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Wednesday, December 13, 2017---2017 USC Football Team Awards Dinner - Part 1

Trojan Candy arrived very early at the Ronald Tutor Center to try to take pictures and interview any USC football player that arrived for the 2017 USC Football Team Awards Dinner. Some friends, not players, did arrive early. So Trojan Candy took their pictures in the lobby.

Dudley and Patti Poon, Ron Orr, and Trojan Candy
Friend Ron Orr posed with my brother-in-law Dudley Poon, my sister Patti Poon and me, Trojan Candy. Yes, I'm finally in a picture in my blog.
Doris Hughes, ?, and Mel Hughes
Two more friends were in the lobby. Doris and Mel Hughes and a friend smiled for me.
Louis and Mary Jo Wong and Dann Angeloff
Table Sponsors Louis and Mary Jo Wong held the autographed football they were given and posed with another friend and Table Sponsor, Dann Angeloff.
Sunny Sheperd and Patti Poon
Friend Sunny Shepherd posed with Patti.
Ronald Jones II
Finally, a player walked in the lobby door. It was RoJo!

Trojan Candy met Ronald Jones II two years ago, and I finally got to interview him now. Ronald's favorite food is hamburgers. His hobby is playing video games. Ronald said his favorite game is Madden II. Naturally, it is an NFL game. As for music, Ronald likes R&B Music and Rap. His favorite Rap artist is Annabelle. As for movies, Ronald likes horror movies the best. Just like yours truly! FIGHT ON, RoJo!

Jennifer and John Katnik
Now, several guests arrived at about the same time. Good friend USC football alumnus John Katnik (8/26/2011), whom I see every year, and Jennifer came by to say, "Hello."
Samantha Anderson and Andrew Vorhees
Trojan Candy saw Samantha Anderson and Andrew Vorhees. I asked Andrew if he is feeling better. He said that his injury is approving. FIGHT ON, Andrew!
Clay and Angela Helton
Coach Clay Helton and his wife Angela posed for me before they walked downstairs to the banquet room.
Christian Rector, Liam Jimmons, and Rasheem Green
Now, many football players started arriving in the lobby at the same time to check in. I saw Christian Rector, Liam Jimmons (2/3/2016) and Rasheem Green and took their picture.
Rasheem Green
Then, Trojan Candy leaped into action. I interviewed Rasheem as quickly as I could.

Rasheem's favorite food is toast. For hobbies, he likes to work out. Rasheem's favorite music is, like RoJo's, R&B. As for his favorite movie, Rasheem likes "Star Wars," and he will be seeing the new Star Wars movie the next weekend. Finally, Rasheem told me that he has a pet chameleon! FIGHT ON, Rasheem!

Christian RectorQuickly, I found Christian Rector, who, luckily, was still standing nearby. Christian's favorite food is sushi. His favorite restaurant is SUGARFISH. Christian likes "underground" rap and hip-hop music . His favorite hip-hop artist is Lil Uzi Vert. For hobbies, Christian likes to play "Call of Duty." He has also traveled extensively. Christian has been to the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Italy, and the Dominican Republic. Enjoy traveling the world and FIGHT ON, Christian!

Uchenna Nwosu, Chris Hawkins and Cameron SmithAs I turned around, I saw three more football players. Naturally, I took their picture. Uchenna Nwosu, Chris Hawkins and Cameron Smith.

Uchenna NwosuThen, I interviewed Uchenna. At first I asked him if he saw his parent's picture in my blog article about the 2017 Salute to Troy (8/18/2017). Uchenna said that he did read my article. Now, get to know Uchenna. His favorite food, like RoJo's, is hamburgers. Uchenna likes rap music the best, just like RoJo, too! "Rush" is Uchenna's favorite movie. For his hobby, Uchenna loves to play video games, just like RoJo and Christian Rector. His favorite games are "Call of Duty" and football games. Wonder if these three Trojans hang out together? FIGHT ON, Uchenna!

Cameron SmithTrojan Candy finally was able to interview Cameron Smith next. When Cameron was a freshman, he joined moderator Jordan Moore and teammate quarterback Ricky Town at the June 16, 2015, Women of Troy "Football Camp for Ladies." I took his picture then, but Cameron was gone before I could interview him. Talk about second chances. Cameron's favorite food is, surprisingly, sushi. His favorite television show is "American Sniper." Cameron enjoys listening to Country music and likes singer/songwriter Jon Pardi the most. As for hobbies, Cameron loves outdoor activities. He likes to hunt and fish. What an outdoorsman! FIGHT ON, Cameron!

Even more USC players rushed into the lobby to check in.

Josh Imatorbhebhe
Trojan Candy was able to take quick pictures of Josh Imatorbhebhe (2/3/2016). FIGHT ON, Josh!
Nico Falah and Daniel Imatorbhebhe
Nico Falah with Josh's brother Daniel Imatorbhebhe. FIGHT ON, Nico! FIGHT ON, Daniel!
Matt Lopes
I caught Matt Lopes as he was walking to the stairs. FIGHT ON, Matt!

Toa LobendahnThen, Trojan Candy saw good friend Toa Lobendahn and took his picture. I had a few minutes to finally interview Toa. I should have interviewed Toa at the Salute to Troy last August 2017, but regrettably I didn't. Another second chance! Toa, like RoJo and Christian Rector, told me that his favorite food is hamburgers. His favorite movie is Disney's "Ratatouille." As for his music favorites, Toa likes Hip Hop and R&B music. He has two favorite hobbies. They are surfing and lifting. No wonder Toa is so muscular! He told me that he is a red-shirt Senior, so he can come back for another year. Do what is best for you, Toa. FIGHT ON, Toa!

Olajuwon Tucker, Jamel Cook, Chuma Edoga and Jack JonesEven though it was after 6:00 p.m., Trojan Candy was still looking around the somewhat crowded lobby. That's when I saw Chuma Edoga with three teammates. Olajuwon Tucker, Jamel Cook, Chuma Edoga and Jack Jones.

Chuma EdogaI asked Chuma if I could interview him for just a short time. He said, "Yes." Chima is a Junior majoring in Political Economy. Chuma's favorite food is spaghetti. His favorite music is rap, and his favorite artist is Young Thug. As for movies, Chuma likes "Scarface" the most. Chuma's hobby is "light" reading, especially mystery books. Chuma is not "light" on the football field! FIGHT ON, Chuma!

Alex Rios and HaleyAt the check in, Trojan Candy saw an "old" friend who is integral to our football success. Director of Player Personnel Alex Rios always stopped by the Heritage Hall desk where I had been volunteering. Alex and Haley smiled for my picture. Alex told me that recruiting is going well! FIGHT ON, Alex!

Grant Moore, Wyatt Schmidt, and Chris BrownTrojan Candy saw friend Wyatt Schmidt with two teammates. Grant Moore and Chris Brown joined Wyatt in this picture. Grant Moore, Wyatt Schmidt, and Chris Brown. FIGHT ON, Grant! FIGHT ON, Wyatt! FIGHT ON, Chris!

Hunter Echols and Marvell Tell IIIMy last picture in the now mostly empty lobby was of Hunter Echols and Marvell Tell III. FIGHT ON, Hunter! FIGHT ON, Marvell!

Now, it was time to go downstairs to the Ronald Tutor Ballroom for dinner.

My next blog article will be a continuation of the 2017 USC Football Team Awards Dinner.