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Tuesday, December 31, 2013---A Compilation of Pictures from USC Basketball Games and a Medallion Recipient Too

Trojan Candy took these pictures at the Women of Troy and Men's basketball games that I have attended thus far.

Andy Enfield familyJessica DavisAt the Women of Troy game versus San Diego State University on November 11th, I took two pictures. One was of Coach Andy Enfield and his family. The other was of friend Jessica Davis (1/21/2011). FIGHT ON, Jessica!

Al CowlingsWhen the men played Northern Arizona on November 15th, my sister Pat and I delivered a Heritage Hall medallion to All-American USC football player, Al Cowlings. He let Trojan Candy take his picture, but he didn't want to be interviewed. FIGHT ON, Al!

Nick Young and sonNick Young and sonOn November 19th, the men played Cal State University at Fullerton. The jumbo-tron showed USC basketball alumnus, Nick Young (8/6/2010) and his baby son. Trojan Candy went to speak with him briefly and took these two pictures. Another future Trojan! FIGHT ON with the Lakers also, Nick!

Pat Haden and Donna HeinelAt the Women of Troy game versus South Carolina on November 25th, Pat Haden and Donna Heinel posed with mustaches for this picture. "Movember" to raise awareness for men's prostate cancer was being promoted at the game.

Jessica Davis and Pe'shon HowardOn December 28th, at the Women of Troy game versus Cal State University at Long Beach, Trojan Candy walked over to say "Hello" to Jessica Davis and Pe'shon Howard. Jessica seems to come to all the Women of Troy basketball games. FIGHT ON again, Jessica! FIGHT ON, Pe'shon! At the same game, friend Tom Zide told Trojan Candy that Women of Troy basketball alumnaChristina and Toni Marinacci Christina Marinacci was sitting in the stands. I walked over to see her, too. Christina was sitting with her mother Toni. She told me that she is playing basketball overseas in Luxembourg until May. She came home for the holidays. FIGHT ON, Christina! Justyn Wilson and son

My last picture of 2013 was taken at the men's basketball game versus Howard on December 29th. Friend and fellow USC alumnus Justyn Wilson, who sits right across the aisle from yours truly, gave me a can of home-made coconut-cranberry cookies that his wife Britta baked and sugar cookies baked by his children Dean and Neva. What a sweet gesture! FIGHT ON, Justyn!

Friday, December 13, 2013---USC Football Banquet

Dino DennisTrojan Candy arrived early at the Tutor Alumni Center for the 2013 Annual USC Football Banquet. When I checked in, I saw friends Jill Dennis, her husband Dino Dennis, and Sunny Shepherd. In the lobby, I took a picture of Dino wearing his 125th Anniversary USC Athletics Medallion.

Trojan Candy is placing pictures that I took of football friends with their families, some award winners and Seniors in my article. All of my other pictures will be in a "Google" album (look for the link at the end of this article).

I started taking pictures of my friends upstairs in the lobby.

Nathan Guertler
I gave Nathan Guertler (8/19/2011) a Los Angeles Times article about his brother and him.
Val, Max, Natalie, and Greg Tuerk
Then, Max Tuerk and his family walked in the front door.
Kenny Bigelow and Sunny Shepherd
Friend Sunny Shepherd posed with Kenny Bigelow.
Silas Redd
Senior Silas Redd (8/9/2012) smiled for my picture, even though he is still injured.
Devon Kennard
Senior Devon Kennard (11/5/2009) and yours truly visited for a while. What a beautiful smile!
Hayes Pullard, Quinton Powell, and Kevin Greene
Just as I turned around, Trojan Candy saw another Senior friend. Kevin Greene (11/5/2009) was standing with Hayes Pullard (8/19/2010) and Quinton Powell.
Torin Harris
Next, Senior Torin Harris (10/7/2010) walked into the lobby.
Kevin Graf and family
Kevin Graf (4/15/2010) arrived with his family.
Marcus Martin
I was able to talk with Marcus Martin (8/8/2011) about how he was injured in the ucla game. Marcus said that he was recovering.

Abe Markowitz with Dudley and Pat PoonTrojan Candy then saw a very familiar face...Abe Markowitz (8/14/2009) walked in with his girlfriend, Jackie Owens. I told him that my sister Pat and brother-in-law Dudley were in the lounge. Abe went with me to take a picture with his locker contributors.

After taking Abe's picture, Trojan Candy joined the other guests and walked downstairs to the banquet room. It's time to eat dinner!

The mood of the room downstairs was somewhat somber. Trojan Candy wondered if it was because the banquet room lighting was much darker than the upstairs lobby or was it because there have been so many coaching changes? I vote for the latter.

Dion, Harold, and Sheila Bailey
Friend Dion Bailey (9/23/2010) would barely smile for the picture I took of him and his parents Harold and Sheila.

Pat Haden opened the program, and John Robinson was the Master of Ceremonies. John was able to lighten up the mood somewhat.

After dinner, Trojan Candy got to work...taking pictures! Because the lighting was rather dark, it was hard to find my friends.

John and Steve Martinez
I saw Senior John Martinez (10/1/2010) and his father Steve sitting at a nearby table.
Harvey Keaton, Earthia Curry, Demetrius Wright, and Marlyn Curry
Then, I followed Senior Demetrius Wright (10/7/2010) to his table where Trojan Candy saw some very familiar faces. His stepdad Harvey Keaton, his grandmother Earthia Curry, and his mom Marlyn Curry.
Andre Heidari and his mother
Next, I turned around and saw friend Andre Heidari (9/8/2011) and his mother.
Soma Vainuku
Trojan Candy was on a roll now! Soma Vainuku (1/21/2011) posed for me after he won the USC Special Team Player of the Year award.
De'Von Flournoy
The next seven pictures are of Seniors. Trojan Candy walked across the banquet room to take a picture of friend De'Von Flournoy (3/11/2010). He came to visit Jim and me several times at the Heritage Hall desk.
Michael Arakelian
Michael Arakelian (9/27/2012)
Simione Vehikite
Simione Vehikite (10/22/2009) and (2/4/2011)
Kyle Yatabe
Kyle Yatabe
Cody Skene
Cody Skene
Chris and Sue Willson
Chris Willson and his mom Sue
Nick Scholssberg and Mom
Nick Scholssberg with his Mom
Nick and Mark Scholssberg
Nick Scholssberg with his Dad Mark

Trojan Candy needs to apologize to the USC Football Seniors that I was not able to take a picture of. Five of them I have interviewed. Sorry to my locker recipient John Auran (8/24/2013), Morgan Breslin (2/9/2012) [who is probably glad that I didn't find him since he hates to pose for pictures], David Garness, Alec Jaffe, Craig McMahon (10/28/2010), and Marquis Simmons (5/20/2010).

FIGHT ON, USC Football Seniors!

I also owe an apology to friend Kris Albarado (9/16/2011). The picture I took of you with Buck Allen (9/16/2011) was too blurry. I'll catch you next time!

Cody Kessler and Nelson Agholor
My picture of Cody Kessler (9/8/2011), the "Bob Chandler Award" winner, and Nelson Agholor, one of the "Perimeter Players of the Year" and the "John McKay Award" winner, was luckily in focus.
Josh Shaw
Josh Shaw (1/13/2012), who was another of the "Perimeter Players of the Year," sat at the table next to Trojan Candy.
Buck Allen and Nelson Agholor
Javorious "Buck" Allen and Nelson Agholor also sat at the table with Josh Shaw.

That enabled me to take a picture of Buck's MVP trophy at the end of the banquet.

MVP trophy
Buck Allen's MVP trophy
MVP trophy
Inscription on MVP trophy

PLEASE CLICK HERE to see more pictures in my Google Plus album.