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November 18, 2010---USC Golf is in the House!

Eight new friends came to the Heritage desk today, but only seven had their pictures taken.

Michelle FrancoSenior Woman of Troy Basketball player, Michelle Franco, has come by the desk before, and Trojan Candy was finally able to interview her. Michelle, who attended Bishop Amat High School, majored in American Studies and Ethnicity. After graduation, she will take a year off to travel, and then she will enter a seven year JD/Ph.D. program. For hobbies, Michelle likes to listen to music, to write poetry (spoken word) and to hang out with her best friends. Another real student athlete! FIGHT ON, Michelle!

Maxine WelcomeTour Guide Maxine Welcome brought a group of children to the lobby. Trojan Candy always offers a snack to all of the USC tour guides. Maxine loves my Ghirardelli chocolates! From Sunnyvale, Maxine is a senior who majored in Psychology and Political Science. She has been accepted to Teach for America Corps where she will help to ensure that all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education. FIGHT ON, Maxine!

Rachel MorrisFreshman Rachel Morris, who is from Carlsbad, is majoring in Business. Golfer Rachel told Trojan Candy that she started playing golf when she was seven. She also likes doing yoga, swimming, cooking and reading. Her favorite books are Nicholas Sparks books. FIGHT ON, Rachel!

Sam SmithHe just casually walked up to the desk. Sophomore Sam Smith, who is from Turlock (one hour outside of Fresno), CA, is Trojan Candy's first USC men's golfer since I started this blog. Sam is majoring in Kinesiology. He started golf only six years ago and has a handicap of +4. Sam said that he also likes to play football and basketball. USC Golf is in the House! FIGHT ON, Sam!

Water Polo player Adrienne Taylor came to the desk for the first time. She decided to come back on Friday 12/3 for her picture and interview. Until then, FIGHT ON, Adrienne!

Tri BourneTrojan Candy knew that she had seen him before. Senior Tri Bourne, who is from Honolulu, is a member of the USC Men's Volleyball team. He is majoring in Public Policy and Development. Tri told me that he played basketball in high school, but now he likes to play beach volleyball and to surf. After graduation, Tri said that he would probably play professional volleyball in Europe. FIGHT ON, Tri!

Matt Barkley and Josephine LeeShe walked in the door and immediately set up her camera. Josephine Lee, who works for ATVN-USC, recorded a commentary on USC quarterback Matt Barkley and the current high school quarterback from Mater Dei High School next to Matt Leinart's Heisman Trophy in the lobby. All three were from Mater Dei. Then, who walked in the door? Matt Barkley! Josephine did a short interview with Matt. As it turns out, they know one another. Josephine and Matt had a class together last semester, and they both went to Mater Dei. After the interview, Matt came to the desk to visit. Trojan Candy asked about his injury in the Arizona game. Matt said that his hamstring tightened up during the game, but that he is okay now. He said that it will be freezing during the OSU game. Then Matt saw my pin that read, "Dam the Beavers!" I asked if he wanted it, and Matt said, "After we beat them!" FIGHT ON, Josephine! FIGHT ON, Matt!

Julia FoleyThe last new friend to come to the Heritage Hall desk for the first time was Julia Foley. She is earning her Masters in Education in PASA---Postsecondary Administration, Student Affairs with an emphasis on Athletic Administration and Academic Advising. Julia did her undergraduate work at Cal State Long Beach where she majored in Recreation and Leisure Studies. For hobbies she likes to play sports and go surfing. Julia told Trojan Candy that she loves to travel. She and her brother have traveled to fourteen baseball stadiums throughout the USA so far! Keep traveling and FIGHT ON, Julia!

Seen at the SCene:

Football players came to the Heritage Hall desk throughout the day. Surprisingly, there was no "big rush" before the 2:15 pm meeting. That's okay...forty-seven players came to visit Trojan Candy. Trojan Candy waved to Kevin Graf outside on the phone. He waved back with a big smile! T.J. Bryant came before Marc Tyler. Trojan Candy asked Marc if his ankles were okay. Marc said that he is fine. Then I asked him if he was going to watch the UCLA-ASU game tonight. Marc hesitated and then said, "Probably not." Trojan Candy persisted and mentioned to Marc that his dad had played at UCLA. With that, Marc said, "That's when they were GOOD!" Trojan Candy then said, "Your Dad made them GOOD!" (All the while, I was thinking how great it is that Marc is a TROJAN!)

The players came one after another. Brandon Carswell (who was walking with basketball guard Stefanie Gilbreath), Joe Houston, Patrick Hall, De'Von Flournoy, Robbie Boyer, Dion Bailey, Tyron Smith, and Matt Barkley (see interview picture above). Devon Kennard, Michael Morgan, Demetrius Wright, John Manoogian, Torin Harris, Jawanza Starling, Tony Burnett, Nic Curry, Butch Lewis, Marquis Simmons, Malcom Smith, Anthony Brown, Kris O'Dowd, Dillon Baxter, David Ausberry, Zac Kusnir and Brice Butler. Brice gave Trojan Candy his usual big hug. Then we told me that he and All-Pac-10 basketball player (a fellow Texan!) Briana Gilbreath have been going together for two years! Trojan Candy teased him about what fantastic Trojan athletes there will be for the next generation! Did Brice blush?

Jurrell CaseyBoemer Roepke, Freshman Christian Thomas (who came up to get an Airhead for Senior Joe Houston. Three years ago, Joe did the same for the Seniors! Tyler Grady (we spoke about the track team also), Jordan Cameron, Wes Horton (who was surprised when Trojan Candy called him Wes), Anthony Neyer (Tony, please come to the desk to finish your interview and take another picture with Trojan Candy's new camera!), Zack Heberer, James Boyd, Brett Kan (he came again!), Drew McAllister, Allen Bradford, Randall Telfer, Hayes Pullard, Jurrell Casey (9/3/2009) and Ross Cummings.

Then, they were all off to the 2:15 pm meeting in the Auditorium.

Women's Basketball: Stefanie Gilbreath.

Men's Basketball: Jio Fontan, whom Trojan Candy introduced to Joe Houston.

Track: Bryshon Nellum, Eva Orban, Jenna Puterbaugh (who is going to visit her grandparents in Colorado for Thanksgiving), Alitta Boyd, Joey Hughes, Cooper Thompson and Devon Rennie.

Rowing: Liene Stuberovska, Kajsa Olsson, Dionne Licudine, Kate McFetridge (we look forward to meeting her parents when she graduates in May 2011!), Magdalena Javicka, Kinga Mikolajczyk and Holly Pysell.

Women's Soccer: Carly Butcher, Lainie Ransom (Congratulations Women of Troy Soccer on such a successful season!)

Heritage Hall Friends: Joyce, Michael Sylvester, Dr. John Petruska, Kyle Basil, Charles Watson, Teresa Verbeck, Dan Avila, John McKay Jr, Joyce Hirayama, Sergio Prieto and Ricky Rosas.

Coaches: All football! Lenny Vandermade, Lane Kiffin, Ed Orgeron, John Baxter and James Cregg.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving and Beat the Irish!

November 11, 2010---He Came Back! He Didn't Come Back!! He Finally Came!!!

The old AnnexNew Athletic CenterAs Trojan Candy walked to Heritage Hall, I saw a fence being constructed around the Music Practice and Instructional Center (MPI). When I attended USC in the 60's, the MPI was called "The Annex." Most of my classes were in "The Annex." So, Trojan Candy just had to take one last picture for nostalgia's sake! The Annex is being torn down at the end of 2010 and an intramural field will be built in its place. The field will be in front of the new $70M Athletic Center which will will have new offices, a weight room, training facilities, locker room, and lounge for the football team. On the first floor will be a new student academic services area.

Veteran's Day at Heritage Hall started out quietly. Then seven new friends came to the desk for the first time.

Ligita Kaviere and Sarah EbnerRowing Assistant Coach Ligita Kaviere brought Trojan Candy's first new friend, Sarah Ebner, to the desk. Then we walked to the Rowing Office to take her picture. Freshman Sarah, who is from Portola Valley, CA, is majoring in Biomechanical Engineering! She swam in high school at Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton. So naturally, one of her hobbies is swimming. Sarah also likes to hike, to coach swimming and to tutor in math and Spanish. FIGHT ON, Sarah!

Kaitlyn ChristianThe second new friend was Trojan Candy's second Women's Tennis player. Freshman Kaitlyn Christian, who is from Orange, is undeclared in her major. She played soccer for ten years before she switched to tennis. (A two-sport athlete!) For hobbies Kaitlyn listed soccer (natch!), running (maybe she'll be a three sport athlete in track?), and reading. Her favorite author is Paulo Cohelho, who wrote her favorite book Kite Runner. FIGHT ON, Kaitlyn!

Maria SanchezTwo new Tennis Player friends, then a third Women of Troy Tennis Player came to the desk---in the past two weeks! Senior Maria Sanchez walked up to the desk for the first time. Maria's mom had been at the desk waiting for Maria. We both took pictures of Maria in front of the bulletin board. Why? Because Maria was named "Athlete of the Week!" She won the USTA/ITA National Indoor Championship last week in New York. Both her mom and Trojan Candy are very proud of Maria! Maria is from Modesto, and she is majoring in Policy, Planning and Development. For hobbies, she likes to hang out with friends and family, and she likes to play other sports, like basketball and volleyball. (A three sport athlete!) FIGHT ON, Maria!

Bob Baker and John PetruskaGood friend Professor John Petruska brought a new professor friend, Dr. Bob Baker, to the desk. Dr. Bob is on the faculty in Molecular Biology. He majored in Chemistry at Stanford in 1968. (My class also at USC!) Dr. Baker wrote "Football is great! Go Trojans!!" FIGHT ON, Dr. Bob!

Helen TinkusThe fifth new friend was Helen Tinkus. She is a Senior majoring in Economics, and she is a Starboard on the Women of Troy Rowing team. Helen said that she likes to go to movies. Her favorites are comedies and romantic dramas. FIGHT ON, Helen!

Kevin Greene, Trojan Candy, and Christian TupouTrojan Candy finally got to interview Christian Tupou, a Senior Defensive Back on the football team. He is from Sacramento and is majoring in Political Science. Christian said that he likes BMX, poetry and singing. When I asked what he likes to sing, Christian said, "Country music and ballads." Trojan Candy would love to hear Christian, Marquis Simmons and Allen Bradford sing one day! FIGHT ON, Christian!

Now, for my title!

Brett KanHe Came Back! Brett Kan came back to the Heritage Desk! Trojan Candy was able to take his picture this time, and I didn't lose it! Brett, who is from Honolulu, is a Junior majoring in Business. His position on the football team is quarterback. Brett said that he loves sports, playing guitar and going to see action movies. Maybe he can accompany Allen, Marquis or Christian one day! FIGHT ON, Brett!

He Didn't Come Back!! Chris Galippo walked quickly by the door, went outside to meet someone and came back by the desk. Trojan Candy asked him, as he passed by, to come back to the desk. He said that he would. Unfortunately, he didn't come back today. Trojan Candy will catch him another time! FIGHT ON, until then, Chris!

Stanley Havili and Jordan CameronHe Finally Came!!! Trojan Candy's last new friend to come to the desk for the first time was someone that I have been trying to interview for three years! Stanley Havili, the Fullback on the football team, almost walked away before I could talk to him. With a big smile, he agreed to be interviewed. Stanley, who is from Salt Lake City, is a Senior majoring in Public Policy and Development. For hobbies, Stanley said that he likes to play games (Call of Duty is his favorite), read, and hang out with his family. He also must like to hang out with Jordan Cameron! FIGHT ON, Stanley!

Bryce NelsonTrojan Candy would like to thank good friend Professor Bryce Nelson for giving us a bag of candy. Some of you may have enjoyed his generosity. Thank you, Professor Bryce and FIGHT ON!

Seen at the SCene:

Women's Volleyball: Geena and Natasha Siljkovic both came to the desk with big smiles. Trojan Candy wished them "Good luck" against the Arizona schools this weekend.

Women's Water Polo: Kami Craig came by the desk with a big smile. Tumua Anae told Trojan Candy that she will graduate in December and then she will try out for the National Team. Good Luck, Tumua!

Heritage Friends: Dan Avila, Joyce, Craig Kelley, Sean Jordan, SID Dave Tuttle, Kyle Ernsberger, Christine Ovanesian, Catherine Belme, John Jackson walked by twice (on the cellphone), and Jill Dennis. Jill was pulling a suitcase because she was leaving for Sacramento to meet her husband. Have a good trip, Jill!

Track: Aareon Payne and Jade Niemeyer said "Hello."

Women's Rowing: Vineta Mola and Liene Stuberovska.

Coaches: Kevin O'Neill and Andrea Gaston walked by engrossed in conversation, Ligita Kaviere who brought two new friends to the desk today, Sammy Knight and Monte Kiffin who said "Hello" from the balcony, and Lenny Vandermade.

Men's Basketball: Marcus Simmons looked at his Trojan Candy article and picture on my netbook.

Women's Basketball: Vickie Tagalicod.

Allen NobleFootball: Forty-three football players came to the desk today. Many of them came in a rush just before their 2:10 p.m. meeting. James Harbin, Joe Houston (whom Trojan Candy congratulated on his winning field goal against Arizona State!), Brian Baucham, Robbie Boyer, Patrick Hall, Matt Barkley (who came by the desk two times), Kris O'Dowd, Derek Simmons, Emon Saee, Tyron Smith (whom Trojan Candy congratulated on his blocked conversion), Nick Perry, Kevin Greene, Tony Burnette, Allen Bradford, John Manoogian, Nic Curry, Marc Tyler, Dion Bailey, Jordan Cameron, Brice Butler (wearing a Chicago White Sox cap), Chris Galippo (who didn't come time!), Torin Harris, David Ausberry, Anthony Brown, Boomer Roepke, Wes Horton, Omari Crittenden, Devon Kennard, Malcolm Smith (Trojan Candy missed congratulating him on his interception runback for a TD...So I did it now!), Allen Noble (with his new haircut!), Zack Kusnir, Daniel Harper, Demetrius Wright, Brett Kan (he did come back!), Zack Herberer, Drew McAllister, Randall Telfer, C.J. Gable, Dillon Baxter (who ran by the desk, ran downstairs, ran upstairs and ran to the one can be late to the meeting! He's just as fast on the football field!), Eric Childs, Abe Markowitz, a "mystery" player who ran out with Jurrell Casey and Jurrell (who ran out of the auditorium to get a treat and ran back in as quickly as possible!) No one can be late to the meeting!

FIGHT ON until then!

November 6, 2010---What a WINNING DAY!

Team huddleTrojan Candy attended the USC men's exhibition game versus Point Loma Nazarene. Our team looks very fast! There are several new players including freshman Bryce Jones who stood out with his three point shooting. Trojan Candy also noticed that our team needs to work on free throws. We won 69-49! FIGHT ON, USC Men's Basketball!

Men Water Polo Trojan Candy then walked across campus to see the USC Men's Water Polo Team play against our arch rival, the UCLA Bruins. We have beaten them twice so far this season and were going for the third time (third time's the charm!) The stadium was crowded, but Trojan Candy was lucky enough to sit poolside, two seats away from A.D. Pat Haden! What exciting action! My beloved Trojans went up 3-0 with ease in the first period. That's goal #3! Unfortunately, Trojan Candy could only stay at the match for the first half. USC was ahead 4-1 at the half. The final score was 8-5. A sweep! FIGHT ON, Men's Water Polo!

Men Water Polo
Team huddle before the match.
Men Water Polo
USC 3, UCLA 0! What a shot!
Halftime score
USC leads 4-1 at halftime.

Finally, the USC-ASU football game started at 5:00 p.m. The team was there! The band was there! And Joe Houston hit the winning field goal! We won 34-33! FIGHT ON, USC Football Team! BEAT the Wildcats!

Football team
The team ran onto the field.
Spirit of Troy
The band played.
Joe Houston kicks winning field goal
Joe Houston kicks winning field goal!

November 4, 2010---Where are you, Brett Kan?

Trojan Candy loved meeting and interviewing new football friend Brett Kan. He gave me some of his valuable time, even though the entire team was rushing into the Heritage Hall Auditorium for a team meeting. All football team members know that Coach Kiffin has no patience for late arrivals. Fortunately, Brett was not late for the meeting, but unfortunately I was using my new camera and somehow lost Brett's picture. Brett, can you please come by the Heritage Desk on next Thursday November 11th so that Trojan Candy can retake your picture? Until then, FIGHT ON, Brett!

Five other new friends did come by the desk, and luckily Trojan Candy didn't lose their pictures!

Tina WongJunior Tina Wang competes in two sports at USC. She is a Coxswain on the Novice Crew, and she competes in USC Club Fencing. Tina, who is from Brookfield, Connecticut, is majoring in Business Cinematic Arts and is Vice-President of the USC Club Fencing. Tina told Trojan Candy that the Fencing Club was founded by Rufus B. von KleinSmid (USC's President from 1921-1947), and the members practice at PED North every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 p.m. to midnight. For hobbies, Tina said that she likes to go clothes shopping and to hang out with friends. En garde and FIGHT ON, Tina!

Katie SchuilThe second new friend was Senior Katie Schuil. Katie, who is from Visalia, is majoring in Kinesiology and is a Tutor downstairs. She works with Jurrell Casey, Armond Armstead, Marquis Simmons, Zoe Garrett, and Stefanie Gilbreath. Katie gave KUDOS to all her student-athletes! For hobbies, Katie likes to play volleyball and is in the Triathlon Club. She completed five triathlons last year!!! Katie is a student athlete herself! FIGHT ON, Katie!

Caroline TrawickAnother Women of Troy Coxswain came to the desk for the first time. Junior Caroline Trawick, who is from San Marino, competes on the varsity crew. She is majoring in Communications and Psychology. A member of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Caroline wants to be a movie director and producer (An upcoming George Lucas!). She loves all kinds of movies and her hobby is photography. FIGHT ON, Caroline!

Cooper ThompsonTwo new Track and Field friends came to the Heritage Hall desk together. Junior Cooper Thompson, who is from Bakersfield, competes in the javelin. He is majoring in Human Performance and loves to listen to country music. Cooper also loves designing shirts and playing all sports. FIGHT ON, Cooper!

Devon RennieDevon RennieSenior Devon Rennie, who is from Hacienda Heights, also competes in the javelin. Her major is Psychology, and she has a double minor of Business: Communication and the Entertainment Industry. Devon loves sports, all kinds of music and "Chick Flick" movies. FIGHT ON, Devon!

Seen at the SCene:

Heritage Friends: Lambert, Joyce, Dan Ludwig, Maya and Officer James Livingston, and tour guides Maxine (from Oxnard) and Charles (from Georgia).

Women's Basketball: Stefanie Gilbreath

Men's Basketball: Nikola Vucevic and Marcus Simmons

Women's Volleyball: Falyn Fonoimoana told Trojan Candy that the team was leaving at 5:00 p.m. for the Cal and Stanford matches on Friday 11/5 and Sunday 11/7.

Men's Water Polo: Peter Kurzeka

Women's Water Polo: Kami Craig said she was working in the Soccer Office and Tumua Anae

Women's Golf: Stefanie Endstrasser

Track and Field: Kristopher Washington, Joey Hughes and Aareon Payne

Rowers: Kate McFetridge, Iskra Angelova, Kajsa Olsson, Megan Berry, Magdlena Janicka and Magda Janicka


Rowing: Marketa DeQuine

Women of Troy Tennis: Richard Gallien

Football: Lenny Vandermade, Monte Kiffin and Kennedy Pola (who could not be interviewed since he had a recruit coming).

Football Players:

Christian Tupou Christian Tupou told Trojan Candy that he has a new haircut. So naturally, I took his picture. FIGHT ON, Christian!

Thirty-one football friends also came to the desk today.

Trojan Candy got a big hug from Joe Houston. Then Dillon Baxter told me that his toes are well. Brice Butler wore his hometown Atlanta Braves baseball cap. Marshall Jones. Tony Burnett told Trojan Candy that he hangs out with his "twin" Nickell Robey on the weekends. Ronald Johnson wore a black Angel baseball cap but told Trojan Candy that he roots for the Dodgers. Kevin Graf. Tyron Smith told me that he will play against ASU. Christian Thomas, Butch Lewis, Devon Kennard, Tyler Grady, Kevin Greene, Curtis McNeal, and David Ausberry. Dion Bailey wore an Angel's baseball cap. Kris O'Dowd, Daniel Harper, Malcolm Smith, Zack Kusnir, Allen Noble, Nickell Robey, Jawanza Starling, Boomer Roepke, C.J. Gable (he hasn't come for three weeks...welcome back!), Brian Baucham, Kevin Noble (yes, there are two Nobles!), and Anthony Brown. Then, all the players went to the auditorium for the 2:15 p.m. meeting.