August 2012 (3) Candygrams

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Friday, August 31, 2012---Heritage Hall First Pre-Game Rally

Spirit of TroySong GirlsThe Heritage Hall lobby started to fill up by 4:30 p.m. The Song Girls arrived first. Then the Spirit of Troy left the Locker Track Stadium, where they were practicing, to march into Heritage Hall. They went into formation around all of the trophies, leaving the middle of the rug open for the team. The band also encircled the second floor balcony.

With excitement swelling, the USC Football Team walked into Heritage Hall through the west doors in this YouTube video. Immediate pandemonium! Smiles, cheering, music, dancing and high-fives ensued.

Tee MartinWide Receivers Coach Tee Martin addressed the team first.

Song GirlsThen, the Song Girls danced amid the team. Can you see them?

When Conquest was played, Matt Barkley had the honor of holding the sword first in this YouTube video!

Unlike previous years when the team walked out the south doors, the team exited out of the west doors to the John McKay Center.

FIGHT ON, Mighty Men of Troy, to another VICTORY! Beat Hawaii!

August 30, 2012---A Heisman Trophy Winner in Heritage Hall!

It seemed strange to walk by the John McKay Center and not take any pictures of it.

Craig SlaughterThe lobby was empty when we walked into Heritage Hall. My husband Jim set up the bulletin board, and I unloaded our items. A couple walked up to the desk, and the gentleman looked familiar. I asked if he was a former USC athlete, and he said that he was. Craig Slaughter was a guard on the USC Men's Basketball Team. He majored in Broadcast Journalism and graduated in 1996. Craig is now a Real Estate Developer. He wrote that his hobbies are reading adventure and self-help books. Craig likes to swim and teach shooting techniques to kids (some of these kids might be future Trojans!). FIGHT ON, alumnus Craig!

Marcus AllenThe lobby was fairly quiet, and I just happened to look upstairs. Then I saw him walking towards the Administrative Offices. It was Marcus Allen! USC's Heisman Trophy winner in 1981! In just a few minutes, he walked into the lobby with Mark Jackson. As soon as the two men parted, I ran over to Marcus and asked if I could interview him. To my amazement, he agreed! First, I took his picture, but didn't have him pose by his Heisman Trophy (What a lost opportunity!). Then, we walked over to the desk. Drew McAllister, Marcus Allen, and Kyle NegreteMarcus wrote that he played in the NFL for sixteen years. Now he works for CBS Sports and at the Fox Sports Studio. As Marcus was writing, different visitors in the lobby asked him for pictures. Luckily, I was able to ask him to write down any hobbies that he has. Marcus wrote that he likes to play golf, go to movies and read. That was all that he could write...too many people came to meet him. Two football friends, Kyle Negrete and Drew McAllister, came over to speak with Marcus. I had my camera ready for the shot! Thank you, Marcus for the interview and pictures, and FIGHT ON!

Eve EttingerThe third new friend that came to the desk for the first time was a Women of Troy Sand Volleyball player. Eve Ettinger is a Sophomore majoring in Communications. She is from Santa Barbara. Eve wrote that she started playing sand volleyball when she was twelve years old. For hobbies, Eve wrote that she likes to play volleyball (the other type!) and run. She enjoys art. FIGHT ON, Eve!

The next four new friends came all at once to the Heritage Hall desk. In fact, several more USC Track and Field athletes came to the desk also for the first time...but I couldn't catch all of them. Coach Ron Allice had scheduled a meeting in the auditorium for the track team and walk-on try outs.

Jemal WilliamsThe fourth new friend, Jemal Williams, is a Sophomore majoring in International Relations. Jemal is from Santa Rosa, CA, and he competes in the Decathlon. He enjoys Parkour (which is a physical discipline of movement focused on overcoming obstacles) and Free Running. Jemal wrote that he likes music. It was so busy, Trojan Candy wasn't able to ask Jemal, what kind of music he likes. Next time! FIGHT ON, Jemal!

As I was taking Jemal's picture, my husband had the next three new friends write in my notebook one after another. Phew! I was running around, trying to remember who was who and in what order! I hope that I have everyone straight!

Shame MilehamNew friend number five is Shane Mileham. Shane is a Freshman from Portland, OR. He is majoring in Computer Science. Shane wants to walk-on and compete in the 1500m. Multi-talented, Shane plays the piano and sings, too! Good luck and FIGHT ON, Shane!

Tony MartinezTony Martinez wrote in my notebook next. Tony is a Senior majoring in Kinesiology. He runs the 5K, the 10K and the Steeplechase. Tony is from Wildomar, CA, and he likes to hike. Tony must love the outdoors! FIGHT ON, Tony!

Luke NiaMy seventh and final new friend today is Luke Nia. Luke wrote in my notebook and ran into the auditorium for the meeting. Tony had to go inside and send him out to take a picture. Luke, a Freshman, is undecided in his major. He, like Shane, wants to walk-on and compete on the track team. Luke's events are the long jump, the triple jump, the 100m and the 200m. He didn't write any interests or hobbies. Next time! Good luck and FIGHT ON, Luke!

Seen at the SCene:

Men's Golf: Ramsey Sahyoun

Women's Tennis: Alison Ramos

Women's Basketball: Ariya Crook

Coaches: Women's Tennis: Richard Gallien, Men's Volleyball: Bill Ferguson, Women's Rowing: Ligita Kaviere, Soccer: Ali Khosroshahin, Track: Ron Allice

Doris ChenWomen's Golf: Doris Chen (Good Luck to the Women of Troy Golf next week in South Carolina!)

Sand Volleyball: Kendall Bateman

Soccer: Anne Freyer, Jessica Musmanno, Mia Bruno, Elizabeth Eddy, Heather Davis, Erica Vangsness

Anna JanickaRowing: Anna Janicka (Congrats on you new job with Fox Sports Net!)

Track: Kristopher Washington, Jade Niemeyer, Ross McDonald, Bryshon Nellum, Allen Williams, Terence Abram

Josh Shaw with Victor Gutierrez and his grandsonsHeritage Hall Friends: Ron Orr, Julian Bonse, Greg Millward, Donna Heinel, Karen Bowman, Isaac Flores, Dr. Bryce Nelson, Mark Jackson, Dino Dennis, Barbara Hedges, Fed-Ex Dave, Steve Lopes, Stevie, Bhupinder Singh, Victor Gutierrez and grandsons, Jill Dennis, Kevin Brooks, Paul Goldberg, Jennifer Noriega, I.T. David, Tim Tessalone, Darcy Couch, Emily Barth, Alex Rios

Zach BannerFootball: Junior Pomee, Matt Barkley, Drew McAllister, Kyle Negrete (who did a fantastic interview on ESPN 710 radio this afternoon!), Christian Heywood, Josh Shaw, Anthony Brown (who is now healthy and starting!), Marcus Martin, Hayes Pullard, Xavier Grimble, John Katnik, Zach Banner (who brought his girlfriend Jasmyn and friend Isiah to the desk for Trojan Candy to meet. I'm flattered, Zach! Thanks!), Morgan Breslin (whom Trojan Candy visited with in the middle of the street as we were walking to our car.)

August 28, 2012---Women of Troy Volleyball

The Galen Center was full of excitement for the Women of Troy Volleyball Team exhibition match against the Jiangsu Team from China.

There were several Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball and Track team members in the stands to support their fellow athletes. Naturally, the Spirit of Troy was there!

Thaddesia Southall, Ashley Corral, Desiree' Bradley, and Ariya Crook
Before the match began, Trojan Candy saw four familiar faces. They were Thaddesia Southall (2/3/2012), alumna Ashley Corral (who said that she plans to play basketball overseas), Desiree' Bradley, and Ariya Crook.
Dominique Scott
As soon I took the picture of the four friends, another Women's Basketball player, Dominique Scott, came through the tunnel. She posed with a smile.
Jiangsu Women's Volleyball team
The Jiangsu Women's Volleyball team was introduced.
USC Women's Volleyball team
The USC Women's Volleyball team was introduced, and gifts were exchanged at midcourt.
USC Women's Volleyball team huddle
The Women of Troy huddled before the match started.
Third set
The match began. Jiangsu won the first set. USC won the second set. Then, Jiangsu won the third set.

Allen Williams, Kiki Alofaituli, Deanna Calhoun, Jordan Adams, and Alexyz VaioletamaDuring the break after the third set, my sister Pat and I walked to the other side of the Center to visit some friends. As we were walking, Trojan Candy saw three familiar faces in the stands that I just saw at the soccer match. They were sitting in the stands with friends. Kiki Alofaituli, Deanna Calhoun, Jordan Adams (freshman guard), and Alexyz Vaioletama posed for a picture. Track team member Allen Williams joined in the picture.

Cassie Harberts, Desiree' Bradley, and James BlasczykGood sportsmanship handshakesAs Pat and I rounded the next corner, men's basketball player James Blasczyk waved and smiled at us. Sitting by him in courtside seats were women basketball players Cassie Harberts and Desiree' Bradlley.

Unfortunately, the more experienced Jiangsu Team won the fourth game to win the match.

Our Women of Troy Volleyball Team will FIGHT ON for the rest of the season.

August 26, 2012---Women of Troy Soccer

It was a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon. My husband Jim and I arrived at the Women of Troy Soccer stadium, McAlister Field, and saw the new bleacher section that was added behind the west goal. The original stands on the north side were filled.

During the game, Trojan Candy got to visit with some friends. Caroline Trawick, a Women of Troy Rower alumna, works for USC now, and she manned the Trojan Fever booth.

Lindsey MundayAs we looked for seats, I saw Women of Troy Lacrosse Head Coach Lindsey Munday. She is excited about her upcoming season and with all the recruits enrolling. We also spoke about her summer with the USA National Lacrosse Team. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Lacrosse!

Alexyz Vaioletama, Kiki Alofaituli, and Deanna CalhounThree Women of Troy Basketball players walked by where we were sitting in the stands. We exchanged hugs and visited for a while. Alexyz Vaioletama, Kiki Alofaituli and Deanna Calhoun all said they enjoyed their summer. They said that the team just had a "cooking" event as a bonding experience. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Basketball!

Samantha Johnson and Jeanette Jimenez
Jeanette Jimenez dribbling the ball as Samantha Johnson tries to get into position.
Soccer team huddle
Soccer team had a quick huddle.

Unfortunately, our Women of Troy Soccer Team lost to Minnesota 4-1. However, we will FIGHT ON for the rest of the season!

After the game, friend Eloy Lopez stayed to visit for a short time. Eloy manages the tweets and blogs for the Women of Troy Soccer Team.