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Thursday, November 15, 2018---USC Men's and Women's Tennis Dinner

Our friend Scott Jacobson invited my husband Jim and me to the USC Men's and Women's Tennis Fundraising dinner. Our Men's and Women's Tennis Teams will be flying to Australia in January 2019 to play in the Australian Open. They will be one of the first two U.S. collegiate teams to compete in this prestigious tennis event. The other college tennis team that will be competing against our Trojans is the other USC, the University of South Carolina.

What a "golden opportunity" for Trojan Candy to take pictures and interview players...and I did.

Becca Weissmann, Constance Branstine, Angela Kulikov, and Rianna ValdesTrojan Candy saw four Women of Troy Tennis friends first. They were Junior Becca Weissmann (4/13/2018), Junior Constance Branstine (4/13/2018), Junior Angela Kulikov and Senior Rianna Valdes (3/23/2018).

Riley SmithNext, I saw a very familiar face. Riley Smith smiled for me. Now, here is his interview. Riley, a Junior, is majoring in Real Estate Development. Yes, he is one of Coach Peter Smith's sons. He started playing tennis when he was five years old. Riley also played pitcher in baseball, center in basketball and quarterback in football. What an all-around athlete! More personally, Riley's favorite food is In-N-Out cheeseburgers. His hobby is to hang out with his teammates. Riley likes Hip-Hop music the best. His favorite artist is Kahlid of the "Right Hand Music Group." As for his favorite movie, Riley likes the action movie "The Other Guys." FIGHT ON, Riley!

Jack JaedeStanding next to Riley was his teammate Senior Jack Jaede. Jack came to USC from Graceville, Australia. He told me that he is so excited that the team is traveling to his homeland Australia. Jack is majoring in Economics. His dad played tennis, and his grandmother coached tennis. Jack started playing tennis on a hard court when he was three years old. He had a private coach when he was young. Jack also told me that his mother can't watch him play because she gets too nervous. Trojan Candy looks forward to meeting Jack's mom at the last home match in 2019, when the Seniors will be honored! More personally, Jack's favorite food is pizza. He told me that his teammates will be able to try "kangaroo pizza" in Australia. I asked him what kangaroo tastes like. Jack said that it is tough. His favorite music is country music, and he likes to sing. FIGHT ON, Jack!

Jim Yee, Angela Kulikov, Chris Wootton, and Dudley and Patti PoonNow it was time for dinner. Jim and I sat with my sister Patti and brother-in-law Dudley Poon, Angela Kulikov and Women of Troy Tennis Assistant Coach Chris Wootton. There was marvelously animated conversation at our table. Here is a picture of our table guests.

Bradley FryeOur friend Scott Jacobson introduced Coach Peter Smith and Coach Alison Swain. Then, it was time for entertainment. Men's tennis Freshman Bradley Frye, whose hobby is magic, performed a card trick for the dinner guests.

Bradley FryeAfter Bradley's performance, Trojan Candy was able to interview him. Bradley is a Freshman, and he is majoring in Business Finance. He came to USC from Overland Park, Kansas. Bradley has an older brother who is attending Notre Dame and a sister attending Boston College. For hobbies, Bradley likes to play video games, hang out with friends and perform Magic. He has performed magic for four years now but has been serious for the last two years. His favorite food is anything. As for his favorite music, Bradley likes Electronic Dance Music. So glad that you chose USC, Bradley and FIGHT ON!

Kris Kwinta and Peter Smith
Men's Associate Head Coach Kris Kwinta and Head Coach Peter Smith posed for me.
Brandon Holt and Tracy Austin
Next, Junior Brandon Holt (4/14/2017) and his mom Tracy Austin (4/15/2017) smiled for me.
Alison Swain and Carol Springstead
Women of Troy Head Tennis Coach Alison Swain posed with Carol Springstead, who is Freshman Danielle Wilson's mother.

Julian Bonse and Jennifer NoriegaJim and I were among the last ones to leave the dinner. On our way out, friends Julian Bonse and Jennifer Noriega gave both of us a goodie bag with a commemorative t-shirt, hat and pen.

Thank you and good luck at the Australian Open, USC Men's Tennis and Women of Troy Tennis!

Saturday, November 10, 2018---USC Homecoming Day

On Homecoming Day my husband Jim and I arrived early at USC in order to see our USC Men's Water Polo Team play an early match against the Bruins.

Sharon Schmidt, Kate Farlow, Judy Lieb, Henry Algert, Jean Getchell and Barbara HanceTerri Boyle and Jean GetchellWe intentionally walked by Tommy Trojan so that I could take a picture of the Trojan Guild homecoming booth. There were several volunteers already setting up our booth. Trojan Candy took a picture of my friends and one of our Trojan Guild scholarship recipients. They were Sharon Schmidt, Kate Farlow, Judy Lieb, scholar Henry Algert, Jean Getchell and Barbara Hance.

Then Jean posed with Terri Boyle. Good work, ladies!

We walked over to the Uytengsu Aquatic Center which was already full. Thank goodness that my sister Patti saved a seat for me on the first row to take pictures and videos.

Janice Dawson, Dudley and Patti Poon, Michael Yee, John Dawson, Genaro and Lai Tan Carapia, and Jim Yee
Trojan Candy took this group picture of my family and friends. At the bottom is Janice Dawson. In the middle row: Dudley and Patti Poon, Michael Yee, and John Dawson. At the top row: Genaro and Lai Tan Carapia and Jim Yee.
Senior Day
Today is USC Senior Day.
Daniel Leong
Here is Daniel Leong's banner.
Zach D'Sa
Here is Senior Zach D'Sa's banner.
Daniel Leong and Zach D'Sa
This video highlights Daniel's and Zach's celebration.
Star Spangled Banner
Now it was time for the Star Spangled Banner.
Our players were introduced in this video.
Getting ready
Our players lined up to start the game.
Getting ready
Getting ready.
We won the opening Sprint.
Sawyer Rhodes
USC's first goal was scored by Sawyer Rhodes.
Marin Dasic
Our second goal was made by Marin Dasic to make it 2-0 for USC.
Marin Dasic
Marin Dasic scored his second goal to make it 3-1.
Zach D'Sa
Senior Zach D'Sa made it 4-2 for USC with his goal.
Sam Slobodien
In the second period, Sam Slobodien celebrated his goal that made it USC 5-4.
Sam Slobodien
Sam scored again with a backhand shot to make the score USC 6-4.
Hannes Daube
With about 2:32 left on the clock in the second period, this picture was taken just before Hannes Daube took his shot to make the score 7-5.
Sam Slobodien
Then with about a minute left in the second quarter, Sam Slobodien scored a "hat trick" to make the score 8-5.

Unfortunately, the Bruins scored a goal to make the halftime score 8-6.

At halftime, Pat, Dudley, Janice and I left to walk to my 50th Class Reunion Tailgate in Alumni Park. After all, I was a member of the 1968 50th Reunion Committee, and I wanted to take pictures at the tailgate. At the tailgate we kept up with the scoring with text messages from my husband. It was tied in the fourth quarter 11-11 until Marin Dasic scored the winning goal with nineteen seconds left in the match. USC beat the Bruins 12-11!

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Water Polo!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018---USC Men's Basketball vs Robert Morris

The USC Men's opening 2018 Basketball game was the second part of a double-header game following our Women of Troy victory over UC Riverside.

Our men warmed up.

Trojan Candy was able to take four pictures of our men taking free throws during the game. It turns out that these four players were the top scorers in the game.

Shaqquan Aaron
Shaqquan Aaron (4/12/2016) shot his free throw.
Nick Rakocevic
It was Nick Rakocevic's (5/26/2016) turn next at the free throw line.
Kevin Porter, Jr
Freshman Kevin Porter, Jr. (10/16/2018), shot a free throw next.
Jonah Mathews
Jonah Mathews (4/12/2017) shot his free throw.

Our men won the game 83-62 after an 18-4 run in the second half. Our four top scorers were Shaqquan Aaron who scored 20 points, Nick Rakocevic with 18 points, and Kevin Porter, Jr., and Jonah Mathews who scored 15 points each.

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Basketball!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018---Women of Troy Basketball vs UC Riverside

Video board
Our USC Women of Troy Basketball Team opened their 2018-2019 Basketball season against UC Riverside Highlanders.
Minyon Moore
Trojan Candy took a few free throw pictures during the game. Minyon Moore (11/5/2017) took a shot.
Kayla Overbeck
New Trojan Junior Kayla Overbeck shot her free throw.

Jillian ArcherFreshman Jillian Archer took a free throw in the second half.

We won 73-55.

James BoydAfter the game, Trojan Candy saw some friends courtside. Football friend James Boyd (4/3/2014), with a big smile on his face, came down to visit with me. I first met James in 2010 when I was volunteering at Heritage Hall. He transferred to UNLV and graduated in 2012 with a degree in Sociology. It was so nice to see him again after four years. FIGHT ON, James!

Aliyah Mazyck and Minyon MooreTwo Women of Troy Basketball friends, Aliyah Mazyck (10/11/2015) and Minyon Moore, smiled for me. Aliyah told me that she is hurt, and that explains why she did not play in the game today. Get better fast, Aliyah, and FIGHT ON! Great game and FIGHT ON, Minyon!