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Friday, January 31, 2014---Trojan Candy Can Be Anywhere!

Jim and I stopped by the Galen Center to pick up Bryan Ivie's Heritage Hall Medallion from Kylie Atherstone. A few weeks ago at the Ernie Hix Tribute Celebration, we had given the medallion to Kylie, who works for Men's Volleyball Coach Bill Ferguson, to give to Bryan. However, Jim and I were going to attend the Heritage Hall Opening the next day on Saturday, February 1st. We were organizing medallions to present to some of the other attendees. Luckily, USC Hall of Famer Bryan was going to attend.

Kylie met us at the Galen Center door. She gave me Bryan's medallion. Since I needed to put something in Katie Olsovsky's mailbox, Kylie walked me back to the Women's Volleyball Office. After thanking Kylie for her help, I returned to the lobby.

Paige HinesJim was talking with the young receptionist sitting at the desk. He had learned that she was a member of the USC Sand Volleyball team. Immediately, Trojan Candy knew that she had to interview her! I pulled out my small notebook and began asking her questions. Her name is Paige Hines, and she is from San Diego. She is majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Entrepreneurship. In high school, Paige played on the San Diego Beach Volleyball Club. She won the prep AAU National Championship as well as the AAU Junior Olympics! Paige has traveled extensively for youth volleyball tournaments. She has been to Costa Rica, the Virgin Islands, Chicago and New Orleans. She doesn't have a partner yet at USC. On a more personal note, Paige likes country music, especially Florida-Georgia Line. To help her training, Paige is a vegetarian and eats only gluten free foods. What dedication! One more fact about Paige. Being from San Diego, Jim asked Paige if she knows Sydney Seau well enough to contact her. Sydney played on the Women of Troy Sand Volleyball Team last year. Paige said that she did and could text her, if needed. We were asking Paige about Sydney since we are trying to give Sydney her father Junior Seau's Heritage Hall Medallion. Paige agreed to help us. Thank you and FIGHT ON, Paige!

Just when Jim and I were ready to leave, another young lady walked into the lobby. Paige told us that she also plays on the Women of Troy Sand Volleyball Team. Wow, a second interview for Trojan Candy!

Sara HughesSara Hughes is a Freshman from Costa Mesa. She is majoring in Business Administration. Amazingly, Sara has been playing beach volleyball for ten years! She played for the USA Beach Volleyball National Team. Sara's grandfather, her aunt, and a cousin, who is currently enrolled in the Dentistry School, are all Trojans! It turns out that Sara and Paige are roommates. Now, a few of Sara's favorites. She likes the color blue, her favorite food is steak, and, like Paige, she likes country music. Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line are her favorites. Then, Sara told us that she got Paige into country music. On the team, Sara is Kirby Burnham's partner. Kirby, along with her last year's partner, Stevi Robinson, won the AVCA National Pairs Championship in 2013. Now, it will be Sara's turn! FIGHT ON, Sara!

Two new friends for Trojan Candy! As I once told Marqise Lee (8/16/2013) when he peeked out the door at the John McKay Center to say hello, "I always have my camera with me, so you better be careful, you don't know where I might show up!"

An Old Acquaintance and Some New Ones!

January 24, 2014

Jim and Trojan Candy walked into Bob Seagren's office in awe! He greeted us with a big smile on his face. Bob is my "old" acquaintance, but he looks just as young and fit as I remembered him from 1968! He and I attended USC at the same time. I was a member of Angel's Flight and Bob competed in the pole vault. Angel's Flight, which was affiliated with the Air Force ROTC, was also a support group for track and field. Our members would take snacks to the track and field team when they left for "away" competitions. Then we would wave good-by to their bus. One time, Angel's Flight was invited to view a movie with the track and field team the night before a meet. The movie was entitled, "The Scalphunters."

Bob SeagrenNow, back to my interview. Bob said that his dad played basketball and that his older brother also competed in the pole vault. Both brothers attended Pomona High School. The pole Bob started with was a bamboo pole with a rug rolled around one end. In junior high, senior high and at USC, Bob used a fiberglass pole. After his illustrious career at USC, Bob won the Gold Medal at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City and the Silver Medal in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. After winning the Gold Medal in Mexico City, Bob told us that on an interview with Johnny Carson, he mentioned that he would have liked to carry the 1968 Olympic Torch. Sometime later, someone anonymously sent him a Mexico City Olympic Torch. Bob still cherishes that gift today!

After both Olympics he pursued an acting career, owned a restaurant, owned a travel agency in Beverly Hills, and was Vice-President of Marketing for Puma USA for twelve years. Bob did major in Business at USC! He is now the C.E.O. of Run Racing. On a more personal note, Bob told us that he has four children...a daughter Kirsten, an SC grad who graduated in 1996 in Art History; a son Todd, who is a stand-up comedian; and two high school twins, Mika and McKenzie. McKenzie was just chosen Miss Teen California. He spoke proudly of his three year old granddaughter Keaton, who was named after Diane Keaton. What a proud Father and Grandfather! Perhaps, three more future Trojans! What an honor it was to present Bob with his two Heritage Hall Medallions!


Evelyn and Bill YardleyAfter we left Bob Seagren, Jim and I drove to Bill Yardley's home to pick up a Heritage Hall medallion that he had tried to deliver for us. It was Seth Etherton's baseball medallion. He was going to leave the medallion hidden at his front door for us to just pick up. Bill had received his Heritage Hall Volleyball Medallion already. Trojan Candy sat in the car as my husband Jim jumped out of the car and went to get Seth's medallion. Then, Jim rang the door bell! .A lovely lady answered the door, to Jim's surprise, and invited him in! Naturally, with the chance of taking a picture and interviewing Bill, I also jumped out of the car, didn't even lock the doors, and ran into the door. Once inside their beautiful home, Evelyn called her husband to come and meet us. A few words of greeting turned into an interview and pictures! It's amazing how USC grads can become instant friends!

Bill YardleyNow, a little bit about Bill. He competed in Men's Volleyball in 1980-1985. Bill majored in Public Administration and currently works in equipment finance in the health care industry. Bill and his wife Evelyn are proud third generation Newport Harbor residents and have a daughter Kierstyn who is an athlete, just like her dad. Kierstyn runs track, plays basketball (Bill is the announcer for her home games), and plays volleyball at Newport Harbor High School. Just when Trojan Candy thought...another possible Trojan... Bill told me that she is interested in attending Colorado or Texas. Kierstyn can always change her mind! Bill's fondest memory of his playing time at USC was in 1985 when his team swept the Bruins in conference play. USC hadn't beaten the Bruins in four years prior to 1985! It was indeed an honor to take a picture of Bill with his Heritage Hall medallion.


Rex CawleyJanuary 27, 2014

Friend Jenny Anderson, who is a USC alumna, helped deliver two Heritage Hall Medallions to Olympic Gold Medal Winner Rex Cawley. Jenny took this picture of Rex for Trojan Candy. Thanks, Jenny! Here is her attached note:

Jimmy....here's a picture of Rex Cawley. That's his Olympic gold Medal hanging in the background. Very nice man. He asked me to send his thanks to you for organizing this effort. Jenny

Trojan Candy did a little research about Rex. Here is what I found on Wikipedia: Born in Highland Park, Michigan, Rex Cawley still holds the record time for the 100 yard dash at Farmington High School that he set in 1959. He won the AAU championships in 440-yard hurdles in 1963 and 1965, and, as a University of Southern California student, he won a NCAA title in 440 yd hurdles in 1963.

At the Olympic Trials in 1964, Cawley set a world record in 400 m hurdles by time of 49.1 seconds, thus becoming a main favorite at the Olympic Games. Cawley won the gold medal in Tokyo with a commanding performance in which he beat his nearest competitor John Cooper from Great Britain by 0.5 second.


Chris JohnsonJanuary 29, 2014

Friend James Dawson, who is a USC alumus, helped deliver a Heritage Hall Medallion to Chris Johnson who was a NCAA All-American in the mile in 1965. Thanks, James! Here is the attached note:

Hello Jimmy,

I was able to meet up with Chris a few days ago, great guy. We spoke for awhile, turns out his wife lived in Cerritos across from Gahr for 20 years. I'm attaching a picture I took with him holding his medal. I'm waiting to hear back from Damon but I'll try again tomorrow.


FIGHT ON, Chris!

January 22, 2014---USC Men's Basketball vs. Cal

Cal came into our Galen Center tied with Arizona for 1st Place in the Pac-12. We desperately needed a win in the Pac-12. Bring on the game!

Our team ran onto the court with energy....we looked ready to PLAY IN THIS YouTube VIDEO!

Men's teamTrojan Candy captured our team during the Star Spangled Banner.

The starting line-up was shown on the big screen WHICH I RECORDED ON YouTube.

Our men started well with a 19-8 lead and led 41-32 at the half.

Dance ForceThe USC Dance Team entertained the fans.

USC men's basketball alumnus, Adam Spanich, was shown on the scoreboard. There was a loud ovation for Adam. Older alumni know that Adam beat Oregon in Eugene with two three point baskets in 2.8 seconds. Our team was losing to Oregon 84-79 with 2.8 seconds left. Adam shot a 3 pointer on the inbounds pass. Then he intercepted Oregon's ensuing inbounds pass and shot a 3 point basket from past mid-court. My son Greg and I watched the game on our television at home. It was January 7, 1999. Henry Bibby was our coach. Greg ran all around our den yelling and screaming when he saw the two shots. I watched Greg and wondered why he had gone berserk! I didn't even realize that we had won! It all happened so fast. Then reality set in....we won! What a miracle! Check out this YouTube VIDEO OF THESE TWO SHOTS. The video is entitled, "Greatest College Basketball Comeback of All Time." FIGHT ON, Adam!

CelebrationNikola JovanovicBack to the game. Trojan Nikola Jovanovic scored a career high twenty-three points. He was the top scorer of the game. Nikola was 8 of 10 from the field and 7 for 7 at the free throw line. What a game for him! We beat Cal 77-69! FIGHT ON, Nikola!

The team celebrated with the Spirit of Troy!

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Basketball!

January 22, 2014---More Heritage Hall Medallion Recipients

Star ClarkOn December 13, 2013, while Trojan Candy was taking pictures at the USC Football Banquet, my husband Jim was cheering on the Women of Troy Volleyball Team to beat BYU at the Galen Center in the NCAA Regional Championships. Before the match, Jim was able to present Star Clark with her Heritage Hall medallion. Star received her Volleyball medallion in 1977 as a First Team All American. FIGHT ON, Star! Plus, our women defeated BYU 3-1!

Mel Patton's medallionsOn December 18 Susan Martin picked up two medallions for her father Mel Patton. She took this beautiful picture of the two medallions and a copy of Life magazine with her dad's picture on the cover page. Susan told us that she was two years old when he won two gold medals in the 1948 Olympics in the 200 meter dash and in the 400 meter relay. She recalls her surprise and joy when he came home with the gold! FIGHT ON, Susan! FIGHT ON, Mel!

Two days before Christmas, Jim and I delivered medallions to three USC athletes. Jim was to hand deliver Roy Smalley's medallion to his nephew John Bishop. Roy lives in Minnesota now, so we arranged to deliver the medallion to John. Roy was awarded his First Team All American Baseball medallion in 1973. Unfortunately, John was not in his office, so Jim left it with his secretary. FIGHT ON, Roy!

AdamWe then drove to the home of Orv Mohler. He was supposed to be home, but he too, unfortunately, was at an appointment. His grandson Adam, who is a "big" USC fan and possibly a future Trojan, accepted the 1930 First Team All American Football medallion for his grandfather. FIGHT ON, Orv!

Mike SpicerOur last stop that day was at the office of Mike Spicer, who earned his medallion in Water Polo. We were able to visit with Mike for quite a while in his office. Jim, Mike and yours truly talked for quite a while about our newly won sixth straight NCAA Water Polo Championship! Mike, by my request wrote about his family and himself. Here is Mike, a little up close and personal:

I played water polo for four years from 1981 until 1984 and was a 4 year All American (last 2 years 1st team All American). I played on the USA National Water Polo teams from 1979 until I retired from water polo in 1987.

I met my wife, Karin Gould, my senior year at USC. Karin, was a four time swimming All American on the USC woman's swim team from '82 until '85. To this day, I still wonder why Karin endured the 5 hours per day swimming training when she could possibly have been a potential tennis great because of her father, Dick Gould.

My father-in-law is better known as the greatest collegiate tennis coach to date. As the head tennis coach at Stanford University for 35 years, his tennis teams managed to win 17 national titles with legends like Roscoe Tanner, John and Patrick McEnroe up to the current famous twin brothers of Bob and Mike Bryan to name a few of his players.

Karin and I have two children, Kirsten and Tyler. Kirsten is 20 and a junior at Chapman University. Kirsten is on the Panther's swim team (where she holds the fastest 50 meter Freestyle time in the school's program history, and she has been the starting goalie for the Panther's water polo team for the past 2 years. Tyler is 18 and a senior at Brea Olinda HS. He has been a four year baseball player, starting the last two years as catcher for his team. Tyler is hoping to follow in his sister's footsteps and attend Chapman University in the fall and hopefully land a spot on the Panther baseball team.

I always look back on my USC polo days with good memories and wish we could have won at least one (1) national title for the school and especially for our coach, John Williams, who had given so much of his time and heart to the success of the USC polo program. We had lost both national title games my junior and senior years. Even in defeat, we are Trojans for Life!

To date, I am still happily married to Karin of 26 years and involved on a daily basis with my insurance agency, All County Ins. Svcs., Inc. in Brea, Ca.

Candy and Jim, thank you again for your participation and hard work with the Trojan heritage. Mike Spicer.


Dave Van GorderDave and Bonnie Van GorderJim and I drove to Las Vegas on Thursday, January 2nd. On Friday, we met another USC Heritage Hall Medallion recipient. As soon as Trojan Candy walked into the Raising Cane's Restaurant, I saw the USC baseball cap. Dave Van Gorder and his wife Bonnie waved to us. Thus began our two hour conversation.

Dave played baseball at USC under legendary coach, Rod Dedeaux. Dave, who is a catcher, was awarded his medallion in 1978 when his team won the 1978 baseball World Series! Jim and I heard so many fond memories of his USC playing days. Two seemed to stand out. When Dave was a Freshman in 1976, John Wayne threw out the opening pitch to Dave. Then, Dave, still in his Freshman season, caught for Tom Seaver. In 1978, Dave was drafted in the second round by the Cincinnati Reds. He was a catcher in MLB with the Reds, the Orioles and for one year in Japan.

Bonnie and Dave, who have been married for thirty-five years, were high school sweethearts. They have four children, Lisa, Janice, Andrew and Brian. All four of them are athletes who played soccer, softball, volleyball and football. I asked Dave, "No, baseball?" He just grinned. They have three grandkids with #4 on the way. Bonnie's parents were both professors at the University of Arizona, where Bonnie attended. After retiring from MLB, Dave began working for UPS, and he just recently retired as the Security Manager in Las Vegas. Now he spends time watching tapes of USC football games! Another Trojan after my own heart! FIGHT ON, Dave!

Angela WilliamsThe last Heritage Hall Medallion recipient in this article is Angela Williams. She drove to the Montclair office of a Trojan friend and alumnus, Peter Dawson, on January 11th. Peter was not there when Angela came, so his partner Christina took the picture. Angela was the first athlete to win four consecutive NCAA 100 meter dashes and was honored with three USC Track medallions for 1999-2001! She would have had a fourth medallion, had the tradition not been stopped in 2002. In earlier years athletes received only one medallion for multiple years. Thanks for your help, Peter and Christina! FIGHT ON, Angela!

January 11, 2014---The Ernie Hix Tribute Celebration

My sister Pat Poon, brother-in-law Dudley Poon, and I arrived at the Founder's Room in the Galen Center at 5:00 p.m. for the Tribute to Ernie Hix who is recognized as the man who brought USC Men's Volleyball to the forefront. Many Men's Volleyball alumni were already checking in.

Bob Yoder
As soon as we set up our Heritage Hall Medallions at one of the bar tables, we went over to introduce ourselves to Coach Bob Yoder and award him his medallion (1977 All American). He had organized the Ernie Hix Celebration.
Wendy and Bob Yoder
Then, Bob introduced us to his wife Wendy.
Lucas Yoder, Molly Yoder, Erin Yoder, Forest Monroe
Wendy then introduced me to some of the Yoder family. Lucas, Molly, and Erin Yoder (10/28/2010) and Forest Monroe.

Lucas is a freshman on this year's men's volleyball team, his sister Molly is currently playing volleyball at UCI, Erin played on the Women of Troy Volleyball team for four years and just graduated in 2012, and her boyfriend, Forest Monroe, is a USC Men's Water Polo alumnus who won four NCAA Championships. FIGHT ON, Lucas! An honorary FIGHT ON, Molly! FIGHT ON, Erin! FIGHT ON, Forest!

Pat had a long list of USC Men's Volleyball Heritage Hall Medallion recipients, so we went to work passing them out.

Celso Kalache
Celso Kalache walked right up to our table. He knew that we were going to award him his Heritage Hall Medallion (1977 All American). FIGHT ON, Celso!
Carrie and Mick Haley
USC former and current men's volleyball players started streaming into the reception. Trojan Candy saw Women of Troy Coach Mick Haley and his wife Carrie.
Then I saw the entire 2014 USC Men's Volleyball Team enter en masse.
Christopher Orenic, Tyler Cundiff, Robert Feathers, Andy Benesh
Not being shy, I walked over, reached "way up" and tapped Robert Feathers (11/9/2012) on his shoulder. Looking "way down," he recognized me, and I asked him to get some of his teammates to pose for a picture.Three of them did. Christopher Orenic, Tyler Cundiff, Robert Feathers, and Andy Benesh.

FIGHT ON, Chris! FIGHT ON, Tyler! FIGHT ON, Robert! FIGHT ON, Andy!

Maddison McKibbin and Tony CiarelliThere were two familiar faces standing near the bar. Current player Maddison McKibbin stood by his friend and alumnus Tony Ciarelli. They were nice enough to pose for a picture for yours truly! FIGHT ON, Maddison! FIGHT ON, Tony!

Steve TimmonsVigilance pays off. Trojan Candy saw him walk in. He sure looked like Steve Timmons, but where was his crew cut? I told Pat, "That's Steve Timmons!" She grabbed his two medallions and off we went. Yes, I was right. Steve smiled when I said his name. He was glad to receive his medallions (All American in 1982 and Olympic Gold medalist in 1984 and 1988) and posed for a picture.

Sysco, Steve, Debbie, and Spencer TimmonsThen, Trojan Candy couldn't help herself. I interviewed him for just a few minutes. Steve introduced me to his wife Debbie and two of his three children. His daughter Spencer and his five year old son Sysco accompanied him to the dinner. Steve's thirteen year old son Stoney, who plays volleyball, did not come. Three more future Trojans! Steve said that he coaches youths at WAVE Volleyball in Del Mar. He works with 17-18 year girls and 14 year old boys. Perhaps, many more future Trojans! FIGHT ON, Steve!

Bill FergusonCoach Bill Ferguson walked up to our table to thank Pat, Dudley and me for coming to pass out the Heritage Hall Medallions. Coach Ferguson will personally distribute two volleyball medallions himself. Thank you and FIGHT ON, Coach Ferguson!

Trojan Candy decided to roam around the room, looking for more recipients. I stopped to take pictures of some of the current Men's Volleyball Team.

Christopher Orenic, Tyler Cundiff, Vinnie Rios
Christopher Orenic, Tyler Cundiff, and Vinnie Rios
Alex Slaught, Brooks Varni, Michael Mullahey, Andy Benesh, Jack Yoder, Tommy Leonard
Alex Slaught, Brooks Varni, Michael Mullahey, Andy Benesh, Jack Yoder, and Tommy Leonard.
FIGHT ON, Vinnie! FIGHT ON, Alex! FIGHT ON, Brooks! FIGHT ON, Michael! FIGHT ON, Jack! FIGHT ON, Tommy!

Bill Ferguson and Dusty DvorakDusty DvorakThen, Trojan Candy walked out to the registration table to check out who else had arrived. There was another familiar face near the table...Dusty Dvorak was standing with Coach Ferguson. Pat gave Dusty his medallions honoring him as a 1979-80 All American and 1984 Olympic Gold medalist. She also gave him his brother Rudy's medallion (All American 1986). FIGHT ON, Dusty! FIGHT ON, Rudy!

There were just two more Heritage Hall Medallions to present.

John Hedlund
We found John Hedlund standing with friend Kenny Morrow. John was honored for being an All American in 1981. FIGHT ON, John!
Erica and Bill Stetson
Just before the Spirit of Troy marched in, we found Bill Stetson with his wife Erica. Bill was an All American in 1982. FIGHT ON, Bill!
Tim Hovland
I found Tim Hovland who had received his Heritage Hall Medallion via Jim Obradovich. Tim was honored for being an All American in 1979-81. FIGHT ON, Tim!

We accomplished our mission! All the Heritage Hall Medallions that were brought to the Ernie Hix Tribute Celebration were presented to the recipients in attendance. What an honor it was to meet the recipients. The best part is that they are all Trojans!

January 11, 2014---Women of Troy Volleyball Awards Brunch

Trojan Candy always likes to attend the Women of Troy Volleyball Awards brunch every year. The food is scrumptious, it's so much fun to take pictures of the team, and it is wonderful to honor the team for their accomplishments. Our women were one point away from the Final Four this season.

As soon as I entered the Founder's Room, I started taking pictures of the ladies.

Alicia Ogoms, Samantha Bricio, Alice Pizzasegola, Kiara Wright, Taylor Whittingham, and Ebony Nwanebu
Alicia Ogoms, Samantha Bricio, Alice Pizzasegola, Kiara Wright, Taylor Whittingham, and Ebony Nwanebu
Anne Marie Schmidt, Elise Ruddins, and Kelly Wimmer
Anne Marie Schmidt, Elise Ruddins, and Kelly Wimmer
Hannah Schraer, Sandra Olgard, and Alexis Olgard
Hannah Schraer, Sandra Olgard, and Alexis Olgard
Sara Shaw, Natalie Hagglund, and Emily Young
Sara Shaw, Natalie Hagglund, and Emily Young
Mick Haley with Jerrica and April Wu
Trojan Candy saw Coach Mick Haley visiting with friend and SID Jeremy Wu's wife April and daughter Jerrica.
Cookie Stevens and Donna Heinel
Then, I said "Hello" to Coach Cookie Stevens and Donna Heinel.
Jerrica and Jeremy Wu
I caught up with Jerrica and Jeremy Wu (8/16/2012) near the food.
Senior awards
The awards table featured our three Seniors...
and the award winners trophies.
Gary Pechersky, Steve Block, and Dudley Poon
Trojan Candy's table was filled with old friends and new friends. Old friends were Gary Pechersky, Steve Block, Dudley Poon...
Pat Poon and Lynda Coleman
Pat Poon and Lynda Coleman
Jerry Grenard, Brenda Grenard, and Evan Wang
New friends were Jerry Grenard, Brenda Grenard, and Evan Wang.

Now it was time for the program to begin. Master of Ceremonies Leland Waters spoke first and introduced Coach Haley. Coach recapped some of the highlights of the 2013 season. Coach Haley recalled how our team had an eleven match win streak during the season, and we started 7-0 in the Pac-12. Fondly he remembered that this Senior Class had a 117-22 win-loss record (84%), and at home, they were 57-5 (92%). Outstanding memories!

Emily Adams-Knight and Katie OlsovskyNow, it was time for the Keynote Speaker. She was Emily Adams-Knight. Trojan Candy saw Emily compete at USC. She is now the Business Director of Volleyball Apparel for Mizuno. Emily won two NCAA Championships in her career at USC. She and current Director of Operations Katie Olsovsky were teammates. Emily's presentation was about "Four things I wish I had told myself when I was twenty." The first thing was that mistakes are unavoidable. Learn from your mistakes and remember all the positives. Secondly, set goals and carry your goals with you. Contemplate and visualize your goals. Her third thing was to take a step in any direction, but TAKE that first step. Emily's fourth and last thing was to never discount the bond that you have with your teammates. What a thought provoking speech! FIGHT ON, Emily! FIGHT ON, Katie!

Next, Coach Haley introduced Senior Natalie Hagglund. She began the introductions of each team member by a previous team member. In each introduction, the previous team member always related an endearing fact about her teammate. Coach Haley would interject statistics on each player. Trojan Candy was amazed at the team's G.P.A.'s. The majority of them were 3.5 and better!

After the awards were announced, the three Seniors each addressed the audience. Sara Shaw spoke first. Alexis Olgard was next. Natalie Haglund spoke last. The team will miss all three ladies. So will Trojan Candy!

Women's Volleyball team
I was able to take a team picture.
Sara Shaw
Then I took pictures of each Senior with her parents. Here's Sara Shaw.
Susan, Sara, and Scott Shaw
Susan, Sara, and Scott Shaw
Dave, Natalie, and Tracy Hagglund
Dave, Natalie, and Tracy Hagglund.
Bruce, Alexis, and Sandra Olgard
Bruce, Alexis, and Sandra Olgard.
Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Sara! Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Natalie! Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Alexis!

Sunday, January 5, 2014---Our Women of Troy Basketball FOUGHT ON!

Ariya CrookTrojan Candy walked to the tunnel where the Women of Troy Basketball team would enter the Galen Center arena. Before the team came out, I saw a familiar face. Ariya Crook (6/23/2011) was standing on the court in street clothes. Unfortunately, she was injured at the end of the USC victory over the Lady Bruins at Pauley last Saturday, 12/30/2013. She hopes to be back in action in a month. Trojan Candy congratulated Ariya on her performance. Ariya scored 21 points against the Bruins in the first half! She just smiled! Get well soon and FIGHT ON, Ariya!

I stayed in position to take THIS VIDEO OF THE TEAM'S ENTRANCE. Some Girl Scouts were invited to greet the team with high-fives.

Vision boardWe were playing the Lady Utes of Utah. THIS VIDEO SHOWS that the action was fast from the tip-off. Our Women of Troy did not shoot or rebound very well during the first half. We seemed to be out-of sync. However, we were ahead 23-19 at the half.

Radio DisneyDuring half time, Radio Disney performers invited children to come to the court and dance. Everyone seemed to be having fun!

In the second half, Utah led by seven points with 4:10 left in the game. That is when Coach Cynthia had our team play a smothering full-court press. Our Women of Troy, propelled by Brianna Barrett's fifteen points in the second half, outscored the Utes 16-0 in those last four minutes! During those four minutes at the end of the game, Utah had five turnovers and our women made eleven of fourteen free throws. What a comeback! Our Women of Troy FOUGHT-ON to a 55-47 VICTORY! See our VICTORY CELEBRATION IN THIS VIDEO.