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Friday, August 17, 2018---2018 Salute to Troy Part 2

I put my folding chair right in the middle of the aisle and sat in front of the podium.

Lynn Swann
Athletic Director Lynn Swann spoke first.
two 2018 NCAA Championship teams
After A.D. Swann spoke about the Trojan Outreach Program, he introduced the two 2018 NCAA Championship teams.
two 2018 NCAA Championship teams
Then, the two teams posed together on the stage. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Water Polo! FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Track and Field!
1968 Football Team
The 1968 Football Team was introduced next. There were two players on the stage who were not at the Bashor Lounge Pre-Party. And Jerry Shaw was not present at the Salute to Troy.
1968 Football Team
From left to right on the stage, here are the Class of 1968 Football Alumni: Dr. Bobby Jensen, Ron Ayala, Jim Lawrence, Fred Khasigian, Greg George, Bill Holland, Bill Redding, Gary McArthur, Al Cowlings, and Greg ?.
Song Girls
Then, the Song Girls performed to the William Tell Overture.

1993 Football TeamNow, it was time to meet the Football Team of 1993. Coach John Robinson, Mike Salmon, and Craig "Gibby" Gibson.

Coach John Robinson, Mike Salmon, and Craig "Gibby" Gibson walked off the stage before Trojan Candy could take their picture. However, if you check out my "USC Football Alumni Club Salute to Troy Pre-Party" blog (8/17/2018) written just before Part 1 of the Salute to Troy blog, you can see their picture.

Clay Helton
Coach Clay Helton spoke to the audience next.
Clay Helton
Coach Helton started by thanking Dr. Bartner for the band's support.
Ronnie Bradford
Then, Coach Helton called up his Defensive Backs Coach Ronnie Bradford who introduced his players.
Defensive Backs
Defensive Backs and Coach Bradford.
Johnny Nansen
Coach Johnny Nansen spoke about his Linebackers.
Kenechi Udeze
Defensive Line Coach Kenechi Udeze was next.
Defensive Linemen
Defensive Linemen.
Brandon Pili, Clay Helton, and Jay Tufele
Before Coach Helton introduced more coaches, he had Brandon Pili and Jay Tufele come to stand by him as he complimented them.
John Baxter
The Kickers and Punters were introduced by Coach John Baxter next.
Kickers, Punters, and John Baxter
The Kickers and Punters gathered for their photo.
Keary Colbert
Coach Keary Colbert brought out the Tight Ends.
Keary Colbert, Tight Ends and John Baxter
Trojan Candy took a picture of the Tight Ends, but didn't like the picture. So I went to the left stage exit and took this picture of the Tight Ends with Coaches Colbert and Baxter. Then, I quickly went back to center stage.
Neil Callaway
Now it was time to introduce the Offensive Linemen. Coach Neil Callaway introduced the "largest" squad.
Neil Callaway and Offensive Linemen
The Offensive Linemen were hard to squeeze into my picture.
Tim Drevno
The Tailbacks were introduced next by Coach Tim Drevno.
Tim Drevno and Tailbacks
The Tailbacks were a smaller group to photograph.
Clay Helton
Coach Helton stood in for Wide Receivers Coach Tee Martin because Coach Martin attended his son's first High School football game.
Clay Helton and Wide Receivers
Here is the picture of the Wide Receivers.
Bryan Ellis
The last players to be introduced were the Quarterbacks. Coach Bryan Ellis did that.
Bryan Ellis and Quarterbacks
The Quarterbacks posed for this picture.
Football team
After entire team was introduced, Coach Helton called the entire team to come back on to the stage.
Band, Song Girls and Fireworks
The Band, Song Girls and Fireworks ended the 2018 Salute to Troy.
Spirit of Troy
Spirit of Troy

After the Salute to Troy ended, Trojan Candy found my grandsons and took more pictures.

J.T. Daniels and Kane
I took a picture of J.T. Daniels and Kane. Zane in the morning with J.T. and now Kane. Thanks, J.T., and FIGHT ON!
Patti and Dudley Poon and Christian Rector family
Next, my sister Patti asked me to take this picture of Dudley and her with Christian Rector's family.

John and Jace HoustonJohn HoustonTrojan Candy walked over to John Houston and asked if I could interview him. John said that I could. John told me that he started playing football when he was eight or nine years old. He played at Serra High School. Just then, John's younger brother Jace (another future Trojan?) came to visit him. After Jace left, Trojan Candy continued the interview. For hobbies, John likes to work out and to visit his family. More personally, John likes Hip Hop music the best. His favorite movies are action movies (just like yours truly!). Next, I took a picture of John. Thanks, John and FIGHT ON!

Daniel Imatorbhebhe
I had a short time to take more pictures as the players were leaving. I saw Daniel Imatorbhebhe.
Caleb Tremblay
Caleb Tremblay (2/7/2018) was next.
Cameron Smith and Trojan Candy
Then, I asked my daughter Kelly to take a picture of Cameron Smith (12/13/2017) and me. We walked over to him, and Kelly took this picture. Then to my surprise, my grandson Kane had Cameron sign an autograph for me. Thanks, Kane!

Sophia, Elizabeth, Cesar and SebastianNow, it was time to leave. On our way out, Trojan Candy took this picture of a "cute" family. They were Sophia, Elizabeth, Cesar and Sebastian.

With that, I say, "Good Night!" and FIGHT ON, USC Football!