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Thursday, May 9, 2019---2019 USC Student-Athlete Graduation Celebration

Trojan Candy went to USC to attend the 2019 Student-Athlete Graduation Celebration. I arrived at the Galen Center an hour early and waited at the south doors. My husband Jim, sister Patti and brother-in-law Dudley Poon also waited at the doors.

Minyon Moore
Then, I saw friend and Women of Troy Basketball player Minyon Moore (11/5/2017) walk out the door from the Scholarship Luncheon.
Michael Norman
Another friend walked out of the Galen Center from the Scholarship Luncheon. It was USC Track Star Michael Norman (4/28/2019).

Friend Ray Wong joined us in line and, when the doors finally opened, walked into the arena with us. We walked down to my favorite spot for pictures, the two rows at the bottom of the ramp.

Friend Jennifer Noriega let me walk on the stage and take pictures of these sashes.
Then, an organizer held up one of the medallions that would be given to each athlete.
Isaac Flores
Good friend Isaac Flores was setting up the microphones.
Peter Smith
As I walked around the arena, Trojan Candy saw Men's Tennis Coach Peter Smith. Coach always smiles for me.
Tanner Smith
The next person Trojan Candy saw was Coach Smith's son, Senior Tanner Smith.
Tanner Smith and Thibault Forget
Tanner then posed with friend and men's tennis alumnus Thibault Forget (2/28/2015).
Jenna Marie Adams and Michael Norman
Next, I walked outside looking for more graduate students. That's where I found Women of Troy Volleyball Senior Jenna Marie Adams with Michael Norman.
Marguerite Effa
Friend Women of Troy Basketball Senior Marguerite Effa (4/8/2018) posed for me.
Jack Jaede, Tanner Smith, Logan Smith, Laurens Verboven, Jake DeVine and Justin Suh
Nearby, Trojan Candy took this picture of the 2019 Men's Tennis Seniors. They are Jack Jaede (11/15/2018), Tanner Smith, Logan Smith (2/16/2016), Laurens Verboven, Jake DeVine and Men's golfer Justin Suh.
Devin Fleming and Derryck Thornton
Sitting on a nearby bench were Basketball Seniors Devin Fleming and Derryck Thornton (10/24/2017).
Josh and Daniel Imatorbhebhe, C.J. Pollard, John Houston Jr, Chuma Edoga, and Clayton Bradley
Trojan Candy saw these Football Seniors. They were Josh (2/3/2016) and Daniel Imatorbhebhe, C.J. Pollard, John Houston Jr (8/17/2018), Chuma Edoga (12/13/2017), and Clayton Bradley.
Willie McGinest
Back inside the Galen Center, I saw a familiar face. USC Football alumnus Willie McGinest smiled for me.
Jenna Belton
USC Beach Volleyball alumna Jenna Belton (5/10/2017) always smiles for Trojan Candy.
Percy Williams
Just entering the Galen Center Arena was friend Percy Williams.
John Katnik
I happened to walk near the stage and saw John Katnik (8/26/2011). John said that his younger brother Matthew is a Senior whocompeted in the shotput and discus on the Track and Field Team. Congratulations, Matthew, and FIGHT ON!
I walked back to my seat just before the USC Athletic Graduates entered the Center. Here is my video of the Procession.
Arthur C. Bartner
After the Graduates were seated, the Ceremony began. My husband Jim didn't sit on the floor level like I did. He sat in the arena level and took videos of the program. His first video was of Dr. Arthur C. Bartner receiving the "Legend of Troy" award.
Kyle Twomey
His next videos were of the two Senior Speakers. First was Baseball Graduate Kyle Twomey.
Anna Cockrell
Then Track and Field Graduate Anna Cockrell spoke.

Now, it was time for the "Presentation of the 2019 Graduates."

Bennie Boatwright
Men's Basketball: Bennie Boatwright (8/28/2015).
Devin Fleming
Men's Basketball: Devin Fleming.
Derrick Thornton
Men's Basketball: Derrick Thornton Jr.
Marguerite Effa
Women's Basketball: Marguerite Effa.
Aliyah Mazyck
Women's Basketball: Aliyah Mazyck (10/11/2015).
Danijela Milisic
Women's Basketball: Danijela Milisic (3/25/2016).
Mariya Moore
Women's Basketball: Mariya Moore (11/5/2017).
Ja'Tavia Tapley
Women's Basketball: Ja'Tavia Tapley.
Minyon Moore and Cheyanne Wallace
Women's Basketball: Minyon Moore and Cheyanne Wallace (3/3/2019).
Terese Cannon
Beach Volleyball: Terese Cannon (5/8/2018).
Alexandra Poletto
Beach Volleyball: Alexandra Poletto (2/22/2018).
Oluwole Betiku
Football: Oluwole Betiku (2/3/2016).
Clayton Bradley
Football: Clayton Bradley.
Jacob Daniel
Football: Jacob Daniel.
Dominic Davis
Football: Dominic Davis.
Chuma Edoga
Football: Chuma Edoga.
John Houston
Football: John Houston Jr.
Josh Imatorbhebhe
Football: Josh Imatorbhebhe.
Liam Jimmons
Football: Liam Jimmons (2/3/2016).
Michael Pittman
Football: Michael Pittman Jr (2/3/2016).
C.J. Pollard
Football: C.J. Pollard.
Christian Rector
Football: Christian Rector (12/13/2017).
Nickell Robey-Coleman
Football: Nickell Robey-Coleman.
Ykili Ross
Football: Ykili Ross.
Chris Tilbey
Football: Chris Tilbey (4/10/2016).

One special note: After Trojan Candy took Nickell's picture at the bottom of the ramp, Nickell walked over and gave me a big hug. I asked him if he remembered me from my volunteering at Heritage Hall for ten years. Nickeil with that big smile on his face, said, "Yes!" What a special moment for Trojan Candy! Then I told Nickell that I would take pictures of him with his family outside after the class pictures were taken. More about that later.

Jake DeVine
Men's Tennis: Jake DeVine.
Jack Jaede
Men's Tennis: Jack Jaede.
Logan Smith
Men's Tennis: Logan Smith.
Tanner Smith
Men's Tennis: Tanner Smith.
Laurens Verboven
Men's Tennis: Laurens Verboven.
Rianna Valdes
Women's Tennis: Rianna Valdes (3/23/2018).
Matthew Katnik
Men's Track and Field: Matthew Katnik.
Michael Norman
Men's Track and Field: Michael Norman.
Anna Cockrell
Women's Track and Field: Anna Cockrell.
Matt Douglas
Men's Volleyball: Matt Douglas.
Gianluca Grasso
Men's Volleyball: Gianluca Grasso.
Tyler Resnick
Men's Volleyball: Tyler Resnick.
Jenna Marie Adams
Women's Volleyball: Jenna Marie Adams.
Madison Murtagh
Women's Volleyball: Madison Murtagh (1/8/2017).
Brittany Welsh
Women's Volleyball: Brittany Welsh.
Zachary D'Sa
Men's Water Polo: Zachary D'Sa.
Daniel Leong
Men's Water Polo: Daniel Leong.
Presentation of graduates
Jim took this video of every Senior Athlete as they received their sash and medallion. Unfortunately, the video battery died near the end of the Track and Field Athletes. Jaydon Logan was the last one in the video. Sorry!
Trojan Candy took this video of the Recession out to the Galen steps for the 2019 Class Picture. That will be covered in my next article.

FIGHT ON, 2019 USC Athletic Graduates!