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Thursday, November 29. 2012---I'm Still Here, Smiling!

At Heritage Hall today it was a dreary afternoon with a threat of rain. Some school tours came to the lobby and took football and men's basketball posters. The children left with smiles on their faces!

Trojan Candy had a smile on her face when two "old" friends walked in the door.

My two "old" friends both walked up to the desk with smiles on their faces. Both of them said, "You're still here!" With a smile, I replied, "Yes!" The two friends had come back to campus to attend a Women of Troy basketball practice. Before I could interview Jamie Hagiya and Shay Murphy, they saw an old friend and were walking off. Before disappearing downstairs, I begged them to come back for an interview. Jamie said they would. Trojan Candy waited anxiously for them to return but had to run an errand at the Associate's Office. When I returned, my husband said that Jamie and Shay returned to the desk for an interview and picture. They had toured the John McKay Center. Luckily, my husband Jim had the privilege of interviewing them and taking their pictures.

Jamie and Lexie HagiyaJamie HagiyaJamie and Shay used to visit yours truly at the Heritage Hall desk before I started writing my blog. Back then, before the Galen Center was built, the men's and women's basketball and volleyball offices were in Heritage Hall. Jamie wrote that she played for the Women of Troy Basketball Team in 2003-2007. She majored in Communication. Now, she is a personal trainer and a private basketball coach. She has camps and clinics in the South Bay area. Check out her webpage at Also, Jamie is coaching and competing in the LAX Crossfit. What an active lifestyle! FIGHT ON, Jamie!

Shay MurphyShay, like Jamie, graduated from USC in 2007. She plays for the Chicago Sky in the WNBA. She has also played in Spain the last four years during the WNBA off-seasons. Shay played for Ros Casares Valencia of the Euroleaque Women. She won the championship in the 2011-2012 season and was voted the Spanish MVP. Outstanding! Shay has dual citizenship with Montenegro and will participate in the European Championships in Paris. In the meantime, she is currently playing in Russia. What an active, competitive lifestyle! FIGHT ON, Shay!

Trojan Candy almost had another new friend interview today. Darnell Bing walked through the lobby, and I caught up with him. He said that he had a class to attend and that he would come back. Darnell came back to USC to finish his degree. He played Safety on the USC football team in 2003-2005 and in the NFL. Unfortunately, Darnell didn't come back before we left. Next time!

Seen at the SCene:

Coaches: Women's Golf: Andrea Gaston. Football: Justin Mesa, Jeff Fucci. Men's Water Polo: Shaun Brown.

Heritage Hall Friends: Don Winston, Pat Haden, Dr. Bryce Nelson, Joyce, David Han, Johnny Liu, Bhupinder Singh, Ron Orr, Bridget, Darcy Couch, Jared Padilla, Fed-Ex David, Paul Goldberg, Tim Tessalone, Jeremy Wu, Emily Barth, Julian Bonse, J.K. McKay, Mark Jackson, Melinda Marino, Gregg Millward, Bragadees, Salma, Donna HeinelJosh Shaw and Trojan Candy

Rowing: Anna Janicka, Lenka Vrecnikova, Magda Janicka

Lacrosse: Emily Boone, Ceilidh Meagher

Basketball: Men: Jio Fontan. Women: Malia Cravens

Golf: Doris Chen

Track: David Selma, Caroline Lutzky, Farren Benjamin, Alitta Boyd, Kemi Olonade, Melia Cox

Football: Josh Shaw, Chad Wheeler, Emon Saee, De'Von Flournoy, Antwaun Woods, Anthony Sarao, Javorius Allen, John Martinez, George Farmer, T.J. McDonald, J.R. Tavai, T.J. Bryant

November 18, 2012: Trojan Friends at Women of Troy Basketball Victory over Pepperdine:

Women of Troy
Women of Troy huddle before start of game vs Pepperdine.
Coco Ndipagbor and Alitta Boyd
Coco Ndipagbor and Alitta Boyd came to cheer on the Women.
Jessica Onyepunuka and
Jessica Onyepunuka and ? get ready for a halftime basketball shooting game.
Kyle Negrete
Kyle gave me a great big hug!
Tammy Story
Former Woman of Troy Tammy Story (1989-1992) came to cheer on the Women.
Sam Chow
Sam Chow's Fire Truck won the Chevron race!
Women of Troy
A victory for the Women of Troy!

November 16, 2012: Women of Troy Volleyball Seniors Honored before Victory over Cal:

Erin Yoder, Natasa Siljkovic, Katie Fuller, and Coach Mick HaleySeniors Erin Yoder, Natasa Siljkovic, and Katie Fuller were honored before the Cal volleyball match. Here they are with Coach Mick Haley

November 16, 2012---New and "Old" Friends

John McKayTrojan SwordAs we walked to Heritage Hall, we noticed that the Sword Statue at the John McKay Center was covered to prevent any Bruins from desecrating it. The John McKay Statue was covered completely in tape. Heritage Hall was somewhat busy today with several tours. Five new friends came to the desk for the first time.

Strahinja GavrilovicMy first new friend walked in the east doors and right up to the desk with a big smile. He was very he must be either a basketball player or a volleyball player. Strahinja Gavrilovic is a Freshman Men's Basketball Player from Serbia. He told Trojan Candy that his teammates have given him four nicknames. He answers to Luis, Stra, Serb or LV. Luis is his dad's name and LV also refers to his dad. Strahinja's dad played professional basketball in Europe. Strahinja wrote that he likes to play soccer and go fishing. Rap and Club House is his favorite music. Strahinja's favorite book is "Greatest 50 NBA." When I asked him why he chose USC, Strahinja said that his friend Nikola Vucevic (who played at USC in 2008-2011 and who now plays in the NBA) persuaded him to become a Trojan. Thanks, Nikola! The Trojan Family now grew one bigger! FIGHT ON, Stra!

Kris Albarado with his grandparentsA friendly couple walked up to the desk. They told me that they were waiting for their grandson to pick them up so that they could go to lunch together. "Who is your grandson?" I asked them. "Kristopher Albarado," they replied. Eva and V.J. Abate came from Lake Charles, Louisiana, to visit Kris and attend the UCLA and Notre Dame football games. Eva said that they have five grandchildren and that Kris is the oldest. Just then, Kris rode up on his bicycle and came inside to the desk. Trojan Candy showed Eva and V.J. Kristopher's blog interview (9/16/2011). Kris wanted to add that he is majoring in Public Policy and Development and Health Management. So nice to meet Eva and V.J. FIGHT ON, Kris!

Jordan GearMy fourth new friend came to the Heritage Hall desk for the first time on September 16, 2011. He came with several other USC Divers at the time. Trojan Candy took his picture then but could not interview him. He came back today! Jordan Gear walked up to the desk this time with the same big smile that he had last year. I asked if I could interview him this time, but Jordan told me that he had an interview to do outside with some Annenberg students. He promised to come back to the desk after his interview, and he did. Jordan attended London High School in Potomac, Maryland. He was previously a gymnast and is now a diver. Jordan likes to go hiking, camping and swimming. His other hobbies are eating and working out! (That's how he stays so slim!) FIGHT ON, Jordan!

Nikola VavicNikola VavicWe were packing up when my fifth new friend walked by the bulletin board and told us that his name was misspelled. Trojan Candy sprung into action....he is a USC Athlete of the Week! When I asked if I could interview him, luckily he said, "Yes." As soon as he wrote Nikola Vavic, I knew who he was. Nikola is a Junior on the USC Men's Four-Peat NCAA Championship Water Polo Team. His father is Coach Jovan Vavic. Nikola, who is from Palos Verdes, is majoring in Human Performance. Nikola's sister, Monica, competes on the Women of Troy Water Polo Team. Nikola's favorite movie is "The Big Lebowski." His hobbies are watching sports, camping and going to the beach. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Nikola!

Seen at the SCene:

Heritage Hall Friends: Alex Kiley, David Han, Bhupinder Singh, Emily Barth, Ron Orr, Rebecca Morin, Joyce, Julian Bonse, J.K. McKay, Sean Jordan, Donna Heinel, Karen Bowman, Pat Haden, Kelly Owen, Isaac Flores, Ryan Maier, Joyce, Anna, Dora, Gregg Millward, Danicka, Scott Jacobson, Hervey Malone II, Kelly Kaneshiro, Kevin Brooks, Alex Rios, Alex Collins, Fed Ex Dave

Coaches: Men's Golf: Kurt Schuette, Rowing: Ligita Kaviere, Football: Lane Kiffin

Women's Golf: Kyung Kim

Rowing: Kate Gleadow, Iskra Angelova

Women's Water Polo: Blair Moody

Football: Jabari Ruffin, J.R. Tavai, Max Wittek, Kris Albarado, Christian Sutton who is red-shirting this year (He was born in Houston (another fellow Texan!), and is looking forward to his mother coming to visit him for Thanksgiving and the Notre Dame game. In his initial interview on 2/3/12, Christian was hoping to make the team. Now he has!)

Vanessa JonesTrack: Jessica Davis, Vanessa Jones. Vanessa told me that she is the sixth one in her family to attend USC. Her Trojan relatives are Pamela Jones (Mom), Gregory Harper (Uncle), Angela (Aunt) and Darrell (Uncle) Harper and Mark Harper. What a Trojan Family! Vanessa also told me that her brother Marvin Jones was a wide receiver at CAL (#1), and he is now #82 on the Cincinnati Bengals. Vanessa went to see him play this season against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After we left Heritage Hall, we walked over to the Doheny Library to see the Mosely Snowflake Sponge exhibit.

Trojan Knights
Along the way we saw Tommy Trojan being guarded by Trojan Knights.
Tommy Trojan
Tommy Trojan was covered up. Notice the golden shoe!
Dr. Sample's Horse Statue was also covered in tape.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

November 15, 2012: Trojan Friends at Women of Troy Volleyball Victory over #1 Stanford:

Back row: Tanner Jansen, Robert Feathers, Austin Rysyk, and Henry Cassiday; Front row: Micah Christenson, Paul Yoder, Cristian Rivera, and Chris Trefzger
Back row: Tanner Jansen, Robert Feathers, Austin Rysyk, and Henry Cassiday; Front row: Micah Christenson, Paul Yoder, Cristian Rivera, and Chris Trefzger came to cheer on the Women.
Dewayne Dedmon, James Blasczyk, and Coach Aaron Marshall
Dewayne Dedmon, James Blasczyk, and Coach Aaron Marshall came to cheer the Women.
The Women of Troy are Victorious!

November 13, 2012: Trojan Friends at Men's Basketball Victory over CSULB

Robert Woods
Robert Woods (8/19/2010) came to cheer on the Men.
Demetrius Wright
Demetrius Wright came to cheer on the Men.
Victor Blackwell
Victor Blackwell came to cheer on the Men.
Robert Woods, Kelly Kaneshiro, Demetrius Wright, Allison, and Victor Blackwell
Kelly Kaneshiro and Allison also came to cheer on the Men.
Kamesha, Donovan, and Craig Kelley
Kamesha, Donovan, and Craig Kelley came to cheer on the Men.
Jabari Ruffin, Scott Starr, Leonard Williams, and Tre' Madden
Jabari Ruffin, Scott Starr, Leonard Williams, and Tre' Madden came to cheer on the Men.

November 9, 2012---The Men of Troy Volleyball Team Rules!

Heritage Hall was fairly quiet at first. Then, four men's volleyball players came to the desk for the first time. They were four of my six new friends.

Thomas LeonardTrojan Candy saw my first new friend walk through the lobby. I went after him! He looked like an athlete...and he was! Freshman Thomas Leonard is a Middle Blocker on the USC Men's Volleyball Team. He told me that he started playing volleyball when he was only a Freshman in high school. What an accomplishment in four years. Thomas is from Chicago, and he told me that USC was the "Best school of my choices!" FIGHT ON, Thomas!

LeeAnne SeraWhen I first saw my second new friend, her face was very familiar. With a smile, she told me that she was LeeAnne Sera. Then Trojan Candy remembered her.... She played on the Women of Troy Basketball Team in 1982-1984. Her team won back-to-back NCAA Championships in 1983 and 1984! I saw the women win the 1984 Championship at Pauley Pavilion. Some of LeeAnne's teammates were Cheryl Miller, Cynthia Cooper, Rhonda Windham, Pam McGee and Paula McGee. LeeAnne is from Northern California. She was an Exercise Science/Exercise Physiology Major. Then she graduated from the USC School of Dentistry in 1992. Dr. LeeAnne was on the Faculty at the USC School of Dentistry in 1992-1997. She practices in Santa Clara, CA, and in Honolulu. LeeAnne flew down to Los Angeles to attend a Women of Troy Board Meeting in Heritage Hall. For her many hobbies, she performs Modern and Jazz Dance, likes surfing, stand up paddle surfing and skiing. So many accomplishments and interests! FIGHT ON, LeeAnne!

My next three new friends walked up to the Heritage Hall desk for the first time while LeeAnne was writing in my notebook. Trojan Candy quickly tore out three pages for them to write on. All three new friends compete on the Men's Volleyball Team. Remember....the Men of Troy Volleyball Team Rules!

Chris AndrulisChris Andrulis plays Opposite on the USC Men's Volleyball Team. He is from Coronado High School in Las Vegas. Chris is a Sophomore majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Law. His favorite movie is "The Longest Yard." Chris wrote his favorite quote in my notebook: "Pain is Temporary.... Regret is Forever." (This quote is attributed to Lance Armstrong). Chris loves to play sand volleyball, snowboard and play video games. His "Absolute Favorite Thing" is spending time with his family. Thanks for spending time with Trojan Candy, Chris, and FIGHT ON!

Austin RysykAustin Rysyk plays Outside Hitter on the USC Men's Volleyball Team. He is from Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose. Austin is a Sophomore who is majoring in Business Administration. His favorite movie is "Argo." Austin likes the recording artist Kid Cudi. Just like Chris, Austin wrote his favorite quote in my notebook: "No like a champion." (What a fantastic quote for a USC athlete to live by!) Austin likes to play beach volleyball, ski and play video games. (Same as Chris.... no wonder they are friends!) FIGHT ON, Austin.

Chris Andrulis, Robert Feathers, Austin Rysyk with LeeAnne SeraRobert FeathersMy fifth new friend is a teammate of Chris and Austin on the USC Men's Volleyball Team. Robert Feathers plays Middle Blocker. He is from Loyola High School in Pacific Palisades. He is majoring in Human Performance and is minoring in Business. Robert's favorite movie is "The Dark Knight." He likes to listen to country music. Like Chris and Austin, Robert likes to play sand volleyball and video games. Going to the beach and drinking chocolate shakes are two more favorites. What three good friends and teammates. FIGHT ON, Robert!

Alex CollinsTrojan Candy's sixth and last new friend for today is Alex Collins. Alex is a Junior from Madison, Wisconsin. He is majoring in Accounting and Finance. Alex is a Student Manager of the USC Football Team. (Not that manager!) His favorite movies are "Argo" and "The Dark Knight." Alex likes Easy Listening Music (I teased him about liking Elevator Music, but he politely, said, "No.") such as Jazz and Alternative Rock. FIGHT ON, Alex!

Seen at the SCene:

Coaches: Women's Basketball: Tai Dillard, Alex Delanian; Soccer: Ali Khosroshahin; Rowing: Ligita Kaviere; Lacrosse: Lindsey Munday

Soccer: Mia Bruno, April Juarez, Whitney Pitalo, Megan Borman

Track: Melia Cox, Loudia Laarman, Jessica Davis, David Selma, Caroline Lutzky

Rowing: Elaine Krebs and her sister

Football: Jabari Ruffin (Trojan Candy misses all of her football friends who now "hang out" in the John McKay Center, not Heritage Hall)

Heritage Hall Friends: Joyce, J.K. McKay, Julian Bonse, Scott Jacobson, Jennifer Noriega, Paul Goldberg, Karen Bowman, Mel Hughes, Grant, Tim Tessalone, Sean Jordan, Pierson Clair, Danicka, Laurie, Isaac Flores, Fed Ex Dave, Gregg Millward, Jared Padilla, Darcy Couch, Kelly Kaneshiro, Luke Stephens, Dr. Bob Baker

Not only did "The Men of Troy Volleyball Team Rule" today, the Men of Troy Basketball Team also Ruled today.

Trojan Candy and my husband Jim went to the USC Men's Basketball game against Coppin State. We won 87-73! We have thirteen team members this season. FIGHT ON, Men's Basketball!

Trojan Candy saw some friends at the game.

The men's basketball season begins with the tipoff against Coppin State.
Women's basketball team
FIGHT ON, Women's Basketball and Women's Tennis!
FIGHT ON, Thaddesia Southall (2/3/2012) and Desiree' Bradley!
Kemi Olonade, David Selma, and Davonte Stewart
FIGHT ON, Track and Field!

November 2, 2012---Women of Troy Soccer RULES!

Three of my eight new friends who came to the Heritage Hall desk today for the first time are associated with the Women of Troy Soccer Team.

Nicole ZervnyanMy first new friend is Nicole Zervnyan. She is a Junior majoring in Communication. Nicole, who is from Palos Verdes, is the Team Manager of Women of Troy Soccer. Nicole's favorite recording artist is Mumford & Sons. She doesn't have a favorite movie, but her favorite television programs are CSI NY, Law and Order, SVV, Burn Notice and White Collar. (Trojan Candy likes the first two programs also.) One other mutual favorite, Nicole likes chocolate! Nicole transferred to USC from the University of Washington. Trojan Candy teased her about, "Seeing the're a Trojan for life!" FIGHT ON, Nicole!

Jamie FinkAs I was interviewing Nicole, a Women of Troy Soccer Team member walked up to the desk. Jamie Fink and other teammates had come to Heritage Hall to prepare for the upcoming match at 2:00 p.m. against the Bruins. She had time for an interview because she did not need to be taped up. Jamie is a Freshman from Calabasas and, like Nicole, is majoring in Communication. Jamie, who started playing soccer when she was three years old, plays the Center-Mid position. Her favorite movie is "The Little Mermaid," and she likes any music except for country music. Beat the Bruins and FIGHT ON, Jamie!

Tyler RuizSenior Tyler Ruiz, who is from Studio City, is my third new friend. He is majoring in Business Administration. Tyler competes in the High Jump on the USC Track and Field Team. His favorite movie is "The Matrix," and he likes "Everything" in music. Mexican food is his favorite cuisine. Trojan Candy can't believe that Tyler has never walked by the Heritage Hall desk where we have been volunteering weekly for the past seven years...but I am so glad that he came today! FIGHT ON, Tyler!

Eric and Jeannine ChildsMy fourth new friend is Jeannine Childs. She walked up to the desk with an old friend, her son Eric Childs. Eric played on the USC Football last year, but he has taken this year off the team to apply for medical school. He also volunteers in the LAC-USC Emergency Room. Jeannine works at the same USC Medical Center. Trojan Candy interviewed Eric twice for my blog in September 23, 2010, and November 18, 2011. It was so nice to visit with him again and meet his mom. Good luck in medical school and FIGHT ON, Eric!

Trevor MutchThe fifth new friend was in a rush to get over to McAlister Field. Trevor Mutch has been a Volunteer Coach for the Women of Troy Soccer Team for two years. He attended Claremont McKenna and played Division III soccer. Trevor worked as a Consultant before he became a coach. We wished him good luck against the Bruins and told him that we would be attending the match later. FIGHT ON, Trevor!

Christel SimmsChristel Simms is my sixth new friend for today. She is a Senior majoring in Human Biology. Christel is the Captain of the Women of Troy Swim Team. She competes in the backstroke and freestyle sprints. Christel is from Ewa Beach, Hawaii. No wonder that she likes the water! Christel also likes to eat sushi. After Trojan Candy took her picture, I told Christel that very few swimmers have come to the Heritage Hall desk. Christel said that she would tell all her teammates to come to the desk for a snack and an interview. Thanks! FIGHT ON, Christel!

David BluI just saw the seventh new friend at the Basketball Salute to Troy. David Blu (Bluthenthal) walked briskly up to the desk and smiled when he recognized us. He stayed to visit for quite a while. David told us that Herman Hellman is his Great, Great Grandfather. Herman was the younger brother of Isaias Hellman. Isaias donated much of the land on which USC is built. What a remarkable legacy! On a personal note, David is finishing his degree in Sociology and will graduate in May 2013. After graduation, he wants to be a Sports Broadcaster. In 2001, David played in the Elite Eight in his Junior year on the Men's Basketball Team. His hobbies are working out, watching sports and most importantly, playing with his kids. His three children are an eleven year old daughter (who lives in Atlanta), a four year old daughter (who is very athletic) and a one year old son (who already weighs 26 lbs.). Three future Trojans! FIGHT ON, David!

Chris Nendick and Joe HoustonMy eighth and last new friend walked up to the desk with a very special friend, Joe Houston. Joe was the place kicker on the USC Football Team two years ago. He now plays from March-July in The Arena Football League with the Chicago Rush. The rest of the year Joe trains at Heritage Hall. Joe's friend Chris Nendick met Joe at a kicking camp. Chris, who is from Chicago, kicked at Northern Illinois. He works in medical sales with Pacific Pulmonary. Chris loves to play golf. FIGHT ON, honorary Trojan, Chris!

Seen at the SCene:

Heritage Hall Friends: Tim Tessalone, Isaac Flores, Mary Jo Wong, J.K. McKay, Craig Kelley, Dino Dennis, Herb and Cathy Goodman, Jordan Cohen, Dr. Bryce Nelson, Andrew Schirrmeister, Paul Kovich, Daniel Zerunyan, Barbara Hedges, Fed-Ex Dave, Emily Barth, Ryan Maier, Jared Padilla, Julian Bonse, Jessica Onyepunuka

Coaches: Women's Tennis: Richard Gallien; Track: Ron Allice, Michael Pullins; Rowing: Ligita Kaviere; Football: Lane Kiffin (who was interviewed by Fox)

Football: Max Wittek, Joe Houston, Eric Childs

Golf: Doris Chen, Ramsey Sahyoun

Lacrosse: Ceilidh Meagher, Maggie Mawhinney

Rowing: Helen Tinkus, Katherine Plaxe

Ashley Liverpool and Joey HughesTrack: Davonte Stewart, Ashley Liverpool, Joey Hughes (where have you been, Joey?), Caroline Lutzky, Katherine Chang, Melia Cox, Vanessa Jones

Women's Soccer: April Juarez, Arielle Baptiste, Elizabeth Eddy

Victory over the Bruins!My husband Jim and I closed up at 2:00 p.m. and drove to McAlister Field. We arrived during halftime with our Women of Troy down 1-0 to the Bruins. Trojan Candy just happened to sit by Olympic Gold Medalist alumna Amy Rodriguez. Our women tied the game with a goal by friend Haley Boysen. Friend Samantha Johnson put us ahead with her goal. Unfortunately, the Bruins tied the score at 2-2 with about a minute and half to play. In overtime, we beat the Bruins with a goal by Jordan Marada with three seconds left. What a fantastic way to end our season!

Victory celebrationTrojan Candy visited with a few friends after the VICTORY. So nice to celebrate with Eloy Lopez, Coach Ali Khosroshahin who was emotionally spent from the game, April Juarez, Haley Boysen, Autumn Altamirano, and Mia Bruno. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Soccer!

Ryanne and Haley Boysen
Haley Boysen posed with her sister Ryanne.
Autumn Altamirano
Autumn Altamirano
Mia Bruno and Jim Yee
Mia Bruno posed with my husband Jim.

Trojan Candy will volunteer at Heritage Hall next on Friday, November 9th.

FIGHT ON, until then.