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Thursday, July 22, 2010---So Many Friends to Enjoy!

Every time Trojan Candy has come to volunteer at Heritage Hall this summer, it has been after a traumatic event!

When my husband and I entered Heritage Hall, there were only six Heisman Trophies rearranged with the BCS crystal football in the middle. Reggie Bush's trophy and jersey were gone. Several visitors inquired about the trophy.

Now, about all the FRIENDS! Two new friends came to the desk for the first time.

Falyn FonoimoanaAlex Jupiter and Falyn FonoimoanaFriend Alex Jupiter with a big, gorgeous smile brought new Women of Troy volleyball player, Freshman Falyn Fonoimoana, to the desk. She is from Mira Costa High School in Hermosa Beach, is attending summer school, and is working out to keep physically fit. Falyn, who is majoring in Communications, said that she loves to be around her family and friends. For hobbies, she likes to practice yoga and go to the beach. FIGHT ON, Falyn! FIGHT ON, Alex!

Ali AdamsTrojan Candy has seen the next new friend several times in the Heritage lobby, but she came to the desk for the first time today. Senior Ali Adams, who is majoring in Business and minoring in Occupational Therapy, works upstairs for Ron Orr and Kathleen DeCristo in the Administrative office. She is the Head of Student Staff and works extensively with the "Swim with Mike" program. Ali is from Laguna Nigel, and she will be studying abroad in the Fall Semester in Copenhagen, Denmark! Ali was an athlete in high school where she ran Cross Country and Track and even competed in the Pole Vault! Now she loves running for exercise, loves L.A., and, most of all, loves being a Trojan! FIGHT ON, Ali!

Jovan VavicWhile Trojan Candy was interviewing Ali, Men's and Women's National Champions Water Polo Coach Jovan Vavic walked through the lobby. My husband and I ran over to congratulate him on sweeping the NCAA championships this past year! Coach told us he emigrated from Yugoslavia in 1984 and began coaching Men's Water Polo at USC with Coach John Williams in 1992. Coach Vavic began coaching the Women of Troy in 1995. Amazingly, he was an assistant water polo coach at UCLA in 1991. What a fantastic hire for former Athletic Director Mike Garrett! FIGHT ON, Coach Vavic!

Seen at the SCene:

Football Friends: Brice Butler gave Trojan Candy a big hug and a big smile. He was wearing one of his fifteen baseball caps. It was an Arizona Diamondbacks cap. Derek Simmons, Michael Morgan, Curtis McNeal, David Ausberry, and Marquis Simmons all came to the desk to visit and take a favorite snack. Friend Nick Perry waved to me as I left Heritage Hall on an errand, then he came by the desk twice to visit with my husband Jim.

Women's Basketball: Ashley Corral, with earphones on, walked by the desk quickly. Alum Markisha Lea, who now works in Annenberg, came by to visit. Then Stefanie Gilbreath told me that she took Spanish II in the first summer school session and is now taking Spanish III in the second session. She said that her parents, who are fellow Houstonians, will be visiting her and sister Briana next month.

Men's Basketball: So nicely mannered Marcus Simmons came by twice to visit (just like Brice Butler and Nick Perry). Marcus told us that he is now taking Spanish III. Guess that he and Stefanie are both becoming bi-lingual this summer!

Coaches: In addition to Coach Vavic, several USC coaches came by to visit. Football coaches Monte Kiffin, Terrel Rey, and Lenny Vandermade; Women's Rowing Assistant Coach Marketa DeQuine; and Director of Track and Field Ron Allice.

Friends: Helen Yan came to visit during her lunch hour, Photographer Dan Avila told us about his recent trip to Las Vegas, and fellow Heritage Hall Volunteer Grant told us about his recent trip to El Salvador. We see Grant at every athletic event---Monday Morning Quarterback and Chalk Talk. A Trojan alum after my own heart! Our two favorite professors, Dr. John Petruska and Dr. Bryce Nelson (a Rhodes Scholar), came by to visit. Both of them have met new Athletic Director (and USC Trustee) Pat Haden (a Rhodes Scholar) at various meetings.

Trojan Candy will be back volunteering at Heritage Hall on Friday, August 6th. FIGHT ON, until then!

June 24, 2010---Construction and Camp Kiffin

Such a beautiful day to be on campus. So much construction everywhere! Exposition Boulevard is closed to all traffic. The walkways going east to the Bookstore are torn up. Needless to say, our campus is being transformed. Heritage Hall is the same. There is quiet after the storm.

Not really! There were two tour groups from Mary Butler Middle School in Long Beach. Then, Camp Kiffin football camp participants, their parents, and their other relatives were all in the Heritage Lobby during their break from practice. Several of the players rested on the beautiful carpet in the lobby. (Looks familiar!) Many Camp Kiffin coaches, as well as other USC Coaches were in the lobby too! I spoke with some of the relatives of the campers. Every relative told me that their son (or nephew) came to the camp because USC is their "Dream School!"

Helen YanWhile the lobby was bustling, a young Trojan Candy friend came by to visit. Her name is Helen Yan. Helen will be a Freshman majoring in Sports Management at U.O.P. Her dad works on the USC campus, and Helen has a summer job working in the Galen Center. A devoted sports fan, like yours truly, Helen knows and can identify numerous Trojan athletes, especially all the football players. FIGHT ON, future Trojan, Helen!

Three new coaching friends came to visit at the desk.

Chris CashCoach Chris Cash came to the Heritage desk for the first time. Coach Cash played cornerback at USC in 2000-2001. He majored in Sociology and is now the football coach at Franklin High School in Stockton, as well as a Youth Out-Reach worker in Stockton. Coach Cash played in the NFL for the Detroit Lions in 2002-2004 and the Atlanta Falcons in 2005-2006. However, USC has him now! And, perhaps, Coach's two year old son, Caleb, will be a future Trojan also! Keep up the "Cash" flow. FIGHT ON, Coach Cash!

Lenny Vandermade and Trojan CandyTrojan Candy has said "Hi" to the next two football coaches before, but I finally got them to come to the desk. Coach Sammy Knight came to say "Hello" and take a treat, but Trojan Candy did not interview him. I am not sure if he is an "official" coach yet. Next time! I did interview Coach Lenny Vandermade, only after I promised him that it would be quick. (Someone was waiting to talk to him.) Coach Lenny, who played as an offensive guard or center at USC in 2000-2003, attended Mater Dei High School and majored in International Relations at USC. He played two years in the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Coach Lenny told Trojan Candy, "I'm so grateful to be back with USC!" We're glad that you're back with us too! FIGHT ON, Coach Lenny!

Two new football players came to the Heritage Desk for the first time. One was for the first and last time.

Jordan Campbell, who majored in Public Policy and Development, said that he is leaving tonight. Jordan is, unfortunately, transferring to Louisville. Still, FIGHT ON, Jordan!

Hunter SimmonsHunter Simmons, who is a red-shirt Freshman Fullback, is majoring, like Jordan, in Public Policy and Development. Hunter, who graduated from Loyola High School in L.A., took a Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel. For hobbies, he loves listening to Rap music and going deep-sea fishing. As every fisherman does, he bragged about catching tuna, swordfish, and mahi-mahi! As Hunter started to walk away from the desk to go back to his apartment, he said that he was going to immediately look at my website. Trojan Candy told him that two other football players also liked to go deep-sea fishing. At the time, I could not recall who they were (that age thing again!), but I looked them up later. The other fishermen are Jeff Byers and Michael Reardon! FISH and FIGHT ON, Hunter.

Seen at the SCene:

Coaches: Coach Lane Kiffin, Coach Orgeron, Coach Monte Kiffin, Women's Basketball Coach Michael Cooper (who helped himself to Camp Kiffin's lemonade), Women's Volleyball Coach Mick Haley, Men's Volleyball Coach Bill Ferguson, and Women's Rowing Coach Marketa DeQuine.

Football: Shareece Wright, who with his usual big smile, said "Hello" near the bookstore. With an equally big smile, Christian Tupou took his favorite Rice Krispie Treat.

Men's Basketball: Alex Stephenson, who was clad in blue and gold, gave Trojan Candy a big hug as we met in front of the old P.E. Building. When I asked Alex why he was wearing you know whose colors, he said that he wants to keep people on their toes!

Professors, workers, and friends: Dr. Bryce Nelson who took a Lay's Barbecue chips, Dr. John Petruska who took one fragrant Grape Laffy Taffy that he intends to "savor" slowly, photographer Dan Avila, friend and fellow Heritage desk volunteer Hal Keimi, worker Tim Ortiz, and Assistant SID Dave Tuttle with whom I had an extended conversation about various topics.

Summer 2010 has been very busy for Trojan Candy, but I'll see you at Heritage Hall on July 22. Until then, FIGHT ON!

June 4, 2010---Two New Banners!

As soon as my husband Jim and I walked into Heritage Hall, we saw them! The two newest NCAA Championship banners were hanging from the second floor. Congratulations to our Women of Troy Championship Water Polo Team and to our Men's Back-to-Back Championship Tennis Team! Then Trojan Candy noticed that the second 2010 Tennis Championship Trophy was added to the first 2009 Championship Trophy in the same case---back-to-back. FIGHT ON, Women's Water Polo! FIGHT ON, Men's Tennis!

Women's Water Polo Championship banner
Women's Water Polo Championship Banner
Men's Tennis Back-to-Back Championship banner
Men's Tennis Back-to-Back Championship banner
Men's Tennis Championship trophy
Men's Tennis Championship trophy

Vicky TagalicodCheryl Miller's trophyFour new friends came by the Heritage Hall desk today. The first new friend was Women of Troy Basketball player Vicky Tagalicod. Fittingly, her picture was taken next to another new addition to the Heritage lobby---The Broderick Award Trophy for the 1983-1984 Woman Athlete of the Year, which was awarded to Cheryl Miller and now graces the Heritage Hall lobby. Vicky, who was named the Most Inspirational Player at the banquet on April 30th, is a red-shirt Freshman from the Big Island of Hawaii. She is undecided in her major and is rehabbing from her torn ACL injury. Vicky said that she is really close to her family and that she likes to listen to R&B music and local Hawaiian music. She also likes Air Heads and Fritos! FIGHT ON, Vicky!

Carly ButcherThe second new friend was Junior Women of Troy Soccer midfielder, Carly Butcher. She came to the desk at the same time that Vicky did. Carly, who is from Anchorage, Alaska, is majoring in Human Performance. For hobbies, she likes to hang out with friends, listen to Jay-Z and John Mayer music, and go to the beach. FIGHT ON, Carly!

Ashli Sandoval and Alyssa DavilaThe third and fourth new friends came to the desk as we were packing up to leave. They came with their fellow teammate, Women of Troy Soccer defender, Kasey Johnson. Kasey had to rush off, but Alyssa Davila and Ashli Sandoval stayed to visit. Alyssa, who will be a Senior next year, is a Psychology major and plays the midfielder position. From Upland, she is involved in Athletes in Action, and she likes reading/journaling in coffee shops. FIGHT ON, Alyssa!

Ashli, who will also be a Senior next year, is from San Diego. She plays center back and is majoring in PPD Health Administration. Ashli told Trojan Candy that she really doesn't have any hobbies. FIGHT ON, Ashli!

Tim Tessalone with USC studentsThere were several tours. Teacher Terry Hemmis brought her 3rd-6th grade students from Palmdale to tour the Heritage lobby. After she and her students left, another Palmdale tour group came in. Later, SID Tim Tessalone gave a personal tour to USC students who will be Orientation leaders in the Fall 2010.

Seen at the SCene:

Trojan Candy and Joe HoustonFootball: Joe Houston took a picture with Trojan Candy. John Manoogian, whom we greeted at the track stadium, walked by the desk. Drew McAllister, Nick Perry, and Kyle Prater all came to visit. Kyle told us that scheduled football workouts begin on Monday. Football season will be here before we know it. I can't wait!

Soccer: Megan Ohai, on crutches, came by to visit. Megan had hip surgery to repair her torn labrum three weeks ago. GET WELL, Megan!

Track and Field: Trojan Candy went to the Bookstore and saw sprinter Andrew Gibbs. He is working there part-time as a cashier.

Coaches: Rowing Coach Marketa DeQuine came by to visit and take some Ghirardelli chocolate.

Heritage and USC workers: Joyce gave us some Summer D.T.'s. Dr. Bryce Nelson and Tim Ortiz came by to visit.

June 2, 2010---Coaches Tour 2010

Trojan Candy was able to attend the Coaches Tour 2010 at the Manhattan Beach Marriott. The Trojan Clubs of Beach Cities, LA West, Long Beach, and San Pedro Peninsula were in attendance.

USC keyboardMichael Cooper and Trojan CandyDuring the reception I roamed around looking at all the USC products that were being sold or raffled. One eye-catching raffle prize was a USC keyboard. Unfortunately, Trojan Candy didn't win anything at all.

Trojan Candy was able to visit with two USC coaches. Women of Troy Basketball Coach Michael Cooper was busy placing his raffle tickets in the bags, but he was nice enough to pose for a picture. We spoke briefly about Coach Cooper's prediction earlier today on ESPN 710---that the Lakers would beat the Celtics in FOUR games! He amended that prediction, on air, to a Laker victory in SIX games! It is hard for Trojan Candy to root entirely for the Lakers, because USC alumnus Brian Scalabrine plays for the Boston Celtics! FIGHT ON, Brian!

Dudley and Patti Poon, Kevin O'Neill, and Trojan CandySpirit of Troy Pep BandRon Orr took a picture of my brother-in-law Dudley Poon, my sister Patti Poon, Coach Kevin O'Neill (who told me that he checked out my website), and me. Right after the picture was taken, the Spirit of Troy Pep Band and Song Girls led us into the dining room.

Delicious dessertThe food was scrumptious---from the salad to the dessert!

Lindsay Soto, Lane Kiffin and Kevin O'NeillUSC Alumna Lindsay Soto, Coach Lane Kiffin, and Coach Kevin O'Neill sat on the stage in three comfy director's chairs. At first, Coach Cooper stood on the stage and spoke a little about his women's team. Lindsay asked him the difference between NBA players and his USC counterparts. Coach Cooper said that there were two differences. First, his ladies look a lot better in their uniforms than any of the men and secondly, in the huddle the ladies smell a lot better! After the laughing subsided, Coach Kiffin and Coach O'Neill spoke about their teams in an informal manner. Both men have such a witty sense of humor. They introduced their families. Coach Kiffin told us that his mother-in-law and his wife are both Florida Gators. Yes, there was a small murmur of boos. He fondly spoke of his father Monte Kiffin, who, along with his wife, was in the audience. Coach O'Neill told us that his son is an Arizona grad who will be attending USC evening classes to attain his MBA in the fall. Another loyal Trojan!

Trojan Candy was impressed with Coach Kiffin's description of his Discipline and Toughness program. He said he wants our football players to be "...highly disciplined on and off the field!" A teacher after my own heart!

VideoThroughout the program, several videos were shown. The audience burst into loud cheers when the video of our three new NCAA Championships was shown. The Back-to-Back Champions Men's Water Polo Team, the Women's Water Polo Team, and the Back-to-Back Champions Men's Tennis Team were celebrated! As expected, this video was loudly cheered and applauded! Click the thumbnail at right to watch this video.

There were videos of the football team and the men's basketball team.

The last video showed the first Athletic Graduation Ceremony that was held at Heritage Hall. Kenechi Udeze, who played on the Minnesota Vikings, who beat leukemia, and who finished his degree in Sociology, was the keynote speaker. FIGHT ON, Kenechi!

Some questions from the audience were answered by both Coach Kiffin and Coach O'Neill. Then the event ended with the playing of "Conquest" by the Pep Band as the guests filed out.

May 20, 2010---Summer School Just Started

Walking from the garage to Heritage Hall, my husband Jim and I saw an old friend, Kathleen DeCristo, walking towards us. Kathleen has just come back to working at Heritage Hall after having her son. Congratulations, Kathleen!

At first, it was very quiet at the desk. There were a few tours, and Trojan Candy was thinking that since it is summer, there will not be many friends stopping by.

Then, three new friends came by the desk for the first time.

Monte KiffinThe first new friend was Coach Monte Kiffin. He thought that Trojan Candy was just going to take a picture with him. When he came to the desk, he was a little surprised when I started asking him questions. "Is this an interview?" he asked. I said that there are going to be just a few questions. With a smile, he let Trojan Candy continue. Coach Kiffin said that he has five grandchildren. He was born in Lexington...Nebraska (Natch, I know that you, the reader, thought of Kentucky, just like yours truly!). Coach Kiffin said that he majored in Physical Education and that he played offensive and defensive tackle at the University of Nebraska. We then both agreed that the lineman today are much bigger! Coach told me that he loved coaching in the pros, but he also loves coaching at the college level. He smiled when I told him that Pete Carroll always called him his mentor. Coach Kiffin said that the two of them coached together when Pete Carroll was very young. As for young, Coach told me, "Our team is a little bit young and inexperienced, but we're going to be all right." With that statement, we walked over to the BCS glass football for his picture. Whereupon Trojan Candy told Coach Kiffin that I already have a room reserved in Glendale Arizona...the site of the 2011 BCS Championships! That's positive thinking for you! FIGHT ON, Coach Monte Kiffin!

Marquis SimmonsThe second new friend walked in with track friend Joey Hughes. His name is Marquis Simmons. The two best friends kidded one another the entire time they were at the desk. The first thing that Joey said was that Marquis is the "Voice!" Marquis sang "Lean on Me" last year with the team and was featured on ESPN! He is a red-shirt Freshman majoring in Anthropology. (He's the first football friend that is majoring in Anthropology!) Marquis, who is from Compton, said that he is a family man and that he likes Facebook. SING ON and FIGHT ON, Marquis!

C.J. Gable, D.J. Shoemate, Joey Hughes, and Marquis SimmonsWhile Joey Hughes and Marquis Simmons were at the desk, they both took Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Then, who else came? Another Peanut Butter Cup lover, C.J. Gable! The two guys teased C.J. about his choice. Then when D.J. Shoemate arrived on the scene, Trojan Candy took a picture of all four of them, being silly, no less!

James LivingstonThe third new friend was Community Service Officer James P. Livingston of USC's Department of Public Safety. James, who is from Newark New Jersey, has worked at USC for twenty years. He graduated from Rutgers University in 1981 with a degree in Community Development. On his time off, James volunteers with 10-12 year old kids at the Mary Bethune Park in South Central L.A. FIGHT ON, James!

Seen at the SCene:

Armond Armstead and Matt BarkleyNick Perry and Trojan CandyFootball Friends: Matt Barkley with his signature "scrub" and Armond Armstead (4/24/2009) came by for snacks. Then Nick Perry sat down behind the desk and took some Laffy Taffys. Nick said that he wanted to go home to Detroit but that he is taking summer school. Nick told Trojan Candy that he is the youngest of nine children. He has two sisters and six brothers! His athleticism came from his mother's side. His mom ran track in the 200 and 400 meters. His dad was a nurse in the Navy. Luckily, Nick's dad comes to see some of his games.

Women's Rowing: Lenka Vrecnikove told me that the Rowers who are taking summer school, just like she is, will be leaving later for the NCAA Championships in Sacramento. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Rowers!

Coaches: There was Lane Kiffin, who was being interviewed by L.A. Times Reporter Gary Klein and Coach Todd McNair who waved "Hello" from the balcony.

Heritage Workers: Joyce, Max Caudle, Lambert, Irene Puentes, and Jill Dennis all came by to visit.

Professor John Petruska came by to chat. He told me that he married his wife after they had known one another only five weeks and that they were married for 49 years 11 months! He told me that he will be visiting relatives in Toronto, Canada, soon and will be fishing in Lake Huron, expecting to catch 35-40 pound salmon! Have fun, Dr. John!

May 6, 2010---Bon Voyage Women of Troy Soccer!

Michael GerrityMy sister Pat and I rushed over to Heritage Hall from our Trojan Guild of Los Angeles meeting in the Davidson Center. Just as we reached the desk, Trojan Candy saw Michael Gerrity just walking out the door. Naturally, I ran out the door after him. By then, he was down the stairs. I yelled, "Michael!" To my surprise, he turned around and came back up the Heritage stairs to talk to me. I told him that I am a volunteer at the Heritage Hall information desk and that I had interviewed several of his basketball teammates. Then I asked if I could take his picture. Michael said to take it quickly since he had a Sociology final exam in ten minutes. While I took his picture, I sneaked in a short interview. The questions were rapid but few in number! Are you taking summer school? "No, I will be graduating next week." What do you want to do after you graduate? "I would like to get into coaching," Then to my surprise, Michael asked me a question. "Aren't you the person who gave me a courtside picture of my parents and myself taken on Senior Night?" Trojan Candy was so startled, it took me an awkwark second to reply. "Yes, I couldn't go to the Men's Basketball banquet like a I normally do since I was out of town, so I took the four framed pictures to the Galen Center Basketball Office." Then Michael told me that my framed picture is in his father's office! Ohhhh, it's so great to be a Trojan! I wished him good luck on his exam and gave him my card. As he left, Trojan Candy told him that I will always remember the Tennessee victory (His first game as a Trojan!). With big smiles, we parted. FIGHT ON, Michael!

Kristen DronbergerFour new Women of Troy friends came to the Heritage Hall desk for the first time today. The first was Water Polo Utility Player Kristen Dronberger. Kristen is a Junior from Sacramento and is majoring in Communications. As most USC water players have done, she started out as a swimmer. For fun, Kristen likes to "Skim Board." She told us that it is like surfing, but you do the surfing on a thin board, and you can surf on as little as one centimeter of water! Kristen was on her way to a final in Fashion, Community and Culture. Trojan Candy wished her good luck on her final and in the NCAA tournament. FIGHT ON, Kristen!

Samantha JohnsonThe second new Woman of Troy friend was Samantha Johnson. Samantha, who is a Freshman who will graduate in 2013, plays Forward on the Women's Soccer team. From Palmdale, CA, Samantha is undecided in her major thus far. She told Trojan Candy that "Soccer is my life!" When Samantha saw that I noticed some of her tattoos, she told me that their meanings are a secret. FIGHT ON, Samantha!

Courtney Garcia The third new Woman of Troy friend came to the desk at the same time as Samantha. Courtney Garcia, who is from Yorba Linda, plays Midfielder on the Women's Soccer team. She, like Samantha, is both undecided in her major and said that, "Soccer is my life!" Courtney loves to tan herself outside in the "warm California sun"! FIGHT ON, Courtney!

Samantha Johnson, Lexi Opper and Courtney GarciaThe fourth new Woman of Troy friend was Women's Soccer Manager Lexi Opper. Lexi, like Kristen, is from Sacramento. Lexi, who will also be graduating in 2013, is majoring in Communications and minoring in film. It's a wonder that Lexi and Kristen do not know one another, since both are from Sacramento (More on Sacramento later). As she grew up, Lexi told us that she played all sports. FIGHT ON, Lexi!

All three new Women Soccer friends were quite excited. They told Trojan Candy that the entire team will be going on tour to Amsterdam and Belgium in two weeks! Samantha even had her passport in her hand. Bon Voyage Women of Troy! FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Soccer!

Seen at the SCene:

Football: Derek Simmons, who is #90 on the new football poster, came to visit and take his favorite Starburst GummiBursts. Derek said that he just finished his Economics test. I told him that Economics is a hard subject. With a big smile, Derek wholeheartedly agreed!

Men's Basketball: A smiling Casey Cunningham took some gum and the same Starburst GummiBursts that Derek took. Great Trojan minds think alike!

Women's Water Polo: Goalie Tumua Anae came by with her usual beautiful smile. We wished her good luck next week in San Diego in the NCAAs. She took two Nestle Crunch bars, one for herself and one for a teammate. FIGHT ON to Victory, Women of Troy Water Polo!

Rowing: Magda Janicka told us that the Pac-10 Championships, as well as the NCAA Championship, are going to be held in Sacramento. (What is it about Sacramento in my article today, anyway?) We wished her good luck in both tournaments! FIGHT ON to Victory Women of Troy Rowers!

Men's Track: Triple jumper Aven Wright came to visit for quite a while at the desk...with us and with a USC professor. Aven, who took a blue Starburst Gummiburst (the candy du jour) said he had just finished his Economics final (Are Derek and he classmates?). Aven, to our delight, reminisced about our track victory over the Bruins last weekend. Aven told us that while we were soundly beating the Bruins, they still heckled the team with "little nasty" words. No class UCLA! No class!

Heritage Hall workers: Friends from upstairs who came to visit were Lambert, Jill Dennis, Craig Kelley and Joyce Hirayama.

Summer School starts on May 19th, so Trojan Candy will be back a few times during the summer. Come to Heritage Hall and visit on Thursday, May 20th!

May 4, 2010---A Trojan Family Celebration

Sign inside BovardThe stage inside Bovard AuditoriumWhat a gala! Such pomp and circumstance! The stage in Bovard Auditorium was magnificently decorated.

Trojan Candy was fortunate to be invited to A Trojan Family Celebration. The program honored the legacy of Dr. Steven Sample and Kathryn Sample. The Procession included Board of Trustee members, Deans of every School, professors, speakers, and honored guests. The USC Big Band, directed by Dr. Art Bartner, played familiar USC songs throughout the program.

Each presenter spoke about Dr. Sample's contribution to USC and its impact. There was an engrossing video that documented Dr. Sample's nearly nineteen years tenure. Trojan Candy loved the picture of Dr. Sample playing the drums with the Spirit of Troy!

Traveler statue dedicationTraveler statueAfter the Celebration, the entire audience walked outside to the Hancock fountain diagonally across from Tommy Trojan. The Spirit of Troy and Traveler greeted us. Dr. and Mrs. Sample donated a statue of Traveler to our university! The Traveler statue directly faces Tommy Trojan...forever!

Abe MarkowitzDr. and Mrs. Sample and TravelerTrojan Candy took a picture of football friend Abe Markowitz at the statue of Traveler. Nearby, I was able to photograph Dr. and Mrs. Sample standing by the "real" Traveler!

Picnic areaArt Bartner and Tony FoxThen before Trojan Candy went to Alumni Park to partake of the scrumptious lunch, I stopped Dr. Art Bartner and Dr. Tony Fox for a picture!

FIGHT ON, Dr. Steven Sample and Kathryn Sample!

May 1, 2010---The Man on the Ladder

The decadent dessertsTrojan Candy enjoyed scrumptious roast beef, chicken, vegetables, salad, and decadent desserts in the Galen Center's Founder's Room before The Man on the Ladder Concert in honor of Dr. Arthur C. Bartner's 40 years at USC. Fellow Heritage volunteers Patti and Dudley Poon (my sister and brother-in-law) and friends Marylin and Marv Short were at my table.

Peter and Ingrid DalandAs soon as we sat in our concert seats in the Galen Center, a familiar face appeared in the adjoining seat! It was famous, former USC Swimming Coach Peter Daland and his wife of 46 years, Ingrid. A lively conversation ensued. Naturally, Trojan Candy gave him a card. The Dalands had just flown in to Los Angeles from Colorado Springs and had come directly to the Galen Center for the concert. The U.S. Swimming National Federation has asked Coach Daland to write six books for them. Coach said that he has just finished the first book in the series entitled The History of Olympic Swimming. Only five more to go! On a personal note, Coach Daland told us that his daughter Leslie competed in (what else?) swimming for USC and swam in the 1986 Goodwill Games. The Daland's have eight grandchildren. My sister Patti and I remembered seeing Coach Daland and the University of Texas Swim Coach in Shanghai, China, in 1981. We were on passing boats in the harbor. We proudly flashed our two victory fingers. Coach returned the USC Victory sign, and then he promptly put his two fingers, as rabbit ears, behind the unsuspecting Texas Coach! What great Trojan memories! Just before the concert was to begin, Trojan Candy asked Coach Daland if he had anything else to say in the interview. With a broad smile and a twinkle in his eye he said, "I have had a happy life so far, because I married well!" FIGHT ON, Coach Daland!

Spirit of Troy There were many guests throughout the concert that reminisced with anecdotes of their experiences with Dr. Bartner. The guest speakers were Dr. Steven Sample, Keith Jackson, Rodney Peete, John Robinson, Ed Orgeron, John Nabor, Janet Evans, Dr. Kenneth Dye, and Tony Fox. Henry Mancini's daughter, Monica Mancini, paid tribute to Dr. Bartner, and she also sang her father's famous "Moon River" song. The band War performed three songs including their famous "Why Can't We Be Friends?" The finale included The Spirit of Troy on stage with Dr. Bartner. The "Man on the Ladder" Concert was three hours that was jam-packed with music, videos, and tributes. What a fantastic salute to Dr. Bartner!

Thanks for 40 fabulous years! FIGHT ON, Dr. Art Bartner!