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Saturday, September 19, 2015---USC Associates Pre-Game Picnic

BannerTrojan Candy attended today's USC Associates Pre-Game Picnic before the Stanford football game and took this picture of the banner at the entrance.

Frank and Robin Stirling and Rita and David EvansAs I turned around and walked back to take a picture of the USC Spirit Squad, who greeted us at the entrance, someone called out my name. It was friend Frank Stirling. I know Frank from Monday Morning Quarterback. He told me that his wife was a member of Angel's Flight when she was an undergrad at USC. So was Trojan Candy! I walked with Frank to his table to meet Robin when I saw another familiar face. It was a fellow TGLA member Rita Evans and her husband David. Naturally, I took their picture.

Pep Squad Members
Then, I went back to the entrance to take pictures of the USC Spirit Squad.
Rebecca Galindo with fellow Pep Squad Members
It was so nice to see that good friend and TGLA scholarship winner Rebecca Galindo (10/2/2014) is on the squad again. FIGHT ON, USC Spirit Squad!
David and Lily Nakatani and Yoko and Derick Tagawa
As I was leaving the entrance to go get some food, some one else called out, "Candy." I turned around to see a fellow Delta Phi Kappa Sorority sister, Lily Nakatani. We walked back to her table so that I could take her and her husband David's picture with their two friends---Yoko Tagawa and her husband Derick.
Sue and Ken Husting
Leaving Lily's table to again try to get some food, I walked right past another friend. Ken Husting and his wife Sue, who are both USC alumni, spoke with me about USC football and politics! They gladly posed for this picture.
Candy and Jim Yee, Dudley and Pat Poon, and Genaro and Lai Tan Carapia
After my enjoyable conversation with Sue and Ken, Trojan Candy finally got some food and returned to my table. Everyone else at the table was almost finished with their lunch. After eating a few bites, I decided to take a picture of my family and friends at our table. I was going to take the picture, when a friend offered to take it for me, so that I could be in the picture. Here is the picture with me included, unbelievably!
Karen and Pat Gallagher
The friend who took the picture was Pat Gallagher. I returned the favor and took this picture of Pat with his wife Karen, the Dean of the Rossier School of Education.
Song Girls
Trojan Candy finally finished my lunch. It was delicious! Then, just before my husband Jim and I were going to leave, we heard the band march into the picnic area. I could only make it to the front where the Song Girls were performing. I took a few shots of them in action.
Song Girls
Song Girls
Song Girls
Song Girls
Click to see video
Then I took this "Conquest" video. FIGHT ON, USC Song Girls!
Adam Bart
As we exited, Trojan Candy snapped this picture of friend Adam Bart, the Senior Executive Director of the USC Associates.
Rodney Peete
Lastly, on the way to the Coliseum, I was able to catch Rodney Peete (2/1/2014) meeting USC alumni and fans. My husband Jim and I were able to give Rodney his Heritage Hall Medallion at the Grand Re-Opening of Heritage Hall in 2014. FIGHT ON, Rodney!

What a picturesque afternoon!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015---USC's Newest Star ... George Farmer!

What a thrill it was to watch friend George Farmer "STAR" in the premiere of the second season of NFL Network's "Undrafted" tonight on CBS.

George FarmerGeorge's story opened up the program. There was a heartwarming segment with his father George Sr., who himself played in the NFL for six years. Then, his segment ended with scenes at USC and the undrafted try-outs.

Trojan Candy first met George in Heritage Hall when he was a Freshman at USC. This is my first picture of him when I interviewed him (7/14/2011). Click on the thumbnail to access the interview.

Then, check out five more pictures I took of George with his USC teammates. Click the thumbnails to check out the stories.

George Farmer
[8/21/2011] George Farmer
George Farmer and Lamar Dawson
[12/1/2011] George Farmer and Lamar Dawson (7/14/2011)
Marqise Lee and George Farmer
[12/14/2012] Marqise Lee (9/22/2011) and George Farmer
George Farmer, Leonard Williams, and Scott Starr Felix
[6/11/2013] George Farmer, Leonard Williams, and Scott Starr Felix (9/27/2012)
George Farmer
[8/14/2014] George Farmer

Congratulations, George, on your starring role, and FIGHT ON in the NFL!

Friday, September 4, to Saturday, September 12, 2015---Some Friends!

Trojan Candy saw many friends in a week's span. Here are their pictures.

Carley Horan, Paige Hines, and Sara HughesOn Friday, September 4th, Carley Horan (10/11/2012), Paige Hines (1/31/2014), and Sara Hughes (1/31/2014) were hostesses at a Heritage Hall Reception in the Bashor Lounge. FIGHT ON, Carley! FIGHT ON, Paige! FIGHT ON, Sara!

Karen Bowman and Trojan CandyMy husband Jim took this picture of Karen Bowman and yours truly in front of the Tommy Trojan statue in the Heritage Hall lobby. It was Karen's last day as a Director of Development for the Trojan Athletic Fund. She is transferring to the new USC Alzheimer's Research Center in San Diego, where she lives. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Karen!

Richard Flores
At an USC Associate's Reception for the grand opening of the Associates Wall, friend Richard Flores posed by the plaque that bears his name.
Michele Dedeaux Engemann
At the same reception USC Alumni President and fellow Trojan Guild member, Michele Dedeaux Engemann, addressed the audience.
Janet and Jim Eddy
At the end of the reception, other Trojan Guild friends took pictures with Traveler. Here are Janet and Jim Eddy.
Patti Poon
My sister Patti Poon.
Sandy and Rex Johnston
Sandy and Rex Johnston.

Markisha Lea and Shay MurphySeveral days later, on Thursday, September 10th, as I was walking from the USC/Radisson Hotel parking structure to the Galen Center for a Women of Troy volleyball match, two familiar faces walked toward me. They were USC Alumnae Basketball players, Markisha Lea (4/15/2010) and Shay Murphy (11/29/2012). Markisha works at USC as an Academic Advisor and Shay plays professional basketball in the WNBA and in Europe. FIGHT ON, Markisha! FIGHT ON, Shay!

Pat Poon and Eloy LopezOn Friday, September 11th, at the Women of Troy Soccer game versus San Diego, Trojan Candy took this picture of friend Eloy Lopez (4/9/2015) with my sister Pat. We three enjoyed much conversation.

Jim and Elizabeth EddyAt the soccer halftime, Trojan Candy saw friend Elizabeth Eddy (9/8/2011) and her grandfather Jim. Elizabeth told me that she just finished playing professional soccer for the season. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Elizabeth! Our Women of Troy beat San Diego 2-1! FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Soccer!

Lance, Aiden, Monique, AddisonMy last picture was taken at the Jet Blue tail-gate before the USC-Idaho game on September 12th. This nice family sat at our table. They are Lance, Aiden, Monique, and Addison. Aiden is an All-Star Little League baseball player, and his dad Lance is a coach of the team. Mom Monique told Jim and me that she played soccer in high school at St. John Bosco and in college but had to stop because of injuries. When I told them about my website and mentioned that Mark Sanchez (4/8/2008) was the first football player I had interviewed, Monique said that her father and Mark's father are very good friends. She added that, when Mark was considering going pro, her brothers gave him some advice. Then Monique told us that her brothers played in the "Big Leagues." The MLB! Smiling, she said that her older brother is Nomar Garciaparra! Wow, Jim and I were both surprised! Then I thought that Aiden might be a future Trojan baseball player! What an athletic family!

Friday, September 4, 2015---The First Football Pep Rally of the Season

Trojan Candy heard the Spirit of Troy march from their band practice in the Loker Track Stadium to the west patio of Heritage Hall. I got to the pep rally in time to stand on one of the concrete planters that provided a good vantage point to take videos.

Spirit of Troy
The band stood at attention waiting for the team to arrive.
Football team
In a few minutes, the team walked up the steps from the locker room and on to the Heritage Hall patio. Click the thumbnail to see the video.
Kenechi Udeze
The first speaker was a familiar face. Watch his video here. He played football at USC and is now the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach. His name is Kenechi Udeze! FIGHT ON, Kenechi!
Art Bartner
The team looks up to Dr. Bartner.
Antwaun Woods
Senior Co-Captain Antwaun Woods (1/26/2012) motivates the team in this video. FIGHT ON, Antwaun!
Pep Squad
After the rally ended, the USC Pep Squad posed for this picture.

V.J. and Eva Abate and Kris and Alexis AlbaradoThen, a gentleman came up to me and asked, "Do you remember me?" I remembered his face....then he told me he was V.J., Kris Albarado's grandfather. V.J. [Abate] (11/16/2012) told me that he had looked for me in Heritage Hall. I had to tell him that we are no longer allowed to volunteer at the Heritage Hall desk. Then, V.J. told me that his wife Eva and Kris's mother Alexis were nearby. The two of us walked over to them. Grandma Eva (11/16/2012) told me that she and V.J. flew out from Lake Charles, Louisiana, to see the game. They are also flying to Chicago to see the Notre Dame game. They hope to see even more USC games this season, since their oldest grandson Kris is now a Senior. Then, just as we were talking, friend Kris (9/16/2011) came over to join us. All four of them posed for this picture. FIGHT ON, Kris!

Trojan Candy was certainly "hyped up" by the pep rally.

FIGHT ON, USC Football!