April 2016 (3) Candygrams

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Sunday, April 10, 2016---Women of Troy Tennis Senior Salute

Trojan Candy was so glad to see the sunlight this morning. My husband Jim and I waited all afternoon yesterday for the Women of Troy tennis match with Arizona State to be played, but, due to intermittent rain, it was postponed to today.

Head Coach Richard Gallien allowed yours truly to take pictures of the Senior Salute ceremony on the court. Thank you so much, Coach Gallien!

The scoreboard flashed two messages.
Paige and Giuliana
Paige Keating and Giuliana Olmos
Sabrina Santamaria
On the court, Trojan Candy saw a USC tennis alumna. It was so nice to see Sabrina Santamaria (4/11/2014) again. I enjoyed watching Sabrina play and win!

Now it was time for the Senior Salute Ceremony to begin.

Our two Seniors, Giuliana Olmos (2/28/2015) and Paige Keating, were each presented a cardinal and gold flower bouquet. Hugs were everywhere.
Women of Troy Tennis team
The entire team posed for this picture. Meredith Xepoleas (2/28/2015), Kristen Venter, Zoe Katz (2/28/2015), Madison Westby, Gabby Smith, Giuliana Olmos, Paige Keating, Jessica Failla, Rianna Valdes, and Sarah Teichner.
Giuliana Olmos and Paige Keating
The two Seniors, GiuGiu and Paige, smiled for this picture.

Now, it was time for the two Seniors to pose with their coaches.

Barbara Hallquist DeGroot, West Nott,  GiuGiu Olmos, and Richard Gallien
Volunteer Asst. Coach Barbara Hallquist DeGroot, Associate Head Coach West Nott, GiuGiu Olmos, and Head Coach Richard Gallien
West Nott, GiuGiu Olmos, Paige Keating, and Richard Gallien
Coaches West Nott and Richard Gallien posed with GiuGiu and Paige.
Giuliana Olmos and Gabby Smith
Gabby Smith congratulated her double's partner GiuGiu.

Now, it was time for the families of the Seniors to join their daughters.

Paige Keating and Sarah Teichner
Teammate Sarah Teichner represented Paige Keating's family in this picture. FIGHT ON, Paige!
Marion, Sarah, GiuGiu, Zoe, and Roman Olmos
GiuGiu's family joined her. Mom Marion, sister Sarah, GiuGiu, sister Zoe, and Dad Roman. FIGHT ON, GiuGiu!

Trojan Candy took more pictures at the Senior Salute Ceremony. CLICK HERE to see my album.

Our women played very well against Arizona State. We won the Doubles point when Zoe Katz/Madison Westby and Jessica Failla/Rianna Valdes won their matches.

In the meantime, Trojan Candy walked around at the top of the stadium. That is where I saw a familiar face of someone whom I had just interviewed. Trojan Candy said hello to Max Boermeester (3/25/2016). I apologized to Max that his interview had not been published at that time [Now published]. It takes me a long time to write my articles, coordinating pictures and text.

Reuben PetersThen, I saw a football player who has attended every Women of Troy tennis match this season and was sitting two rows down from Max. Not being shy at all, I asked him if I could interview him. With a smile, Reuben Peters stood up and walked up the steps for my interview. Reuben is a red-shirt Freshman Fullback. He is majoring in P.P.D and Real Estate Development. His hobby is lifting weights. No wonder that he is so muscular. Reuben's favorite food is ribeye steak. Mmmm! Reuben likes Hip Hop music and his favorite artist is Eminen. His favorite television show is "House of Cards." FIGHT ON, Reuben!

Chris TilbeyThen, Trojan Candy noticed another football player who also comes to every Women of Troy tennis match. So I went over to the player, introduced myself and asked if I could interview him. With a smile, Chris Tilbey answered my questions. Chris told me that he is from Australia and has been at USC for three months. He played at a junior college in San Francisco and has been in Los Angeles for five months. Chris, a punter, is a Redshirt Sophomore majoring in Economics. He started playing Australian Rules Football when he was six years old. Chris says that he loves Los Angeles, loves USC and loves Head Coach Clay Helton. He said that Coach Helton gives his time to all the players and is like a "dad" to him. On a more personal note, Chris said that his hobbies are playing both Australian and American Football, playing Cricket, working out, "mucking" around and "hanging out" with friends. His favorite food is Domino's pizza. His favorite movie is "Interstellar" starring Donnie Darko. Chris likes all kinds of music. He told me that he hasn't been home for two years, but he is looking forward to seeing his parents in the fall. They will be coming to Los Angeles for the Colorado and Arizona State football games. FIGHT ON, Chris!

Ray Sarmiento and Henry JiAfter I finished my interview with Chris, Trojan Candy saw two friends. USC Tennis Alumnus Ray Sarmiento (3/11/2011) and current USC Men's Tennis member Henry Ji (3/25/2016) posed for me. Both were rooting on the women just like yours truly.

Our Women of Troy beat Arizona State 4-0. The three Singles winners were Zoe Katz, Madison Westby, and Jessica Failla. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Tennis!

Chris TilbeyGabby Smith and Max BoermeesterAfter the match ended, Henry and Ray volleyed on Court 6, and Max Boermeester and Gabby Smith volleyed on Court 4.

Looks like they're all having having fun!

Saturday, April 9, 2016---Women of Troy Water Polo vs. the Lady Bruins

It was raining on and off all day. USC tennis matches were postponed, but the Women of Troy water polo match versus UCLA started on time. Rain or shine, water polo plays on!

Women of Troy
Here is a picture of our Women of Troy Water Polo Team warming up.
Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy arrived in the stadium and displaced some Bruin fans.
Women of Troy
The team stands at attention for the Star Spangled Banner.
Women of Troy introductions
Watch my video of the Women of Troy Team introductions.
After this team huddle, the match began.
Starters jumping in pool
Watch my video of the starters jumping in the pool.
First goal
Our women scored a goal on our first possession.
Timeout huddle
Head Coach Jovan Vavic huddles with his team.
Our Women of Troy won every sprint.
Here is a video of our Women of Troy scoring.
Power play
Video of a power play score.
This is what it's like to Beat the Bruins!

Our Women of Troy Water Polo Team remains unbeaten!

FIGHT ON, USC Women of Troy Water Polo!