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Thursday, May 12, 2016---USC Student-Athlete Graduation Celebration

As the audience was leaving, Trojan Candy rushed out the door in order to take a group picture of all the Athletic Seniors on the steps off Figueroa Street. As I was hurrying, I saw three very good friends.

Dion Bailey
Dion Bailey (9/23/2010) smiled for this up-close picture.
Marqise Lee
Then Marqise Lee (9/22/2011) asked me how I was doing. I told him fine, except that I miss volunteering at Heritage Hall. Marqise said, "They don't let you volunteer anymore?" I sadly shook my head no.
Kris Albarado
Then, Trojan Candy saw Kris Albarado (9/16/2011). With his usual big smile, Kris posed for this picture.

It was nice to see my three good friends, again!

GraduatesOutside, the sun was shining brightly this year, not raining like last year. Trojan Candy stationed herself right under the ladder of good friend and photographer Pierson Clair. The Graduates posed for this group picture.

Courtney JacoAs the Seniors descended the stairs to go inside for the reception, friend Courtney Jaco asked me to take this picture of her. Unfortunately, Courtney hadn't seen me inside at the bottom of the ramp, so I wasn't able to take her picture. I also wasn't able to take pictures of her Senior women's basketball teammates Drew Edelman and Alexis Lloyd coming down the ramp. Luckily, I had taken pictures of Alexis outside before the ceremony began and at the reception. Sorry and FIGHT ON, Drew!

Ryan Dillard and Luis Gavrilovic
Before I followed friend Luis Gavrilovic (11/16/2012) into the reception, Trojan Candy took this picture of Luis with friend Ryan Dillard.
Luis Gavrilovic
Back in the Galen Center, I took this picture of Luis.
Chad Wheeler
Then I looked for any other familiar faces. I found Chad Wheeler (3/23/2012).
Alicia Ogoms and Samantha Bricio
Alicia Ogoms (11/29/2015) and Samantha Bricio (11/29/2015)
Brett, Eve, and Pamela Ettinger
Eve Ettinger (8/30/2012) with her dad Brett and her mom Pamela.
Astrid and Max deVroome
Max deVroome (2/16/2016) and his mom Astrid.
Ryan Dillard, Jordan Simmons and friend
Ryan Dillard, Jordan Simmons (7/13/2012) and friend
Thaddesia Southall and Robert Woods
Thaddesia Southall (2/03/2012) and Robert Woods (8/19/2010)
Silas Redd
Silas Redd (8/9/2012).
Kamali Houston and friend
Kamali Houston and friend
Steven Mitchell and his family
Steven Mitchell and his family

Trojan Candy walked outside and took these pictures of some more football friends.

Angela and Jabari Ruffin
Jabari Ruffin (7/13/2012) and his mom Angela
Jabari Ruffin, Scott Felix, and Jahleel Pinner
Jabari Ruffin, Scott Felix (9/27/2012), and Jahleel Pinner
Patrick Turner and Claude Pelon
Patrick Turner and Claude Pelon (3/25/2016).

Then, I walked back inside the Galen Center looking for more friends.

Roman, Marion, Giu Giu, Zoe and Sarah Olmos
Standing on the steps was Giu Giu Olmos (3/23/2012) and her family. There were Roman, Marion, Giu Giu, Zoe and Sarah.
Sabrina Santamaria and Alison Ramos
Just around the corner were Sabrina Santamaria (4/11/2014) and Alison Ramos (11/20/2009).
Paige Hines, Alexa Strange and Sara Hughes
Good friends Paige Hines (1/31/2014), Alexa Strange (3/3/2016) and Sara Hughes (1/31/2014) posed for me. Paige and Sara are Juniors this year. They came to congratulate their Senior Beach Volleyball teammates.

Rob Dooley, Jeff Miller, Nick Scholssberg and Max BrowneMax Browne and Chad WheelerTrojan Candy had seen friend Max Browne. I was determined to find him and take his picture. Earlier, when Max walked down the ramp during the ceremony, I tried to take his picture, but my camera flash messed up. I tried several times but his picture was too dark. Max realized my frustration. He gave me a big hug! Now, I took his picture with his teammates Rob Dooley (8/16/2012), Jeff Miller and Nick Scholssberg. Friend Chad Wheeler joined Max for another picture.

Jabari, Angela, and Kevin Ruffin
Friend Jabari Ruffin came inside with his mom Angela and dad Kevin.
Leon McQuay and family
I was able to take this picture of Leon McQuay with his family.

Kris and Alexis Albarado; Rebecca, Natalie, and Peter Kalibat; and Nancy and Rob McNuttNearby, Trojan Candy saw a very familiar face. Kris Albarado's (9/16/2011) mother Alexis was sitting at a nearby table. It was so nice to visit with her again. The last time we saw her and her family was at the Notre Dame rally on the Chicago pier last October. Kris and Alexis came to celebrate Natalie Kalibat's graduation. Here is a picture of both families. Kris Albarado, Alexis Albarado, Rebecca Kalibat, Natalie Kalibat, Peter Kalibat, Natalie's God-parents Nancy and Rob McNutt.

Natalie KalibatAs a bonus, Trojan Candy was able to interview Natalie Kalibat. Natalie is from New Jersey. She competed as a diver at USC. Natalie majored in Sociology, Sports Media, Dance and Italian. Phew! Natalie likes to dance because dancing makes people feel good. She likes Country music and Hip Hop music. Natalie told me that her favorite movie is "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds." What a unique choice! She plans to get into Broadcasting. With that "winning smile" Natalie will succeed! FIGHT ON, Natalie!

Elizabeth Doty, Andrea Gaston, and Victoria MorganBy now, most of the Galen Center lobby was empty. Why is it that Jim and Trojan Candy are almost always the last ones to leave? Just then, we saw one of our favorite coaches. Women of Troy Golf Coach Andrea Gaston smiled and said hello. She introduced us to two of her Seniors---Elizabeth Doty and Victoria Morgan. What a beautiful last picture of the day!

Congratulations to all USC Athletic Seniors and FIGHT ON!