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Wednesday, May 10, 2017---Women of Troy Beach Volleyball Awards Banquet

Trojan Candy and my husband Jim arrived early at the Galen Center for the Women of Troy Beach Volleyball Awards banquet. We were still excited about winning our back-to-back NCAA National Championship on Sunday, May 7th. We met a new friend, Laurie Keys, in the lobby.

Head Coach Anna Collier walked into the lobby with an even bigger smile on her face. I went to give her a big hug and congratulations.

Dudley and Patti Poon, Karen Trust, Anita Ybarra, Anna Collier, Leland Waters, Laurie Keys, and Jim Yee
Then, Coach Anna posed with friends and family. Dudley and Patti Poon, Karen Trust, Anita Ybarra, Anna Collier, Leland Waters, Laurie Keys, and Jim Yee.
Finally it was time to enter the Founder's Room. Trojan Candy saw the Awards trophies first.
Next, I saw the "Seeding Bracket." The champion is Southern California!
And UCLA was a Loser!
Caleb, Madeleine, and Donna Heinel
Friend Donna Heinel and her two children walked by me, so I was able to take their picture.
2017 NCAA trophy
Trojan Candy made my way near the bar area. That is where the 2017 NCAA Beach Volleyball Championship Trophy was displayed.

2016-2017 Pac-12 trophyThe Pac-12 Championship Trophy was next to the NCAA trophy. Aren't they beautiful!

Jenna BeltonI turned to my left and saw a beautiful young lady. Jenna Belton smiled at me and agreed to let me interview her. Jenna is majoring in Human Biology. She wants to be either a Physical Therapist or an Occupational Therapist. She started playing indoor volleyball when she was thirteen. Jenna chose USC, because, on her visitation, she fell in love with the campus, the Galen Center, the coach and because USC felt like "family." Trojan Candy is sure glad that Jenna is a Trojan! Italian food is her favorite food. Jenna's favorite movies are Harry Potter movies, and she also likes Harry Potter books the best. "The Office" is Jenna's favorite television show. Finally, Jenna likes "very laid back" music. She likes Classic Rock, the Beatles, and Jack Johnson. FIGHT ON, Jenna!

Now Trojan Candy started walking around the entire room looking for more Beach Volleyball players.

Laura and Sara Hughes
I found friend Sara Hughes (1/31/2014) and her mom Laura.
Candy and Jim Yee with Sara Hughes
Laura took this picture of Jim and yours truly with Sara. Notice someone in the background "photobombing."
Kelly Claes and Tim Tessalone
Next, I took this picture of the "culprit Kelly Claes (3/2/2017)" with SID Tim Tessalone.
? and Sophie and Helen Bukovec
Sophie Bukovec (3/5/2015) posed with her mom Helen and ?.
Kelly and Paul Claes
Kelly Claes and her dad Paul smiled for me.
Tom Gresczyk and Tim Seno
Trojan Candy walked by two friends sitting at their table. Hello to Tom Gresczyk and Tim Seno.
Lynn Swann and Kelly Dormandy
Strength and Conditioning Coach Kelly Dormandy (2/15/2015) posed with Athletic Director Lynn Swann.
Laurie Keys and Lynn Swann
Lynn Swann is everywhere! Here he is with Laurie Keys.
Lynn Swann and Anna Collier
Then, here he is with Coach Anna Collier.
Nicolette Martin, Jake Arnitz, and Todd and Criss Martin
Trojan Candy finally made it back to my table. We were sitting with Senior Nicolette Martin (3/5/2015), her friend Jake Arnitz, and her parents Todd and Criss.
Becca Dunn and Abril, Inaki, and Olivia Bustamante
Now, I started to walk around the Founder's Hall again. Trojan Candy took a picture of Sophomores Becca Dunn (3/3/2016) and Abril Bustamante with Abril's brother Inaki and mother Olivia.
Ryan Plunkett, David Foley, Katie Fuller, Katie Johnson, Jeff Liu, and Alice Pizzasegola
Trojan Candy took this picture of Beach Volleyball Staff members Ryan Plunkett, David Foley, Katie Fuller, Katie Johnson, Jeff Liu, and Alice Pizzasegola (1/8/2017).
Kelly Claes, Dain Blanton, and Maeve McCaffrey
Near my table, Trojan Candy took this picture of Kelly Claes, Volunteer Assistant Coach Dain Blanton and Maeve McCaffrey. Dain and Maeve sat at our table.
Daryl and Joy Dennis, Stefanie Miller, Anita Ybarra, and Karen Trust
Dinner was now served. Believe it or not, Trojan Candy left her table again to take pictures. I saw Joy Dennis and her dad Daryl sitting at a table with my friends. There were Daryl and Joy Dennis (3/2/2017), Stefanie Miller, Anita Ybarra, and Karen Trust.
Daryl and Joy Dennis
I took another picture of Daryl and Joy Dennis.

Jo Kremer and Terese CannonTrojan Candy was able to take one more picture before the program started. Juniors Jo Kremer (3/3/2016) and Terese Cannon (3/3/2016) sat at the same table. Terese paired with Nicolette Martin this season. Terese scored the final point to win 15-13 in the deciding match to beat Pepperdine in the Championship match. I asked Terese about the final point. She said, "All I could think about was GET IT DOWN!" She also said that she was not nervous in the "moment," but she was nervous afterwards! Congratulations, Terese!

Women of Troy Beach Volleyball announcer Leland Waters took the podium to start the program.

USC motto
This is the USC Athletic motto on the podium.
Avery Hazelrigg, Cammie Dorn, and Leland Waters
Leland asked our pairs to introduce each other. He started with our Freshmen pair of Avery Hazelrigg (3/2/2017) and Cammie Dorn (3/2/2017).
Avery's shoes
Kiddingly, Leland pointed out that Avery's shoes had pictures of the Beach Volleyball team.
Avery Hazelrigg and Cammie Dorn
After Avery introduced Cammie, Cammie returned the favor.
Brianna Sizemore and Lainy Thomas
Next pair on the stage were Sophomore Brianna Sizemore and Freshman Lainy Thomas (3/2/2017).
Becca Dunn and Katrina Kernochan
Sophomore Katrina Kernochan introduced her partner Sophomore Becca Dunn.
Jenna Belton and Jo Kremer
Juniors Jenna Belton and Jo Kremer were next on the stage.
Joy Dennis and Abril Bustamante
Freshman Joy Dennis and her partner Sophomore Abril Bustamante introduced one another.
Terese Cannon and Nicolette Martin
Everyone in the audience could see Junior Terese Cannon and her partner Senior Nicolette Martin come up on the stage. Their visors showed their originality.
Sophie Bukovec and Allie Wheeler
Seniors Sophie Bukovec and Allie Wheeler (3/5/2015) gave one another a big hug.
Kelly Claes and Sara Hughes
Last, but not least, Seniors Kelly Claes and Sara Hughes came up on the stage. They were still "all smiles."
Anna Collier
After our sixteen players were introduced, Head Coach Anna Collier stepped up on the stage to say something special about each of the five Seniors.
Seniors and Anna Collier
This video recorded Coach Anna's "Thank you" to her staff and her memories of the five Seniors.
FIGHT ON, Sophie! FIGHT ON, Nicolette! FIGHT ON, Kelly! FIGHT ON, Allie! FIGHT ON, Sara!
Ali Lamberson
Next, Assistant Coach Ali Lamberson announced some of the Award winners.
Dain Blanton
Then Assistant Coach Dain Blanton announced some Award winners.

The winners were as follows:

IRWIN AWARD: Most growth as a person:
"T" Terese Cannon

SPIRIT OF TROY: Most heart and passion for the game:
Nicolette Martin

MOST INSPIRATIONAL: Voted on by the team:
Allie Wheeler

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: She brings the team together:
Sara Hughes

COACHES AWARD: Player who has overcome a big challenge. She has played with eight different partners this year:
Katrina Kernochan

2017 season
A video of the season ended the program.
Spirit of Troy
Everyone heard them coming. The Spirit of Troy marched to the stage.
Sara Hughes and Anna Collier
Trojan Candy saw friend Sara standing next to Coach Anna as the Spirit of Troy played "Fight On."
Luckily, Coach Anna gathered the team for a picture. There were so many friends and family standing behind me, Trojan Candy barely could step back enough to get a picture of the entire team.
Debra James and Jo and Mark Kremer
Before leaving, I took a picture of Jo Kremer with Debra James and her dad Mark Kremer.
Dick, Allie, and Jody Wheeler
Allie Wheeler smiled with her parents Dick and Jody at her side.
Abril Bustamente, Katie Johnson, and Joy Dennis
Athletic Trainer Katie Johnson stood between Abril Bustamente and Joy Dennis.
Kelly Claes, Leland Waters, and Sara Hughes
I saw Kelly Claes, Leland Waters, and Sara Hughes at the seeding bracket.
Jeremy and April Wu
Trojan Candy said "Good night" to SID Jeremy Wu and his wife April.

Jake Arnitz and Nicolette MartinMy last picture of the evening was of Nicolette Martin and her friend Jake Arnitz.

Another fabulous evening!

Congratulations, Women of Troy 2017 Beach Volleyball National Champions!