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Tuesday, May 21, 2013---The Coach's Tour

Auction itemsAuction itemsTrojan Candy arrived just in time for The Coach's Tour in Manhattan Beach. The coaches had not arrived yet. The lobby was filled with Trojan Club members. The Long Beach Trojan Club was well represented. Auction and silent auction items were displayed on tables.

Jennifer Noriega, Alexandra    , Andy Enfield, and John Robinson
As I walked around, I saw some familiar faces. There were Jennifer Noriega, Alexandra , Men's Basketball Coach Andy Enfield, and Coach John Robinson.
Bob Harris. Chass Bryan, and Dan Annarella
Then, I saw that the two student athlete speakers had arrived. One of the speakers, Chass Bryan, was talking with Bob Harris and Dan Annarella.
Chass Bryan, Max Wittek, and Julian Bonse
Then Chass posed for another picture with friends Max Wittek (the second speaker) (3/23/2012) and Julian Bonse.
Song Girls
A few minutes later, the Song Girls and the Spirit of Troy marched into the lobby and led all of the guests into the dining room.
Chass Bryan and Max Wittek
Before Trojan Candy sat down at my table, I took another picture of my two friends.
Lane Kiffin, Andy Enfield, and John Robinson
After dinner, coaches Lane Kiffin, Andy Enfield, and John Robinson took the stage. John Robinson was the moderator.

Coach Lane Kiffin spoke first. He said that SC will go back to playing physical football next season. In spring practice, Coach Kiffin said that the defense looked different...they looked nasty! This season we will get back to the basics and to that competitive atmosphere. Finally, he said that there will be more team environment. The audience seemed to like what Coach Kiffin said. FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Coach Andy Enfield spoke next about his expectations for the men's basketball team this season. He said that the team will run up and down the court, spread the offense, make plays for their teammates and "Bring some Showtime back in LA!" The audience really liked Coach Enfield's last statement! FIGHT ON, USC Men's Basketball!

Chass Bryan, Max Wittek, and John RobinsonNext, Chass and Max took the stage with Coach Robinson. Coach asked them several questions. Max spoke first. He said that he is majoring in Psychology and would like to be a Sports Psychologist after playing football. He said that he has lost some weight for personal and football reasons. Max said that the "team chemistry" is better this year. FIGHT ON, Max!

Chass said that he was excited about the rapport between Coach Enfield and the players. He said that Coach wants him to take more of a leadership role. His job will be to "run and gun" and get the rebound out quickly. Sounds exciting! FIGHT ON, Chass!

Spirit of Troy
The evening ended with the Spirit of Troy playing a rousing "Conquest."
Lane Kiffin and Najwa Hanel
Trojan Candy took a picture of Coach Lane Kiffin with friend Najwa Hanel.
Andy Enfield and Sunny Shepherd
Then, Coach Andy Enfield posed with friend Sunny Shepherd.

As I left with my sister Pat and brother-in-law Dudley, we saw Coach Kiffin waiting by his car outside. He said, "Good night," to us and waved. We returned his smile and waved. Yes, it was a "GOOD night" to be a Trojan!

Monday, May 20, 2013---TGLA Tour of the John McKay Center

This morning the Trojan Guild of Los Angeles (TGLA) was invited to a tour of the John McKay Center. All of the TGLA members and guests gathered by the John McKay statue for our tour of the Center.

Trojan Guild
Trojan Guild members
Julian Bonse
Friend Julian Bonse was our tour guide.

Marqise LeeWe entered the Center through the "All-American" Walk downstairs. As Julian was giving a demonstration, Trojan Candy saw a friend walking into the Football Locker Room. I called out to Marqise Lee (9/22/2011). When Marqise saw my camera, he posed for me. Thanks, Marqise! I immediately told my fellow tour mates who he was. Excitement ensued!

Julian took us to all three floors. The Center was empty because the summer session had not started yet.

Vision Board
Our tour ended at the Lobby Vision Board.
Trojan Guild
Trojan Candy gathered everyone for another group picture on the staircase beneath the Vision Board.

Thanks to our tour guides, Julian Bonse and Jessica Dugaw!

Thursday, May 16, 2013---USC Student-Athlete Graduation Celebration

Trojan Candy arrived an hour early at the 2:00 p.m. Celebration so that I could get a prime seat to take pictures of my graduating friends. Several of those friends were meeting friends at the Galen Center south entrance.

Frankie Telfort and John Martinez
Frankie Telfort (2/23/2012) and John Martinez
David Blu
David Blu
Jade Niemeyer and Mother
Jade Niemeyer with her mother
Dion Bailey, Marquis Simmons, and Frankie Telfort
Dion Bailey, Marquis Simmons, and Frankie Telfort
LeSeon Hughes and Bryshon Nellum
LeSeon Hughes with her son Bryshon Nellum
Christina Marinacci
When the doors opened, I ran in. My seat was perfect! Sitting in the row in front of me were Christina Marinacci's parents, Mike and Toni. When Christina came to visit them, I took her picture when she smiled at me.

The ceremony began when all the USC Coaches took their seats on the stage, and all the athletes marched in to their seats. Athletic Director Pat Haden and President C.L. Max. Nikias gave their opening statements. President Nikias told the athletes that graduating from USC is just the beginning. He said that what you do henceforth will define who you are. What a powerful statement! FIGHT ON, A.D. Haden! FIGHT ON, President Nikias!

Ron AlliceNext, Legend of Troy winners Trustees Gayle and Ed Roski and USC Director of Track and Field Ron Allice were presented their trophies. Trustee Roski graciously accepted their award. FIGHT ON, USC alums Gayle and Ed! Coach Allice recalled memories of his 19 years at USC. He said the friendships that he established with his athletes will stay with him forever! FIGHT ON, Coach Ron!

Erin KauppWomen of Troy Sand Volleyball Senior Erin Kaupp took the stage next. She conveyed to the audience how she overcame Ewing's Sarcoma in her junior year in high school to be able to enroll at USC. It was a struggle, but a worthwhile one. Never give up! FIGHT ON, Erin!

The "Presentation of Seniors" was next. While good friend and real photographer Pierson Clair took pictures of each athlete with his/her respective coach on the stage, Trojan Candy sat at the end of the ramp, called each friend by name and took their pictures. These are the friends that I met at Heritage Hall.

If the name is in blue, then it is a link to that person's interview.

David Blu
David Blu (11/5/2012)
Tyler Sugiyama
Tyler Sugiyama
Dominique Scott
Dominique Scott (2/23/2012)
Will Andrew
Will Andrew (9/1/2011)
John Auran
John Auran
Dion Bailey
Dion Bailey (9/23/2010)
Brian Baucham
Brian Baucham (4/8/2010)
Devon Kennard
Devon Kennard (11/5/2009)
Giovanni di Poalo
Giovanni di Poalo (8/24/2012)
Kevin Downey Jr.
Kevin Downey Jr.
Luke Freeman
Luke Freeman (4/29/2010)
Jeremy Galten
Jeremy Galten (8/8/2011)
John Martinez
John Martinez (10/1/2010)
Devon Kennard
Luis Nevarez (9/8/2011)
Marquis Simmons
Marquis Simmons (5/20/2010)
Marlena Adamska
Marlena Adamska
Iskra Angelova
Iskra Angelova (4/15/2010)
Jennah Blau, Iskra Angelova, and Marlena Adamska
Jennah Blau (1/14/2011), Iskra Angelova, and Marlena Adamska
Hannah Bowen
Hannah Bowen (1/26/2012)
Ivana Filipovic
Ivana Filipovic
Rachel Moll
Rachel Moll (10/11/2012)
Tanya Ouyang
Tanya Ouyang (2/18/2011)
Caroline Sederowsky
Caroline Sederowsky
Ewa Tymoszewska
Ewa Tymoszewska (4/28/2011)
Jelena Zelenovic
Jelena Zelenovic (9/23/2010)
Erin Kaupp
Erin Kaupp
Isabelle Johnson
Isabelle Johnson (8/12/2010)
Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson (5/6/2010)
Kristina Noriega
Kristina Noriega (1/13/2012)
Anne Turner
Anne Turner (8/12/2010)
Erica Vangsness
Erica Vangsness (9/29/2011)
Haley Anderson
Haley Anderson
Christel Simms
Christel Simms (11/5/2012)
Jackie Owens
Jackie Owens (2/23/2012)
Terence Abram
Terence Abram (12/3/2010)
Bryshon Nellum
Bryshon Nellum (4/8/2010)
Tyler Ruiz
Tyler Ruiz (11/5/2012)
Cooper Thompson
Cooper Thompson (11/4/2010)
Farren Benjamin
Farren Benjamin (1/15/2010)
Alitta Boyd
Alitta Boyd (3/11/2010)
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones (12/3/2010)
Caroline Lutzky
Caroline Lutzky (12/3/2010)
Jade Niemeyer
Jade Niemeyer (9/2/2010)
Kelly Owen
Kelly Owen (2/9/2012)
Jennifer Stutland
Jennifer Stutland (2/23/2012)
Katie Fuller
Katie Fuller
Natasa Siljkovic
Natasa Siljkovic (9/2/2010)
Erin Yoder
Erin Yoder (10/28/2010)

Frankie TelfortAfter the Seniors were presented, Senior Frankie Telfort took the stage for his address. Frankie told the audience that he had just entered USC on a football scholarship and had started practice. Then, after only two weeks on campus, the devasting news came. He had a heart defect and could no longer play football. USC still honored his linebacker scholarship, and Frankie became a Student Assistant Coach. He said that he is so thankful for the opportunity. FIGHT ON, Frankie!

Three Heritage Hall friends won Senior Awards.

Alitta BoydAlitta Boyd won the 2013 Gimble Award that recognizes the student-athlete who was deemed most cooperative.

Haley AndersonBryshon NellumThen, Bryshon Nellum and Haley Anderson won the 2013 Trojaneer Diamond Award. This award recognizes two student-athletes who have brought the most fame and distinction to the university.

Student-Athlete GraduatesCongratulations and FIGHT ON, Alitta, Bryshon and Haley!

A.D Pat Haden gave the closing remarks, and Trojan Candy followed the athletes outside to the Galen Center steps for group pictures.

What a fantastic afternoon. It was so nice to see all my friends again! FIGHT ON, USC Senior Athletes!

CLICK HERE TO SEE MY GOOGLE ALBUM for additional pictures before the ceremony, after the ceremony and at the reception.