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Thursday, September 27, 2012---Eight is Enough for Today!

It was very quiet on the campus today as we walked to Heritage Hall. I saw Jeffrey Kang ride by on his bike. I told him to come by the desk. He said that he would.

As we were setting up at the desk, I noticed several Women of Troy athletes pulling suitcases and walking to the Heritage Hall north doors. They were in a rush, so I didn't try to interview them, although I really wanted to. Later, friend Morgan Morrow, who is on the soccer team, but is injured this year, told me that the Women of Troy Soccer Team left early this morning for Arizona. Good Luck, Women of Troy Soccer! Beat Arizona State and Arizona!

The lobby was still quiet until two friends, Kelly Kaneshiro and Dan Avila came to visit. Next thing you know, eight new friends came to the desk for the first time!

Michael ArakelianMichael Arakelian came to the desk with a big smile. Trojan Candy has a feeling that one of our football friends told him to stop by for an interview. I'll ask Michael who it was the next time he comes to the desk.. Michael's home town is Anaheim. He attended Orange Lutheran High School. Michael, who plays Defensive End, is majoring in Communication and minoring in International Relations. He likes to play basketball, spend time with his family and friends and travel. Michael said he has traveled to Hawaii every year with his family since he was nine months old! Trojan Candy is having a family reunion next June on the "Big Island." Michael will be a valuable travel resource! FIGHT ON, Michael!

Aaron MarshallDan seemed to be a "magnet" for my next new friend. Actually, I have put a picture of James Blasczyk and him in my blog already. Check it out! (September 9, 2012.) When Director of Men's Basketball Aaron Marshall walked in the east doors of Heritage Hall, I greeted him, and Dan says, "I know you." With the two of us beckoning him, Aaron had to come to the desk. Aaron is from Buffalo, New York. He has coached at Colgate University in New York and Radford University in Virginia. Then Dan took over the interview! Dan asked, "Are you happy to be on the west coast?" Aaron wrote down this answer in my notebook. "Happy to be on the west coast and get away from the snow." Then Dan asked, "What position did you play in college?" Aaron wrote "Played the 3 4 (small and power) forward positions." FINALLY, Trojan Candy got to ask Aaron a question. "Do you have any hobbies?" I asked. Aaron wrote and said, "Drums and working out." The final statement that Aaron wrote was, "Love SC. It is a special place. We are excited that this will be a special year." I'll second that! FIGHT ON, Aaron!

Kelly had a class, so she had to leave. Dan went home. But, six more new friends came by the desk for the first time after they left. Perhaps it's more than Dan and Kelly being "magnets"! Perhaps it's the snacks and conversation Trojan Candy offers at the Heritage Hall desk! Come and see for yourself!

Austin BowieMy third new friend walked up to the desk to get a football poster. I casually asked him, "Are you a student here?" He said that he was just chosen to be a walk-on on the USC Track Team. An athlete! Trojan Candy almost let him get away without an interview. Let the interview commence! Austin Bowie (pronounced boo-wee) is a Freshman from Los Altos in the Bay Area. He is majoring in Electrical Engineering and will compete in the 1500 m. Austin is pledging Phi Delta Theta. He likes running (natch!), playing his guitar and singing. Austin's favorite performers are John Mayer, Santana and Joe Bonamassa. He hails from a Trojan Family. Austin's dad earned his MBA from USC. Austin told me his dad really wanted him to go to USC. After considering Cornell and M.I.T., Austin chose USC. Trojan Candy is glad he did! FIGHT ON, Austin!

Felicia Horvath is my fourth new friend. Felicia competes in the Pole Vault. She has just come to USC from Hungary. As of now, Felicia is undecided in her major. She wrote that she likes to listen to Rock and Roll music. Smokie from the 70's is her favorite artist. Welcome to USC and FIGHT ON, Felicia!

Destinie GibbsMy fifth new friend came back to the desk like she said she would. She came earlier when Dan and Kelly were visiting, but she had to go to her class. This time...she brought a friend with her! Destinie Gibbs, who is from Atlanta, Georgia, is a shooting guard and small forward on the Women of Troy Basketball Team. She is a Communication Major. Destinie's favorite movie is "Transformers" (An action movie buff like yours truly!). Her favorite male athlete is LeBron James, and her favorite female athlete is Allyson Felix (A famous USC Olympian Gold Medalist!) Destinie's favorite music is R&B, and she loves to listen to music by Alicia Keys and Beyonce at night before she goes to bed. What a vivacious new friend! FIGHT ON, Destinie!

Sydney SeauThe new friend that Destinie brought with her to the Heritage Hall desk is also a Communication Major. Freshman Sydney Seau is from San Diego. Sydney said that USC is her "DREAM" school. That's understandable since her dad is Trojan Great Junior Seau! Sydney will compete in the Women of Troy Sand Volleyball's inaugural season. She also played soccer for eight years. Sydney wrote that her favorite movie is the "Lion King" and that her favorite musical artist is Drake. Like her dad, she plays the ukulele. Sydney's favorite female athlete is Kerri Walsh. That makes sense....Sydney loves volleyball indoors and on the sand! FIGHT ON, Sydney!

Scott StarrMy seventh new friend walked right up to the desk with his sweat jacket hood on and with a BIG smile. Freshman Scott Starr is from Colton, CA. Trojan Candy pulled out her Recruiting Book to have Scott autograph it. To my surprise, he had already signed it. Scott said he signed my book at the Salute to Troy in August. At the Salute, I took his picture, got his autograph, gave him my Trojan Candy card and told him to come to Heritage Hall for a treat and an interview. Scott did both today! Scott is a Linebacker on the football team. His favorite movies are "Troy," "300" and "Braveheart." (Another action movie fan, like Destinie and me. Love it!) Scott's favorite music is Reggae and Classical Rock. His favorite artist is Sublime. Scott wrote that his favorite athlete is Brian Cushing (A Trojan Candy friend! Check out Brian's picture on 8/22/2008 and 9/12/2008.). Tradition lives on! Thanks for coming to visit at the desk and FIGHT ON, Scott!

Kyung KimMy eighth new friend had come to the desk a week ago. My sister Pat and brother-in-law Dudley were volunteering at the desk that day. Pat told her to come back next week when yours truly would be volunteering. It turns out that friend Doris Chen told Kyung Kim to come to the desk for a treat and an interview (Many thanks to my two recruiters Destinie and Doris!). Freshman Kyung competes with Doris on the Women of Troy Golf Team. She is undecided on her major. From Chandler, Arizona, Kyung told Trojan Candy that she chose USC because she loved the coaches at USC! I'll second that! When I asked if her parents played golf, Kyung said that her dad plays golf and that her mother likes to bowl. Kyung has played golf for ten years...more than half her lifetime! Her favorite movie is "Gran Torino." She likes hip pop/K(orean)-pop music. Welcome to USC and FIGHT ON, Kyung!

Ari StewartWhile Destinie and Sydney were at the desk, a friend came up to visit. His eye was caught on the new USC Men's Basketball fold up pocket schedule. Then a smile came on his face. He was on the cover! Leaving my husband Jim to help with the two interviews, I left the desk to take a picture of Ari Stewart. Can't wait for men's and women's basketball to start! Congrats and FIGHT ON, Ari!

Seen at the SCene:

Coaches: Men's Golf: Chris Zambri

Men's Golf: Jeffrey Kang, Ramsey Sahyoun

Track: Jovante Slater, Caroline Lutsky, Aaron Brown

Rowing: Jelena Miladinovic

Women's Water Polo: Blair Moody

Soccer: Morgan Morrow

Sand Volleyball: Bria Russ who switched from indoor volleyball

Football equipment truckFootball: Victor Blackwell, Tre' Madden, Anthony Brown, a big hug from Kyle Negrete, Kevin Greene, Max Wittek, Omari Crittenden, Randall Telfer (who told Trojan Candy that his favorite cookie is the Biscoff brand. My Trojan daughter Steffany is the Marketing Director for the Lotus Bakery that distributes the Biscoff brand.) Morgan Breslin (whom we always see when we are walking to our car. You need to come to the Heritage Hall desk sooner, Morgan, so that we can visit). Also on the way to our car, Trojan Candy saw the side of the football equipment truck.

Heritage Hall Friends: Heather (who is a former rower that now works for Hatcher Parnell)), Gregg Millward, Dan Avila, Dr. John Petruska, Kelly Kaneshiro, Ron Orr, Barbara Hedges, Dave Tuttle, J.K. McKay, Ryan Maier, Susie Cognetta, Dr. Bryce Nelson, Dr. John Petruska, Scott Jacobson, Don Winston, Don Ludwig, Bhupinder Singh, Fed-Ex Dave, Jordan Cohen, Jeremy Wu

Beat Utah!

September 23, 2012---Trojans vs. Cal Bears Again!

The day was already sweltering. My husband Jim and I were able to sit downstairs under the tents for the match between our #1 USC Men's Water Polo match and the #4 Cal Bears. My sister Pat had saved the seats for us. Thanks!

We sat between a Berkeley contingent and our USC Women of Troy Water Polo Team. I was able to take some pictures of the young ladies.

Women Water Polo players
Front L-R: Sara Salamon and Hannah Green. Back L-R: Nicolina "Nina" McCall, Dominique Sardo, Chelsea Silvers, and Constance Hiller.
Women Water Polo Players
Front: Natalie. Middle L-R Madeline "Maddy" Rosenthal, Flora Bolonyai. Back: Alegre, Olivia Cummins
Darcy Couch
I roamed around a little before the match started and took some pictures.
Darcy Couch is the SID for Men's Water Polo.
Will Simon, Ryan Fowler, and Charlie McBee
Will Simon introduced me to two new water polo friends, Ryan Fowler and Charlie McBee. Thanks, Will.
USC Water Polo team
Trojan Men's Water Polo team was introduced.

The day was hot and so was the competition. We were ahead by a goal, then Cal got ahead by two goals. There was much verbal sparing between our women's water polo team and some of the Cal boosters. Trojan Candy was caught in the middle! It was all in good fun! Then, in the fourth period, our men tied the game and went ahead by a goal. We won 7-6! That's how to FINISH! Our USC Men's Water Polo Team is undefeated with 9 victories thus far this season! FIGHT ON, USC Men's Water Polo!

Trojan team
Our Trojans are ready for the start of the match.
Huddle during timeout
Coach Vavic plans strategy during a timeout.
Winning goal!
The Winning Goal!

September 22, 2012---We Beat the Cal Bears!

So nice to win! Here are just a few snapshots of friends that Trojan Candy saw at our recent 27-9 victory over the Cal Bears.

Cute decorations
Spotted these cute decorations on a tailgate table.
USC in balloons
USC spelled out with red, white, and yellow balloons at the entrance to USC Fan Fest
New USC Friends
Met these new friends at the Sports Arena. Hal is on the far right.
Gail Nagaoka and Hal
Our new friend Hal with our friend Gail Nagaoka
Chip with friend
Our friend Chip (on the right) with his friend.
USC Banner
Large USC banner coming down the Student Section before the game.

We honored Trojan Great Hal Bedsole and our four-peat Men's Tennis Team!


FIGHT ON, USC Men's Tennis Team to our FIFTH NCAA Championship in a row!

September 20, 2012---She Came, Now He Will Come!

As my husband and I walked to Heritage Hall we saw two familiar faces. Dr. John Petruska and Dr. Bob Baker were walking towards us. So nice to see both friends again! We were able to visit for only a minute since both friends were in a hurry.

The Heritage Hall lobby was empty when we walked in. To our surprise, there were some football posters on the desk that we could hand out.

Malia CravensSeveral people walked through the lobby. Then, Trojan Candy saw a young lady who was definitely an athlete. She walked out the east doors, and I went out to beckon her back to the desk. When she answered, "Yes" to my question, "Are you an athlete?", I knew I had met my first new friend today. Malia Cravens came back inside to the desk and wrote about herself in my notebook. Malia is a Sophomore who transferred to USC from Hawaii. She was injured during her year at Hawaii, so she has four years of eligibility as a guard on the Women of Troy Basketball Team. Malia, who is undeclared in her major, likes to sing and dance to all types of music. Her favorite artist is Jhene Aiko, and her favorite movie is "The Fifth Element." Then, we talked about Malia's family. She has three brothers and one sister. Her older brother Siaki Cravens played football at Hawaii. Her younger brothers are High School Senior Su'a Cravens, who has committed to play football at USC for next year, and Savai'i Cravens, who also plays football. Her sister Leitasi Cravens plays basketball and runs track. Malia told us that Trojan Alumni Brynn Cameron and Jordan Cameron are her cousins. What an athletic family! "She Came, Now He Will Come!" Perhaps, not just one, but three more Cravens will come to USC! FIGHT ON, Malia!

Trojan Candy met two more new friends and just missed interviewing four more. While I was shopping at the USC Bookstore, eight Women of Troy Soccer Players came to the desk. My husband Jim met them but did not interview them. That's my job! The four new soccer players that need to come back to the desk for a picture and interview are Jessica Musmanno, Whitney Pitala, Alex Quincey and Katie Johnson. I look forward to meeting all of you soon!

Gregory StarkeyMy second new friend is Gregory Starkey. Gregory, who is a Junior, competes in the 400 m hurdles on the USC Track Team. He is majoring in Accounting. Gregory, who is from San Clemente, likes country music. His favorite movie is American Gangster. Gregory's hobby is very fast, like his track event....he likes to go dirt biking! FIGHT ON, Gregory!

Elaine KrebsMy third new friend today has some similarities to my first new friend, Malia Cravens. Elaine Krebs is a Starboard Bow on the Women of Troy Rowing Team. She is from Woodridge, Illinois, that is near Chicago. Elaine is majoring in Health and Humanities-Biochemistry. She is minoring in Classical Piano. She loves classical music. Like Malia, Elaine likes to sing and dance. She loves swing dancing and singing and dancing to country music. Also, like Malia, Elaine comes from a Trojan Family. She is a third generation Trojan! Elaine's uncle and grandfather both attended USC. FIGHT ON, Elaine!

Seen at the SCene:

Heritage Hall Friends: Dr. John Petruska, Dr. Bob Baker, Joyce, J.K. McKay, Scott Jacobson, Don Winston, Paul Goldberg, Alex, Tim Tessalone, Karen Bowman, Darcy Couch, Rebecca Morin, Jordan Cohen, Susie Cognetta

Coaches: Soccer: Ali Khosroshahin, Women's Golf: Andrea Gaston, Women's Rowing: Ligita Kaviere

Golf: Doris Chen

Rowing: Anna Janicka

Track and Field: David Selma, Doug Bogie, Allen Williams, Loudia Laarman, Alitta Boyd

Soccer: Mia Bruno, Erica Vangsness, Jessica Musmanno, Whitney Pitalo, Elizabeth Eddy, Alex Quincey, Autumn Altamirano, Katie Johnson

Football: Kevin Greene, Jawanza Starling, Josh Shaw, Anthony Sarao, Buck Allen, Wes Horton, Xavier Grimble, Morgan Breslin, Tony Burnette (So nice to meet your mom Vanessa and sister Breanna at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey! Thanks, Tony!), Joe Houston, Kris O"Dowd, Aundrey Walker (As Trojan Candy and Jim were walking back to our car, I heard someone say, "Hi, Candy." Then, we saw Aundrey Walker fly by us on his bicycle. I'm glad that I didn't see him coming at us from behind! We might have hurt ourselves getting out of his way! Aundrey is not SMALL!)

FIGHT ON, until then!

September 19, 2012---It's Always Nice to Beat the Bruins!

The Galen Center was bristling with excitement! Our Women of Troy Volleyball Team will play the Lady Bruins from across town.

Mick Haley
The evening started with a buffet in the Founders Room and a pre-game briefing from Coach Mick Haley. He informed us about the upcoming match with the Bruins. The food was delicious too!
Max Tuerk and Kyle Negrete
Before the match began, a good friend came to visit and give Trojan Candy a big hug. He even brought a friend with him. Kyle Negrete always greets me with a big, warm smile and hug. Standing next to him was new friend Max Tuerk. After taking their picture, I told Max to come by the Heritage Hall desk for an interview. He smiled and nodded.
Student Body section
The Student Body section was filled and ready to cheer our Women of Troy on to VICTORY! Kyle and Max went to sit with their fellow rowdy and enthusiastic students.
Zach Banner
After the second set ended with USC ahead 2-0 over the Bruins, I walked to the southern section of the Galen Center where several men's basketball players were congregated. Friend Zach Banner greeted me with a big, warm smile.
James Blasczyk, Renaldo Woolridge, Chass Bryan, J.T. Terrell, and Brendyn Taylor
Friend Dewayne Dedmon also gave me a big hug, but he left before I could take his picture. Then Trojan Candy asked friend James Blasczyk to gather some of the new players for a picture. They all obliged! The smiling new players are Renaldo Woolridge, Chass Bryan, J.T. Terrell and Brendyn Taylor.
James Blasczyk and Aaron Marshall
Standing nearby and watching all the action was new Director of Basketball Operations Aaron Marshall. When Trojan Candy asked him to pose for a picture, he agreed only if James would pose with him. Sure!

Our Women of Troy lost the third set, but roared back to win the fourth set 25-17 and the match! It's Always Nice to Beat the Bruins!

We won!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Volleyball!

September 15, 2012---USC at Stanford

Stanford campusMy sister Pat, brother-in-law Dudley, and I arrived at the Stanford campus in Palo Alto three hours before game time. We saw many Trojans en route to the stadium.

Dudley Poon, Craig Kelley, and Pat PoonAs we waited at Gate 12 to enter the stadium, friend Dan Avila walked by, smiled at us and said "Hi." Then another familiar face walked up to us. Craig Kelley, who is the Associate Athletic Director of Marketing, smiled and told us that he was on the way to meet with his family. Craig stayed to visit for a while. When we volunteer at Heritage Hall and need posters or other hand-outs, we go upstairs to Craig's office.

At 3:00 p.m. the stadium gates opened. Our upper deck seats were facing the sun, and it was too hot to sit and wait for the 4:30 p.m. kick-off. So, Trojan Candy and Pat walked around. Naturally, I had my camera and took pictures.

In the South end zone, I looked down and saw the ramp where the football players enter the field. There were our USC players and Stanford players below.

USC players
Can you recognize any of these USC players?
More USC players
Or any of these USC players?
Stanford players
Some Stanford players

Walking back to our seats, we saw another familiar face! Fellow Trojan Guild member Carrol Irwin. She was with her husband Carl. They were waiting beneath the stands in the shade. Eventually, all of us entered the sunny, bright stadium.

Pat Poon, Carrol Irwin, and Carl Irwin
Pat with Carrol and Carl
Koby Wong
Cousin Koby Wong, who just moved to Northern California, sat with us.
Pre-game warmups
The teams warmed up.
Spirit of Troy
The Stanford Band played the National Anthem in the pre-game ceremonies. Then the Spirit of Troy performed their rousing pre-game show.
Stanford band
Unfortunately, the Stanford Band returned to the field. This time with a Tommy Trojan Drum Major. As usual, the Stanford Band was outlandish!

The kickoff was delayed for twenty minutes. Our Men of Troy seemed to start slow. We seemed to be "out of sync." However, we were ahead 14-7 at the half.

In the second half Stanford seized the momentum. We lost 21-14.

Now, we must FIGHT ON and BEAT Cal!

September 8, 2012---The Game is On!

For two sightseeing days in the Big Apple I went prepared for the rain. None ever came. Then as Pat, Dudley and I rode over to the stadium in our AAA Giants car, the storm clouds gathered. We rode from our hotel to the MetLife Stadium with USC Football long snapper Patrick McCormick's father. Naturally, I gave him my Trojan Candy card and told him to tell Patrick to stop by the Heritage Hall desk for an interview!

As soon as we exited the car at 12:30 p.m., the rain fell! It poured! As I waited at the Will Call, I met Frank Jones, who said that he is USC Men's Basketball Coach Kevin O'Neill's uncle! What a small world! I was soaked as I arrived at the pre-game tailgate. There were some tables under two large tents and other tables uncovered. Unfortunately, our table was out in the open. But fortunately, the rain stopped! Our friends Eiko and Raymond Bates saved us "wet" seats. Thanks!

Eiko and Raymond Bates
Eiko and Raymond saved us seats.
Dudley Poon, Trojan Candy, and Pat Poon
Trojan Candy between Dudley and Pat Poon
Marilyn O'Driscoll
Under one of the tents was a fellow Trojan Guild member Marilyn O'Driscoll.
Luke Stephens
Outside, I saw friend Luke Stephens, whom I also saw at last year's Colorado game. He likes to go to away games too, like yours truly!

The Spirit of Troy, Song Girls and Spirit Leaders performed a thirty minute pre-game rally for the tailgate attendees. Rousing music and cheers "pumped" us up for the game. FIGHT ON, Spirit of Troy! FIGHT ON, Song Girls! FIGHT ON, Spirit Leaders! FIGHT ON, Mighty Men of another VICTORY!

Spirit of Troy
Spirit of Troy Trumpets (courtesy of Nelli Pusch)
Song Girls
Song Girls

Our seats on the second level were unbelievable! They were located just below the luxury boxes. The concession area was glass enclosed and air conditioned! There were up-scale food and drink vendors.

Concession area
Concession area at MetLife Stadium
Nonna Fusco's Kitchen pizza concession at MetLife Stadium
Donna Wilhoit, Herb Goodman, Amy Fukutomi, and Kathy Goodman
Trojan Candy saw several friends inside the concession area. I saw friends Donna Wilhoit, Herb Goodman, Amy Fukutomi, and Kathy Goodman.
Leslie Lilly
Outside I saw fellow Trojan Guild member Leslie Lilly.
Walt Greene
Walt Greene also stopped by to visit.

Our view of the field was fantastic! It was sunny all during the pre-game warmups and activities. The weather seemed to have cleared up for friend Matt Barkley's 22nd Birthday. Happy Birthday, Matt!

Trojan warmups
Trojans warming up before the game
The Syracuse Band
The Syracuse Band performed before the game.

However, my Trojans started slow in the game and didn't score in the first quarter. At least at half-time, we were ahead 14-3.

The half-time is a story in itself. Pat and I went inside to freshen up after seeing some of the Syracuse University Band perform.

Adam Bart and Michele Dedeaux Engemann
We ran into Adam Bart and fellow Trojan Guild member and USC Trustee Michele Dedeaux Engemann. (Yes, that Dedeaux!)

James and Adrienne Gilden Little did we know what was about to happen. As we tried to return to our seats, the door was locked and we were told we couldn't go back out. We had noticed that it had gotten very crowded in the concession area. Then, I heard someone ask, "Are you Trojan Candy?" Quite surprised, I answered, "Yes," to the smiling young man. Then, he asked to take a picture with me. As you know, I like to take pictures for my blog, but don't like to be in the pictures. Since he was wearing a USC shirt, I agreed. Then, I reciprocated....I took a picture of his companion and him! James and Adrienne Gilden are my next two new friends. They came to the game from Washington, D.C. James told me that both his grandparents and his parents are USC alumni. Adrienne and he both attended Tulane. But, their hearts are still Cardinal and Gold! James's father gave him the USC-Syracuse tickets as a birthday gift. Happy Birthday, James! So nice to meet someone who reads my blog. I'm so flattered!

Game was postponedMarqise Lee TDThe game was postponed for about an hour because of the weather. Lightning or tornado warnings....take your pick! The stadium lights were glistening when we returned to our seats. Unfortunately, friend Khaled Holmes was injured in the second half and was taken off the field on a cart. Take care, Khaled! As expected, our Trojans fought on to VICTORY. The final score was 42-29. Matt threw SIX touchdown passes! The team walked over to the band while "Conquest" was being played by the Spirit of Troy!

Football team
Football team celebrated as "Conquest" was being played by the Spirit of Troy.
MetLife Stadium
We're saying "Goodbye" to MetLife Stadium as we're taking memories with us.
Breanna Clifton and Vanessa Johnson
As we waited outside MetLife Stadium to catch the next AAA Giants car back to our hotel, I met Vanessa Johnson.

Vanessa Johnson is friend Tony Burnette's mom. Tony is a cornerback and wears number 34. Tony's sister Breanna Clifton was also waiting with us. Vanessa told me that Tony was quite an athlete in high school. In addition to football and track, Tony also competed as a wrestler. Unfortunately, USC does not have a Wrestling Team. Otherwise, Tony would compete in that sport too!

BEAT the Cardinal!