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Friday, March 25, 2016---Women of Troy Basketball Banquet

Alexis Lloyd, Aliyah Mazyck, Danijela Milisic, Marguerite Effa, Khaedin Taito, Courtney Jaco, Candela Abejon, Sadie Edwards, and Temi FagbenleAs my husband Jim and I were checking into the banquet, Trojan Candy saw several team members who had already arrived. I gathered together Alexis Lloyd, Aliyah Mazyck (10/11/2015), Danijela Milisic, Marguerite Effa, Khaedin Taito, Courtney Jaco, Candela Abejon, Sadie Edwards, and Temi Fagbenle (10/11/2015) and took this picture.

Sadie EdwardsThen I saw Sadie Edwards standing alone. Lucky for me because I really wanted to interview her. I walked over to her and asked if I could interview her. With a shy smile she said, "Yes." Sadie is a Sophomore and is majoring in Social Science and Psychology. She loves to listen to all types of music and do a little dancing too. Sadie's favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Her favorite movie is "Unbroken." Her favorite television show is "Gray's Anatomy." Sadie told me that in addition to basketball, she likes to run track. What an outstanding athlete! So nice to meet you and FIGHT ON, Sadie!

Candela AbejonOnce inside the Founder's Room, Trojan Candy saw another basketball team member whom I could interview. Candela Abejon, who is from Gijon, Spain, and has been speaking English since she was six years old, is a Freshman this year. She is majoring in Electrical Engineering. Candela has been playing basketball for eight years. Her dad is a basketball coach in Spain. Candela has two younger sisters who also play basketball. Two future Trojans! Since she was four years old, Candela has played the piano. She likes to play all types of music, and she likes to listen to all kinds of music. Another multi-talented Trojan! Her favorite movie is "Harry Potter," her favorite television show is "Blindspot," and her favorite book is "A Walk to Remember." Candela's favorite food is pizza. So nice to meet you, too and FIGHT ON, Candela!

Brianna BarrettTrojan Candy was on a roll now....I was able to interview Senior Brianna Barrett! I have many pictures of Brianna in my blog, but I had never interviewed her. Brianna majored in Communication. She has many interests. Brianna likes to "go on adventures," "go skate boarding," and "draw." Her favorite food is sushi. As for her music tastes, Brianna likes all music genres, but she loves country music. Luke Bryan is her favorite music artist, and Kid Cudi is her favorite rapper. Brianna's favorite movie is "Space Jam," and her favorite television shows are "Family Guy" and the "Vampire Diaries." After graduation, Brianna wants to play professional basketball. Trojan Candy has enjoyed watching Brianna play point guard at USC. She is tremendously quick, drives in and shoots beautiful shots! Good luck in the WNBA and FIGHT ON, Brianna!Jaco Family

After interviewing Brianna, I walked around the Founder's Room looking for families of the players. The first family I saw that was sitting together at a table was Courtney Jaco's father Alex Jaco, stepmother Ruth Jaco, and mother Janine Turk.Danijela Milisic, Sadie and Taja Edwards, Tom Gresczyk, and Genaro and Lai Tan Carapia

After meeting Courtney's family, I walked to the next table to take a picture of some friends. Sitting at the table with friends Genaro and Lai Tan Carapia, Tom Gresczyk, and Taja Edwards were Sadie Edwards and Danijela Milisic.

Danijela MilisicIt was a perfect time to interview Danijela. She is a Freshman and is majoring in Social Sciences with a minor in Forensic Science. Danijela, who is from Australia, has been playing basketball for six years. Her favorite food is Italian food. As for music, Danijela likes Rhythm and Blues and Hip Hop. Her favorite movies are sports movies and documentaries. "Blindspot" is her favorite television show, and she enjoys reading "girlie" magazines. Trojan Candy can't wait to see Danijela play next season. FIGHT ON, Danijela!

Raymond and Eiko Bates, Dudley and Patti Poon, Jim and Candy Yee, Linda Whiting, Karen Trust, Anita Ybarra, and Anna Adams
My table was next to Danijela and Sadie's table. Standing were Raymond and Eiko Bates, Dudley and Patti Poon, and Jim and Candy Yee. Sitting were Linda Whiting, Karen Trust, Anita Ybarra, and Anna Adams. Leland Waters took the picture for me.
Leland Waters and Raymond Bates
Then, I photographed Leland and friend Raymond Bates.
Cynthia Cooper-Dyke
Next I saw Coach Cynthia Cooper-Dyke.

Donna Heinel and Darcy CouchDonna Heinel and Darcy Couch smiled for this picture.

Now it was time for the program to start.

Women's Basketball Announcer Leland Waters made the opening remarks.

After an enthusiastic introduction by Associate Head Coach Beth Burns, Head Coach Cynthia Cooper-Dyke took the podium. Coach Cynthia thanked all the donors, spoke about our season and then began the awards presentation.

Academic Awards were announced first. Being a retired teacher, Trojan Candy wants to congratulate these five players on their excellent accomplishments in the classroom. They received certificates for the Trojan 3.0 Club.

Candela Abejon and Cynthia Cooper-Dyke
Candela Abejon
Courtney Jaco and Cynthia Cooper-Dyke
Courtney Jaco
Sadie Edwards and Cynthia Cooper-Dyke
Sadie Edwards
Khaedin Taito and Cynthia Cooper-Dyke
Khaedin Taito
Temi Fagbenle and Cynthia Cooper-Dyke
Temi Fagbenle

Team Awards were announced next.

Courtney Jaco, Cynthia Cooper-Dyke, and Temi FagbenleDefensive Player of the Year: Temi Fagbenle

Trojan Tough: Courtney Jaco

Co-MVPs: Courtney Jaco and Temi Fagbenle

Heart of a Trojan: Courtney Jaco

The final portion of the program was about our Seniors---Brianna Barrett and Temi Fagbenle.

Courtney Jaco, who substituted for Kristen Simon who was sick, and Jordan Adams "roasted" Brianna and Temi in this video.
Brianna Barrett, Cynthia Cooper-Dyke, and Temi Fagbenle
After much laughter, Brianna and Temi said their "good-byes" to the coaches and their teammates. Coach Cooper-Dyke posed with her two outstanding Seniors---Brianna Barrett and Temi Fagbenle FIGHT ON, Brianna! FIGHT ON, Temi!
2015-2016 season
The program closed with this team video of the 2015-2016 season.
Brianna's niece, Brittani Blades-Barrett, Brianna Barrett, Tonya Barrett, Austin Blades-Barrett, and Jordan Adams
Trojan Candy was able to take a picture of Senior Brianna Barrett and her family. L-R: Brianna's niece, sister-in-law Brittani Blades-Barrett, Brianna, her mom Tonya, nephew Austin Blades-Barrett, and Jordan Adams.
Brianna Barrett and Jordan Adams
Best friends Brianna and Jordan.
2015-2016 Team
Our 2015-2016 Team. L to R: Aliyah Mazyck, Khaedin Taito, Brianna Barrett, Dani Milisic, Alexis Lloyd, Courtney Jaco, Candela Abejon, Marguerite Effa, Temi Fagbenle, Sadie Edwards, Jordan Adams.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Basketball!

Friday, March 25, 2016---Three New Friends and a Victory Too!

Trojan Candy was at the Women of Troy tennis match versus Oregon. Our women were doing very well against the Ducks. Then I saw two football players sitting in the stands behind me. I recognized Claude Pelon. So, I do what I always do....I walked up the stairs to interview them.

Matt Boermeester and Claude PelonI introduced myself and Claude said that he remembered that I had taken his picture at the 2014 Recruiting dinner (2/5/2014). I asked Claude and his friend Matt Boermeester if I could take their picture and interview them. They both agreed!

Claude, who is from Orlando Florida, majored in Sociology. For his hobby, Claude likes to play "Call of Duty." He likes all genres of music, and his favorite artist is Jay Z. Claude's favorite food is sushi. He loves Golden Crunch Ral with eel sauce. His favorite movie is "The Jungle Book," and his favorite television show is the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air." Claude started playing football when he was seven years old. He played quarterback first. At USC, Claude played Defensive End. He told me that he just performed his Pro Day on campus. Good Luck in the NFL, Claude, and FIGHT ON!

Now, it was Matt Boermeester's turn to be interviewed. Matt, a Junior from San Diego, is a place kicker on the team. He transferred to USC from Saddleback Junior College. Matt also played as an outfielder in baseball when he was younger. Matt is majoring in Communication. On a more personal note, his "hobby" is doing activities by the ocean...swimming, body surfing and playing beach volleyball. His favorite food is his Oma's "hashey." Matt explained that his grandmother from Holland makes a delicious rice and beef dish topped with a sauce that she makes from scratch. Mmm...sounds delicious! Matt likes country music the most and his favorite performers are Tim McGraw and Justin Bieber. His favorite movies are "Interstellar" and "Saving Private Ryan," and his favorite television show is "Breaking Bad." Lastly, Matt likes to play the game "FIFA." So nice to meet you and FIGHT ON, Matt!Henry Ji

My third new friend is a member of the USC men's tennis team. Trojan Candy met Henry Ji last year. I finally got to interview him. He is a Sophomore majoring in Business Administration. Henry started playing tennis when he was six years old at a clinic. His sister also plays tennis. She played "club" tennis at Berkeley. Henry's hobby is to "hang out" with friends. His favorite food is tofu rice and meat with sauce. Henry's favorite movie is "Stepp Brothers" and favorite television show is "Game of Thrones." He likes rock music and his favorite band is Metal Core. So nice to meet you too and FIGHT ON, Henry!

Our women beat Oregon 7-0. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Tennis!

March 22, 2016---Women of Troy Sand Volleyball

It was a beautiful, sunny day. The Women of Troy and the Cal State Long Beach 49'ers took turns warming up on three courts.

Before the first match, the teams stood for the Star Spangled Banner.

Abril Bustamante and Jenna Belton
On Court 1 were USC's Abril Bustamante and Jenna Belton.
Jo Kremer and Zoe Nightingale
On Court 2 were Jo Kremer (3/3/2016) and Zoe Nightingale (3/3/2016).
Emily Young and Becca Dunn
Court 3 was a non-scoring match. Emily Young and Becca Dunn (3/3/2016) were on Court 3.

Here are pictures of the three courts in action.

Abril Bustamante and Jenna Belton
Court 1, Abril and Jenna.
Jo Kremer and Zoe Nightingale
Court 2, Jo and Zoe.
Emily Young and Becca Dunn
Court 3, Emily and Becca.
Abril Bustamante and Jenna Belton
April and Jenna won their match.
Jo Kremer and Zoe Nightingale
Then, Jo and Zoe won their match.

Both partners always congratulate one another all during their matches. Our Women of Troy were leading 2-0 in match play.

Now, it was time for the second round of matches.

Sara Hughes and Kelly Claes
Sara Hughes (1/31/2014) and Kelly Claes competed on Court 1.
Alexa Strange and Sophie Bukovec
Alexa Strange (3/3/2016) and Sophie Bukovec (3/5/2015) were on Court 2.
Allie Wheeler and Becca Dunn
On Court 3 were Allie Wheeler (3/5/2015) and Becca Dunn.

Here are pictures of the three courts in action.

Sara Hughes and Kelly Claes
Court 1, Sara and Kelly.
Alexa Strange and Sophie Bukovec
Court 2, Alexa and Sophie.
Allie Wheeler and Becca Dunn
Court 3, Allie and Becca.
Sara Hughes and Kelly Claes
Sara Hughes and Kelly Claes congratulate one another after winning their match on Court 1.
Alexa Strange and Sophie Bukovec
Then, the play at Court 2 and Court 3 was suspended since USC won the match 3-0. Alexa and Sophie high-five one another on Court 2.
Allie Wheeler and Becca Dunn
Allie and Becca on Court 3 also high-five one another.
Kelly Claes and Sara Hughes
Trojan Candy took this picture of Kelly Claes and Sara Hughes after their match clinching win.

Seen at the SCene:

Jack Yoder, Robert Feathers, and Vinnie Rios
Current and former Men's Volleyball players Jack Yoder, Robert Feathers (11/9/2012) and Vinnie Rios.
Paige Hines and ?
Sand Volleyball Manager Paige Hines (1/31/2014) and her friend .
Natasa Siljkovic
New Graduate Assistant Natasa Siljkovic (9/2/2010)

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Sand Volleyball!