Trojan Candy beckoned to come to the desk. Parents came from Buffalo, Dallas, Chicago, Maryland, and from California: Los Gatos, San Diego, Huntington Beach, Santa Barbara, Long Beach and Anaheim Hills. So many new friends to meet!

Six new athletic friends came by the desk today.

George UkoThe first new friend was Freshman Defensive Tackle, George Uko. He stopped briefly at the desk and then walked toward the south doors. Trojan Candy ran after him and brought him back to the desk. Actually, George has been by the desk before, but I wasn't able to interview him, until today! George, who is from Don Lugo High School in Chino, is majoring in Communications. For hobbies George wrote that he likes to play video games and watch sports on television. He also said that he likes to play basketball. When Trojan Candy asked if he could play football and basketball at USC, George shook his head with a smile on his face as he said, "I'm too busy!" Thank goodness he is playing football at USC! FIGHT ON, George!

Holly PysellThe second new friend to come to the Heritage Hall desk was Freshman Holly Pysell. Holly asked Trojan Candy to guess which sport she competes in at USC. I was thinking either soccer or rowing. A 50-50 chance! Trojan Candy guessed correctly! She competes in rowing! Holly, who is from Tempe, Arizona, is majoring in Biology. For hobbies, she listed cooking, reading (when asked what kind, Holly teased...big ones!), and swimming. Maybe she can compete in two sports...rowing and swimming! Trojan Candy will mention that to Holly the next time she comes to the desk. FIGHT ON, Holly!

Eric StrangisThe young man came to the desk with a big smile. Eric Strangis, who is a Junior majoring in Sociology, is a walk-on basketball player this season. He transferred from Moorpark Junior College and is a volunteer at Homeboy Industries. His hobby is basketball! Eric told Trojan Candy that his grandfather Sam Nicholson, who was a Principal at Crescenta Valley High School, was a track letter winner in 1949, 1950 and 1951. Eric said that his grandfather volunteers with the track program now and works with the Trojan Force. Two generations of Trojans volunteering! Now Trojan Candy knows why Eric said, "I am living my dream here at USC!" (The feeling is mutual, Eric!) FIGHT ON, Sam! FIGHT ON, Eric!

Jeffrey RandallThe fourth new friend came up to the desk with his friend, a Washington Huskie fan. Jeffrey Randall, who works for Boeing now, was a Business Ed. Major, and he played football in 1970 with Lynn Swann! FIGHT ON, Jeffrey!

John MartinezSophomore Offensive Guard, John Martinez, came quietly to the desk. John is from Salt Lake City and is undeclared in his major. He has two hobbies...football and "hanging out." Trojan Candy asked if his parents are coming this weekend for Parent's Weekend. John said that his dad is coming. Then, with a big smile, John said that he "loves it here!" (The feeling is mutual, Eric and John!) FIGHT ON, John!

Zack KusnirThe last new friend came rushing up to the desk. Zack Kusnir, a red-shirt Junior from San Diego, plays Defensive End and is majoring in Business Administration. For his hobbies, Zack likes to lift weights and play video games. His favorite game is NCAA Madden. Describing himself, Zack said that he is a "pretty simple guy!" FIGHT ON, Zack!

Seen at the SCene:

Trojan Candy recognized the children immediately. Dr. Juliet DeCampos, her husband Keith Kundahl, and their children, Kourage and Diandra came back to visit. I wrote about them on their last visit from Pensacola on 10/31/2008. So nice to visit with old friends! FIGHT ON, Juliet and Family!

Football: It was quiet for a while; then, many friends came to the desk. Chris Poussin, Kyle Prather who told Trojan Candy that he is red-shirting because of an injury, Joe Houston with his signature smile, DaJohn Harris, Jordan Cameron who seems to be growing out his Mohawk, Kevin Greene, Nick Perry (who DID play in the Washington State game), Derek Simmons with his usual BIG smile, John Manoogian, Christian Thomas, Patrick Kim, Boomer Roepke, Malcolm Smith, Anthony Brown and Brice Butler (who always gives Trojan Candy a big hug!) all came to the desk or were spotted in the lobby. Allen Bradford came right before the 2:15 pm meeting in a rush with several teammates. Trojan Candy asked Allen why he had a large bandage on his right arm. He smiled and said that it was a "grass burn." Get well soon, Allen! Lastly, what about those USC TWINS! Cornerback Tony Burnett came to the desk and Trojan Candy thought that he was Cornerback Nickell Robey. I told Tony that we wanted two more interceptions against Washington. Tony just smiled. Then later, Nickell came to the desk. Trojan Candy told Nickell that Tony and he are TWINS! Promptly, Nickell announced, "I'm more handsome!" Then, Tony came back to the desk a few minutes later. Trojan Candy knew that it was Tony, not Nickell! Tony was carrying a bowling pin. I asked why, and he said the team was going bowling. I asked if the entire team was going bowling. Tony said that Coach Baxter told the Special Team players that they were going bowling this week. They are going to knock people over this week! Keep bowling and FIGHT ON, Special Teams!

Men's Basketball: Nikola Vucevic came by to visit twice at the desk.

Women's Basketball: Briana Gilbreath told Trojan Candy that basketball practice starts on Sunday, 10/10/10!

Rowing: Liene Stuberovska told Trojan Candy that she will be attending her first football game ever when USC plays Washington. Later, Anna Wierzbowska came to the desk and spoke for several minutes with Dan Avila getting advice about purchasing a camera.

Women's Track: Shana Woods came to the desk with her parents. Later, Lauren Chambers came to visit.

Heritage Friends: Teresa Verbeck, Ron Orr, Alpha and Professor Bryce Nelson.


Football: Monte Kiffin, Lane Kiffin walking with SID Tim Tessalone, Kennedy Pola (He has not come back to the desk yet for his interview...soon!), Ed Orgeron walking with crutches since his operation on Monday, September 27. (It's only been four days after his operation, and he is back to work already! What determination!)

Men's Volleyball: Coach Bill Ferguson, player Tony Ciarelli and three recruits toured the lobby.

Women's Golf: Coach Andrea Gaston told Trojan Candy that Victoria Alimonda (Class of 2009) from Brazil is getting married on October 16 and she will be attending the wedding. Congratulations, Victoria!

Women's Rowing: Marketa DeQuine.

Men's Water Polo: Pavol Valovic.

ESPN: Brock Huard hurried by the desk because he was late. Later, Kelly Smith and two ESPN cameramen walked into the lobby, but they went to the Coliseum to tape their segment.