May 2015 (2) Candygrams

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Thursday, May 14, 2015---USC Athletic Graduation Pre-Ceremony

Trojan Candy arrived at the Galen Center early so that I could get the best seat to take pictures. The seat is at the end of the ramp. Luckily, it was still available.

All the athletes sit together in the Arena. This is part of their seating area.
On the stage were the sashes for the athletes.
Stevens Scholar Medallions
Trojan Candy got a preview of the Medallions for the inaugural Stevens Scholars.
Senior Awards
I also got a peek at the Senior Awards.
Heather Davis
Then, I saw Senior Heather Davis (9/29/2011) who competed in soccer. FIGHT ON, Heather!

Su'a CravensFriend and fellow photographer Ray Wong, who joined me in the lobby, pointed out Su'a Cravens who just entered the lobby with his family. Thanks, Ray! Su'a's older sister Malia, who played on the Women of Troy Basketball Team, is graduating. FIGHT ON, Su'a! FIGHT ON, Malia!

Jordan Gear and CoCo NdipagborDiver Jordan Gear (11/16/2012) and track star CoCo Ndipagbor (7/14/2011) posed for this picture. FIGHT ON, Jordan! FIGHT ON, CoCo!

In the lobby I saw rowing friend Liz Turner. She was with her parents Julie and Jeff Turner.Julie, Liz, and Jeff Turner FIGHT ON, Liz!

Then, I saw my friends Janet and Jim Eddy. Their granddaughter, Elizabeth Eddy (9/8/2011) is graduating with a Master's Degree in Communication Management. Janet, Elizabeth, and Jim EddyElizabeth competed in soccer as an undergraduate and lacrosse as a graduate student. FIGHT ON, Elizabeth!

Trojan Candy knew he was a football player, so I went over to take his picture. Freshman offensive tackle Jordan Austin smiled and said he came for his friend Chris Willson.Jordan Austin

In the middle of the lobby, there were four familiar faces. They were four Rowing Seniors.

Eglit Vosu, Kate Gleadow, Kellyn Freire, and Shelby AdairEglit Vosu (4/6/2012), Kate Gleadow (10/25/2012), Kellyn Freire (4/30/2015) and Shelby Adair (4/30/2015). FIGHT ON, Eglit! FIGHT ON, Kate! FIGHT ON, Kellyn! FIGHT ON, Shelby!

After I left my rowing friends, I actually interrupted their conversation when I asked if I could take their picture. Hong Ping Li and Andrea Gaston USC Diving Coach Hong Ping Li and Women of Troy Golf Coach Andrea Gaston politely posed for me. Then, Coach Gaston and I talked about the women's golf season. Hopefully, I asked Coach Gaston if she and friend Doris Chen could see me after the ceremony (Trojan Candy had interviewed Senior Doris in Heritage Hall when she was a freshman). She replied, "Of course!"

Bryan Mercado and Myles AndrewsAs I said goodby to Coach Gaston, I walked toward the Galen Center South Entrance. I passed by two Track Seniors. Bryan Mercado and Myles Andrews (1/26/2012) smiled for a picture. FIGHT ON, Bryan! FIGHT ON, Myles!

Aaron Tuato and Alexyz VaioletamaTrojan Candy was able to stop friend Alexyz Vaioletama (6/23/2011) and her dad Aaron for a picture.

After Alexyz ran off, I saw him! Good friend Ray Sarmiento (3/11/2011) came running in carrying his robe. He paused just long enough to pose for this picture. Ray Sarmiento As you can see, Ray was late, but I asked about his parents. Ray said that they were parking the car and that I could see them at the reception. With that, he was off. FIGHT ON, Ray!

Davonte Stewart and familyNext, I took this picture of Davonte Stewart (2/23/2012) with his mom Vanessa, his dad Dwayne and the rest of his family. FIGHT ON, Davonte!

Women's Basketball Senior Destinie Gibbs (9/27/2012) smiled for this pretty picture. Destinie GibbsFIGHT ON, Destinie!

Trojan Candy then saw Assistant Rowing Coach Ligita Kaviere (11/20/2009). She posed for this nice picture, and then she told me that the Rowing Team is leaving right after the Ceremony ends at 4:00 p.m. for the Pac-12 Tournament. Ligita KaviereGood Luck to our Women of Troy Rowers! FIGHT ON, Ligita!

Near the south entry door, Trojan Candy saw Senior Track star Bryan Mercado again. This time with his mom Kelly. Bryan and Kelly MercadoThey both happily smiled for this picture.

Now, at the Galen Center south entry doors, I looked outside and saw a very familiar face, Senior Defensive End Greg Townsend Jr.(4/26/2012)! Saretta and Greg Townsend Jr. He posed with his mom Saretta. FIGHT ON, Greg

Then, Trojan Candy peered through the Basketball/Volleyball glass doors. All the Seniors were waiting in line for their grand entrance! A nice usher let me sneak in the doors. What a gold mine! There were football friends! Trojan Candy took pictures as quickly as I could.

Football friends
Football friends
Football friends
More football friends
Zach Banner, Erick Jepsen, and Lamar Dawson
Then, a close-up picture of friends Zach Banner (10/11/2012), Erick Jepsen (5/3/2012) and Lamar Dawson (7/14/2011).
Football friends
Three more friends were Soma Vainuku (1/21/2011), Tre' Madden (8/4/2011) and Andre Heidari (9/8/2011).
Kris Albarado, Cyrus Hobbi and Gio di Poalo
Kris Albarado (9/16/2011), Cyrus Hobbi (2/9/2012) and Gio di Poalo (8/24/2012).
Peter McBride, Chris Willson , Kris Alvarado and Cody Temple
Peter McBride (2/25/2011), Chris Willson, Kris Alvarado and Cody Temple (5/3/2012) smiled for yours truly.

Javorius AllenNow, it was almost time for the ceremony to begin, so I ran out of the Office and into the Galen Center Lobby. I ran past friend Javorius "Buck" Allen (9/16/2011), skidded to a stop, and got this picture of him also hurrying in. FIGHT ON, Buck!

Thursday, 5/8/2015, to Sunday, 5/10/2015---A Gallery of our NCAA Tennis Weekend

Our Men's and Women's Tennis Teams were hosts for the first and second rounds of the NCAA Tournament at the Marks Tennis Stadium.

Here is a gallery of pictures of the four matches that they played in.

The first round starts.
Our men huddle before their round one match versus Idaho on Thursday. We won!
Kelly Kaneshiro, Zoe Scandalis, Giuliana Olmos, and Gabriella DeSimone
Kelly Kaneshiro (2/15/2015), Zoe Scandalis (4/30/2015), Giuliana "GiuGiu" Olmos (2/28/2015), and Gabriella DeSimone watch their teammates compete in the Doubles against Youngstown in their first round on Friday.
Kris Albarado
A spectator at the Youngstown match was friend, punter Kris Albarado (1/19/2011).
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson played his last home match against San Diego State on Saturday.
Yannick Hanfmann
Yannick Hanfmann (1/19/2015) played his last home match against San Diego State.
Roberto Quiroz
Roberto Quiroz played his last home match against San Diego State.
Our men huddle after defeating San Diego State University in the second round. It is on to Baylor! FIGHT ON, USC Men's Tennis!
Jonny and Amy Wang
After the SDSU match, outside the Marks Tennis Stadium, Trojan Candy took this picture of friend Jonny Wang (1/19/2015) with his mother Amy holding yellow roses for Mother's Day.
Madison Westby and Gabby Smith
Our Women of Troy played Virginia Tech in the second round on Mother's Day. USC Doubles partners, Madison Westby and Gabby Smith, "pump up" one another.
GiuGiu Olmos and Zoe Scandalis
USC Doubles partners, GiuGiu Olmos and Zoe Scandalis, congratulate one another.
Sabrina Santamaria and Zoe Katz
Sabrina Santamaria (4/11/2014) and Zoe Katz (2/28/2015) encourage each other.
Gabriella DeSimone
Gabriella DeSimone played her final singles match at home.
Women of Troy
Our Women of Troy pose after their victory over Virginia Tech.

It is on to Baylor!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Tennis!