May 2019 (3) Candygrams

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Saturday, May 11, 2019---USC Men's Volleyball Awards Banquet

Trojan Candy walked into the Town and Gown for the USC Men's Volleyball Awards Banquet and saw some of the players by the fireplace. I took my camera out of my bag and got to work.

Ryan Moss and Clay Dickinson
Team members Ryan Moss and Clay Dickinson posed for me.
Gianluca Grasso and Ryan Moss
Then, Ryan stood with fellow senior Gianluca Grasso.
Ryan Moss
Ryan Moss.

There was just enough time for me to interview senior Ryan Moss. First I took a picture of Ryan. Then I interviewed him. Ryan graduated in Business. For hobbies, he played piano and guitar. Ryan even taught piano. He likes to go to the beach. Ryan's favorite food is steak. As for music, he likes artists Red Chili Peppers and the Eagles. Ryan's favorite movie is "Gladiator." Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Ryan!

Now it was time for the guests to sit down inside the Town and Gown for the dinner to begin.

Players talk about their mothers
Men's Volleyball Head Coach Jeff Nygaard introduced the players and asked each player to mention something about their moms. Today was Mother's Day. What a nice gesture by Coach Nygaard.
Tyler Resnick
Next, as the guests were in lines at the buffet table, Trojan Candy took pictures of the posters of the four Seniors. First was Tyler Resnick's.
Ryan Moss
Next was Ryan Moss.
Gianluca Grasso
Gianluca Grasso's was third.
Matt Douglas
Finally Matt Douglas's poster.
Ricky Coles, Patti and Dudley Poon, and Raymond and Eiko Bates
Trojan Candy took a picture of the guests at my table. Sitting were USC Tutor Ricky Coles and Raymond and Eiko Bates. Standing were Patti and Dudley Poon.
After brunch, the program started. Sports Administrator Jeff Fucci introduced Coach Jeff Nygaard. Coach Nygaard recalled the 2019 season.
Team awards
Then, the Team Awards were presented.

Coach Nygaard announced the "Ideal Trojan Award," the "Scholar-Athlete Award," and the "MVP Award."

Matt Douglas
After the awards, each Senior spoke. Matt Douglas went first.)
Gianluca Grasso
Gianluca Grasso was next.
Ryan Moss
Ryan Moss followed Gianluca.
Tyler Resnick
Tyler Resnick was the last Senior to speak.

The fifth Senior, Jack Wyett, was not at the banquet.

2019 season
After the Seniors spoke, a video of the 2019 season was shown at the end of the program.
Seniors and Jeff Nygaard
Then, Trojan Candy took a picture of the Seniors with Coach Nygaard.

After the program, Trojan Candy was able to interview the remaining three Seniors in attendance. They were Gianluca Grasso, Matt Douglas and Tyler Resnick.

Gianluca Grasso
Gianluca Grasso smiled earlier for his picture.

Gianluca majored in Global Studies. His hobby is volleyball. Gianluca's mom Rejane and dad Mauro both played volleyball in Brazil. His dad was also a coach. Gianluca's favorite food is rice and beans. His favorite mellow, acoustic music artist is Jack Johnson. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Gianluca!

Matt DouglasMark, Matt and Joan DouglasTrojan Candy literally ran over to Matt Douglas to take his picture and interview him. Matt majored in Business Administration and Real Estate. His favorite food is sushi. Matt likes country music the most. He also likes to read. His favorite book is "Sapiens." Matt told me that he is so grateful to be a Trojan. Me too, Matt! Matt also posed with his dad Mark and mom Joan. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Matt!

Tyler ResnickI looked around and luckily found Tyler Resnick with his family. Tyler majored in Human Biology. His favorite food, like Matt's, is sushi. Tyler likes alternative music the best. His favorite artist is Sticky Fingers. Tyler's favorite movie is "Stepbrothers." His hobbies are surfing, mountain biking and both water and snow skiing. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Tyler!

Team and staffTrojan Candy was able to gather the entire team together for this picture on the stairs with the coaches.

Gianluca Grasso, Ryan Moss, Katie Ryan, Tyler Resnick and Matt DouglasMy last picture at the banquet was of the Seniors with my S.I.D. friend Katie Ryan.

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Volleyball!

Thursday, May 9, 2019---USC Student-Athlete Graduation Reception

After Trojan Candy took my video of the Athletic Graduates filing out of the Galen Center ceremony, I hurried outside to the Galen Center outdoor steps.

Clay Helton and Nickell Robey-Coleman
The first picture that I took was of Coach Clay Helton shaking hands with my friend Nickell Robey-Coleman.
Aliyah Mazyck
Good friend Aliyah Mazyck (10/11/2015) posed in the front.
Basketball and Tennis Seniors
Trojan Candy took this candid shot of some Men's Basketball Seniors and some Men's Tennis Seniors.
Women of Troy Basketball Seniors
Here is a candid shot of some Women of Troy Basketball Seniors.
Coaches with Senior Athletes
The Coaches joined the Senior Athletes in this 2019 class picture.
2019 Graduates
This picture was just the 2019 Graduates.
Stevens Scholars
Trojan Candy walked around as quickly as I could to take as many pictures that I could as the athletic graduates cleared the stairs. Here are the Stevens Scholars.
Carla Hayden, Ally Prisock, Leah Pruitt, Susie Cognetta, Jessica Holmes, Hailey Hite and Keidane McAlpine
Tutor Susie Cognetta asked me to take a picture of her with her Women of Troy Soccer graduates. Director of Operations Carla Hayden, Ally Prisock, Leah Pruitt, Susie Cognetta, Jessica Holmes, Hailey Hite and Coach Keidane McAlpine.
Mariya and Minyon Moore
Nearby were Women of Troy Basketball friends and sisters Mariya (11/5/2017) and Minyon Moore (11/5/2017).
Pete, Rianna and Lauri Valdes
Then Trojan Candy saw Women of Troy Tennis friend Rianna Valdes (3/23/2018). She was with her dad Pete and mom Lauri.
Will Maloy, Nickell, Maranda and Earl Robey-Coleman
I finally found friend Nickell Robey-Coleman. He first posed with his cousin Will Maloy, younger sister Maranda and dad Earl.
Nickell Robey-Coleman and Kyrah McCowan
Then Nickell and his friend Kyrah McCowan, who is also a Trojan, smiled for this picture.
Nickell's sash
Trojan Candy saw Nickell's sash. It was a beautiful commemorative for his mother!
Howard Croom and Chris Tilbey
As I was walking back to the Reception inside of the Galen Center, Trojan Candy saw Chris Tilbey (4/10/2016) with Howard Croom.
Haley Hallgren and Alexandra Poletto
Friends Haley Hallgren (2/22/2018) and Alexandra Poletto (2/22/2018) smiled for me.
Brittany Welsh
Just then, Brittany Welsh walked by, so I took her picture quickly.
Rebecca Mejia, Bennie Boatwright and grandmother
Near the Galen Center doors, friend Bennie Boatwright (8/28/2015) was taking pictures with his family. Naturally, Trojan Candy started taking pictures. Here is Bennie with his mom Rebecca Mejia and his grandmother.
Bennie Boatwright and his family
Next, Bennie posed with other members of his family.
Chimezie Metu
Bennie's good friend and USC Men's Basketball Alumnus Chimezie Metu (8/28/2015) came to Bennie's graduation.
Mireia, Inaki, Abril, Olivia and Diego Bustamante
Right outside the Galen Center door, Trojan Candy saw Women of Troy Beach Volleyball friend Abril Bustamante (5/8/2018) with her family. Here are her mom Mireia, brother Inaki, Abril, sister Olivia and dad Diego.
Kristen Simon, Jamie, Jaelyn, Aliyah Mazyck, Alane, Panresha and Eric
Just behind me was Women of Troy Basketball Senior Aliyah Mazyck. She posed with her teammate Kristen Simon (12/30/2018), family and friends. Here are Kristen, Jamie, Jaelyn, Aliyah, mother Alane, Panresha and Eric.
Daniel and Josh Imatorbhebhe
Trojan Candy finally walked inside the Centofante Hall of Fame of the Galen Center. The first two friends I saw were football brothers Daniel and Josh Imatorbhebhe (2/3/2016).
Bykola, Oluwole and Chrisiiana Betiku
Nearby were football friend Oluwole Betiku (2/3/2016) and his sister Bykola and Chrisiiana.
Rai Benjamin, Jenna Adams, Michael Norman and friend
Trojan Candy then took this picture of Rai Benjamin (4/28/2019), Jenna Adams, Michael Norman (4/28/2019) and a friend.
Jayla and Ja'Tavia Tapley, Sylvia Johnson and ?
I saw Women of Troy Basketball friend Ja'Tavia Tapley next. She posed with her sister Jayla Tapley, mom Sylvia Johnson and ?.
Mauro, Gianluca and Rejane Grasso
My last picture of the day was of Men's Volleyball Senior Gianluca Grasso. He posed with his dad Mauro and mom Rejane.

What a busy, memorable day!

Congratulations, 2019 USC Athletic Graduates!