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Thursday, October 4, 2012---Utah Game Day!

Utah BookstoreBill Cockrell and Lois GerrieMy sister Pat, her husband Dudley and I drove to the University of Utah several hours early to tour the campus. We met two Trojan friends when we just started walking. Bill Cockrell and Lois Gerrie drove to Salt Lake City for the game from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Bill earned his Master of Business Taxation (M.B.T.) from the Marshall School of Business. FIGHT ON, Bill!

We walked to the Campus Bookstore first so that I could buy some souvenirs for my grandsons Zane, Kane and Parker. The Utah Bookstore is jammed packed full of "Ute" items.

Perfect season banner
Their 2008 undefeated football team banner adorned the wall.
The J. Willard Marriott Library was the next stop.
The library was filled with students studying for upcoming mid-terms.

After our campus tour, we walked to the Marcia and John Price Museum where the USC Associate's Pre-game Picnic was being held.

Twig horse
Outside the museum was a horse made of twigs. This Utah horse is definitely inferior to our Traveler! FIGHT ON, Traveler!
Adam Bart, Jerry Gibson, and Andrew Garrison
Greeting us at the door was Friend Adam Bart and his co-workers Jerry Gibson and Andrew Garrison (who is earning his Master of Public Administration [MPA] from the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy).
Scott Jacobson, Melinda Marino, and Gregg Millward
Friends who work in Heritage Hall also came to the picnic. They were Scott Jacobson, Melinda Marino and Gregg Millward.
Marciano, Teresa, and Richard Flores
At our table Trojan Candy met new friends Marciano, Teresa, and Richard Flores.
Barbara and Jerry Andes
I also met new friends Barbara and Jerry Andes. Trojan Candy had a blast conversing with my five new friends.
Barbara and Tom Halvorsen
Taking pictures of fellow Associates that I know was also fun. Here are Barbara and Tom Halvorsen.
Louis and Mary Jo Wong
Louis and Mary Jo Wong
Jim and Janet Eddy
Jim and Janet Eddy
Spirit of Troy
The highlight of our event was a concert by the now 60+ members of the Spirit of Troy.
Two Song Girls
Two Song Girls
Two more Song Girls
Two more Song Girls
Member of Pep Squad
Member of Pep Squad
Another Pep Squad Member
Another Pep Squad Member. When we left, everyone was all "pumped up" for the game. Beat the Utes!
Rice-Eccles Stadium
After a two block trek we reached Rice-Eccles Stadium.
Entrance to Rice-Eccles Stadium
During the 2002 Winter Olympics, the Olympic Torch was perched atop this sign at the south end of the stadium.
Olympic Cauldron
This is the Olympic Cauldron.
Alex Holmes and Emily Barth
On the way to my seat, Trojan Candy saw several familiar faces. Alex Holmes (9/22/2011) (Khaled's older brother) and Emily Barth were standing outside our tunnel entrance.
Farren and Jeff Benjamin
After I entered into the stadium, I took pictures of more Trojan friends. This is Farren Benjamin with her dad Jeff.
Herb and Kathy Goodman
Herb and Kathy Goodman.
Genaro and Lai Tan Carapia
Genaro and Lai Tan Carapia
Eiko, Raymond, and Jonathan Bates
Eiko, Raymond, and Jonathan Bates
USC and Utah teams
USC and Utah teams warming up
Utah band
When the Utah band played the "Star Spangled Banner," ...
... there was a fuel tanker flyover.

The game started like a nightmare! Luckily, all of the Trojan fans were seated in the corner of the stands far away from where our two fumbles occurred that gave Utah a 14-0 lead in the first three minutes of the game.

Still in the first quarter, Silas Redd powered in for our first touchdown.

Silas Redd scores!
Silas Redd scores our first TD!

Our Men of Troy fought back to lead 24-21 at the half.

The third quarter was scoreless.

In the fourth quarter, the momentum of the game became ours when Matt Barkley hit Marqise Lee for an eighty-seven yard TD pass play.

Nickell Robey's thirty-eight yard interception TD sealed the victory. We Trojans "PLAY TO FINISH!"

Final score

Beat the Huskies!

October 3, 2012---Park City Utah, Here We Come!

My sister Pat, her husband Dudley and I drove from Salt Lake City to Park City, Utah, this morning. Why? Our USC Spirit of Troy is going to march down Main Street in a parade!

Olympic Training SiteScott and Sabrina KetchumBefore we got to Park City, we stopped at the Utah Olympic Park. While I toured the downstairs in the Alf Engen Ski Museum, I heard someone say, "Aren't you Trojan Candy?" Deja vu!...Am I in the MetLife Stadium again? No! The friendly face said that he had been at the Heritage Hall desk when my husband and I were volunteering. I didn't interview him then, but I did now. Scott Ketchum earned his B.S. in Finance from USC in 1976. He played on the Men's Basketball Team. Now, Scott is a Real Estate Broker. He lives in Newport Beach with his wife Sabrina and two sons, seven year old McKay Carroll (What a Trojan name!) and five year old Brock. Scott said that he likes to snowboard, surf, play rugby (Scott competed in an over-45 rugby tournament in Aspen.) and play volleyball. What an active alumnus! FIGHT ON, Scott!

Swimming pool
We took a guided tour of the Olympic venues on the mountain above the Utah Olympic Park. The first stop on the tour was the slide.
Practicing 'high flying skills'
Olympians from several countries practice their "high flying" skills here and land in a bubbly swimming pool.
Luge course
Then the tour guide took us up the steep mountain to the Luge course.
Bobsled and skeleton course
Then we saw the bobsled and skeleton course.
Nordic Ski Jump ramp
Our last stop on the tour was the Nordic Ski Jump ramp. What magnificent views! What brave Olympians to speed down this mountain!
Nordic Ski Jump ramp
The Nordic Ski Jump ramp from below
The flags represent the countries of the athletes who train here.
More flags
More flags
Olympic Medals
After the mountain tour, Trojan Candy went to the second floor of the museum to see the 2002 Winter Olympics displays. Here are the Medals for the 2002 Winter Olympics.
Olympic torch
2002 Winter Olympics torch
One interesting artifact was a white horse puppet that was used in the Opening Ceremonies. That Utah horse will never measure up to our Traveler!
Olympic Pins
Over 600 Olympic Pins were used to form the 2002 Winter Olympics logo.
Park City
We left the Olympic Park and arrived at Main Street in Park City around 2:00 p.m. It was fun to browse in the quaint shops.
Mary Haltom, Dorothy Kim, Sunny Shepherd, Dudley Poon, and Pat Poon
There were some Trojan friends walking up and down Main Street waiting, like us (Mary Haltom, Dorothy Kim, Sunny Shepherd, Dudley Poon, and Pat Poon), for the parade to start.
Linda and Jeff Hutchinson
Linda and Jeff Hutchinson from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
David and Barbara Meyers
David and Barbara Meyers
Small USC fan Koke
Koke with Kent Greenwald
Koke with Kent Greenwald

The Spirit of Troy contingent of sixteen members arrived at the top of Main Street at 5:00 p.m.

French horns
Friend Serge Liberovsky and two other French horns
Kyle Wilson
Drum Major Kyle Wilson

A police car escorted the band down the entire length of Main Street.

Spirit of Troy
Spirit of Troy marched down Main Street. They stopped at three locations for a mini-concert.
Barbara Cotler and Pat Poon
Barbara Cotler and Pat Poon
Elsie Greene, Floyd, Carole, Pat Poon, Dudley Poon, and Walt Greene
More Trojan friends were spotted along the route (Elsie Greene, Floyd, Carole, and Walt Greene with Pat and Dudley
Dave Sell
Dave Sell is a fellow journalist.

What a rousing parade!

At 6:00 p.m. Trojan Candy drove to the St. Regis Deer Valley Hotel for a reception with Dr. Bartner, the USC Pep Band and Park City Trojan Club members.

All guests rode a funicular up to the hotel.
Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy played for forty-five minutes while all the guests clapped, tapped, sang or danced to the familiar music that we love. Dr. Bartner told us that at 11:00 p.m. in Los Angeles, fifty more band members were going to hop on a bus for an eleven hour ride to Salt Lake City.
Ken Yonemura and Grace Noda
Trojan Candy met two new USC and Trojan Club friends at the reception. Dr. Ken Yonemura and his wife Grace Noda have a daughter in high school who aspires to be a Trojan. She is also an aspiring Olympic Luge member. Good Luck in both endeavors!

What an exciting day in Park City, Utah!