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Sunday, February 2, 2014---Congratulations, Malcolm!

Malcolm Smith in 2009Steve and Malcolm Smith in 2011Trojan Candy wants to congratulate friend Malcolm Smith on winning the M.V.P. Award in the Super Bowl XLVIII yesterday. I interviewed Malcolm at Heritage Hall when he was a Junior. Check out the interview in my Candygram on 9/3/2009. I also have a Candygram of Malcolm and his older brother Steve Smith. Their picture was taken on 5/12/2011 at the USC Student-Athlete Graduation Ceremony. Malcolm and Steve both played in a Super Bowl. Steve was a receiver with the New York Giants and played in the 2008 Super Bowl XLII. They both won their Super Bowls! FIGHT ON, Steve! FIGHT ON, Malcolm!

Michael Morgan in 2009
I also interviewed another Seattle Seahawk when he was a Junior at USC. Friend Michael Morgan's interview is in my Candygram on 8/14/2009. FIGHT ON, Michael!
Anthony McCoy in 2009
Trojan Candy interviewed two Denver Bronco teammates when they were Trojan teammates. On 11/5/2009 Senior Anthony McCoy came by the Heritage Hall desk for a snack. FIGHT ON, Anthony!
Malik Jackson
Denver Bronco Malik Jackson stopped by the Heritage Hall desk for the first time on the same day that Anthony McCoy came. Malik was a Sophomore at USC then. He transferred to Tennessee after the sanctions were levied. Nevertheless, Malik is still a Trojan to yours truly. FIGHT ON, Malik!

February 1, 2014---Grand Re-Opening of Heritage Hall and the Hall of Fame Members Reunion 1994-2014

CLICK HERE to see more pictures in my Google+ album.

Although we were invited guests to the Grand Re-Opening of Heritage Hall, my husband Jim and I arrived early, because there was much work to be done. Pat, Dudley, Jim and I planned to present ten Heritage Hall Medallions to USC Hall of Fame (HoF) Members during the evening. However, we had to find them first!

Heritage Hall was glistening! Traveler greeted the guests.
USC Pep Band
The USC Pep Band also greeted the guests.
Andy Dobrzynski, Dudley Poon, Trojan Candy, Michelle Dobrzynski, Rose Marie Dobrzynski, and Pat Poon
Friend Julian Bonse took this picture of Trojan Candy with friends and family. (Top to bottom-Andy Dobrzynski, Dudley Poon, Trojan Candy, Michelle Dobrzynski, Rose Marie Dobrzynski, Pat Poon)

My husband Jim was already inside Heritage Hall looking for any Hall of Fame and Heritage Hall Medallion recipients.

Peggy and Earl McCullouchNow it was time for Trojan Candy to walk up the red carpet into Heritage Hall. Once inside, we set up at the desk. Then, Jim told me about our first Heritage Hall Medallion recipient. It was Earl McCullouch who was inducted into the USC Hall of Fame in 2007 (Football, Pre-1970, Track & Field). Earl's Heritage Hall medallion is for track. Trojan Candy found this information about Earl in Wikipedia. Earl still shares the world record in the 4x110 yard sprint relay that he and teammates Fred Kuller, O.J. Simpson and Lennox Miller set in the 1967 NCAA Track and Field Championships in Provo, Utah. Earl was the NCAA 110 yard High Hurdle Champion in 1967 and 1968. In addition to running track, Earl played wide receiver in football at USC. He played for the Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints, World Football League and Los Angeles Rams from 1968-1976. Earl was the NFL Rookie of the Year in 1968! On a personal note, Earl told me that he and his wife Peggy have five children---three sons and two daughters. Sons Tyrone and Tony are accomplished athletes just like their dad. Tyrone was a high school state champion in hurdles and Tony was a state champion at Montana State. There are daughters Ann and Dawn and Earl Jr. who is in middle school. Earl and Peggy have eight grandchildren. Maybe some future Trojans! FIGHT ON, Earl!

John NaberHeritage Hall medallion recipient John Naber (1997 HoF, Swimming) walked into the lobby and posed for a picture. We had already mailed John his two medallions for swimming and for the Olympics. John won four gold medals and one silver medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. He has graciously offered to help us locate other USC Swimming Alumni. Thank you and FIGHT ON, John!

Kajsa Olsson and Lindsay GibsonSince there seemed to be a lull in arrivals, Pat, Dudley and Trojan Candy took the newly built elevator down to the basement. Downstairs looked bright and gleaming! Trojan Candy walked through double glass doors to the Women of Troy Rowing facility. Inside, I saw friend Kajsa Olsson who is a Senior this year and met a new friend Sophomore Lindsay Gibson. They were tour guides for the workout/lounge room. FIGHT ON, Kajsa! FIGHT ON, Lindsay!

Putting greenGolf simulatorAfter leaving the Rowing facility, Trojan Candy walked to the Women of Troy Golf Offices. In the reception area there were the putting green and the golf simulator.

Then, Pat, Dudley and I walked down the hallway to the office of Women of Troy Golf head coach Andrea Gaston. Unfortunately the door was locked, so we didn't get to see the inside of the office that Pat, Dudley, Jim and yours truly donated.

Golf plaque
So, I took a picture of the door with our plaque on it.
Trojan Candy
Then, uncharacteristically, I posed for a picture by the door.
Women of Troy
Doorway to Women of Troy facilities.
This way
Women of Troy Lacrosse, Soccer, Rowing and Golf is this way
Women of Troy Lounge
There is a very modern Women of Troy Lounge.

Now it was time to go back upstairs. Many more guests were arriving.

Jim Yee, Jack and Ron Yary, and Ron FairlyJim had been busy upstairs locating Heritage Hall recipients. He met me on the west patio area. Recipient Ron Yary (1997 HoF, Football post-1960) had already received his medallion, but he posed for a picture with Jim, Ron's older son Jack, and USC 1997 Hall of Fame Inductee Ron Fairly (Baseball).

Jamie, Jack and Ron YaryTrojan Candy told Ron Yary that his photography studio took the Senior pictures for my Trojan daughter Steffany's Whitney High School in 1994. Ron said that his brother now runs the studio. Then Ron introduced us to his wife Jamie and told us that he has two more children---Grant who is nine and Kinley who is four. Jack told Trojan Candy that he wants to play football at USC. Like Father, like Son! FIGHT ON, Ron!

Trojan Candy went back into the lobby to look for more Heritage Hall Medallion recipients and USC Hall of Fame members. The lobby was bustling now. I saw friends, recipients and inductees.

Randy JohnsonRandy and Samantha JohnsonHe is so tall, you can't miss him. 2012 Hall of Fame member Randy Johnson (Baseball) smiled for a picture, and he reluctantly signed an autograph on a baseball card that my son Greg had given me. Thank you, Randy

Later Trojan Candy was able to take this picture of Randy with his daughter Samantha in front of the statue of the Spirit of Troy Drum Major. Samantha is a Sophomore at USC. Another Trojan Family! FIGHT ON, Randy! FIGHT ON, Samantha!

Chris HaleThen I saw friend Chris Hale. I interviewed Chris (5/8/2009) when he came to see John Jackson. John was taping a "Lexus Gauntlet" show in the Heritage Hall lobby that day. Chris played football with John in 1989. FIGHT ON, Chris!

Trojan Candy walked to the new lounge on the northwest side of Heritage Hall and back again to the lobby. I saw many Hall of Fame Trojans and a few Heritage Hall Medallion recipients then.

John and Beverly Robinson2009 Hall of Fame Inductee John Robinson (Coach) and his wife Beverly smiled and posed. FIGHT ON, Coach Robinson!

Juliette Robinson, LeeAnne Sera, and Cynthia CooperThen Coach Cynthia Cooper walked with NCAA Championship teammates Juliette Robinson and LeeAnne Sera (11/9/2012) into the mural room next to the lounge. Cynthia is the first USC Hall of Fame member (1999, Basketball) to whom we presented a Heritage Hall Medallion. FIGHT ON, Juliette! FIGHT ON, LeeAnne! FIGHT ON, Cynthia!

Dallas LongTrojan Candy walked back into the lobby area. Then I saw a Hall of Fame and Heritage Hall recipient standing with Jim, Pat and Dudley. He was Dr. Dallas Long (2003 HoF, Track and Field). Dallas competed in the 1960 Olympics in Rome in the Shot Put and won the Bronze Medal. In 1964 he won the Shot Put Gold Medal in the Tokyo Olympics. Dallas became an emergency room physician. His daughter Kelly Nordell is the Assistant Women's Swim Coach at Iowa State. His son Ian played football at Arizona State, and he has a daughter named Suzanne. What a proud father, too! FIGHT ON, Dallas!

Christine and Roy SmalleyThen I saw photographer friend Pierson Claire take a picture of a distinctive looking couple. It turns out that it was Roy Smalley (2007 HoF, Baseball) and his wife Christine. We spoke for a few minutes. I had initially contacted Roy about his Baseball Heritage Hall Medallion. Jim and I had delivered his medallion to Roy's nephew John Bishop. Roy and Christine posed for yours truly. FIGHT ON, Roy!

Tina ThompsonShe walked into the lobby with a big smile on her face. I noticed her trademark red lipstick first! USC 2012 Hall of Fame athlete Tina Thompson (Basketball) smiled for this picture. Tina just retired from the WNBA. She told me that she still lives in Houston and has a young eight year old son now. Another future Trojan! FIGHT ON, Tina!

Tim Tessalone and Devon KennardFriends SID Tim Tessalone and Devon Kennard (11/5/2009) said, "Hello" and smiled for Trojan Candy.

Tim Hovland and Anthony NeyerThen a new friend, Tim Hovland (2009 HoF, Volleyball), to whom we just recently sent his Heritage Hall Medallion, and an old football friend, Anthony Neyer (10/28/2011), said, "Hello" and smiled for my picture.

About now, I went to visit with photographer friend Pierson Clair. He took a picture of Pat, Dudley, Jim and yours truly with his camera and with mine. You can see Pierson's photos of us and of the entire evening at www.usctrojans.com and at his website at www.PC4Photo.com.Dudley and Pat Poon, Trojan Candy, and Jim Yee The picture taken with my camera is here. Thanks, Pierson!

Matt LeinartAs Trojan Candy walked back to the desk where we stored the medallions, I saw him walk by me. He was inducted to the USC Hall of Fame in 2007 (Football, Post-1970). I reached up and tapped him on the shoulder. Matt Leinart turned around, looked down and saw me. Matt used to visit us at the Heritage Hall desk, but I did not write my blog then. We spoke for a while. FIGHT ON, Matt!

Quincy WattsFriend Jennifer Noriega started walking through the lobby, telling the guests to go to the John McKay Center for dinner. Just as we were gathering our medallions, I saw him. 2012 Hall of Fame member Quincy Watts (Track and Field) and his fiance Kelly Griffin walked to the lobby from upstairs. Quincy proudly held his two Heritage Hall Medallions. He has one for track and one for his two gold medals that he won in the 400 meters and 4x400 meters in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Quincy also played wide receiver on the USC football team. He is currently an Assistant Coach of Sprints at USC. FIGHT ON, Quincy!

Alexis Olgard, Kati Duddridge, Hannah Schraer and Emily YoungNow it was finally time to go eat dinner. As Trojan Candy walked down the stairs I saw some Women of Troy Volleyball players. They had been hostesses for the event. So nice of them to pose for a picture. FIGHT ON, Alexis Olgard! FIGHT ON, Kati Duddridge! FIGHT ON, Hannah Schraer! FIGHT ON, Emily Young!

Allen WilliamsTrojan Candy saw another familiar smiling face as I was walking down the corridor of the John McKay Center. Friend Allen Williams, who is on the USC Track Team, asked if we were going to come back to volunteer at Heritage Hall. Unfortunately, I had to tell him that we aren't. A full-time employee is going to sit at the desk in the lobby. We are both disappointed. However, Allen still posed for a picture. Check out Allen's interview in 8/19/2011. FIGHT ON, Allen!

After saying goodbye to Allen, I walked on to the buffet. I met Pat, and we stood together in the buffet line that was set up amid the weights and exercise machines. Dudley and my husband Jim were nowhere in sight.

Paula McGee with Arthur and Barbara BartnerAs we got our food, Trojan Candy saw even more Heritage Hall Medallion recipients and Hall of Fame inductees. Getting food along with Pat and myself, were Paula McGee (2007 HoF, Basketball) and Dr. Arthur Bartner (2012 HoF, Spirit Award) with his wife Barbara. FIGHT ON! Paula! FIGHT ON, Dr. Bartner!

Pat and I finally found our hubbies and our table. The food was delicious, as expected. But, Trojan Candy did not have much time to eat. There was still lots of work to be done!

Rodney Peete with Jim and Trojan CandyThere he was standing near the desserts. Jim and I walked right up to him. 2009 Hall of Fame member Rodney Peete (Football, Post-1970, Baseball) had expected us to present him his Heritage Hall football medallion since Jim had contacted him earlier. He asked us to pose with him. FIGHT ON, Rodney!

Candace YoungJim and I found Hall of Fame inductees Candace Young, Tom Kelly and Rex Cawley at the same table. We presented her Heritage Hall medallion to her, and Candace also accepted the Heritage Hall medallion of her father, Charles Young (2007 HoF, Football, Post-1970). Candace earned her medallion in track. She competed in the 100m. FIGHT ON, Candace!

Tom and Danuska KellyTrojan Candy recognized his face before I heard his voice. Tom Kelly, who is a 2001 Hall of Fame member (Media) for being the radio voice of the Trojans for football and basketball games for years and years, and his wife Danuska both smiled for my picture. FIGHT ON, Tom!

Lynn and Rex CawleyLastly, we met Lynn and Rex Cawley (2009 HoF, Track and Field) who had already received his two Heritage Hall Medallions. Rex won an NCAA title in the 440 yd. hurdles for USC in 1963. Then he won the Gold Medal in the 400m hurdles in the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. FIGHT ON, Rex!

Rink BabkaJim and I were gradually delivering all the Heritage Hall Medallions that we brought. We found 2009 Hall of Fame inductee Rink Babka (Track and Field) at his table. Rink was one of the greatest discus throwers in track and field at USC. FIGHT ON, Rink!

Hall of Fame athletesNext, all of the Hall of Fame members were asked to meet at the stairs near the dessert table. Trojan Candy rushed to get a group picture. It was hard to get a good picture. The main reason was that friend Pierson Clair was standing on a ladder, so the inductees were all looking upward. Check out Pierson's PC4Photo website to find a "picture perfect" photo! FIGHT ON, all USC Hall of Fame Members!

Hal BedsoleThe program began with the introduction of the Hall of Fame Members. The Spirit of Troy celebrated each member. During the introductions, Hal Bedsole (2001 HoF, Football, Pre-1970) walked up to our table to get his Heritage Hall Medallion. Jim had instructed the rest of recipients to come to our table before they left since our table was near the exit. Hal earned his medallion in football. He was a wide receiver. FIGHT ON, Hal!

Co-Chair of the event, Barbara Hedges (2012 HoF, Administrator), spoke first in the program. Then A.D. Pat Haden (2003 HoF, Football, Post-1970) addressed the audience. President Max Nikias told the audience that we have been an intregal part in the raising of three billion dollars thus far in the Campaign for USC. He finished his speech with, "Fight On, Always!"

Then there were three Hall of Fame athletes who related some of their personal experiences while they were at USC. John Naber, Cynthia Cooper and Rodney Peete delighted the audience with their cherished memories and humor! Two current USC athletes---Maddie Rosenthal, a Women of Troy National Championship Water Polo player, and graduate football player Devon Kennard spoke about their experiences as Trojans. The final speaker was John Robinson. He called himself the "Closer." He said that there is a "spirit" that lives in each of us. We must sustain our support and our loyalty. Indeed, FIGHT ON, forever!

Debbie GreenDuring the program, Jim and I were able to present 2003 Hall of Fame inductee Debbie Green (Volleyball) her Heritage Hall Medallion. She earned hers in volleyball. FIGHT ON, Debbie!

Bryan IvieAs guests were leaving, Jim and I were able to distribute the rest of the Heritage Hall Medallions. Men's volleyball recipient and 2012 Hall of Fame member Bryan Ivie (Volleyball) came to our table to pick up his medallion. My son Greg and I saw Bryan play all season and go on to win the NCAA Men's Volleyball Championship for USC in 1990. Bryan couldn't stay to chat because he was accompanied by his parents, and they were ready to leave. FIGHT ON, Bryan!

Hong Ping Li and his wifeTrojan Candy spotted a Heritage Hall Medallion recipient to whom we had already given his medallion. I walked over to current USC Diving Coach Hong Ping Li, introduced myself, gave him my www.trojancandy.com card and took a picture of him and his wife. FIGHT ON, Coach Li!

Sam CunninghamAs I walked back to our table, 2001 Hall of Fame member Sam "Bam" Cunningham (Football, Post-1970) walked right by me. He was nice enough to let me take his picture. Unfortunately, we had not known that he was going to be in attendance, so we did not bring his football Heritage Hall Medallion with us. Hopefully we can mail it to him. FIGHT ON, Sam!

Paul WestphalPaul and CindyWestphalJim and I delivered our final Heritage Hall Medallion of the night to my favorite USC basketball player and 1997 Hall of Fame inductee Paul Westphal (Basketball). What a thrill it was to meet him and his wife Cindy. We proudly talked about our grandchildren. Paul said that he and Cindy have two grandchildren. We spoke a little about USC men's basketball. Paul told me that Coach Enfield will make our men's team into "winners." With that statement, Trojan Candy says, FIGHT ON, Paul!

What a successful, memorable evening!