November 2015 (3) Candygrams

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Sunday, November 29, 2015---Women of Troy Volleyball Practice and Selection Show

My husband Jim and I were invited to attend the Women of Troy volleyball practice and the telecast of the National Selection Show for the NCAA Volleyball Tournament.

Women's Volleyball practice
The team practiced in the Galen Center Arena.
Then there was a team huddle at the end of the practice.
Mick Haley
In the Galen Center Founders Room, Coach Mick Haley welcomed us and then had to leave for a live interview across campus.

Samantha BricioEveryone was treated to pizza. As the team entered, Trojan Candy realized that this was the perfect time to interview Samantha Bricio. I met Samantha four years ago, but never was able to interview her. She was sitting at a table with her parents. Sam majored in Psychology and aspires to earn a Masters Degree in Criminal Psychology after she plays professionally in Europe. She started playing volleyball at the age of seven. Her mom was a volleyball player and her dad played basketball. Her uncle and brother played professional volleyball in Switzerland. What an athletic family! On a personal note, Sam told me that she likes to do anything that is outdoors. Hiking and going to the beach are two of her favorite things to do. Her favorite movie is "Transformers." Sam said that she has gone to see the movie eight times in the theater. An action movie buff, just like yours truly! FIGHT ON, Sam!

Women's Volleyball team
After the Women of Troy were announced as the number #1 seed in the upcoming NCAA tournament, the team posed for this picture.
USC Women's and 12 Roshambo volleyball teams
Then the team posed with the San Gabriel Elite Volleyball Club's 12 Roshambo Team, who attended the USC practice and pizza party. This Roshambo Team is the #1 team in their league.
Trojan Candy did two more interviews.

Tara QuarrieTara Quarrie sat at our table. She has been on the job as a USC Athletic Director of Development for seven weeks now. Tara graduated from USC in 2007 and majored in Business and Business Law. She was a sprinter at USC just like her dad, Don Quarrie. My husband Jim mailed Don his Heritage Hall Medallion last year. Now, back to Tara. She likes to spend time with her family. Her hobby is doing origami. Tara's favorite movie is "Forest Gump." Her favorite music is dance hall and 50's and early 60's music. Unbelievably, Tara likes "pizza" flavored ice cream! FIGHT ON, Tara!

Alicia OgomsMy last interview of the day was Samantha's roommate and teammate for four years, Alicia Ogoms. Alicia is from Canada, and she chose USC for its academics, athletics and weather. Alicia has an athletic family, just like Sam. Her mom and dad played volleyball, and her brother played basketball. Alicia actually started playing volleyball at the late age of fourteen. Her major at USC is Real Estate. On a more personal note, Alicia likes to swim and play soccer and basketball. Her hobby is to go to movies. Just like Sam! Two friends and roommates! FIGHT ON, Alicia!

Quite an exciting day! USC is seeded #1!

Several days later on December 6, Trojan Candy took these pictures of the Women of Troy Volleyball Team at the Women of Troy Basketball game vs. UNLV. The volleyball team had just finished their practice and stopped by to root on for their fellow Trojans.

Elise Ruddins, Sam Bricio, Alicia Ogoms, Tatum Harvey, Sarah Livingston, and Niki Withers
Back row: Elise Ruddins, Sam Bricio, Alicia Ogoms, Tatum Harvey; Front row: Sarah Livingston, Niki Withers.
Taylor Whittingham
Taylor Whittingham
Good Luck in the NCAA's, Women of Troy Volleyball!

Saturday, November 28, 2015---Senior Day at the USC-UCLA Game

As my husband Jim and I were walking towards the Coliseum, we saw two groups of friends.

Omar Nazel, Sunny Shepherd, and Marquis Jackson
We saw friend Sunny Shepherd with USC football alumnus Omar Nazel (4/13/2013) and Marquis Jackson. Trojan Candy always seems to see Sunny at away games. The last was at the Notre Dame game. But today's game was our home game. FIGHT ON, Nazel!
Georgia and Doyle Hanchera and Jim Yee
The next two friends were sitting by their huge RV. Georgia and Doyle Hanchera posed with Jim.
Mary Haltom, Sue Cimbaluk and Jim Yee
Trojan Candy and Jim entered the Coliseum gates two hours before game time. Once inside, we saw two more friends at the entrance gate. Mary Haltom and Sue Cimbaluk posed with Jim.

We were lucky to be able to walk on the field before the game started. Thanks again to my sister Pat for giving us the pre-game field access passes. Mary and Sue also had pre-game field passes.

We put our stuff in our seats on row 69 and walked all the way down to the field.

Trojan Candy saw three more friends right away.

J.K. McKay
J.K. McKay smiled for this picture. When I teasingly asked him to predict the final score, he said, "101-0 for SC. SC will win!" I'm with you there, J.K.! FIGHT ON, J.K.!
Lenny Vandermade
Jim and I saw good friend and USC Tight Ends Coach Lenny Vandermade (6/24/2010). Lenny always greets us with his big, warm smile. FIGHT ON, Lenny!
Bill Beasley
Next, I took a picture of another good friend, Bill Beasley. I have known Bill for years. He works at the door or gate of every athletic event at USC.
Jim Yee
Then, I took a picture of my husband Jim on the Coliseum field.
Candy Yee
Likewise, Jim took a picture of me.
Jake Olson
Now, it was time to get down to business and take pictures of the team. I saw blind snapper Jake Olson (2/4/2015) being escorted on to the field.
Running backs
I situated myself near the tunnel. That is where the running backs warmed up.
Meanwhile, Jim stepped into the stands and took this video of the team warming up.
I then took this picture of the team doing a pre-game stretch.
Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy marched in through the tunnel. Catch this video of the entire band and silks.

Both the UCLA Band and the Spirit of Troy performed their pre-game shows. The shows look so different from the field level!

As the title of this blog indicated, it was Senior Day. By now, Jim had taken the long trek back up to our seats on row 69.

He took this video of the Seniors as they were introduced.

The first Senior was friend Kris Albarado (9/16/2011). Trojan Candy has interviewed these Seniors. It has been so nice meeting them four or five years ago. Check out their interviews. Lamar Dawson (7/14/2011), Cyrus Hobbi (2/9/2012), Cody Kessler (9/8/2011), Tre' Madden (8/4/2011), Anthony Sarao (7/14/2011), Kevon Seymour (8/16/2012), Cody Temple (5/3/2012), Greg Townsend (4/26/2012), Max Tuerk (8/22/2015),Soma Vainuku (1/21/2011) and Antwaun Woods (1/26/2012). FIGHT ON, Kris! FIGHT ON, Lamar! FIGHT ON, Cyrus! FIGHT ON, Cody! FIGHT ON, Tre'! FIGHT ON, Anthony! FIGHT ON, Kevon! FIGHT ON, Cody! FIGHT ON, Greg! FIGHT ON, Max! FIGHT ON, Soma! FIGHT ON, Antwaun!

After the Seniors were introduced, the rest of the team ran out of the tunnel. They were led by alumnus and wide receiver Mike Williams. FIGHT ON, Mike! Trojan Candy stood in the right place to get this video.
Then it was time for Trojan Candy to leave the field. I did manage to take this picture of our team getting ready for the opening kickoff.

Now for the strenuous trek up to my seat. Whew!

The game was tight for the first half. Just before halftime Adoree Jackson returned a Bruin punt for 42 yards and a touchdown to make the score 20-14.

Star Wars
The Spirit of Troy performed a Star Wars half-time.
May the Force be with USC!
There were even card stunts. Can you read this?
And this card stunt?
Final minutes
My Trojans broke the game open in the third quarter, and we ran the clock out in the fourth quarter. Just like we used to do!

Enjoy my video of the last few minutes of our VICTORY!

Final score
The scoreboard tells it all!