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Sunday, December 12, 2010---2010 Football Awards

Trojan Candy, my sister Pat and brother-in-law Dudley arrived at the Galen Center Founder's Room at 4:00 p.m. Bryce Butler met us in the lobby. The Founder's Room filled up quickly. Surprisingly, there were just a few children running around asking for autographs. However, Trojan Candy was there with her camera!

The players mostly "hung out" together during the reception. Trojan Candy was able to take a few pictures.

Jurrell Casey, Nick Perry, and Allen Bradford
Jurrell Casey (9/3/2009), Nick Perry, and Allen Bradford
Torin Harris, De'Von Flournoy, Peter Yobo, and Tony Burnett
Torin Harris, De'Von Flournoy, Peter Yobo, and Tony Burnett
Nickell Robey, T.J. Bryant, Jawanza Starling, and De'Von Flournoy
Nickell Robey, T.J. Bryant, Jawanza Starling, and De'Von Flournoy
T.J. McDonald and Matt Barkley
T.J. McDonald and Matt Barkley
Jesse Scroggins, Christian Thomas, and George Uko
Jesse Scroggins, Christian Thomas, and George Uko
Abe Markowitz and Brett Kan
Abe Markowitz and Brett Kan
Chris Galippo
Chris Galippo
William Rojas, Robbie Boyer, Emon Saee, Boomer Roepke, Giovanni di Poalo, Hunter Simmons, and Taylor Ashton
William Rojas, Robbie Boyer, Emon Saee, Boomer Roepke, Giovanni di Poalo, Hunter Simmons, and Taylor Ashton
Abe Markowitz, Matt Barkley, Dillon Baxter, and Kyle Prater
Abe Markowitz, Matt Barkley, Dillon Baxter, and Kyle Prater
Coach Keary Colbert and Ronald Johnson
Coach Keary Colbert and Ronald Johnson
Kevin Graf
Kevin Graf

Then, the band marched us into the banquet area, which was in the main arena.

Pat Haden began the ceremonies, and John Jackson was the Master of Ceremonies. Coach Lane Kiffin and his staff announced all the awards.

The winners presented in order are as follows:

Bob Chandler Award (underclassman with outstanding athletic ability, academic achievement and character): wide receiver Robert Woods

Howard Jones/Football Alumni Club Academic Award (overall academic achievement): linebacker Augusto Alonso, 3.97 GPA

Team Captains: quarterback Matt Barkley, linebackers Michael Morgan and Malcolm Smith, fullback Stanley Havili, and cornerback Shareece Wright

Co-Lifters Award: defensive tackle Christian Tupou and fullback Stanley Havili (whose arm was in a blue sling)

Chris Carlisle Courage Award: defensive tackle Christian Tupou

Service Team Players of the Year: Offensive: tailback D.J. Morgan and Defensive: defensive tackle George Uko

Joe Collins Walk-on Award: safety Tony Burnett

Jack Oakie "Rise and Shine" Award (year's longest run): tailback Allen Bradford

Mario Danelo Special Teams Player of the Year: linebacker Chris Galippo

John Dye Memorial Award for Linemen of the Year: offensive tackle Tyron Smith (offense), defensive tackle Jurrell Casey (defense)

John McKay Award (underclassman with the most competitive spirit): wide receiver Robert Woods

Marv Goux Award (Outstanding player of the game versus UCLA: tailback Allen Bradford

Davis-Teschke Award (Most Inspirational Player): fullback Stanley Havili

Mike McKeever Memorial Award (Most Valuable Player): defensive tackle Jurrell Casey

Trojan Candy was able to take pictures of some of the winners when they walked by our Table #21.

Congratulations to all of the Award Winners!

Have a joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year!

FIGHT ON, until then!

Michael Morgan, William Rojas, Derek Simmons, and Tyler Grady
Michael Morgan, William Rojas, Derek Simmons, and Tyler Grady
Shane Horton, Giovanni di Poalo, and Wes Horton
Shane Horton, Giovanni di Poalo, and Wes Horton
Co-Captains Malcolm Smith, Matt Barkley, Michael Morgan, Shareece Wright, and Stanley Havili
Co-Captains Malcolm Smith, Matt Barkley, Michael Morgan, Shareece Wright, and Stanley Havili
Tyron Smith
Tyron Smith (9/9/2010) was Offensive Lineman of the Year
Jurrell Casey
Jurrell was Defensive Lineman of the Year and MVP
Offensive Seniors
Offensive Seniors
Joe Houston
We'll miss you, Joe Houston
Defensive Seniors
Defensive Seniors
Mitch Mustain
Good luck, Mitch Mustain

December 10, 2010---A Senior Salute!

Finals are here! Heritage Hall was rather quiet today since all the students are taking exams at 8:00 to 10:00 am, 11:00-1:00 pm and/or 2:00-4:00 pm. Some new friends and some old friends did come to Heritage Hall today.

Two new friends came to the Heritage desk today.

Eric ZiskinSenior Eric Ziskin, who is from Calabasas, is majoring in Business Marketing/Management. Eric is one of the football Team Managers. His hobby is collecting shoes! He has Nike and LeBron styles. Trojan Candy looked over the counter and saw the bright cardinal and gold shoes that Eric was wearing! Keep collecting and FIGHT ON, Eric!

Wenli JenA USC Rossier graduate student walked up to the Heritage desk with her friend Ryan. Wenli Jen is working toward her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership (Educational Psychology). She works for the Pacific Clinics-Asian Pacific Family Center. Wenli earned her M.S. in College Counseling at Harvard in 2006. (My older daughter Kelly and her husband Gen are both Harvard grads.) She said that her hobbies are teaching hip-hop dance and playing basketball. Wenli asked Trojan Candy if she knows any USC athlete that would be a guest speaker at her S.A.V. Youth Summit for 6th to 12th graders on February 26, 2011. Is there a USC athlete that would be interested in doing a presentation? FIGHT ON, Wenli!

My husband Jim put all the names of the Football Seniors on the schedule board. All twenty names were listed at the top. Trojan Candy was able to take pictures of Omari Crittenden and C.J. Gable in front of their names. FIGHT ON, Omari! FIGHT ON, C.J.! FIGHT ON, the 18 other SENIORS!

Our 2010 Football Seniors
Our 2010 Football Seniors
Omari Crittenden
We'll miss you, Omari Crittendon!
C.J. Gable
We'll miss you too, C.J. Gable!

Seen at the SCene:

Heritage Friends: Max Caudle told Trojan Candy that he just finished his last final at USC. He admitted that it is bittersweet. Congrats Max!

Football secretary Irene Puentes came to visit. Irene told Trojan Candy that six football recruits are coming to visit TODAY!

Trojan Candy saw Kathleen DeCristo and her almost one year old son Benjamin upstairs outside the Administrative Office. What a cutie!

Sean Jordan brought down more posters for the desk as he always does. Thanks, Sean!

Professor Bryce Nelson came by the desk twice. The second time he brought Trojan Candy a bag of Sun Chips. He said that these chips would be healthier for the athletes and visitors. Thank you Dr. Bryce!

John McKay, Jr. walked by the desk, and as usual, he smiled and said, "Hello." The second time around, I told him that I will see him at the Football banquet on Sunday night. "See ya there" was his reply.

David, the Fed Ex deliverer, asked Trojan Candy how I like my new camera. "I love it!" David said that he has two of the same cameras. A photographer after my own heart!

Women's Basketball: Michelle Franco

Track and Field: Alitta Boyd

Rowing: Carin Andersson and Liene Stuberovska

Coaches: All football...Lenny Vandermade, Kennedy Pola who was meeting a recruit, and Sammy Knight who gave Trojan Candy a big hug when we saw one another outside.

Football: Hebron Fangupo and Omari Crittenden who majored in Industrial Engineering. Trojan Candy caught Tony Burnett at the south doors. As he accompanied me to the desk, I told him how Coach Kiffin had spoken glowingly to Monday Morning Quarterback audience about him. Naturally, Tony smiled at the recognition!

D.J. Morgan told Trojan Candy that his home is very near campus, so he will stay in his campus apartment during the holidays. Besides, D.J. said that his parents have already changed his bedroom into a "fun" room!

Brice Butler, wearing "The City" baseball cap, was still carrying a water bottle around with him. So conscientious!

Robbie Boyer and Devon Kennard both came to the desk to take a snack and visit.

C.J. Gable came by the desk twice.

Nick Perry told Trojan Candy that he is done with his finals next Tuesday. Then he will go home to Detroit to see his family. He hasn't been home for an entire year. Have a nice visit, Nick!

Kevin Greene walked by as we packed up to leave. Then, T.J. Bryant came to the desk. We opened up our container for him to get what he wants.

As we were leaving Heritage Hall, Coach Sammy Knight gave me a big hug. A few steps later, Trojan Candy saw some more football friends. Demetrius Wright and Xavier Grimble picked some snacks from our containers. Then, Joe Houston gave Trojan Candy a big hug, while Robert Woods waved and smiled since he was on his cell phone. Trojan Candy told Joe that I look forward to meeting his parents at the Football banquet on Sunday.

One last word:

What a phenomenal weekend of December 3rd-5th! Six out of Six! Our Women of Troy won both of their first and second round NCAA Volleyball games to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. Our football team BEAT the Bruins!! Our Men's Basketball team beat #19 Texas in basketball. Last, but not least, our Men's Water Polo Team beat St. Francis of New York and Cal to win their THIRD STRAIGHT NATIONAL NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP! FIGHT ON!

December 3, 2010---A Special Thank You, the Women of Troy Tennis Team and a Christmas Tree Too!

As Trojan Candy was walking by the fenced in, soon to be demolished "Annex" (MPI to my younger Trojans), Christian Tupou and a friend walked toward me. A big smile and a "Hello" nod ensued.

As soon as I walked into Heritage Hall, the Christmas tree captured my eyes. Every Trojan should see the tree at least once. Ten new friends came to the desk for the first time today. Some of them posed by the beautiful tree.

Trojan Candy and Petros PapadakisThe first new friend seems like an old friend. Trojan Candy has seen him on television for years and heard him announce the USC men's basketball and football games. Petros Papadakis entered from the east doors. I immediately grabbed him and ushered him to the desk for an interview. Petros, who was a captain on the 2000 USC Football Team, said he majored in English and minored in Russian Literature. He was married in Rhodes, Greece, a year and a half ago and lives in San Pedro now. Petros works in radio and television. He told Trojan Candy that he is calling his second USC-UCLA game tomorrow. On a personal side, Petros wrote that he has allergies and a lisp. For a hobby, he collects music. Trojan Candy knows that he always picks an appropriate song on every Lane Kiffin show and always "sings" a few lyrics! FIGHT ON, Petros!

Bryce JonesTrojan Candy almost missed the skinny, young man as he walked briskly by the desk. I ran out and brought him over to the desk. Such a shy one! Freshman Bryce Jones, who is undecided in his major, is a 6"2" guard on the USC Men's Basketball Team. Bryce attended Taft High School. For hobbies he likes to play video games, especially NBA 2 K 11 and to hang out with friends. Trojan Candy noticed that he had a skateboard in his hand, much like Dillon Baxter normally does. Then, I teasingly asked him if he has ever ridden in a cart on campus. Smiling, Bryce said, "No!" Keep skateboarding and FIGHT ON, Bryce!

My next six new friends were track and field athletes. They came up to the desk together.

Terence AbramSophomore Terence Abram is majoring in Human Performance. He is from Rancho Cucamonga, and he runs in the 100m, 200m and 4x100. Terence likes to play basketball and to listen to Hip-Hop music. FIGHT ON, Terence!

Jennifer JonesSophomore Jennifer Jones is majoring in Business Administration. She is from Rialto, and she competes in the 100 m, 200 m, the long jump and the triple jump. Jennifer likes to play the piano, and like Terence, she likes to play basketball. FIGHT ON, Jennifer!

Caroline LutzkySophomore Caroline Lutzky is majoring in Human Performance and Communications. She is from Miami Beach, Florida, and she runs in the 200 m and the 400 m. For hobbies, Caroline likes to listen to music, draw, and go to the beach. Caroline told Trojan Candy that she wanted to go to a college where it is warm. We both agreed that USC has a warm climate and beautiful beaches without the humidity of Florida! Caroline came to her ideal school! FIGHT ON, Caroline!

Dalilah MuhammadJunior Dalilah Muhammad is majoring in Business. She is from Queens, NY, and she competes in the 400 m hurdles, the 200 m and the high jump. Dalilah likes all types of dance and is interested in fashion. Keep dancing and FIGHT ON, Dalilah!

Trojan Candy and Bryshon NellumRed-shirt Sophomore Bryshon Nellum, who is from Los Angeles, runs in the 400 m and the 200 m and is undecided in his major. Bryshon told Trojan Candy that he is completely healed from his leg injury after his last operation. For hobbies, Bryshon likes fashion, dance and playing video games. His favorite game is NBA 2K11. FIGHT ON, Bryshon!

The sixth new track friend was Aareon Payne. She is a Junior majoring in Neuroscience! Aareon, who is from Akron, Ohio, runs the 100 m and the 200 m. For hobbies, Aareon likes writing, reading and fishing! (Wonder where her favorite fishing spot is?) Somehow Trojan Candy didn't take Aaeron's picture. Aareon, please come back in January so I can take your picture. Until then, FIGHT ON, Aareon!

Adrienne Taylor and Cailin McLennanThe next new friend who came to the desk was a Women of Troy water polo player. Adrienne Taylor grew up in Montana and graduated from Newport Harbor High School. She is a Sophomore majoring in Psychology. Adrienne likes to go water skiing. (She must love to be in the water!) FIGHT ON, Adrienne!

Her friend Cailin McLennan is a Graduate student majoring in Communication Management. She works downstairs in SAAS. Cailin, who attended Palm Desert High School, likes to be in the water just like Adrienne. Cailin loves to surf! FIGHT ON,

Jelena MiladinovicThe last new friend, who walked quietly to the Heritage desk, was Woman of Troy rower Jelena Miladinovic. She is from Serbia and is majoring in Psychology. When Trojan Candy asked Jelena if she has any hobbies, she said that her hobby is rowing. What a goal-oriented student! FIGHT ON, Jelena!

2010 Womens Tennis TeamAt 2:00 pm two friends came to the desk. Hal Keimi, who volunteers at the Heritage desk on Wednesdays, and photographer Dan Avila came to visit and to tell Trojan Candy that they were taking the team pictures of the USC Women of Troy Tennis team. Naturally, Trojan Candy followed the team, the coaches, Dan and Hal to Bovard for the pictures. Then, the team went to take more pictures at a fountain, but I went back to Heritage Hall. About thirty minutes later, the ladies came back to the lobby. Immediately, I ran over to them and passed out my Trojan Candy cards. I was able to speak briefly with Maria Sanchez, who is already on my blog. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Tennis!

Armando Brown A big thank you to my friend Armando Brown. Trojan Candy interviewed him on January 23, 2009. Armando, who works for the Orange County Register, came to Heritage Hall last year to take photographs of Matt Barkley. Trojan Candy ran into Armando at the Notre Dame pre-game Fan Fest. Armando took a picture of me and posted it at the Orange County Register site. The picture can be viewed at If the link doesn't work, search for "USC fan photos Trojan Candy". Armando told me that he is again teaching Photo Journalism classes in Annenberg on Mondays and Wednesdays. Unfortunately, Trojan Candy volunteers at Heritage Hall on either Thursday or Friday, so we never get to visit. Thank you and FIGHT ON, Armando!

Seen at the SCene:

Coaches: Richard Gallien (Women's Tennis), Monte Kiffin, John Morton, Ed Orgeron, Lenny Vandermade (Football), Liene Bertasjus (Women's Rowing)

Heritage Friends: Ron Orr, John McKay, Jr., new hire Kare from San Diego, Carol Dougherty, Jordan, Guides Charles Qian, Annie Franklin, Jasmin Sanchez

Track: Alitta Boyd, Joey Hughes, Kris Washington, Aareon Payne

Women's Volleyball: Alex Jupiter. Trojan Candy wished her "Good luck!" in the two upcoming NCAA games.

Women's Tennis: Maria Sanchez, Kaitlyn Christian

Football: Jesse Scroggins, Anthony Brown, Butch Lewis, Anthony Neyer, Patrick Hall, Nickell Robey (who Trojan Candy told to get an interception on the Bruins. Nickell said that he would!), Kris O'Dowd (who gave Trojan Candy a big hug and a thank you), Marquis Simmons, Brett Kan (who just transferred to USC in January 2010), Nic Curry, James Harbin, Jawanza Starling, William Rojas, Dillon Baxter, Emon Saee, Tony Burnette (Trojan Candy complimented him on his TEN tackles in the Notre Dame game), Nick Perry, Joe Houston, and Robbie Boyer (Matt Barkley's older cousin). While Trojan Candy was taking the tennis team pictures, I'm sure that more football players came, but I missed them. Sorry!