October 2017 (2) Candygrams

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Saturday, October 28, 2017---Thirteen USC Men's Water Polo Seniors are Honored

Trojan Candy went to the USC-San Jose State Men's Water Polo match at the Uytengsu Aquatics Center. Before the match, thirteen USC Seniors were honored. Trojan Candy was poolside with the Senior's parents. I made some new friends.

Banners were made to honor each Senior. Here are the banners:

McQuin Baron
McQuin Baron
Blake Edwards
Blake Edwards
Lachlan Edwards
Lachlan Edwards
Mitch Embrey
Mitch Embrey
Bryce Hoerman
Bryce Hoerman
Brock Hudnut
Brock Hudnut
Timothy Leong
Timothy Leong
Mihajlo Milicevic
Mihajlo Milicevic
Matteo Morelli
Matteo Morelli
Lazar Pasuljevic
Lazar Pasuljevic
Murphy Slater
Murphy Slater
Grant Stein
Grant Stein
James Walters
James Walters
Murphy Slater
As I was pool side, Trojan Candy saw a mother of one of the Seniors lay out some beautiful cloth leis that she had handmade for each of the thirteen Seniors.

After both teams had warmed up, it was time to honor all of the Seniors.

I was able to take a picture of each Senior with his family or friend(s).

McQuin Baron and family
McQuin Baron and his family.
Blake Edwards and dad
Blake Edwards and his dad.
Lachlan Edwards and dad
Brother Lachlan Edwards and his dad.
Mitch Embrey and parents
Mitch Embrey and his dad and mom.
Bryce Hoerman and dad
Bryce Hoerman and his dad.
Brock Hudnut and family
Brock Hudnut and his family.
Timothy Leong and family
Timothy Leong and his family.
Mihajlo Milicevic and friend
Mihajlo Milicevic and friend.
Matteo Morelli and parents
Matteo Morelli and his mom and dad.
Lazar Pasuljevic and family
Lazar Pasuljevic and his family.
Murphy Slater and family and friends
Murphy Slater and his family and friends.
Grant Stein and family
Grant Stein and his family.
James Walters and family
James Walters and his family.
Next, the thirteen Seniors posed together for all of the cameras.
Senior banners
Here are all thirteen Senior banners.

USC beat San Jose State 24-8. Every Senior had a hand in the victory with ten of them scoring at least one goal!

Congratulations USC Men's Water Polo Seniors!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017---USC Men's Basketball Scrimmage

USC Men's Basketball Head Coach Andy Enfield invited Galen Founders and their guests to a practice in the upstairs gym. Trojan Candy got a good seat near the north basket. Most of the action occurred right in front of my seat.

The practice lasted almost two hours. Our three new Freshmen, #1 Jordan Usher, #13 Charles O'Bannon, Jr., and # 34 Victor Uyaelunmo, seemed to be already in sync with our veterans.

Trojan Candy took this video of the team scrimmaging. The players had to take turns subbing in and out.
Warmup shots
The players shot warm up shots. They all run and shoot very fast.
At the end of the practice, Coach Enfield chose players to shoot free throws. If the player missed, the entire team had to run lines. The last player chosen to shoot free throws was Senior Kurt Karis. Kurt missed his first free throw but made the second. The team mobbed him since they didn't have to run lines!
Now it was time for the program. Announcer Jordan Moore welcomed everyone and introduced the Freshmen. Charles O'Bannon, Jr., was introduced first. Now meet all of the other 2017-2018 USC Men's Basketball Team.
Nick Rakocevic and Jordan Usher
After the program was over, Trojan Candy tried to talk to as many friends that I could and take their picture. Friend Nick Rakocevic (8/26/2016) was standing with Freshman Jordan Usher. They smiled for me. Nick told me a little about his trip to Serbia. He said that he saw some family and then reminded me that he is from Chicago. FIGHT ON, Nick! FIGHT ON, Jordan!
Carole Zide, Doris Hughes, Lorraine and Norm Varnen, Mel Hughes, and Jordan McLaughlin
I saw good friend Jordan McLaughlin (5/26/2015) talking to some of our mutual friends. Carole Zide, Doris Hughes, Lorraine and Norm Varnen, and Mel Hughes posed with Jordan.
Jordan McLaughlin and Tom Zide
Jordan smiled with Tom Zide. FIGHT ON, Jordan!
De'Anthony Melton
Trojan Candy saw another good friend. De'Anthony Melton (4/12/2017) told me that he took summer classes. FIGHT ON, De'Anthony!

Derryck ThortonI finally was able to interview a new friend. Sophomore Derryck Thorton smiled when I walked up to him. I reminded him that I had posted his picture on my blog last year at a Women of Troy Beach Volleyball game. Derryck is a Sophomore Guard majoring in Communication. He transferred from Duke before the 2016-2017 season and will have three years of eligibility left. Trojan Candy asked Derryck why he transferred to USC. He said that he wanted to be closer to home (Findlay Prep, LA) and that USC has an amazing coaching staff. More personally, Derryck's favorite food is steak and seafood. His favorite movie is "I am Legend" starring one of his favorite actors Will Smith. As for music, Derryck likes slow R&B music and loves to dance to this music. Derryck's favorite artists are Drake and Party Next Door's Jahron Anthony Brathwaite. Trojan Candy is so glad that Derryck chose my alma mater USC. FIGHT ON, Derryck!

Harrison Henderson and Derryck ThortonAs Jim and I walked over to the reception area, I took this picture of Derryck and his teammate Harrison Henderson at the gym door.

What an exciting afternoon with the USC Men's Basketball Team.

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Basketball Team!