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Saturday, March 31, 2018---USC Men's Volleyball Senior Salute

Men's Volleyball Team
Our Men's Volleyball Team entered the court at Galen Center.
Star Spangled Banner
During the Star Spangled Banner, Trojan Candy recorded our entire team. Then the team greeted the Bruins, yes them, at the net.
Cole Paxson, Jon Rivera, Gert Lisha, Gianluca Grasso, Connor Inlow, Jack Wyett and Sam Lewis
Our starting line-up included our four Seniors---Jon Rivera (5/14/2016), Gert Lisha (5/13/2017), Connor Inlow and Jack Wyett.

Our Trojans played valiantly against the Bruins. We won in five sets. The scores were 18-25, 25-23, 25-23, 19-25 and 15-11. Senior Jack Wyett had 18 kills and 8 digs in the team's upset defeat of the Bruins.

What a way for our four Seniors to celebrate their Senior Salute.

FIGHT ON, Jon! FIGHT ON, Gert! FIGHT ON, Connor! FIGHT ON, Jack!

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Volleyball!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018---A Close Friend Encounter in San Francisco

Allen WilliamsTrojan Candy, who is an appointed Commissioner in the Los Angeles County Commission on Aging, attended the American Society on Aging's Aging in America Conference in San Francisco. As I was walking in the Exhibitor Hall, I saw a familiar face. Allen Williams (8/19/2011), whom I interviewed in Heritage Hall, was working in the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology booth. Allen ran track at USC, and he visited Trojan Candy quite often in Heritage Hall. He earned his B.A. in Political Science at USC in 2015. Then Allen earned his Masters degree in Public Diplomacy in 2017. He is now a "Student Services Advisor" at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.

FIGHT ON, Allen!

Saturday, March 24, 2018---A USC Men's Volleyball Reunion

Trojan Candy was lucky to attend a USC Men's Volleyball 1980 Team Reunion in the Galen Center Founders' Room before the USC match against UCI. Several members of the 1980 NCAA National Championship Volleyball Team and their families came to see and visit with their teammates.

Trojan Candy saw a familiar face. I met Dr. Bill Stetson in January 11, 2014, at the Ernie Hix Tribute Celebration. I attended the event to distribute several Heritage Hall Medallions to All-American and Olympian volleyball players. Trojan Candy gave Bill his Medallion that evening.

Sharon Hicks, Joe Soulia, and Erica, Bill, John, Pax, Eleanor and Claire Stetson
Tonight I was able to take this picture of Bill and his family. Back row: Sharon Hicks, Joe Soulia, and Erica and Bill Stetson. Front row: John, Pax, Eleanor and Claire Stetson.
Bill Stetson and Jeff Nygaard
USC Men's Head Volleyball Coach, Jeff Nygaard, walked into the Founder's Room and spoke with Bill Stetson first.
Tim Hovland, Sharon Hicks and Pamela Hovland
Trojan Candy next saw Tim Hovland enter the reception. He posed with his wife Pamela and Sharon Hicks. I also gave Tim his Heritage Hall Medallion in 2014.

Jim Morico, Mark Beltran and Bill StetsonNow, it was time for two Men's Volleyball staffers to interview two or three 1980 teammates at a time. Trojan Candy took notes as they videoed each teammate. The first three men to sit down in the "hot seats" were the announcer Jim Morico and two players Mark Beltran and Bill Stetson. All three men spoke fondly of Coach Ernie Hix.

Mark said that Coach Hix was their "mentor, father and coach." He had lots of discipline, but he also let us keep our "free spirits."

Bill said, "Our 1980 team was made of great players who were an amazing group of athletes. We took our practices so seriously. Our practices were so competitive and harder than our matches."


Tim Hovland and Celso KalacheThe next two interviewees were Tim Hovland and Celso Kalache. Trojan Candy gave Celso his Heritage Hall Medallion at the Ernie Hicks Celebration (1/11/2014).

Tim said that Coach Hix "... changed my whole life. He recruited me in 1980. He was the best coach and best friend. He expected us to win the National Championship. Coach Hix expected all of us to come in, buy into it and believe."

Celso added, "Coach Hix was my friend, my mentor and my father figure. He involved all of the parents into our priority."


Cliff Kapololu, Dusty Dvorak and Pat PowersThe last three players to be interviewed were Cliff Kapololu, Dusty Dvorak (1/11/2014) and Pat Powers. Trojan Candy gave Dusty his Heritage Hall Medallions at the Ernie Hicks Celebration, and Pat received his Heritage Hall Medallion earlier. Now, about their interview. About Coach Hix, Cliff said, "He molded unique, extreme personalities into a team."

Dusty Dvorak added that Coach Hix "was a great person, mentor and supporter. He never lost his temper."

Pat Powers said, "Coach Hix was a great recruiter who developed Olympians."

Cliff, Dusty and Pat spoke about the "appeal" of the North Gym. They said that opponents were "intimidated" in the North Gym. USC students would hang over the side of the balcony holding a keg and football players also sat in the upper deck.

Three Trojans on the 1980 NCAA Championship team were also 1984 Olympic Gold Medalists. They were Dusty Dvorak, Steve Timmons and Pat Powers.

FIGHT ON, Cliff! FIGHT ON, Dusty! FIGHT ON, Pat!

What a memorable night!

Friday, March 23, 2018---Women of Troy Tennis vs Washington State

Rianna ValdesAfter the Women of Troy Tennis Doubles competition against Washington State ended, Trojan Candy was able to interview Rianna Valdes. Rianna played in the Doubles but was not able to play in the Singles competition because of an injury.

Rianna is a Junior majoring in Psychology. At first, she played basketball, and then she started playing tennis when she was four years old. Her older brother played tennis. Rianna's favorite food is Italian food and sushi. As for her favorite music, Rianna told me that she likes all kinds of music. However, her three favorite types are Hip Hop, R&B and Rock. Rianna had to think for a while about her favorite movie. Then she chose "Black Panther."

FIGHT ON, Rianna!

Monday, March 19, 2018---Another Good Friend

Trojan Candy attended the USC Men's Basketball N.I.T. game against Western Kentucky at the Galen Center. During the game I saw him sitting in the stands. I recognized my good friend immediately and told my husband that Robert Woods (8/19/2010) was "in the house."

Robert WoodsAt the half-time I grabbed my camera and walked down to the courtside seats where Robert had moved to. He was talking with Athletic Director Lynn Swann. Then, during a lull in his conversation with other athletic department members, Trojan Candy yelled out to Robert. He walked over to me with a smile on his face. I asked him if he remembered me. Robert remembered me from Heritage Hall. I interviewed Robert in Heritage Hall when he was a Freshman at USC in 2010. I asked him if he gets back to Gardena to visit. Robert said he should. Next, I asked him to pose for a picture.

Here is my friend Robert Woods.

FIGHT ON, Robert!

March 3, 2018---USC Men's Basketball Senior Salute

There was extra excitement in the air tonight in the Galen Center. The three Seniors were being honored tonight.

Kurt Karis, Elijah Stewart and Jordan McLaughlin
Kurt Karis, Elijah Stewart (3/30/2015) and Jordan McLaughlin (5/26/2015) were featured in this video.
Elijah Stewart and Jordan McLaughlin
After the ceremony ended, it was time to introduce the starting line-ups. Seniors Elijah Stewart and Jordan McLaughlin were featured in this video.
Justyn and Dean Wilson
During the game, parachutes were dropped into the crowd. If you caught one, you won a prize. My friend across the aisle caught a parachute. Justyn Wilson and his son Dean posed for this picture.

Trojan Candy wants to congratulate our three Seniors.


FIGHT ON, Elijah!

FIGHT ON, Jordan!