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Friday, April 30, 2010---Women of Troy Basketball Banquet

All the young ladies on the team were dressed so nicely and their hairs were styled just as nicely! They all look so different than they do on the court. And, they are so much taller in real life!

Trojan Candy spoke with all four Seniors on the team and gave each one a framed picture that was taken on Senior Salute Night.

Hailey Dunham said that she wants to go to Italy to play basketball.
Aarika Hughes
Aarika Hughes (3/6/2010) also said that she wants to play basketball in Italy.
Daniela Roark
Daniela Roark said that she will take a year off to travel and then may return to USC to get a Master's degree
Heather Oliver
Heather Oliver told me that she will return to her native Australia.
Michelle Jenkins, Nikki Whitman, and Ashley Corral
Michelle Jenkins, Head Team Manager Nikki Whitman, and Ashley Corral.
Briana and Stefanie Gilbreath
Briana (6/25/2009) and Stefanie Gilbreath

Coach Michael Cooper awarded several "personalized" awards to the team members. "Best Body" went to Hailey Dunham. "Best Cheerleader" went to Michelle Jenkins. "Best Prison Guard" went to Briana Gilbreath.

Jacki Gemelos and Kari LaPlanteVicky Then the Coaches awarded the team awards. The top GPA Award went to Daniela Roark, who replied that, "Knowledge is Power!" Briana Gilbreath and Ashley Corral were honored for their All-Pac-10 First Team Selections. Most Improved Player was Kari LaPlante. Most Inspirational Player was Vicky Tagalicod. Most Valuable Player was Ashley Corral.

2010 Women's Basketball Team and StaffAll the Seniors reminisced about their careers at USC. Hailey Dunham delivered a beautiful speech for her Senior Salute. She evoked laughter and tears with her poignant memories!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Basketball!

April 29, 2010---Deja vu!

As we arrived at the Heritage Hall desk, we immediately saw USC Photographer Dan Avila set up to take pictures. Didn't that just happen last Friday? Yes, it did, but Dan told us he is taking "make-up" pictures this week.

William O'BrienFive new football friends, who had their pictures taken by Dan, came to the Heritage desk for the first time. The first new friend was William O'Brien. He is a Freshman from Foothill High School in Pleasanton, CA. William is majoring in Business Administration. His hobbies are going to movies, playing baseball, and playing online games. FIGHT ON, William!

Luke The second new friend was Freshman linebacker Luke Freeman. Luke, who just came to USC this past Spring, is from Westlake High School. He is majoring in Human Performance. (What an intriguing major!) Luke's hobbies are weightlifting (can't you tell!) and snowboarding. FIGHT ON, Luke!

John Manoogian The third new friend was quarterback John Manoogian. John, a Sophomore majoring in Business Administration, is from Venice Beach. John's dad is a USC alum who attained his graduate degree in Communications. For hobbies John likes to play his guitar and surf. (Natch! He is from Venice Beach). FIGHT ON, John!

Keary Colbert Trojan Candy spotted a football player having his picture taken. When he was done, the player started to walk towards the doorway to the downstairs, but I stopped him and invited him over to the desk. I didn't recognize him at first and, frankly, thought he was a Senior player. To my surprise, he was Alum Keary Colbert! As it turns out, Keary has been admitted to graduate school (his undergraduate degree was in Sociology) at USC and, most importantly, he is the new Graduate Assistant Coach of the tight ends. Keary reminded us that he played at USC in 2000-2003. Then he played in the NFL for the Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, and the Detroit Lions. He said that music is his hobby and that he manages a Rap Artist...Pol-B! Glad that you are back, Coach Keary! FIGHT ON, Coach Keary!

Daniel HarperThe fifth new football friend came to the Heritage Desk just a few minutes before the 2:15 pm meeting was to start. He came up with several other players at once, but sharp-eyed Trojan Candy knew that she had to interview him. Hurriedly, red-shirt Junior cornerback Daniel Harper told me that he is majoring in Business with an emphasis on Commercial Real Estate. As he ran to the meeting, Trojan Candy snapped a picture of him in the hallway. As he ran on, Daniel told me that he loves music and that he plays five instruments! The saxophone, piano, guitar, bass, and the drums! He is a one man band himself! Play On and FIGHT ON, Daniel!

Two new Women of Troy athletes came to the desk for the first time.

Magda Janicka Starboard rower Magda Janicka, a Sophomore from Bydgoszcz, Poland, came to the desk with a shy smile. Magda is majoring in Human Performance. (Just like new friend Luke Freeman!) Her hobby is to spend time with her friends. Magda can spend time and visit with Trojan Candy whenever she is in Heritage Hall! FIGHT ON, Magda!

Lauren Chambers The last new friend to come to the desk for the first time was Freshman Lauren Chambers. Lauren, who is from Acworth, GA, is a hammer thrower. She came to the desk with fellow hammer thrower Farren Benjamin. The two friends chuckled and teased one another incessantly. Farren told Trojan Candy that Lauren, who is nicknamed "Sweet Cheeks," is the Junior American record holder in the hammer. We're so glad that she is a Trojan! When asked if she has any hobbies, Lauren said she has no hobbies. She "trains, sleeps, and eats!" Farren agreed that is all Lauren does, but Farren also said that Lauren is "FUN"! Lauren did have time to volunteer for Swim with Mike two weeks ago. (Notice her shirt). FIGHT ON, Lauren!

Ken Taylor and Kyle Ernsberger Sigma Nu Fraternity brothers Kyle Ernsberger and Ken Taylor (the Philanthropy Chair) brought third grade children for a tour of Heritage Hall. The children from local area schools were treated to the annual Sigma Zoo (organized by Ken) which included a petting zoo, a bounce house, and various other fun activities. Two other Sigma Nu brothers also brought their groups to tour Heritage Hall. In addition, the fraternity hosted the over 100 children with lunch. FIGHT ON, Sigma Nu!

Seen at the SCene:

Football Friends: Many football friends came to the desk throughout the day and right before their 2:15 pm meeting. Jurrell Casey, Derek Simmons, Joe Houston, Kevin Graf, Curtis McNeal, Drew McAllister, Shareece Wright, Brandon Carswell (who took his favorite Cheetos), David Ausberry, Allen Bradford, Malcolm Smith, Armond Armstead, Bryon Moore, and James Boyd all came by to visit and take their favorite snack.

C.J. Gable came to visit and, once again, to take his favorite Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Marc Tyler stayed incognito behind his dark sunglasses. Jawanza Starling told us that his mom is coming from Tallahassee, Florida, this weekend for the Huddle. This is her fourth trip! I'm sure that she is proud of her two-sport son (football and baseball) and so is Trojan Candy! Walking by and waving "Hello" were Christian Tupou, who told me that he had just finished his breakfast (at 1:30 pm!); Matt Barkley (Who was asked by photographer Dan if he wanted to take a re-make picture, but who would have to shave first) smiled at Trojan Candy and, while rubbing his chin, replied to Dan, "But that's my signature scrub!" and Michael Morgan, who waved and promised to come back. Unfortunately, Michael did not return. Next week, Michael! Kevin Greene, who took his favorite Mike and Ike's, (which unfortunately was the last package) and De'Von Flournoy, who came by later and couldn't get HIS favorite Mike and Ike. Sorry, De'Von. Trojan Candy will have them for you next week.

Baseball caps: Brice Butler, who always gives Trojan Candy a big hug, did not wear a cap today. Da'John Harris, who wore a black Cinncinati Cubs hat, told me that he wears baseball caps because he likes the style, but that he doesn't follow baseball, only FOOTBALL! Lastly, Kyle Prater, who had to take off his black Cinncinati Red's baseball cap for his picture by Dan, but who immediately put his cap back on, came by to say "Hello." Trojan Candy will keep you abreast on what hats they constantly wear!

Gentleman Ronald Johnson dug in the Rice Krispie basket looking for a double chocolatey chunk flavor for Women of Troy water polo coach Ligita Kaviere.

Marshall Jones, Brian Baucham, and Ronald Johnson And finally, Trojan Candy took a picture of friends Marshall Jones, Brian Baucham, and Ronald Johnson just before we heard Coach Ed Orgeron yell from down the hall that the meeting was starting. Trojan Candy wished every one of her football friends "Good luck" on their upcoming finals and good luck on the upcoming Huddle!

Men's Basketball: Davis Rozitis, the ever polite Marcus Simmons (who was wearing a red D.C. hat, but told me, "Go, Saints!") and Nik Vucevic all came by to visit and take a snack. Marcus Johnson, who Trojan Candy mistakenly called Casey (Cunningham), came to the desk with Alitta Boyd. Naturally, Alitta teased him, since I remembered her name. Sorry, Marcus! Trojan Candy remembers all of her Heritage Hall friend's faces, and I am doing my best to remember everyone's name.

Track: Alitta Boyd and Farren Benjamin.

Women's Rowing: Coach Ligita Kaviere, Iskra Angelova, Liene Bertasjus, Jana Vyhnankova, and Lisa Sabalvaro mostly took their favorite chocolates. Trojan Candy wished them all good luck against the Bruins.

Women's Water Polo: Tumua Anae

Women's Soccer: Megan Ohai

Heritage Hall: Internet Guru Luke Stephens and Lambert from Don Winston's office

Coaches: Shy first year swim coach Catherine Vogt declined to be interviewed. Water polo coach Casey Moon stopped to say "Hello." Women's golf coach Andrea Gaston came by just as we were packing up to leave. I gave her one of her favorites, a Nestle Crunch Bar. Coach Andrea said that her golf team will leave in two weeks for the NCAA's. Then her ladies will compete all summer in various golf tournaments on their own. Tournaments such as the U.S. National's Qualifying, the U.S. Women's Amateur Championship and the Amateur Public Links Championships (which Jennifer Song won last year!) Trojan Candy wished Coach Andrea and her team good luck!

April 23, 2010---It's Coach's Day at Heritage Hall

As Trojan Candy was walking to Heritage Hall, Drew McAllister walked my way. He smiled, and I told him to come see us later. Unfortunately Drew didn't make it to Heritage this week. There's always next week!

Thirteen new friends came to the Heritage Hall Information desk today. Nine of them were either coaches or Heritage Hall employees.

Jonathan ScottThe first new friend was Jonathan Scott, who is a volleyball Technical Coordinator. He does videos for the men's and women's volleyball teams. These videos help in scouting opponents. Jonathan played volleyball at Peninsula HS until a back injury curtailed his career. Now Jonathan wants to eventually coach volleyball, and he loves to watch athletic events, especially the Lakers and the Dodgers. He took some sour Zours. FIGHT ON, Jonathan!

The next three new friends who came to the desk together are coaches.

Aaron AusmusAaron Ausmus, who came to USC from the University of Tennessee, is a new Strength and Conditioning Coach. Coach Ausmus was quite an athlete himself. In 1997 he was the NCAA Champion in the shot put. Coach has also worked with Coach Nick Holt at Idaho and Coach Ed Orgeron at Ole Miss. Trojan Candy told him that we are glad that he is at USC now. FIGHT ON, Coach Ausmus!

Tim CaronThe second new coach is also a Strength and Conditioning Coach. He is Tim Caron, who last coached at Georgia Tech. Coach Caron, who went to Springfield College for graduate school, said he fits the stereotype...his hobby is lifting weights! FIGHT ON, Coach Caron!

Wendell RichardsThe third new coach is Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Wendell Richards. Coach Richards was at Idaho for five years and at San Diego State University for three years before coming to USC. Coach Richards, who graduated from Appalachian State, has two hobbies. He likes to play golf and to play Guitar Hero. FIGHT ON, Coach Richards!

Khalid NamoosJunior Khalid Namoos, who is a pre-med major in Biological Sciences, came to the desk for the first time after all three Strength and Conditioning Coaches left. He works downstairs also. Khalid, who is from Orange County, likes to play his guitar, surf and snowboard. FIGHT ON, Khalid!

Kyle PraterFreshman Wide Receiver Kyle Prater asked, "What's this?" when he came to the desk for the first time. Trojan Candy told him he could have any snack that he wanted. With a smile, Kyle took a chocolate Crunch. He was wearing a Cincinnati Reds baseball cap, despite being from Chicago. Kyle said that his family has strong ties and that his dad is going to visit him next week. He promised to bring him to the desk to meet us. For hobbies, Kyle likes to listen to Rap, R & B, and Hip Hop music, and he said that he always wants to get better at playing football. (I'll second that!) FIGHT ON, Kyle!

Taylor AshtonCornerback Taylor Ashton, a red-shirt Sophomore, is majoring in Communications. He transferred from Arizona State University, and he told us that his twin brother Matt, who does not play football, is also attending USC. His older brother Colin Ashton played linebacker at USC in 2002-2005. For hobbies, Taylor likes to play basketball and to beach-boogie board. FIGHT ON, Taylor!

Todd McNairWith a big smile on his face, Coach Todd McNair came to visit and take a bag of Fritos. Good friend Joe Houston came to the desk at the same time. I asked Joe what kind of coach "T-Mac" is. Joe, with an equally big smile, said, "He is very influential and is a great coach!" With that, both guys did hand slaps and elbow bumps and clenched their fists! What a pure "macho" sight for Trojan Candy! Then, his interview went on.... Coach T-Mac told me that he was a running back at Temple University. Yes, Bill Cosby's Temple University. He has a wife and four kids; three daughters who are 17, 12, and 7 and one son who is 3 years old (Just like my grandson Zane). Coach T-Mac told us that he played seven years with the Kansas City Chiefs and two years with my hometown Houston Oilers. FIGHT ON, Coach T-Mac!

Sergio PrietoNew friend Khalid Namoos came up from downstairs and brought a new friend Sergio Prieto. It turns out that Sergio, a Junior majoring in Human Performance, is the "Head Honcho" of all the students who work downstairs in the training room. Sergio, who is from Los Angeles and attended nearby Manual Arts High School, has worked for two years as a football student trainer. His hobbies are watching ESPN (someone after my own heart), playing basketball, and playing with his dog Dus Dus. FIGHT ON, Sergio!

Paul KovichAcademic Advisor in the School of Political Science Paul Kovich, whom we have seen at Women of Troy Basketball games since the early 80's, came by the desk to visit. Paul has worked at USC for 33 years and is currently an advisor to several USC athletes. Among them are baseball's Andrew Triggs, football's Christian Tupou, tennis player Jaak Poldma, and assistant SID Paul Goldberg. Keep advising and FIGHT ON, Paul!

Trojan Candy and Ed OrgeronUSC photographer Dan Avila came by the desk to take his favorite Ghirardelli chocolates and then went across the lobby to set up. He came to take pictures of all the new football and basketball coaches. Trojan Candy got to see a REAL professional at work! Dan had 2 black umbrellas, a silver background screen, a cart full of equipment and a camera with a huge lens. Trojan Candy and Lane Kiffin With my dinky camera, I missed getting a picture of Coach Monte Kiffin, but I didn't miss getting a picture with Coach Ed Orgeron, who remembered me from Tuesday night, and Coach Lane Kiffin! Yes, Coach Kiffin is that tall and very, very soft spoken (I'm sure that he is not soft spoken on the football field!). Somehow, I missed both new basketball coaches. Next time! FIGHT ON, Coach Orgeron! FIGHT ON, Coach Lane Kiffin!

Brandon EstradaAfter my husband Jim and I were all packed up to leave, a young man came running up to the desk. We unpacked the containers to let him get some candy. He asked for sour candy and told us that Anniya Louis told him about Trojan Candy at the Heritage desk. Such a gregarious young athlete! Senior and pre-law major Brandon Estrada is from West Hills, CA. He is a pole vaulter and has reached 18.05 feet so far his season. Brandon said that he hopes to break the pole vault record this season. (I hope he does....especially against the Bruins on May 1st!) Brandon said his mother was a hurdler in Long Beach and that his father is Erik Estrada. Yes, the CHiPs Ponch! I asked if he likes to act, and Brandon said that he did perform in some plays in high school, but that he likes the feeling of accomplishment that he gets in competing. His older brother is a wrestler and his younger sister is a dancer. For hobbies, Brandon said that he likes to play basketball and eat SOUR candy! FIGHT ON, Brandon!

Mick HaleyOn Thursday night, my husband Jim and I attended the Trojan Coach's Club dinner at the Sports Museum of Los Angeles. Trojan Candy had a nice conversation with Women of Troy Coach Mick Haley. We talked about the six outstanding recruits that he just signed. Then we talked extensively about how Coach Haley, when he was a little boy, had mailed off Brooklyn Dodger postcards to the players and received autographed cards back. He proudly told me that he has many autographed Dodger postcards. When Coach Haley walked in the door of Heritage Hall today with a recruit, he looked at me and said, "I just saw you last night!" FIGHT ON, Coach Haley!

Seen at the SCene:

Armond ArmsteadFootball: Old friend Armond Armstead (4/24/2009) was the first football player to come to the Heritage Hall desk. He asked me to take his picture again. Naturally, Trojan Candy obliged! Other friends who came to visit were Malik Jackson and Nick Perry, who told me that he was going on a diet so he didn't take a snack. More importantly, Nick came to the Heritage desk like he said he would last week. A man who is true to his word! De'Von Flournoy, Allen Noble, Curtis McNeal, Jawanza starling, Brandon Carswell, Travon Patterson, David Ausberry, James Boyd (who surprisingly didn't take any snacks today), Joe Houston (who came twice to visit), Marc Tyler, Kevin Greene, Justin Hart, and Da'John Harris all came to the Heritage desk today. The last football player to come to the desk was Kevin Graf. He told Trojan Candy that in the Swim with Mike Race last week the Quarterbacks Matt Barkley and Mitch Mustain won the race!

Track: Aareon Payne with her beautiful smile, Elizabeth Olear who thanked us for all that we do, Anniya Louis, and Trey Henderson all came to visit.

Women's Rowing: Jana Vyhnankova, Coach Ligita Kaviere, Alexandra Tapley, Iskra Angelova, and Lenka Vrecnikova took mostly chocolates for a snack.

Women's Volleyball: Alex Jupiter told us that new recruit Falyn Fonoimoana is like a "little sister" to her and that she can't wait to play with her next season. Alex was also excited about beach volleyball being added as an NCAA sport in two years. When Trojan Candy told her about Coach Haley's Brooklyn Dodgers postcard collection, a big smile lit up her face!

April 20, 2010---Football, Baseball and Hot Dogs, TOO!

Trojan Candy, my sister Pat, and brother-in-law Dudley joined the San Gabriel Valley Trojan Club today for an enjoyable afternoon and evening. When I arrived on campus at 3:30 pm, it was raining. Luckily, when spring football practice began at 4:00 pm, the rain had stopped and sunshine broke through. Indeed, God is a Trojan!

After some warm-up exercises, the team practiced punt returns using a machine that actually "punts" the ball. Boy, would it be fun to operate that machine! The team practiced at various parts of the field. Trojan Candy saw (UC)LA Times reporter Gary Klein on the sidelines, but there was no Times photographer in sight. No wonder there aren't many USC football pictures this spring in the (UC)LA Times.!

Bill Beasley and Henry ArceneauxTrojan Candy, Pat, and Dudley walked over to Dedeaux Field to view the rest of the practice from the Baseball Office. Greeting us at the gate were two of our very good friends. Bill Beasley and Henry Arceneaux have worked the gate for many years. It is always a pleasure to see their smiling faces at Dedeaux Field and at the Galen Center.

After practice, Coach Orgeron came to talk to the Trojan Club members in the Dedeaux Field Baseball Office. Coach Orgeron spoke candidly about our team, and he answered all of our questions. What a delight it was to hear him speak and hear his distinctive voice again. FIGHT ON, Coach Orgeron!

After our session with Coach Orgeron, we went outside to see the baseball team play UC Santa Barbara. My beloved Trojans beat the Gauchos in the bottom of the 9th inning with a four run rally. In fact, the team was losing 8-0 before scoring 9 unanswered runs! FIGHT ON, Baseball Trojans!

April 17, 2010---Our Women of Troy Water Polo Team Defeat Our Cross-Town Rivals!

Our Women's Water Polo teamThe Seniors on the teamAfter Swim with Mike concluded, the pool was set up for the USC-UCLA Women's Water Polo match. Five Seniors were honored before the match began. They were Tumua Anae, Kami Craig, Forel Davies, Alexandra Kiss, and Kally Lucas. The first three Seniors have been interviewed by Trojan Candy.

A break in the action for substitutionWe trounced the Bruins 14-5!So much action! So much excitement! The score was tied 2-2 after the first period. Then our Women of Troy scored 7 goals in the second period to go ahead 9 to 2 at the half. It was so thrilling to see our women overwhelm the Bruins! (3) Our Goalie Tumua Anae had 14 saves. USC trounced the Bruins 14-5! (4)

GOOD LUCK and FIGHT ON, Ladies in the NCAA's!

April 17, 2010---Swim with Mike

Welcome to Swim with MikeSwim with Mike CollageTrojan Candy arrived at Swim with Mike at 11:00 am. All events were in progress. Swimmers were swimming their laps. The Trojan Boutique, the General Store, and the Treasure Chest were selling fund-raising merchandise. The Silent Auction area was overseen by the Helenes. The Kids Corner, where children could spread icing on cookies, was managed by the Women of Troy Basketball team. The Spirit of Troy was playing in the stands.

Wow, look at the balloons!
Women's Basketball team
Women's Basketball team
USC Spirit of Troy
USC Spirit of Troy serenaded us!
Coach Lane Kiffin talking to the football team
Coach Lane Kiffin talking to the football team

The BBQ area was so busy by 11:30 am. The food, as always, was scrumptious. Tables along the ropes had a clear view of the football scrimmage that started at 10:30 am and ended around 1:30 pm.

Football players and Song Girls
Football players and Song Girls in the pool

After the football practice, some players and the Song Girls joined the event. The players pushed the Song Girls, who were sitting in inner tubes, from one end of the diving pool to the other end. They posed for pictures at the end of the race.

Matt Barkley
Matt Barkley
Matt Barkley posted the fundraising results
Final results
At the end of the event, Matt Barkley posted the amount that was raised. The first number was a 9, making the total $922,270! Congratulations Ron Orr and Swim with Mike!!

April 15, 2010---Spring Football is Half Over, but Heritage Hall is Still Busy

Trojan Candy came by herself to Heritage Hall today. It was so busy that I never got to sit down. There was always someone at the desk. Seven new friends came to the Heritage desk for the first time, and they were all in different sports!

Stefanie Endstrasser Women of Troy Golfer Stefanie Endstrasser, a Senior majoring in Social Studies/Psychology and minoring in Business, was the first new friend to come to the desk. Stefanie is from Waidring, Austria. For hobbies she likes to play tennis, hike, ski (Natch...she's from Austria!), and go to the movies. FIGHT ON, Stefanie!

Donte Smith Men's basketball point guard Donte Smith came to the desk with a big smile. After digging frantically in one of my blue plastic containers, Trojan Candy found the picture that I took of him on the court at the last home game. In the picture, Donte, with a mischievous grin, gave me the USC victory sign. Donte has been to the desk before, but for one reason or another, Trojan Candy never interviewed him. In fact, he was outside the door when I ran out to get him to return inside for a picture and interview. Donte is a red-shirt Junior majoring in Sociology. When asked about hobbies, Donte said that he likes to play basketball, go to class (a true student athlete!), and take care of his eight month old son, Donte Germaen Smith, Jr. FIGHT ON, Donte!

Madison Aguirre Lacrosse friend Catherine Belme brought another new friend to the desk this week! Sophomore Madison Aguirre, who is from San Clemente, plays both lacrosse and soccer. She literally trains year round! Madison is majoring in Psychology, and her hobby is writing Rap songs! Keep composing and FIGHT ON, Madison!

Kevin Graf He came by the desk for a snack but walked out the door before I could take his picture and interview him. However, he came back about an hour later! Red-shirt Freshman Offensive tackle Kevin Graf had exited out the west Heritage doors, but entered in the east doors. Kevin is from Agoura Hills and is majoring in Communications. Kevin didn't tell Trojan Candy about any hobbies, but he did say that he likes to play football and basketball (imagine taking a charge from a 6'6", 315 pound Kevin!) and to throw the shot put. Kevin said that in high school he finished 3rd in the state in the shot put! When I asked him if he could also compete in track and field at USC, Kevin said that there is not enough time to train and play in both sports. Too bad! FIGHT ON, Kevin!

Markisha LeaA familiar face came in the door. Markisha Lea greeted me with a big smile. Markisha is a Women of Troy basketball alum who graduated in 2008. She and some other basketball alumnae sit in front of Trojan Candy at the women's basketball games. Markisha works in the USC Office Of College Advising as an Academic Advisor for undecided/undeclared students. As for her hobbies, Markisha said she loves watching movies and eating! (yum!) FIGHT ON, Markisha!

Iskra Angelova Sophomore Iskra Angelova came to the desk for the first time. She is from Bulgaria and is a "two-seed bow" on the Rowing team. Iskra is undecided in her major but is considering International Relations. (Perhaps Trojan Candy should introduce her to Markisha). Iskra said that her favorite thing to do is to smile! (Just look at her picture!) She loves to dance and to laugh with her friends. FIGHT ON, Iskra!

Luke Stephens The last new friend is Freshman Luke Stephens. Luke is from Pasadena and is a Business Administration major. He works upstairs in the Football Office and is known as the "internet guru." Luke likes to watch sports and listen to rock and reggae music. He was destined to be a Trojan since both his parents are alums, and he has attended USC football games since he was ten years old. Looks like he got his dream job! FIGHT ON, Luke!

Coach Ali Khosroshahin with his father I was able to catch Women of Troy Soccer Head Coach Ali Khosroshahin and his dad when they returned from lunch at the "little" Galen Center where all the athletes eat. Like father, like son!

Ron Orr and Kevin O'Neill Just as the 2 o'clock football meeting was getting underway, Trojan Candy saw men's basketball Coach Kevin O'Neill enter the Heritage Hall lobby. He was on the phone, but as soon as he finished, I went over to him in the small hallway outside the auditorium. The players were "rockin'" inside. Ron Orr and his friend Mike Nyeholt and another wheel chair bound gentleman were in the same hallway. I gave Coach O'Neill a www.trojancandy.com card. He said that he would check it out. Then I was able to persuade Ron to take a picture with Coach O'Neill. Mike Nydholt declined to be in the picture. Then, Coach Kiffin (who is really, really tall) came into the same hallway. Coach Kiffin took Mike and the other gentleman into the football meeting. After saying a thank you, Trojan Candy went back to the desk.

Maria Wilgotsson and Gaby Zarate-demacedo Two Women of Troy Rowing friends---Maria Wilgotsson and Gaby Zarate-demacedo---came by the desk to visit and asked me to take their picture again since they were more presentable this time. Naturally, Trojan Candy obliged. FIGHT ON again, Maria and Gaby!

Seen at the SCene:

James Boyd Football friend James Boyd showed off his bag of snacks!

Football Alumnus Vince Evans walked swiftly through the lobby. Trojan Candy was not able to take his picture. Current football players came to the desk to visit throughout the day. Jurrell Casey took some Life Saver Gummies and Starburst Gummiburst today, but he told me that he doesn't like Sour Punches. However, Drew McAllister took his favorite---Sour Punches. Travon Patterson and Allen Bradford came together. Jordan Cameron walked by with a smile. Jarvis Jones took every flavor of his favorite Laffy Taffy. Wes Horton, Brandon Carswell who took a Sour Patch Kids, Marc Tyler, De'Von Flournoy, Curtis McNeal, and David Ausberry who waved with a notebook in hand all came to the desk. Coaches Lenny Vandermade and Terrel Ray both came by to say "Hello."

Track and Field: Joey Hughes came by with his usual big smile. Other friends were Devin Forte, Desmond Hamilton and Nate Anderson.

Men's basketball: Marcus Simmons tried the Harry and David chocolates for the first time. Trojan Candy will find out next week if he liked them. Davis Rozitis took his favorite Lindt Truffles. Leonard Washington smiled when I gave him a picture that I took of him on the court at the final home game. Trojan Candy wished him good luck for his future. Lastly, Nic Vucevic walked by as I was taking Iskra Angelova's picture by the Lexus Gauntlet trophy.

Men's Volleyball: Captain Jon Hackett took a Lifesaver Gummy. We recalled how "flat" the Bruins were a few weeks ago when our men swept them at Galen. Then, to my delight, Jon told me that he goes to my blog every week! As he left, I wished him good luck in beating Cal State Long Beach on Saturday.

Friends Max Caudle and photographer Dan Avila came to visit.

As I was cleaning up getting ready to leave, I asked three young men to help me carry the stand and bulletin board to the closet. I found out in conversation that they were Christian Tupou's cousins, and they were waiting to go to football practice. Thank you again!

As I was pushing my cart on the way to my car, I heard football cleats on the sidewalk. I turned around to tell the players to watch out for me, when I saw Nick Perry smiling down at me. I told Nick that he hasn't come by for some time. With a smile he said that he has been busy, but he will.

April 8, 2010---Water Everywhere and Football Too!

Just as we stepped behind the Heritage Hall desk, Nick Vucevic walked by, smiled, and said that he would be back. After Nick, so many "old" football friends came to the desk to take a snack. Oh yeah, it is a Spring Practice Day! Before football, Trojan Candy is going to introduce you to her nine new friends!

Brian BauchamSophomore cornerback Brian Baucham with a big smile on his face, came to the desk to see what was in the trays. A "true" football player, he took some Sour Punches. An outstanding athlete at West Torrance High School, Brian ran track and played point guard on the basketball team. Brian is majoring in Sociology, and he was wearing a black Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap. When I asked if he roots for the Phillies, Brian said that he doesn't...he just likes the hat design! Hobbies? Brian likes to play (what else?) football, and to fix up cars with his dad. In fact, Brian said that he goes home a lot to help out his family. What a faithful son! FIGHT ON, Brian!

Aliana Rodriguez and Chris FloresNext, we saw a young man wearing a Cathedral High School polo shirt come in the door. He looked so young that Trojan Candy asked him if he was a high school student looking for the football office. Flattered, he said, "No, I'm the football coach at Cathedral High." Coach Chris Flores then went upstairs...to get his wife Aliana Rodriguez. Aliana is a USC student who is majoring in Economics, will graduate this May, has been working in the football office for three years, and wants to go to law school after graduation. Whew! FIGHT ON, Aliana and Chris!

Next, three new WATER friends came! That is, three Women of Troy Water Polo players came one after another to the desk.

Kami CraigOlympic Silver medalist and Senior Kami Craig came to the desk for the first time. How could Trojan Candy have missed her for three years? Kami is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Occupational Therapy. Being from Santa Barbara, it is quite natural that she would love water sports. She said that she has been swimming for 13 years, and then she switched to competitive water polo. She loves to go to the beach (natch!), to SURF, and to hang out with her teammates. She said that she did play basketball for 7 years. Where did that come from? FIGHT ON! Kami!

Stephanie LavayenMore WATER: With beautiful blue turquoise finger nails (like water?), Stephanie Lavayen, a Driver on the team came to the desk. Stephanie, who is from Monarch Beach, CA, is a Junior majoring in Communications. For hobbies she loves to read and to (what else?) SURF. She hails from a Trojan Family...both her parents are USC Alums! FIGHT ON, Stephanie and Parents!

Tumua AnaeEven more WATER! Tumua Anae, a Senior Goalie, is from Newport Beach. (All three players are from beach cities!) She is majoring in Communications, and she, like Kami, started out as a swimmer. After taking a Starburst Gummiburst, Tumua told Trojan Candy that she loves to read, go to the beach, and be in the WATER! (Sounds familiar!) As she was at the desk, her friend Ronald Johnson came up to take a Mike and Ike and talk. FIGHT ON, Tumua! FIGHT ON, Ronald!

Gabe MeyersThe next new friend was redshirt Sophomore Gabe Meyers. He competes in the long jump and is majoring in International Relations/Global Business. Gabe, who is from Chaminade H.S. in Los Angeles, took a Rice Krispie Chocolate Drizzle. He loves to watch basketball on television and pulled for Michigan State to win the NCAA. However, I'm sure if our men or women make it to the Final Four, he will root for our Trojans! Trojan Candy will too! FIGHT ON, Gabe!

Anna JanickaMy next new friend, a Sophomore from Bydgoszcz, Poland, is Women of Troy rower Anna Janicka. Anna, who is undecided in her major but decided to take a pack of Extra gum, has a sister named Magda who is also on the rowing team. Anna likes to meet new friends (a Trojan after my own heart!), go to the beach (sound familiar?), and swim. Am I absolutely sure that she is a rower and not a water polo player? FIGHT ON, Anna!

Zoe GarrettA very familiar face walked up to the desk for the first time. It was Women of Troy volleyball player Zoe Garrett. She looks so different with her hair down! Zoe, who is from Laguna Beach, is a Junior majoring in Health and Humanities. She chose USC because of its great academics, its winning tradition in women's volleyball, and its alumni. As I started to say, "Once a Trojan," Zoe completed the phrase with me, "Always a Trojan!" For hobbies, Zoe said that she likes to go to the beach (she IS from Laguna Beach!), and to take "nature" photographs. FIGHT ON, Zoe!

Bryshon NellumMy ninth and last new friend was Junior Bryshon Nellum. Bryshon, who attended Long Beach Poly High School, is a Junior who runs the sprints. He is majoring in Real Estate Development, and he took some Sour Punches. Bryshon, who was the 2007 Gatorade National Boy's Track and Field Athlete of the Year, has been sidelined for two years with injuries. He was carrying a long black rubber tube with him. He told me that it is a roller that he uses to help his hamstrings. Stay well and FIGHT ON, Bryshon!

Seen at the SCene!

Football player friends, everywhere! Stopping by the Heritage desk first was Marshall Jones, who had his neck in a brace. Marshall said that he will be ready for the fall. Abe Markowitz, with a big "Hello" smile, took a bag of chips. Weekly friend Jurrell Casey smiled but didn't take a snack. Drew McCallister came by the desk twice. Brice Butler, who was wearing a black baseball cap but Trojan Candy forgot to notice the insignia, came behind the counter to take some Life Saver Gummies out of the box. What about his penchant for Mike and Ikes? Ronald Johnson came by twice---once by himself and then with Tumua. Travon Patterson hurried by on his way to class, and Ryan McMahon had to go downstairs to rehab. How many more football players are going to get hurt? Hopefully, no more. David Ausbury took a bag of chips. Wearing a black Oakland A's hat, Jarvis Jones said that he likes the style of the hat, but doesn't root for the A's. Young Ricky Rosas came by to visit, and he told me that he just saw Brian Cushing with a "faux" Mohawk. It seems that Brian, the NFL rookie of the year who plays on the Houston Texans, comes to work out downstairs in the off-season. Yes, Zoe, once a Trojan, always a Trojan!

Men's basketball: Nick Vucevic came back and took a pack of gum. Marcus Simmons came to visit. He told Trojan Candy that he can hardly wait to go home to Louisiana this summer. He hasn't been home for a year. Enjoy your family, Marcus!

Women's soccer: Ashley Freyer came to the desk with Desmond Hamilton.

Men and Women's track: Long jumper Desmond Hamilton came up to the desk with Ashley Freyer. Farren Benjamin is red-shirting the year, and she told us that the last day of classes is April 30th. Alitta Boyd stopped by to take a snack also.

Lacrosse: Catherine Belme waved hello.

Friends: Max Caudle walked by with a smile. It was so nice to see football secretaries from upstairs come to the desk. Irene Puentes took her favorite Laffy Taffy, and Joyce Hirayama took a bag of Fritos. Last, but not least, Undergraduate Student Government President and tour guide Chris Cheng brought another tour into Heritage Hall. He was just sworn into office on Tuesday night, April 6th. Check out Chris's picture on the front cover of the Wednesday, April 7th D.T.!

April 3, 2010---Our USC Men Swept the Bruins!

Trojan Candy loved watching our men's volleyball team sweep the Bruins at the Galen Center on Saturday. The scores were 30-26, 30-21 and 30-23. The Bruins never even threatened us. In fact, they looked listless, like they just gave up. Our Trojans attacked them the entire night!

Beat the Bruins!
Beat the Bruins!
We swept the Bruins!
USC Band
USC Band leads the celebration!

Three Seniors were honored before the match. They were Jon Hackett, Hunter Current and Tyler Stevens. FIGHT ON, Jon, Hunter and Tyler!

Juan Figueroa and his wifeGood friend and former USC MVP volleyball player Juan Figueroa came with his wife to the game. Juan told us that he and his wife just returned to the United States. He was playing volleyball overseas. FIGHT ON, Juan!

Good luck to our Men's Volleyball Team in the NCAA's!

April 2, 2010---Trojan Candy Is Back!

My husband and I just returned from our belated 40th Anniversary trip to St. Louis and Branson, Missouri. On our plane trip home from St. Louis via Las Vegas, Trojan Candy noticed that a male flight attendant wore a USC lanyard. As we left the plane, I gave him a TrojanCandy business card. I told him that we volunteer at Heritage Hall every week, and to check out my blog. He said that he would. Another loyal reader! Trojan Candy has reached new heights!

It was so nice to get back to Heritage Hall. Our first visitor, Journalism Professor Bryce Nelson, waved as he walked through the lobby. He will return later.

Photographer Dan Avila came to visit. He was on campus to photograph the USC-Stanford Men's Tennis match. We also will see him at the USC-UCLA Men's Volleyball match on Saturday.

Eva Orban and Davis RozitisTwo "old" friends came by the desk. They were Davis Rozitis and Eva Orban. Davis speaks English so well now! He also loves chocolate, especially Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares! When I asked him which team he was pulling for to win the NCAA title, Davis said West Virginia because he played with West Virginia forward Deniz Kilicli last summer in Greece. Then Davis told Trojan Candy that he will go home this summer to play for the Latvian National Team. FIGHT ON, Davis!

Eva Orban is finishing up her course work and will graduate with a degree in Economics this May. Eva said that she will be going home to Papa, Hungary, this summer. Then she will be looking for a job! Good luck and FIGHT ON, Eva!

John PetruskaProfessor John Petruska came back with a friend! His friend was none other than Professor Bryce Nelson! So he did come back! Dr. Petruska, who does research in Molecular Biology, has been a Biochemistry Professor at USC since 1968. He was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and he earned a Summa Cum Laude B.S.C. triple major degree in Chemistry, Physics and Math at Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec. Dr. Petruska was a post-grad Fellow at Caltech with Dr. Linus Pauling, a two-time Noble Prize winner. My husband Jim, a Caltech grad, had a long conversation with Dr. John about any mutual acquaintances they may have had. For hobbies, Dr. John likes to walk, hike and swim. What an outstanding USC professor! FIGHT ON, Dr. John!

Bryce NelsonDr. Bryce Nelson walks through Heritage Hall every day. He always gives us a friendly wave. Dr. Bryce, a Harvard grad like my daughter Kelly, has been a professor in Journalism at USC for 26 years and the Director since 1984. He majored in Sociology and American History at Harvard and did his graduate work at Oxford University, majoring in Political Science. Dr. Bryce loves to bike and watch documentary movies. His daughter and son-in-law are both Trojans! Another outstanding USC professor! FIGHT ON, Dr. Bryce!

Jessica Hsuen and Catherine BelmeThe last new friend to come to the desk today was Jessica Hsuen. She came with friend Catherine Belme. Both young ladies play on the Club Lacrosse team together. Jessica, who is from Fremont, CA, is a Sophomore majoring in Business Administration and Accounting. Jessica was an athlete in high school where she ran cross-country and played the wing position in basketball. Her favorite hobby is watching movies, although she told us that she fell asleep in the movie Avatar! No wonder that movie lost the Academy Award to The Hurt Locker! FIGHT ON, Jessica!

Two coaches came to the desk. Women's Rowing coach Ligita Kaviere comes to see us every week, and Assistant Men's Volleyball coach Brad Keller met a recruit in the lobby.

SID intern Joseph Easton and Women of Troy sprinter, Aareon Payne, both came to visit.

Lastly, there were several "old" football friends who came to the desk to take their favorite snack. Trojan Candy asked each one of them how spring practice was going. Every one of them said that it was going fine, and that the practices are different from Coach Pete Carroll's. Jurrell Casey came first and told me that he likes anything sour. Joe Houston, who took only a bag of chips because Lent wasn't over, asked about our trip, and told us that he likes the new Special Teams Coordinator John Baxter. Kevin Greene took a Rice Krispie treat. Derek Simmons, who now wears stylish glasses (No wonder that I didn't recognize him at first!), signed my son Gregory's football media guide. Hebron Fangupo, who took a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, told us that practices are going well, but they are different. Different is GOOD, and likewise our Football team is going to be GOOD!