March 2013 (2) Candygrams

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Saturday, March 23, 2013---USC Alumni Day of SCervice

Trojan Candy volunteered for the "USC Alumni Day of SCervice" in Town and Gown. We made necklaces for cancer patients at the USC Norris Hospital. On the way back to my car, I peeked in at the Trojan Invitational in Loker Stadium.

Standing among several famous USC Track Alumni names on plaques, I saw two friends.

Felix Sanchez and Allyson Felix
London Olympians
Quincy Watts, Balazs Kiss, and Inger Miller
Bob Seagren, Randy Williams and Don Quarrie

CoCo Ndipagbor and Jessica DavisCoCo Ndipagbor and Jessica Davis smiled when I called out to them.

Trojan Candy will attend the USC-UCLA Track Meet at Loker Stadium on Saturday, April 27th. Naturally, I will take lots of pictures!

FIGHT ON, USC Track and Field!

March 16, 2013---Women of Troy Sand Volleyball vs. UCLA Bruins

Another gloriously sunny day at the Merle Norman Stadium. Our Women of Troy Sand Volleyball Team played the Lady Bruins.

There was much excitement and anticipation in the stadium. Before the match began, some members of the USC Men's Volleyball Team passed out free pizza.

Robert Feathers
Robert Feathers (11/9/12) passed out several boxes. Yummmm!

During the match, an "old" friend sat down in the row below where I was sitting. It was so nice to visit with London Olympics Silver Medalist Marathon swimmer and USC Senior, Haley Anderson (6/12/12). Trojan Candy congratulated her on her dual NCAA victory in the 500 yard and 1650 yard freestyle events. Haley is the first Trojan to win the 1650 yard race! I asked her if she will try to swim in the 2016 Olympics. She said that she will go for it. FIGHT ON, Haley!

Haley Anderson
Haley Anderson
Brooke Fournier and Natasa Siljkovic
Brooke Fournier and Natasa Siljkovic won the first match against UCLA in two sets.
Alexa Stonish and Sydney Seau
Alexa Stonish and Sydney Seau won their match against the Bruins.
Sydney and Hunter Tiaina Seau
Trojan Candy was able to visit with my Friend Sydney after her match. She introduced me to her younger brother, Hunter Tiaina. Another future Trojan!
Katie Fuller and partner
Katie Fuller celebrates with her partner their win over the Bruins!
Kirby Burnham and Stevi Robinson
Kirby Burnham and Stevi Robinson beat the Bruins in two sets.
Eve Ettinger and Bria Russ
Eve Ettinger and Bria Russ complete a 5-0 sweep over the Bruins!
Celebration huddle
Celebration huddle

There is nothing better than sweeping the Bruins!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Sand Volleyball Team!

March 15, 2013---Women of Troy Tennis vs. Colorado

Our Women of Troy Tennis Team is undefeated in Pac-12 Match Play so far! We played Colorado today on another beautiful, sunny day.

Women of Troy
The Women of Troy team stood at attention as the Star Spangled Banner was played.
Zoe Scandalis and Gabriela DeSimone
Zoe Scandalis and Gabriela DeSimone high-fived (low-fived?) to begin their match.
Danielle Lao and Giuliana Olmos
Danielle Lao and Giuliana Olmos were ready to play.
Kaitlyn Christian and Valeria Pulido
As the doubles point was already won, Kaitlyn Christian and Valeria Pulido were ahead 4-3 when their match was suspended.
Team huddle
Already ahead 1-0, the ladies huddled before the Singles Matches began.
Jackie Owens
Before the Singles matches, Trojan Candy visited with friend and Women of Troy Tennis Team Member, Jackie Owens.
Kaitlyn Christian
Kaitlyn Christian was the first Singles winner on court 5.
Giuliana Olmos
Giuliana Olmos was the second to win on court 3.
Zoe Scandalis
Zoe Scandalis clinched the match with a win on court 2.
Danielle Lao
Danielle Lao won next on court 1.
Ellie Yates
Ellie Yates, who played instead of Valeria Pulido and won her match next, shook hands with her opponent.
Gabriella DeSimone
Gabriella DeSimone closed the match with a win.
Tatyana Obukhova
During the singles matches, Trojan Candy visited with Friend Tatyana Obukhova, the Women's Tennis Strength Coach. She is a former USC Long and Triple Jumper who helped the Women of Troy win the 2001 NCAA Championship.
Winners jog
Our Women of Troy defeated Colorado 7-0! They celebrated with a Winners Jog.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Tennis to another VICTORY!

March 14, 2013---The Trojan Guild and the FIDM

Trojan Candy joined my fellow Trojan Guild members on a tour of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in downtown Los Angeles.

Statue at the entrance of FIDM
Lobby of FIDM

We met on the patio of the FIDM. I was able to take two group pictures of most of the ladies.

Costume Exhibit

We were able to tour first the 2013 Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit.

The costumes were fascinating! Some of the designers were nominated for this year's Academy Awards. Such creativity! No photographs were allowed otherwise I would have posted them.

El CholoNext, we were able to tour the school. Classes were in session. During the tour, it occurred to Trojan Candy that USC offers many of the same majors as FIDM. A few of the FIDM majors are Interior Design, Fashion Design, Film and TV Costume Design, Graphic Design, Jewelry Design, Textile Design and Merchandise Marketing.

After our tour, all of us went to lunch at the nearby El Cholo Restaurant. As usual, the food was delicious!

D'arcy McLeod and Ann PalmerD'arcy McLeod and Ann Palmer, who planned the Special Event, did an outstanding job!

CLICK HERE TO SEE AN ALBUM of more of Trojan Candy's pictures of my fellow Trojan Guild members.

FIGHT ON, Trojan Guild!

March 10, 2013---Inaugural Women of Troy Sand Volleyball Game

Trojan Candy and my husband Jim rushed into the parking lot near the new Merle Norman Stadium. There was a line already. The first 200 fans to enter the stadium for the match against Loyola Marymount were given a Women of Troy beach towel. We both got one! They're beautiful!

Lindsey Munday and Devon WillsAs we looked for a place to sit in the bleachers, I saw two familiar faces. Lacrosse Coaches Lindsey Munday and Devon Wills waved hello. Naturally, I took their picture. It was such a bright beautiful day.

There are three courts now with two more courts to be built. The match is played in two rounds. First, two sets are played on courts 1 and 2 while an exhibition set is played on court 3. Then, three more sets are played in the second round. Non-stop action!

The Spirit of Troy came to support our women!

Sand volleyball courts
Spirit of Troy
Caleb and Mia Heinel
Near court 2, Trojan Candy saw friend Donna Heinel with her adorable children, Caleb and Mia. Two more future Trojans!
Brooke Fournier and Natasa Siljkovic
In the first round, Brooke Fournier and Natasa Siljkovic (#4) partnered on court 1.
Natasa Siljkovic and Brooke Fournier
Natasa makes a kill! Natasa and Brooke won SC's first match.
Sam Hirschmann and Sydney Seau
Sam Hirschmann paired with Sydney Seau on court 2. They lost two close sets.
Kati Duddridge and Erica Fuller
In the non-scoring match, Kati Duddridge paired with Erica Fuller (#2) on court 3.
Katie Fuller and Stevi Robinson
In the second round, Katie Fuller and Stevi Robinson played on court 2.

Frank and Kay TaylorDuring the second round, as Jim and I watched Katie Fuller and Stevi Robinson play on court 2, Trojan Candy met a new friend. He is a USC Men's Volleyball Alumnus Frank Taylor. Frank played volleyball at USC in 1971-1974, and he majored in Business. Back then, all games were played in the old North Gym. He went on to earn his MBA from USC in 1975. Frank said that he met his wife Kay at an event on campus. Kay was sitting next to Frank in the stands. Another new friend! Kay also majored in Business and graduated in 1975. Frank works at a Life Insurance Agency, and he still plays volleyball at the Santa Monica Beach Club every week. Kay and Frank were watching their daughter Anne Marie Taylor, who attends Loyola Marymount, compete against Katie and Stevi. Katie and Stevi won SC's second match in a hard fought set. It was nice to see my Trojans win, and Trojan Candy also enjoyed meeting two new alumni friends. FIGHT ON, Kay! FIGHT ON, Frank!

Eve Ettinger and Alexa StonishBria Russ and Kirby BurnhamEve Ettinger partnered with Alexa Stonish on court 3 to win SC's third match. The last pairing was Bria Russ and Kirby Burnham on court 2 who won SC's fourth match.

So our Women of Troy won their first ever Sand Volleyball match against Loyola Marymount 4-1!

FIGHT On, Women's Sand Volleyball Team!

March 9, 2013---Women of Troy Water Polo versus ASU

Uytengsu Aquatics Center
Because of the construction at the Uytengsu Aquatics Center, all spectators of the Women of Troy Water Polo games sat upstairs. It was definitely a sunny day.
Both teams warming up
Both teams warmed up before the game.
Our team
For the introductions, our team was on the pool side nearer the fans.
Women of Troy
Women of Troy
Women of Troy

ASU attacked well at first. Our women fell behind 3-1 early.

Team huddle
Coach Vavic called timeout for a team huddle for strategy.
Women of Troy
Our team played tougher defense.
Woman of Troy
We won three out of the four sprints.

Finally, we went ahead 4-3 midway through the second quarter with our good defense.

Woman of Troy
Woman of Troy

Once ahead, we never relinquished our lead. Our women won 11-7! There were the team handshakes.

Women of Troy
Women of Troy
Women of Troy
Women of Troy

Congratulations on a hard fought VICTORY! FIGHT ON, USC Women's Water Polo!