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Thursday, March 31, 2011---Women's Water Polo Rules!

McKay CenterEvery week the John McKay Center construction shows progress. The trenches are deeper and a wall is being built. Check out the progress next week.

As soon as we set up at the Heritage Hall desk, they came! Five new friends all at once! Five Women of Troy Water Polo players came to the desk at the same time! Phew! Trojan Candy took their pictures quickly, one after another. To be on the safe side, I wrote down their outfits so that I could identify them.

Sarah Van NormanSenior Sarah Van Norman, a center on the women's water polo team, is from San Diego. She majored in Sociology. Sarah thought about a hobby, then she said that she likes to "hang-out" with friends. FIGHT ON, Sarah!

Nicolina McCallOne of the friends that Sarah likes to "hang-out" with came to the desk with her. Nicolina McCall is a Sophomore water polo teammate of Sarah's. She is from Newport Beach and is undecided in her major. Sarah is a third generation Trojan! Her grandfather and father both attended USC! Her hobbies are eating and "hanging-out" with Sarah. FIGHT ON, Nicolina!

Nadia DanThe next three new friends came to the desk for the first time one minute after Sarah and Nicolina came. Nadia Dan, who is from La Canada, is a Junior Driver on the Women of Troy Water Polo Team. Nadia is majoring in Business Administration. She also said that she likes to "hang-out" with her teammates. No wonder the five of them came to the desk together! FIGHT ON, Nadia!

Kara-Leigh HuseJunior Kara-Leigh Huse plays the Two Meter position. She is majoring in Fine Arts. Kara, who is from Pasadena didn't write any of her hobbies in Trojan Candy's notebook. I'll get them the next time she comes to visit at the desk. While I was taking her picture, her teammates teased her about being called "Grandma!" That's a story for another time! FIGHT ON, Kara!

Flora BolonyaiThe last new water polo friend was Freshman Flora Bolonyai. She is undecided in her major. Flora, who is from Budapest, Hungary, plays the goalie position on the team. Her hobby is reading. Trojan Candy will find out what kinds of books that she likes the next time she comes to the desk. FIGHT ON, Flora!

Ryan CobbsThere were many "prospective" student tours coming into the Heritage lobby all day. One of the tour guides came to the desk for the first time. Ryan Cobbs is a Sophomore from Chicago, Illinois. He is an Accounting major, whose hobby is walking backwards! "Land Before Time II" is his favorite movie. Ryan said that he likes Akon, who is a Hip-Hop musician. Amazingly, Ryan saw Akon at LAX and was able to get his autograph. FIGHT ON, Ryan!

Hervey Malone IIThe tall young man walked up to the desk to get a poster for his office. Hervey Malone II told us that he is a new employee at USC and that he works at the Admissions Contact Center as a Student Services Advisor. He is a former collegiate student-athlete, who played basketball guard at Cal Poly Pomona. His team went to the Division II Elite Eight twice in 2003 and 2005! Hervey earned his B.S. at Cal Poly in Business in 2006 and his M.S. in Counseling at Cal State Long Beach in 2010. Welcome to USC and FIGHT ON, Herve!

Josh ManceEighth new friend Josh Mance walked in the door with a big smile. Josh is a Freshman from Pomona, and he is undecided in his major. He runs the 400 m, the 200 m, and the 4x400 relay on the USC Track Team. Josh said that Joey Hughes, Bryshon Nellum, Reggie Wyatt and he essentially grew up together, even though they are older than him. They are comrades because they are all California State Champions! Better yet, they are all TROJANS! Josh likes music, animals, and films. He plays the guitar and likes hip-hop, rock, pop and classical music. FIGHT ON, Josh!

Katie Risbrough and Swathi PrasadAnother Helene came to visit Trojan Candy at the desk for the first time. Fellow Helene Swathi Prasad brought Katie Risbrough over to meet us when they brought a school tour to the Heritage lobby. Katie is a Sophomore majoring in Health and Humanity. She is from Mission Viejo and works in the USC Admission Office (Wonder if she knows Hervey?). In high school Katie competed in dance, and she studied ballet from age 3 to 16. So naturally, one of her hobbies is dance and the other is scrapbooking. Katie was a "Rosebud" (Helene pledge) in Spring 2010. FIGHT ON, Katie!

Kevin EllisonAs Trojan Candy walked outside to talk on my cell phone, I noticed a familiar face. He waved at me as I walked back inside the lobby. It was Kevin Ellison, who played Safety at USC in 2005-2208. He was also a Team Captain. Kevin majored in Economics and played in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers. Kevin said that he came to Heritage Hall with another former Trojan, Cary Harris. He and Cary are trying to organize a football camp. Good Luck and FIGHT ON, Cary and Kevin!

Tilman FalgoutThe 11th new friend to come to the desk for the first time was Sophomore Tilman Falgout. Tilman competes in the Hammer Throw on the track team. He is majoring in International Relations. His hobbies are playing the guitar and singing jazz and country-western music. "Country western?" I asked myself. "Can he be from the South?" Another clue was that Tilman was wearing a Texas Ranger's baseball cap. So I asked him where he was from. Tilman said that he was born in Houston, Texas! Just like yours truly! A fellow Houstonian!!! FIGHT ON, Tilman!

Augusto AlonsoThe last new friend to come to the desk was Augusto Alonso. Augusto is a Junior Linebacker on the football team. He is from Omaha, Nebraska, and is majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Augusto is an "Engineers Without Borders Project" Leader. FIGHT ON, Augusto!

Missing: A.D. Pat Haden took the 2004 BCS National Championship Trophy and Marcus Allen's 1981 Heisman Trophy to L.A. Live for an event. The lobby did look a little empty.

Seen at the SCene:

Dillon BaxterFootball: Spring practice is in action! Friends coming to the desk were Nick Perry, Simi Vehikite, Jawanza Starling (carrying a gallon bottle of water), George Uko, Dillon Baxter (walking through the lobby at least 4 times, being teased by my husband about living in Heritage Hall, showing us his tap shoes...Dillon dances on the field and off!) T.J. Bryant, Anthony Brown, Brandon Carswell, Curtis McNeal, Xavier Grimble, Chris Pousson, Matt Barkley (twice), Tyler Grady, Emon Saee, Marc Tyler (we told Marc to get well soon!), Wes Horton, Christian Thomas, Marshall Jones, Khalid Holmes, Christian Tupou, and Michael Morgan.

Soccer: Samantha Johnson and Haley Boysen

Coaches: Football: Sammy Knight (who likes the early practices), Ed Orgeron, Kennedy Pola, Lenny Vandermade and Monte Kiffin; Director of Golf: Kurt Schette; Women Soccer Coach Ari Khosroshahin's father

Men's Basketball: Nic Vucevic (twice) and Eric Strangis (he told Trojan Candy at the banquet that he would come to the desk...and he did!)

Heritage Friends: Isaac Flores, Dr. Bryce Nelson, Chris Cheung, Donna Heinel, Dr. John Petruska, Marcus Choy, David Scott (downstairs) and Craig Kelley

Women's Volleyball: Alex Jupiter (who is in rehab for 2 fractures in her back. Get better soon!)

Track and Field: Alitta Boyd, Elan Hilaire, Aaeron Payne, Tyler Grady, Shana Woods (who is in rehab. Get better soon, Shana), Caroline Lutzky, Terence Abram, Anniya Louis, and Jennifer Jones

March 29, 2011---Men's Basketball Banquet

Evan SmithNick Vucevic and Trojan CandyThe evening was upbeat! The guests mingled since many of them have attended USC men's basketball games for years. Evan Smith was the first player to arrive in the Founders Room. Minutes later the rest of the team entered together.

Trojan Candy asked her basketball friends to autograph a media guide for my son Greg. I approached Nick Vucevic first and congratulated him on being chosen an A.P. Honorable Mention All-American. Nick smiled his shy smile, as usual, and said that he had just found out this morning. Congratulations, Nick!

Marcus Simmons and Alex StephesonTrojan Candy made sure to get the autographs of the four Seniors. Alex Stepheson has plans for the NBA. He said that he will try-out for some teams, but he doesn't know which ones yet. Marcus Simmons said that he will visit us at Heritage Hall on this Thursday, 3/31. Trojan Candy will ask him what his plans are then. I thanked James Dunleavy for staying at USC throughout all the coaching changes. He smiled. Then, just before the dinner started, Trojan Candy found Donte Smith sitting at his table. Donte told me that after he graduates in May he is going to play basketball overseas. I told him that he will do well!

FIGHT ON, Nick, Alex, Marcus, James and Donte!

Trojan Candy and Maurice Jones
Trojan Candy with "MoJo" Maurice Jones
Donte Smith, Curtis Washington, Maurice Jones, Garrett Jackson, Jio Fontan, and Demetre Smith
Donte Smith, Curtis Washington, Maurice Jones, Garrett Jackson, Jio Fontan, and Demetre Smith

A.D. Pat Haden made his opening remarks, and then dinner was served. Dinner was scrumptious! There was a salad with crab cakes, steak with potatoes and vegetables and a chocolate lava cake a la mode for dessert. Pat Haden and Coach Kevin O'Neill visited each guest table. Trojan Candy told Coach O'Neill that our men should be proud of our NCAA appearance and that I hope that VCU wins the national championship. Coach smiled and said that they were a great team.

Right after dessert, a video produced by Adam Cohen of this successful season was shown. The loudest applause was the replay of our victory over the Bruins!

Adam Cohen and Trojan Candy
Trojan Candy with Adam Cohen
Kevin O'Neill
Then Coach Kevin O'Neill announced the Men's Basketball awards.

Sam Barry Award MVP: Nikola Vucevic

Bill Sharman Award for Top FT Percentage: Donte Smith

Dr. James Zumberge Award for Top GPA: Eric Strangis

John Rudometkin Award for 110% Effort: Marcus Simmons

Tom Kimmel Award for Top 6th Man: Maurice Jones

Ernie Holbrook Award for Most Inspirational: Jio Fontan

Forrest F. Twogood Award for Best Defensive Player: Marcus Simmons

The Harold Jones Award for Most Improved: Donte Smith

Bob Boyd Award for Top Rebounder: Nikola Vucevic

Ryan Francis Scholarship Award for Example of Being a Trojan: Alex Stepheson

Entire team
Entire Men's Basketball Team
Eric Strangis
Eric Strangis is still living his dream
Tony Fox
Tony Fox led the Spirit of Troy
Nick Vucevic
Nick Vucevic with his two Awards
MVP Award
Sam Barry MVP Award

Trojan Candy really enjoyed visiting with her friends.

FIGHT ON, Men's Basketball Team!

March 24, 2010---Spring Football Practice Has Begun!

McKay CenterMcKay CenterThe construction of the John McKay Center is progressing deeper. In the first picture you can see three trenches that are being dug and the sides are covered with plastic bags because of the rain. In the second picture you can see another trench leading to Heritage Hall.

Dan WeberWhen we reached the Heritage Hall desk, we saw someone working at the desk. He stood up and preferred to work at the end of the counter. My new friend was Dan Weber. He told us that he came late to Heritage Hall and there was no more working space in the SID Office. Trojan Candy is glad! I got to interview Dan! Dan is a beat writer/columnist for His wife of 23 years is L.A. Times sportswriter Diane Pucin. What a writing duo! Dan has an extensive resume, all in the sport's world. He is a former Covington Catholic H.S. football and baseball coach who also taught English and History. Next Dan was SID at Northern Kentucky University, where he started the (SID) program, and at his alma mater Xavier University. Then he began his writing career as a Sports Editor at the Kentucky Post, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bucks County Courier-Times in Philadelphia, the Post-Tribune in Chicago, the New Jersey Asbury Park Press and now works for the Riverside Press-Enterprise where he covers USC football and UCLA basketball. Phew! What a resume! All Trojan Candy has is her blog. My new friend can work at the desk any time! FIGHT ON, Dan!

Sean DennisWhile Dan worked at the desk, another new friend came up to the desk for the first time. Senior Sean Dennis competes on the #1 USC Men's Volleyball team. Sean, who is from Santa Monica, majored in Business and wants to be a Brand Manager. My Trojan daughter Steffany is a Senior Brand Manager at Ghirardelli in Northern California. When I told Sean about Steffany, he asked if he could email her for advice. That's fine since we Trojans stick together! For hobbies Sean wrote that he likes to hike, surf and do anything outdoors. FIGHT ON, Sean!

The next four new friends are USC football players. Two are current players and two are alums.

Martin ColemanTrojan Candy recognized his face from my football program. I asked if his name was Martin (even though I already knew that it was). With a big smile, he said, "Yes." Senior Martin Coleman is an offensive lineman on the team. He majored in American Studies and Ethnicity. Martin said that he is from Vaua'u, Tonga, and is excited that his parents will be coming to L.A. for his graduation in May. He said that he hasn't seen his parents and family in 7 years. Unbelievable! Martin's hobbies are drawing and playing the guitar. His drawings have been featured in the Louis Galen Artletics Exhibition. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Martin!

Markeith AmblesFreshman Markeith Ambles actually walked through the lobby a few times before I recognized his face. I think his hood obstructed my view. Markeith is a Freshman and is undecided in his major. He graduated from Henry County High School in McDonough, Georgia (another fellow Southerner!). When I asked if he played other sports in high school, Markeith said that he played baseball. My next question naturally was, "Will you also try to play baseball at USC?" Smiling, Markeith said that he has thought about trying out for the baseball team next year. For hobbies, he likes to play pool (another sport!) and "Call of Duty." Trojan Candy took two pictures of Markeith. One with his hood on and one without a hood. Markeith actually chose the picture with no hood to put in the blog! Good, everyone can see his face now! FIGHT ON, Markeith!

Lawrence JacksonThe next two new friends are USC football alumni. Trojan Candy ran after Lawrence Jackson just because I figured he had to be a football player since he was so big and tall! I was right. Lawrence, who is 6' 5", was in a hurry, but he did my interview. Lawrence, who is from Inglewood, played defensive end at USC in 2003-2007 and majored in Sociology. He now plays for the Detroit Lions. Lawrence told me that he lives in L.A. in the off season and that he was at Heritage Hall for rehabilitation (USC takes care of its own!). His hobby is photography and he specializes in long exposures at night. Trojan Candy would love to see some of his pictures! Get better and FIGHT ON, Lawrence!

Brandon HancockThe other new football alumnus came in the door swiftly with a big smile on his face. The smile is the same that Trojan Candy sees on ESPN and ABC television. Brandon Hancock, who played fullback at USC from 2002 to 2007, earned his M.A. in Business in 2006 and his M.A. in Communication in 2007. He was Phi Beta Kappa as an undergrad! What a student! Brandon said that his hobbies are yoga, listening to music and fitness. With another congenial smile, he told Trojan Candy that "He is SINGLE, but ready to MINGLE!" FIGHT ON, Brandon and say "Hello" to Rob Fukuzaki for me!

Seen at the SCene:

Men's Basketball: Maurice Jones and Nic Vucevic by his bicycle outside of Heritage. When Trojan Candy spoke with Nic about VCU, he said that they were a good team, and we got in foul trouble. Our men can hold their heads up high! Both VCU and USC belonged in the NCAA tournament. Before parting, Trojan Candy told Nic that we want him to stay at USC.

Women's Soccer: Samantha Johnson, Anne Turner, Hayley Boysen and Isabelle Johnson

Track: Joey Hughes, Loudia Laarman, Alitta Boyd, and Shana Woods

Reporters covering spring practice: Dan Weber, Dennis Dodd (CBS national writer), and Gary Klein

Coaches: Soccer: Ali Khosroshahin, Women's Tennis: Richard Gallien, Football: Ed Orgeron, Monte Kiffin, Lenny Vandermade and Lane Kiffin

Heritage Hall Friends: Joyce, Jordan Cohen, John McKay, Jr., Lonnie, Marcus Choy, Catherine Belme, and Dan Avila

Football: C.J. Gable (who gave Trojan Candy a hug at the track stadium, and we wished him good luck in the combine), Patrick Hall, Christian Tupou, Patrick Kim, Marshall Jones, Armond Armstead (who looked okay!), Simione Vehikite, Dillon Baxter (who told Trojan Candy since his girlfriend didn't answer, he has more time to talk with us, and he did!), Joe Houston (who hurt his foot. Get well soon, Joe!), Wes Horton, De'Von Flournoy, Da'John Harris, Matt Barkley, T.J. Bryant, Robert Woods (who smiled about having his two high school teammates come to USC with him, and he told me that he will not be able to run track), Tony Burnette (who told me that he tried to get Robert to join him on the track team), Brandon Carswell, Nick Perry, Curtis McNeal, Dion Bailey, James Harbin, Nickell Robey, and Derek Simmons.

March 11, 2011---Eight New Friends and an Aunt!

McKay CenterSome more progress has been made on the John McKay Center. The foundation hole is definitely getting deeper and deeper.

My husband's Aunt Emma visited us for five days. She lives in St. Louis but stopped over in Los Angeles on her way back from Thailand. Aunt Emma came to Heritage Hall to volunteer with us. Her main observance of all the athletes who stopped by the desk to visit was that "They all have such long legs!"

Eight new friends came to the Heritage Hall desk for the first time. Trojan Candy was busy interviewing these new friends one after another and sometimes at the same time!

Jessica HermanThe first new friend was Freshman Jessica Herman. She competes on the Women's Rowing team, and she is from San Diego. Naturally, she would like to be on the water! Jessica is majoring in Business. Her hobbies are going to movies, working out, shopping for clothes, going to the beach (natch!) and listening to country music. Her favorite artist is Jason Aldean. FIGHT ON, Jessica!

Ray SarmientoTrojan Candy thought that the second new friend was a golfer. No, he competes on the USC Tennis Team! Raymond Sarmiento, who is from Rancho Cucamonga, is a Freshman. He is undecided in his major. Raymond said that when he was a Freshman in high school, he lived at a tennis academy until the end of his Junior year. Raymond's hobbies are playing basketball, hanging out and watching movies. His favorite movie is "Wedding Crashers." Trojan Candy stopped by at 3:00 p.m. to see Raymond and the rest of the tennis team play Texas. Unfortunately, Raymond had to retire because of injury. Get well soon and FIGHT ON, Raymond!

Swathi PrasadThe third new friend came to the Heritage desk specifically to meet Trojan Candy (That's me!). Sophomore Swathi Prasad is from San Jose. She is a fellow USC Helene! I was in the Amazons/Helenes as an undergrad. We had a wonderful conversation about my experiences in 1967-1968 and her current experiences. Swathi is majoring in Neuroscience, Psychology and Law. She is Pre-Med. and hopes to study abroad in Scotland next year. Her hobbies are volunteering, shopping and hanging out around campus. Luckily, she "hung out" with Trojan Candy in Heritage! FIGHT ON, Swathi!

Michael WangThe fourth new friend came in with a tour being conducted by friend Charles Qian. Charles brought him to the desk to meet us. Sophomore Michael Wang is majoring in Political Science. He is from San Francisco. Michael is an intern tour guide, so we will see him often. For hobbies Michael likes to play video games, listen to music and watch television. His favorite video game is "Gears of War 2," favorite musician is Daft Punk, and favorite t.v. show is 24 (That was Pete Carroll's favorite show, too!). Until next time, FIGHT ON, Michael!

Heather RileyJunior Heather Riley was the fifth new friend to come to the desk. She competes on the Women of Troy rowing team. Heather, who is from Pasadena, is a Psychology major. Her hobbies are eating pasta, reading, listening to Britney Spears music, watching "Law and Order S.V.U." and rowing! FIGHT ON, Heather!

Amechi EgbeSenior Amechi Egbe, the sixth new friend, walked up to the desk quickly. With a smile, Amechi said that he was from New York City. Trojan Candy, noticing a slight accent, asked if he had lived somewhere else before Manhattan. Amechi said that he lived in Igbo, Nigeria, for a while. He told us that sprinters are from coastal West Nigeria and long distance runners are from mountainous Northeast Nigeria. Amechi is a 100 m and 200 m sprinter on the USC Track Team. He majored in Neuroscience/Mathematics. Playing the guitar is his hobby, and he likes "The Matrix" movie. FIGHT ON, Amechi!

Gregg NesbittUSC Public Safety Officer Gregg Nesbitt was the seventh new friend. Gregg told Trojan Candy that he attended Edison High School with Trojan Football great Tim McDonald. Then after high school, Gregg was a running back from 1983-1988 at the University of Oklahoma. He has a 1985 National Championship ring! He also coached football at McClymonds High School in Oakland. What a football life! Now Gregg is married and has five children. His oldest daughter attends LSU. FIGHT ON, Gregg!

Marcus ChoyAs I was interviewing Gregg, I also was trying to interview my eighth new friend. Marcus Choy, who is a Master's student in Aerospace Engineering at USC. Marcus walked up to the desk at the same time as Gregg. Trojan Candy asked him to write about his hobbies as I left the desk to take Gregg's picture. When I returned to the desk, my husband's Aunt Emma was interviewing Marcus! Marcus attended Illinois Institute of Technology. He is an SAAS math tutor for athletes Alex Jupiter, Hayes Pullard and Emon Saee. Aunt Emma found out that Marcus is originally from Hawaii and his interests are aircraft design and development. His hobbies are Jiu Jitsu, biking and going to the beach (Naturally, since he is from Hawaii!). FIGHT ON, Marcus!

Seen at the SCene:

Kajsa Olsson, Jessica Herman, and Magda JanickaWomen Rowers: The rowing friends who came by the desk told Trojan Candy that they were traveling up to Sacramento for competitions during the spring break. Rowers who came by to say "Hello" were Kajsa Olsson, Magdalena Janicka, Dionne Licudine, Kinga Mikolajczyk, Liene Stuberovska, Caroline Trawick and Helen Tinkus. The Freshman rowers stayed with Coach Ligita Kaviere to practice at the harbor.

Coaches: Rowing: Ligita Kaviere and Marketa DeQuine; Football: Lane Kiffin

Women's Tennis: Maria Sanchez

Women's Soccer: Carly Butcher and Mia Bruno

Jeff ByersFootball: Joe Houston, Curtis McNeal, Jesse Scoggins, T.J. Bryant (who stayed on campus during spring break), Anthony Brown and his cousin Floyd, Tyler Grady and Tony Burnette (who is competing now on the track team). An old friend came by the desk to say "Hello." Jeff Byers, who now plays on the Denver Broncos, told Trojan Candy that he was on campus today to visit. He said that he had lunch with Matt Barkley. He intends to see USC play Colorado on November 5th if the Broncos are in town. FIGHT ON, Jeff!

Women's Volleyball: Alex Jupiter

Men's and Women's Water Polo: Adrienne Taylor who told Trojan Candy that the team is going to be in Hawaii over the spring break, Peter Kurzeka

Heritage Hall: John McKay, Jr; Dr. John Petruska, and Don Winston

Track: Jenna Puterbaugh and Bryshon Nellum

Football Spring practice will start after Spring break!

FIGHT ON, until then!

March 10, 2010---Our Band, Our Men, and a VICTORY!

Trojan Candy's husband Jim won two tickets to the Pac-10 Tournament at the Staples Center. So on Thursday, March 10th, we went to the Staples Center to see our USC men play Cal.

Before the game, we attended the inaugural Fan Fest. The Spirit of Troy was performing at Nokia Plaza. They were followed by the Cal Band. There were several booths in the Fan Fest. USC had a booth with a spinning wheel game. Needless to say, there were many fans who stopped by to spin and try to win a USC prize. Trojan Candy won a pair of Trojan Fever sunglasses.

Fan Fest
The first Pac-10 Fan Fest was held at Nokia Plaza
Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy held a rally in Nokia Plaza
USC booth
Sean Jordan was working at the USC game booth.
Staples scoreboard
The Staples scoreboard

Our men started the game slowly. Then we played excellent defense and shot better. We overpowered Cal 70-56! FIGHT ON, Mighty Men of Troy, to another VICTORY!

The game is on!
Final score
We won!
Pac 10 bracket
USC made it to the next round!

March 6, 2011---Women of Troy Senior Salute and a Hall of Fame Player!

Energy was high in the Galen Center on Sunday, March 6th. The Women of Troy Basketball team would play its final regular season game against Washington. Two Seniors were saluted before the game and a jersey was hung during half-time in honor of an outstanding Alumna.

The two Seniors---Forward Michelle Franco and Center Kari LaPlante---walked onto the court with their families. Both of them were presented with a bouquet and their jersey mounted in a frame.

Briana Gilbreath, Jacki Gemelos, and Cassie Harberts
Briana Gilbreath (6/25/2009), Jacki Gemelos, and Cassie Harberts enjoying the Senior Salute
Michelle Franco
Michelle Franco with her family
Michelle Franco
Associate AD Carol Dougherty and Coach Michael Cooper join in
Kari LaPlante
Kari LaPlante with her parents Shane and Shelley
Kari LaPlante
Associate AD Carol Dougherty and Coach Michael Cooper join in

Michele, who is normally a reserve, started the game. She had a rebound, a put-back and was fouled. Michele then made the free throw. FIGHT ON, Michele!

Kari has been the starting center for three years. FIGHT ON, Kari!

Cynthia Cooper's bannerDuring the halftime, USC Alumna Cynthia Cooper had her jersey retired and hung beside those of former teammate Cheryl Miller and Lisa Leslie. Cynthia played forward on our NCAA Championship teams in the 1983 and 1984 seasons. Then after graduating, she played in Spain and Italy from 1986-1997. Cynthia played in the 1988 and 1992 Olympics. In 1997 Cynthia joined the WNBA Houston Comets where she became an All-Star and was instrumental in the Comets winning four WNBA Championships. Just recently Cynthia was inducted into the NBA (not WNBA) Hall of Fame! What an honor for a USC alumna, and Trojan Candy saw her play all of her collegiate games at USC! FIGHT ON, Cynthia!

Our women beat Washington in overtime, 65-61. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Basketball!

USC beat WSU
USC beat WSU 65-61
USC celebration

After the exciting game, Trojan Candy was invited to a reception in the Founder's Room. Cynthia Cooper was there with her family. Some of her teammates were also in attendance. She and her teammates spoke, as well as all of the current USC players. What a memorable afternoon!

Pat Poon, Cynthia Cooper, and Trojan Candy
My sister Pat Poon and I flanked Cynthia Cooper.
LeeAnne Sera, Cynthia Cooper, Melissa Ward, and Jamaiia Bond
LeeAnne Sera, Cynthia Cooper, Melissa Ward, and Jamaiia Bond were members of the 1983 and 1984 NCAA Championship teams

March 5, 2011---Women's Rowing and a Barbecue Too!

USC Boat HouseUSC Boat HouseTrojan Candy and her hubby Jim were invited by the Long Beach Trojan Club (as suggested by Kathleen DeCristo) to a Saturday morning Rowing scrimmage with some San Diego teams. We drove to San Pedro and found our way to the USC Boat House. The morning was bright, sunny and warm. We were told it was very unlike normal weather where the Rowing Team practices in the East Basin of Los Angeles Harbor.

USC OarsRowing machinesWe arrived at 8:30 a.m. and the USC Women's Rowing Team was busy waming up by jogging, working out on the rowing machines, organizing their equipment, or preparing to launch the boats from the pier. The boats were carried and launched with precision.

The races of 8's and 4's were unofficial but still exciting! Many parents of the rowers stood on the pier to glimpse their daughters during the races.

An 8's boat
An 8's boat
A 4's boat
A 4's boat
An 8's race
An 8's race

After the final boat was finished, every Trojan in attendance was treated to a scrumptious barbecue catered by Pie and Burger of Pasadena.

As a surprise, Coach Zenon Babraj brought out a new USC boat to be christianed. The donated boat is worth $53,000 and was named "FIGHT ON!"

Some Row Team members
Some of the Row Team members
Coach Zenon Babraj
Coach Zenon Babraj about to christen the newest boat
New Fight On
The new "Fight On!"

To see more of the pictures I took, visit my Picasa album by CLICKING HERE..

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Rowers!

The week of March 13-20 is spring break. Trojan Candy will also take a break.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Rowers!

March 4, 2011---A Signed Autograph, Too!

McKay Center The hole is getting deeper at the John McKay Center. Trucks are continually entering the site to transport more dirt away. The depth of the hole is now at 3 1/2 stories deep. Thank goodness that we don't hear the trucks in Heritage Hall.

Ten new friends came to the Heritage Hall desk today for the first time! PHEW! The Heritage desk was very busy today!

Loudia Laarman The first new friend was Freshman Loudia Laarman. Loudia, who is from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, runs the 100 m, 200 m, and the 4x100 relay on the USC Track Team. Her major is Kinesiology, and her hobby is snowboarding. Loudia told Trojan Candy that her favorite movies are "Man on Fire," "Lion King," and "Coming to America." She and I both love "Coming to America!" Trojans think alike! FIGHT ON, Loudia!

Alex Nguyen Freshman Alex Nguyen came to the desk next. Alex, who is from the Bay Area, is a Novice Rower. She majored in Biology her first semester, but she will change her major to Fine Arts. She likes to do abstract drawing. Trojan Candy looks forward to seeing her art on exhibit next year in the Seventh Annual Louis Galen Artletics Exhibition in the Galen Center. FIGHT ON, Alex!

Ramsey Sahyoun The two young men walked in together, and both of them wore the red 7th Man Men's Tennis shirts. Naturally, Trojan Candy thought that they were on the tennis team. NO! They are both Freshmen on the USC Golf Team! Ramsey Sahyoun is from the San Fernando Valley. He is undeclared in his major thus far. Ramsey shrugged and said that his hobbies were "stretching and working out." FIGHT ON, Ramsey!

Jeffrey Kang Golf teammate Jeffrey Kang is also undecided in his major. Jeffrey is from Sunny Hills H.S. in Fullerton. His hobby is watching movies. FIGHT ON, Jeffrey!

Celine Doerr The fifth new Freshmen friend was Women's Rower Celine Doerr. Celine, who is from San Diego, is majoring in Industrial Engineering. (a Trojan who thinks like my Material Science Ph.D Trojan husband Jim!). Celine's hobbies are surfing and snowboarding. Another Woman of Troy who likes water, both wet and frozen! FIGHT ON, Celine!

Chris Galippo The next five new friends are not Freshmen. The sixth new friend actually thought that I had asked for an autograph when I asked if I could interview him. Trojan Candy has tried for three years to interview Chris Galippo, and he finally walked up to the desk! Chris is majoring in Public Policy Management and Planning. He is a red-shirt Senior Linebacker on the USC Football Team. Chris, who is from Servite H.S. in Corona, said that he likes to play video games for a hobby. His favorite video game is NCAA Football. Then, with a great big smile, Chris said that his girlfriend is Song Girl Jacqueline Sankissiane. By the way, Trojan Candy now has a Chris Galippo #54 autograph in my interview notebook! FIGHT ON, Chris!

Parker Ashley, Chelsea Forte, Renae DiBartolomeo, and Jillian Giannini The next four new friends came up from downstairs and to the desk with friend Christine Ovanesian. Christine is a student athletic trainer. Three of the four new friends are majoring in Kinesiology, just like Christine. Junior Jillian Giannini is the one new friend that is not a Kinesiology major. She is majoring in Human Performance. Jillian, who is from Sherman Oaks, wrote that her hobby is playing volleyball. FIGHT ON, Jillian!

Sophomore Chelsea Forte is a Kinesiology major. She is from Winnetka. Chelsea wrote that her hobby is playing soccer. FIGHT ON, Chelsea!

Sophomore Kinesiology major Renae DiBartolomeo is from Pleasant Hill is the East Bay area of San Francisco. Renae's hobbies are swimming and playing soccer. FIGHT ON, Renae!

Trojan Candy's last new friend was Sophomore Parker Ashley. He is majoring in Kinesiology and is from Walnut Creek, which is also in the East Bay area of San Francisco. Parker's hobby is Muay Thai/Lifting. FIGHT ON, Parker!

Seen at the SCene:

Track: Alitta Boyd, Brendan Ames, Caroline Lutzky, and Bryshon Nellum

Women's Volleyball: Natasa Siljkovic

Soccer: Carly Butcher, Hayley Boysen, Mia Bruno, and Gabriela Chiraboga (who told us about the upcoming games against San Diego)

Coaches: Women's Tennis: Richard Gallien; Soccer: Ali Khosroshahin; Women's Water Polo: Pavol Valovic; Football: Sammy Knight, Monte Kiffin, John Baxter, and Lane Kiffin

Football: Wes Horton, Emon Saee, Brice Butler, Christian Tupou, Brandon Carswell, James Boyd, Matt Kalil (who waited outside of Heritage for his friend Chris Galippo to finish his interview with me); and T.J. Bryant

Heritage Friends: Dan Avila, Donna Heinel, Catherine Belme, Joyce, Teresa Verbeck, Dr. John Petruska, John McKay, Jr., Jill Dennis, Rebecca Morin and Irene Puentes

Women's Water Polo: Adrienne Taylor

Women's Rowing: Vineta Moca, Maria Wilgotsson, Kate McFetridge (we met her boyfriend Michael), Tanya Ouyang and Anna Janicka (who invited us to the kick-off barbecue and rowing event in San Pedro on Saturday, 3/5/11)

More about the Women's Rowing event in my next Trojan Candy entry.