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Friday, March 19, 2010---It's Spring Break at Heritage Hall!

Just as my husband and I crossed the street to get to Heritage Hall, Trojan Candy saw a young man with a big smile on his face waving to me. It was C.J. Gable! I waved back and told him to come to the desk. He said he would.

Because it is spring break on campus, we expected it to be very quiet. It was not! First of all, there was construction going on everywhere! The workers have a week to get as much done as they can before the students arrive back on campus.

Secondly, there were many visitors to Heritage Hall. Six new friends came to the Heritage desk.

Chris Cheng with visiting studentsTour guide Chris Cheng brought a group of high school students to the lobby. We congratulated Chris on being elected the Undergraduate Student Government President. Trojan Candy now knows someone in "high places!" Do a good job and FIGHT ON, Chris!

Rachel SeidelAs Chris was leaving with his tour group, another tour guide came in the lobby with her group. I asked her if she knows Chris, and she said that she did. We are both very proud of him! Her name is Rachel Seidel, and she is a Junior majoring in Biology and International Relations. Rachel, who is from Chicago, is also a Resident Assistant. For hobbies, she likes to play tennis and dance ballet. Rachel said that she chose USC because of the close accessibility to professors and athletics. USC is like a small college and a large university.... It is the best of two worlds! FIGHT ON, Rachel!

Emmett WallingA new athletic friend! Junior Emmett Walling was on his way upstairs when I asked him if he wanted a snack. Emmett said that he was on his way to an appointment with Mike Garrett. However, he was nice enough to come to the desk so that Trojan Candy could interview him and take his picture. Emmett, who is from Manasquan, New Jersey, is majoring in Kinesiology, and he swims the sprints. His events are the 150 meter free, the 100 meter free and the 100 meter breaststroke. Guess what his hobby is? Surfing! Emmett said that he came to USC for the GREAT athletics and GREAT academics! After his meeting, Emmett came back as he promised he would and took a snack. FIGHT ON, Emmett!

Rhonda WindhamSomeone very familiar walked into the lobby. Even with her sunglasses on, Trojan Candy recognized former Women of Troy point guard on the 1983 National Champion Team, Rhonda Windham! Rhonda majored in Sports Marketing and Broadcasting, and she worked with the L.A. Sparks and the L.A. Lakers. She is currently an assistant coach at West L.A. College, and, for the last 20 years, she has been the Director of the NCAA sanctioned "Say No Classic" Summer Basketball League that is held in the P.E. Building. Rhonda told us that she is pursuing a second career in Occupational Therapy and would like to attend classes at her alma mater, USC. She also said that she talks to her former teammates frequently. They are Cheryl Miller, Cynthia Cooper, Paula McGee and Pam McGee! FIGHT ON, Rhonda!

Devin ForteSophomore Devin Forte curiously came to the desk. He looked at all the snacks. Devin, who is from Los Angeles, runs the 100 meter dash and the 200 meter dash. He is majoring in Real Estate Development and is very active in the USC campus Christian Ministry. His hobby is listening to R & B music and Christian music. As we walked over to the Gauntlet Trophy to take his picture, I noticed that he was limping. Devin told Trojan Candy that he hurt his toe, so he will not be able to compete in the track meet on Saturday. Get well and FIGHT ON, Devin!

Ryan Lenderman and Stuart GageJust as we were packing up to leave, two new friends came to the lobby. They were former USC football players! Both of them had come to Los Angeles for the wedding of a former teammate, offensive lineman Dong Koo. Wide receiver Ryan Lenderman played football at USC in 1990-1995. He majored in Sociology and now lives in Colorado. Ryan, whose business is selling exercise equipment, was interested in the weight room downstairs. The second former player was nose guard, Stuart Gage, who played at USC in 1991-1996. Stuart, who is from Sand Springs, Oklahoma, majored in Communications and now owns an import-export business. He was a member of the '96 Rose Bowl Championship Team! FIGHT ON, Ryan! FIGHT ON, Stuart!

A few "old" friends dropped by to visit.

Charles White hurried through the lobby on his way to exercise.

C.J. Gable, as promised, came to the desk to visit and take a snack. Then Joe Houston came almost at the same time. Why do these two always seem to come at the same time?

Aven Wright came to visit and told Trojan Candy that he will be competing in the Triple Jump tomorrow. I wished him good luck!

Golf coach Andrea Gaston came to the lobby to visit and meet a recruit. We wished her good luck in signing another superb athlete!

Finally, we had an opportunity to meet Professor John Petruska. Trojan Candy was going to write about him in this article, but I forgot to take his picture. When he comes to Heritage Hall again, I will do just that and then write about him.

Our Heritage Hall friends had their spring break this week. Now Trojan Candy is going to have hers! My husband and I will be back in two weeks. FIGHT ON, until then!

March 14, 2010---Women's Pac-10 Championship Game

Patti Poon, Dwight Lewis and Trojan CandyMy sister Patti Poon, brother-in-law Dudley Poon, and son Greg went to the Women's Pac-10 Championship game at Galen Center. In the first half, Greg noticed that Dwight Lewis was standing behind us watching the game between Stanford and that "other school across town." Pat and Trojan Candy immediately went up the stairs to see him. We told him that we are going to miss him. Then I asked Dwight if he has read what Trojan Candy has written about him. Dwight said that he likes my website and that he loves all the pictures! FIGHT ON FOREVER, Dwight!

My son Greg loved seeing his Stanford Cardinal Women play. But most of all, Trojan Candy loved seeing Stanford massacre the UCLA Lady Bruins!

March 11, 2010---They Came FAST and FURIOUSLY!

As my husband and I walked up to the Heritage Hall glass door to enter, Forel Davies opened the door for us. After thanking her, Trojan Candy complimented her on the women's water polo team's excellent record thus far. With a big smile, Forel was gone.

De'Von FlournoyNow comes the FAST and the FURIOUS! As soon as we got to the desk, three football players came to visit. I immediately pulled out the bags of treats from my storage containers. C.J. Gable, Nick Perry and De'Von Flournoy chose what they wanted. Trojan Candy then took De'Von Flounoy's picture.

De'Von, who is from Oakland, is majoring in Communications. He is a Freshman wide receiver from Studio City. De'Von, who likes Mike and Ike and Sour Patch Soft Chewies, likes to write poetry for a hobby. He left to take a Spanish exam. Trojan Candy wished him, "Good luck on the exam!" FIGHT ON, De'Von!

Alitta BoydLiterally, two minutes after De'Von left the desk for class, Freshman Alitta Boyd came to the desk for the first time. Alitta, who is also majoring in Communications, is a long jumper and triple jumper on the USC Track Team. She likes to play video games, listen to music and watch television. Coincidentally, Alitta told Trojan Candy that her Mom knew De'Von's Grandma because they lived on the same street in Oakland. So, when Alitta came to USC, her Mom told her to "look up" De'Von. She did! FIGHT ON, Alitta!

Curtis McNealHe finally came back! Sophomore tailback, Curtis McNeal came to the desk to just get a snack quickly and then go to lunch with friend Jurrell Casey before going to class. But, I was able to persuade him to pose for a picture. Curtis is majoring in Sociology. His hobby is playing paintball. Fellow football player, Jordan Cameron, who was nearby and overheard Curtis talking, excitedly spoke with Curtis about his paintball "technique." FIGHT ON, Curtis!

Claire Schloemer and Ashley FreyerA few minutes after Curtis left, two more new friends came to the Heritage Desk for the first time. They looked like twins! They act like twins! They are both Women of Troy Soccer players. They are both Sophomores. They are both majoring in Health Promotion Disease Prevention! Claire Schloemer is from Newport Beach, and she loves to swim in the ocean. Ashley Freyer is from the Bay Area, and she loves to go hiking with her parents. FIGHT ON, Claire! FIGHT ON, Ashley! FIGHT ON, together!

Vanessa HarrisFriend Catherine Belm came up to the desk with a new friend, a fellow student athletic trainer, Vanessa Harris. Vanessa works downstairs with the football players and aquatic athletes. She is a kinesiology/pre-physical therapy major. FIGHT ON, Vanessa!

There were many "old" friends who came by in quick succession to the desk:

Men's Basketball: Marcus Simmons and Alex Stepheson, who took sour punches just like Claire and Ashley when they were at the desk together. When I offered Alex a bag of cranberries, he said, "I don't like cranberries." (He still doesn't! See my 9/3/2009 article). Nick Vucevic walked by the desk twice. Trojan Candy congratulated him on winning the Most Improved Player award for the Pac-10! He smiled in recognition!

Men's Volleyball: Captain Jon Hackett came by to visit. Jon said that the team practiced in the Old North Gym (does that place bring back memories!) because the Women's Pac-Ten Tournament has taken over the Galen Center.

Women's Basketball: Michelle Jenkins and Vicky Tagalicod came by the desk together. Vicky is a Freshman from Pahoa, Hawaii. I need to interview her and take her picture next time.

Track and Field: Aven Wright told me that all of the track team will be around for the Spring Break, because there will be track meets on both of the break weekends.

Women's Golf: Belen Mozo came by to visit and to talk about their latest victory over the Bruins. I always like to hear that!

There were a lot of "old" football friends: Tyron Smith and DaJohn Harris, whom Trojan Candy didn't recognize at first. He has "buffed" up since last August. Not only has he lost his "pig tails," DaJohn is growing a goatee. He also was sporting an Atlanta Braves baseball cap. Just like Brice! However, Brice, with no hat this time, came by to give Trojan Candy a big hug. David Ausbery and Joe Houston, who still can't take any candy until Lent is over. Joe told me that most of the football team is going home for the spring break next week.

Two football friends actually came behind the counter to take their snacks, because we were in the midst of packing up to go home. James Boyd took one of my large plastic bags and stuffed it with Nerds, Gummibursts, you name it! When a football coach walked by, James smiled and said, "Just getting candy, Coach!" His accomplice was Omari Crittenden, who with a big smile, helped stuff the bag!

After we were all packed up, Trojan Candy saw every football coach walk by in a straight line from their office upstairs, downstairs across the lobby and then down the stairs to the basement. With that, we ourselves walked out of Heritage Hall.

March 6, 2010---Women of Troy Senior Day

Trojan Candy was again lucky to take "on the court" pictures of the Women of Troy Basketball Seniors. Thank you, SID Darcy Couch!

Four USC Seniors and their families were honored. The Women of Troy also gave small gifts to the Arizona State Seniors. The Trojan Seniors are Heather Oliver, Hailey Dunham, Aarika Hughes, and Daniela Roark. All four players have come to the Heritage Hall desk to visit with Trojan Candy.

Heather Oliver with her familyHailey Dunham with her familyGuard Heather Oliver is from Wangaratta, Victoria Australia. She majored in Psychology and minored in Kinesiology. Heather likes to be with family and friends, shop, watch movies and eat. FIGHT ON, Heather!

Guard Hailey Dunham is from Los Angeles. She majored in American Studies. Hailey likes to hang out with friends, write poetry and music, and play her saxophone. FIGHT ON, Hailey!

Aarika Hughes with her familyDaniela Roark with her familyGuard/Forward Aarika Hughes is from Beaverton, Oregon. She majored in Psychology. Aarika would like to take a road trip around the U.S. one day, and she would like to either keep playing basketball or work with children after graduation. FIGHT ON, Aarika!

Guard Daniela Roark is from Los Altos, California. She majored in Kinesiology and would like to become a Physical Therapist after she graduates. Daniela likes to play tennis and other sports in addition to basketball, listen to music and go to the beach. FIGHT ON, Daniela!

Former Women of Troy basketball playersWomen's Pac-10 tournament bracketsFormer Women of Troy Basketball players met at mid-court during half-time for a group picture. FIGHT ON, Ladies!

Congratulations to all four of the USC Seniors! Good Luck in the upcoming Pac-10 Tournament at the Galen Center and then in the NCAA Women's Tournament!

March 5, 2010---Women of Troy Rowers Rule!

Anna WierzbowskaFive Women of Troy Rowers came to the Heritage Hall desk for the first time today! The first was portside rower Anna Wierzbowska, who is a Sophomore from Cracow, Poland. Anna is majoring in International Relations and Global Business. Photography, cooking and reading fantasy stories are her hobbies. FIGHT ON, Anna!

Kate EricksonThe second rower was Kate Erickson, a Sophomore from Boulder Colorado. Kate is majoring in Public Relations and Business Administration. Swimming, reading and running are her hobbies. I asked Kate why she chose USC and how she ever got into rowing, since there didn't seem to be too many rowing opportunities in Boulder. Kate said that USC had a Novice Program. So, here she is...a Trojan! FIGHT ON, Kate!

Megan BerryThe third rower was Megan Berry, who is a Junior from Santa Monica, CA. Megan is majoring in Art History. She was in a hurry to get to the Library, so she didn't tell me about her hobbies. Next Time! FIGHT ON, Megan!

Gaby Zarate-DeMacedoThe fourth and fifth Women of Troy rowers came together. One of them was very tall and the other was short, just like yours truly. The tall rower was Gaby Zarate-DeMacedo, a Sophomore from Silver Lake. Gaby is majoring in Art History and is the SAAC Rep for the team. The two young ladies giggled all the time they were at the desk. The fifth "rower" was Coxswain Dionne Licudine, who is a Sophomore from San Francisco. She is majoring in International Relations. Dancing ballet and hip-hop is one of Dionne's hobbies. The other hobby must be teasing Gaby! Dionne said that Gaby is the Comedian of the team. Gaby agreed! They took a sour punch and a Crisp before they left. As they exited down the hallway, Trojan Candy could still hear them giggling! FIGHT ON, Gaby! FIGHT ON, Dionne!

Desmond HamiltonTwo new track friends came to the desk for the first time. Senior Desmond Hamilton, an Accounting major, took a Fruit Punch Sour Punch. He is from New Jersey and wore a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap. He is a Long Jumper on the Track Team. Desmond's hobbies are singing, "old school" music, "stepping" dancing, and going to the beach (No wonder he came to L.A.!). FIGHT ON, Desmond!

Brendan AmesSprinter Liz Olear brought fellow team member Brendan Ames to the desk. Brendan is a Junior majoring in American Studies and Ethnicity. He transferred last year from the University of Kentucky and is from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Brendan, who runs the 110 meter hurdles and also does the long jump, told Trojan Candy that he would tell other track members to come to Heritage Hall for treats and interviews. FIGHT ON, Brendan!

As soon as my husband and I walked to the Heritage desk, we saw an old friend. It was Michael Morgan smiling at us and holding a guitar. I asked Michael if he plays and sings. With another big smile, he said that he is trying to learn to do both!

Allen Bradford quietly came up to the Heritage desk. Trojan Candy asked him what he has been writing. Allen said that he has been writing songs! He writes them and his family and friends sing them. Two of his songs have been played on XM 99.7. They are "All Yours" and "Everything You're Not." Trojans, be sure and listen for Allen's songs on XM radio!

Other "old" football friends came to visit: C.J. Gable came with Jurrell Casey once and then with Allen Bradford the second time. Allen teased C.J. when we asked C.J. if he could sing. Smiling, C.J. said, "Yeah! Like M.J. (Michael Jackson)!" (We'll see!) Alum Charles White came again this week, took his new favorite Mike and Ike and then went out to exercise. Nick Perry tried the new Rice Krispies. Up the stairs after a workout, there was John Jackson! He came to visit for a while and told Trojan Candy that he is taking a break since the sports he covers are out of season. I told him that I miss the Lexus Gauntlet Show that he hosted. J.J. asked me, "Who is leading in the Gauntlet competition?" Proudly, I told him, "USC!" Then, we enjoyed talking about our "sweep" of the Bruin men in basketball! Good friend Brice Butler came up quickly to the desk. (He does everything fast! Most importantly, his receiver routes!) Brice was wearing a black and gray ski cap this week. Stay tuned for his head attire next week! Uona Kaveinga took a snack, said, "Thanks," and walked away quickly. The last "old" football friend to come to the desk was Kevin Greene. Kevin was wearing an "I hella love Oakland" shirt. While he was at the desk, some visitors, from Northern California like Kevin, spoke about mutual friends up north. So many friends!

Track and Field Friends: Tyler Grady and Elan Hilaire.

Another rowing Friend: Maria Wilgotsson.

Heritage Hall workers: Max Caudle, Lambert and Joseph Easton.

Robert Cox trophy for the best woman golfer, Jennifer SongWomen's Golf: Very good, weekly friend, Jennifer Song came by to visit. We asked her about the Robert Cox trophy that she won. Jennifer said that it is a replica and that the real trophy costs $25,000! My husband asked Jennifer if she received anything for winning that tournament last year. She said that she got a gold medal! Congrats! Trojan Candy then asked Jennifer if she has been shopping lately. She said that she has bought a lot of clothes. Jennifer also told me that she likes to sing karaoke! (Wonder if she knows Allen Bradford? Yes, she can do "a song and a dance"!) As she took a chocolate Rice Krispie, Jennifer told Trojan Candy, "I'm spoiled!" (I aim to please and to spoil!)