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Saturday, October 18, 2014---USC vs Colorado Homecoming and Game Events

Trojan Candy arrived at the TGLA Booth at 10:30 a.m. on Homecoming Day. All of the ladies were busy working in our booth, but they were able to pose for Trojan Candy.

Kate Farlow, Judy Lieb, Marilyn O'Driscoll, Christin Moses, Jean Getchell, and Missie McClure
Kate Farlow, Judy Lieb, Marilyn O'Driscoll, Christin Moses, Jean Getchell, and Missie McClure
LuLu Louie-Wong, Patricia Dowling, Christine Ofiesh, and Rosalee Pechersky
LuLu Louie-Wong, Patricia Dowling, Christine Ofiesh, and Rosalee Pechersky
Kate Farlow and Janet Eddy
Kate Farlow with Janet Eddy
Jean Ann Holbrook
Jean Ann Holbrook in our booth
Lois Gerrie and Bill Cockrell
Many friends dropped by our TGLA booth to say hello and shop. Friends Lois Gerrie and Bill Cockrell (10/4/2012) visiting from Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Mel Hughes, Denise, Brian and Doris Hughes
Doris and Mel Hughes with daughter Denise and son-in-law Brian
Elizabeth Babchuk
Elizabeth Babchuk
Sam and Pat Nicholson
Sam and Pat Nicholson, the grandparents of USC Basketball Alumnus Eric Strangis (10/1/2010).
David and Lily Nakatani
USC Delta Phi Kappa Sorority Sister Lily Nakatani with her husband David
Karen and Mark Tanimura and Karen Bowman
Karen and Mark Tanimura with Karen Bowman
Rossier tailgate
After Trojan Candy finished volunteering in the TGLA booth, my husband Jim and I walked over to the Rossier tailgate.
Colleen Crowley and Carol Fox
At the entrance I saw two familiar faces. Colleen Crowley and Carol Fox (9/8/2011).
Patti Poon, Karen and Pat Gallagher, and Trojan Candy
Next, my sister Patti and I posed with the Dean of the Rossier School of Education Karen Symms Gallagher and her husband Pat. Thanks to Director Diana Hernandez for taking our picture.
Virginia Boyd, Jim Yee, Lois Booth, Trojan Candy, Pat Poon, Lynn Frenchman, Dudley Poon, and Alan Frenchman
Our table was full of new and old friends and most of them were educators. Virginia Boyd, Jim Yee, Lois Booth, Trojan Candy, Pat Poon, Lynn Frenchman, Dudley Poon, and Alan Frenchman.
Homecoming football game
After finishing the delicious lunch, it was time to go to the Coliseum for the USC vs Colorado homecoming football game.

On the video board, our starting offensive and defensive players were introduced. Check out this GOOGLE PLUS ALBUM of the players displayed on the video board.

Our Trojans had a tremendous first quarter! We essentially won the game in the first quarter, so Trojan Candy will include three pictures of events and people during the game.

Troy Camp
Troy Camp collected donations during the half-time.
Kirby Burnham  and Sara Hughes
Women of Troy Sand Volleyball friends Kirby Burnham (5/6/2013) and Sara Hughes (1/31/2014) were honored for winning the 2014 AVCA National Pairs Championship.
Anna Collier, Kirby Burnham and Sara Hughes
Head Coach Anna Collier with Kirby Burnham and Sara Hughes

Friend Cody Kessler (9/8/2011) threw seven touchdowns! We won the game 56-28!

FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Friday, October 17, 2014---Volleyball Legends Homecoming Sand Tournament

Legends TournamentTrojan Candy was able to go inside the Merle Norman Stadium to take pictures of the Inaugural USC Volleyball Legends Homecoming Sand Tournament.

The tournament field included USC alumni men and women volleyball players and current USC men's and women's volleyball players.

Paige Hines and Alexa StonishAs soon as I entered the stadium, I saw two friends. Current Women of Troy Sand Volleyball teammates Paige Hines (1/31/2014) and Alexa Stonish smiled and posed for me. FIGHT ON, Paige! FIGHT ON, Alexa!

Sara HughesTrojan Candy asked Paige where her roommate Sara Hughes (1/31/2014) was. Paige pointed to Court 2 where Sara was warming up. I called out to Sara, she turned around and smiled for this picture. FIGHT ON, Sara!

Geena Urango and Stevi RobinsonAs I stepped out of the court and up to the stands, Trojan Candy walked by two more Women of Troy alumna friends. Geena Urango (9/9/2010) and Stevi Robinson were sitting together. FIGHT ON, Geena! FIGHT ON, Stevi!

Bob Yoder's team
On Court 2, Bob Yoder's team planned their strategy.
Anna Collier and Bria Russ
Two more friends came walking toward me. Women of Troy Sand Volleyball Coach Anna Collier and Senior Bria Russ (3/23/2012) posed for this picture. FIGHT ON, Coach Collier! FIGHT ON, Bria!
Tri Bourne
Somehow Trojan Candy ended up at the front entrance gate. That is where I saw friend Tri Bourne (11/18/2010)! He stopped to say, "Hello," smiled and posed for this picture. Tri is playing in the AVP and FIBB professional beach volleyball circuit. FIGHT ON, Tri!
Bill Ferguson
Still near the front entrance, USC Men's Volleyball Head Coach Bill Ferguson was busy, but stopped in mid-conversation to smile for me. Thank you and FIGHT ON, Coach Ferguson!
Alexx Murphy and Nicolette Martin
More players and spectators came into the stadium. Current Women of Troy Sand Volleyball players posed for Trojan Candy. Alexx Murphy and Nicolette Martin. FIGHT ON, Alexx! FIGHT ON, Nicolette Martin!
Court 1
Looking around the three courts, Trojan Candy took pictures of each court. Players were warming up at Court 1,
Court 3
Court 3,
Court 2
and Team Wirth on Court 2. On Court 2, do you recognize USC alumnus Tony Ciarelli (3/6/2014)? He is now an outside hitter for the USA Volleyball Men's National Team. FIGHT ON, Tony!
Men's Volleyball Team
As Trojan Candy was walking out of the stadium to attend the upcoming Women of Troy volleyball game versus Washington, I saw several young men sitting together. Naturally, I took their picture. Some of them are on this year's USC Men's Volleyball Team!


At the exit was the trophy for the first Volleyball Legends Homecoming Sand Tournament.

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Volleyball Team! FIGHT ON, USC Women of Troy Volleyball Team!

Friday, October 17, 2014---Women of Troy Soccer versus ASU

Down 1-0Soccer matchMy husband Jim and I volunteered in Cerritos in the morning, so we came late to the final Women of Troy soccer game this season at McAlister Field. Our women were behind 1-0 to ASU.

During intermission, Trojan Candy saw a familiar face. USC Women of Troy Soccer Alumna Haley Boysen (10/28/2012) gave me a hug and a big, beautiful smile. Haley used to come by the Heritage Hall desk a lot. She just graduated in May 2014 (5/15/2014) with a degree in Communications.Haley Boysen and Kat Stolpa Now, she works in West Hollywood at Extension P.R. Haley came to the match with a co-worker and fellow USC soccer alumna, Kat Stolpa (10/24/2008). Kat played on the 2007 National Championship Women of Troy Soccer Team. Trojan Candy interviewed Kat in October 2008. The two Trojans posed for this picture. FIGHT ON, Haley! FIGHT ON, Kat!

Herb DewAt the beginning of the second half, a young man wearing a USC athletic shirt sat down in front of me. His shirt read USC track. Trojan Candy couldn't resist. I asked the young man if I could interview him and give him my business card. To my delight, he said I could. Herb Dew is a high jumper and will graduate this December. He majored in Human Biology. Herb, who is from Detroit, Michigan, told me that the first time he ever high jumped, he cleared 6 feet 8 inches! Amazing! He likes Reggae and R & B music. Herb said that he knows almost all of the women on the soccer team and came to support them. Most of all, Herb, with a big smile on his face, said that he loves to laugh! What a personality! FIGHT ON, Herb!

Our team outshot Arizona State but couldn't score. Unfortunately we lost 2-0. We can come back against Oregon!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Soccer!

Trojan Candy will write next about the inaugural USC Volleyball Legends Tournament. FIGHT ON, until then!

Saturday, October 4, 2014---USC Associates ASU Football Pre-Game Picnic

Associate's Picnic
My husband Jim, sister Pat, brother-in-law Dudley, and I attended the USC Associate's Picnic before the USC-ASU game. It was almost 100 degrees today!
Mike and Ann Doyle
We moved from the sunny Rossier School of Education table to one in the shade. There we met fellow Associates Mike and Ann Doyle.
Tom and Gina Doyle
Their son Tom and daughter-in-law Gina Doyle sat next to them. Tom majored in Electrical Engineering at USC. Jim and Tom had a lot to talk about during lunch.
Terry and Toby Tomich
Terry and Toby Tomich then joined our table. So nice to meet six new friends and Associates!

Greeting the guests at the entry gate were members of the USC Pep Squad. Trojan Candy walked over to meet them and to take their pictures.

Mario Montes and Rachel Umukora
Taking a lunch break and sitting at a nearby table were Pep Squad members Mario Montes, a Junior, and Rachel Umukora, a Senior.
Taiu Kunimoto, Anna Ziai and James White
At the gate three Pep Squad members posed for me. They were Seniors Taiu Kunimoto, Anna Ziai and James White (3/1/2012).
Jessie Warren and Kelly Reinke
The last two Pep Squad members of whom Trojan Candy took a picture were Senior Jessie Warren (9/16/2011) and Junior Kelly Reinke. I had interviewed Jessie at Heritage Hall when she was a freshman diver. Time does fly!

FIGHT ON, Mario! FIGHT ON, Rachel! FIGHT ON, Taiu! FIGHT ON, Anna! FIGHT ON, James! FIGHT ON, Kelly! FIGHT ON, again, Jessie!

Everyone heard the drums first. The Spirit of Troy marched into our picnic area. Trojan Candy was able to take a few pictures of the band.

There were the trumpets.
Flutes and Piccolos
Then the flutes and the piccolos.

The rest of the band was spread throughout the entire picnic area. FIGHT ON, Spirit of Troy!

After the band performance, Trojan Candy saw three more friends.

Adam Bart
Adam Bart was standing near the gate.
Walt Greene and Tom Halvorsen
Walt Greene and Tom Halvorsen were sitting at a nearby Rossier School of Education table.

Normally, I would write about the USC-ASU football game, but the game was seven seconds too long!