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Monday, September 29, 2014---A Truly Remarkable Heritage Hall Medallion Recipient

Torrie RosenzweigAfter the Monday Morning Quarterback meeting in the Galen Center was over, Trojan Candy walked over to Torrie Rosenzweig's office in the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Torrie, the Director of Talent Development Student Industry Relations, was expecting me. I brought her grandfather Aaron Rosenberg's Heritage Hall Medallion to deliver to her. Torrie held the medallion for this picture. We chatted for a while. Torrie told me that her family are "die-hard Trojans." They attend all home USC football games. What a Trojan Family!

Torrie was so nice to send me a picture of her grandfather as well as a short biography.

Aaron RosenbergHe was Football All American for two years under coach Howard Jones. One of the best players of the era. He was a guard.

Aaron left Football to pursue a career in Hollywood - started as an Assistant Director working on Shirley Temple movies. He became a successful producer in Film and TV. Was a very loved father, grandfather and husband when he passed away in 1979.

Aaron Rosenberg (August 26, 1912, New York City - September 1, 1979, Torrance, California) was an "All-American" college football player and a film and television producer with more than sixty credits. His most noted film credit is likely Mutiny on the Bounty (1962).


Born in Brooklyn, with Jewish origins, Aaron studied at the University of Southern California and played college football. He was an Offensive Guard who prided himself in his "needle" work. A master at taunting enemy linemen, the 6' 0" 210-pound guard could back up his words and was a vicious blocker and tackler. He was selected for the All-American team in 1932 and 1933 and elected to the College Football Hall of Fame in 1966.


Following his college career, Rosenberg worked for nearly fifteen years as an assistant director at the 20th Century-Fox Film Studios. He turned to producing in the early 1950s, and produced the box office hits The Glenn Miller Story (1954), The Benny Goodman Story (1956), as well as Mutiny on the Bounty (1962). Rosenberg was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture as a Producer of Mutiny on the Bounty. He retired after producing Reflections of Murder for television in 1974.

Director Budd Boetticher later called Rosenberg his "favorite producer of all time because he was so damn honest. He and I had a lot of arguments because we both wanted to make better pictures than Universal wanted us to make."

What a truly remarkable Trojan! Thank you, Torrie, for your grandfather's picture and biography.

Trojan Candy wishes that I could have met Torrie's grandfather Aaron Rosenberg.


Saturday, September 27, 2014---USC vs. Oregon State University

Shaun Cody and Trojan CandyHeisman HouseMy husband Jim, friend Gail Nagaoka and I arrived at the Coliseum parking lot at 3:30 p.m. for the football game against the Oregon State Beavers. Gail and I rode a Honda bicycle rickshaw, while Jim walked, to the Heisman House sponsored by Nissan. Inside, we went to four stations and earned a t-shirt. On the stage was a familiar face. It was Shaun Cody! Trojan Candy told Shaun that I saw him beat Oklahoma at the Orange Bowl in Miami in 2004 and that I flew back to Los Angeles on the same plane as his parents. I also game him my Trojan Candy card. Jim took the picture of us. FIGHT ON, Shaun! Then, I took the picture of the outside of the Heisman House.

Gail Nagaoka, Art Mazmanian, and Jim Yee
We saw friend Art Mazmanian (11/23/2013). Jim and Trojan Candy met Art last year at the Coliseum when we gave him his Heritage Hall Medallion. He is just as friendly as ever! FIGHT ON, Art!
Military service group
Now on to the pre-game performance. In the end zone at the peristyle end, one military service group held a large U.S. flags for the Star Spangle Banner.
Military service group
Another military service group was at the other end zone.

FireworksDuring the Star Spangled Banner, the fireworks lit up the sky above the scoreboard.

2015 Hall of FameTwo Trojan Candy friends led the team out of the tunnel. So exciting to see Michael Morgan (8/14/2009) and Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith (9/3/2009) again! They're both playing for the Super Bowl Champs Seattle Seahawks now! FIGHT ON, Michael! FIGHT ON, Malcolm!

During halftime the Class of 2015 USC Athletic Hall of Fame was presented. Two 2015 members can be found on my blog.

Pete CarrollPete Carroll (8/22/2009) would visit my husband Jim and me when we volunteered at the Heritage Hall desk. FIGHT ON, Pete!

Bob YoderBob YoderWe had just met another future inductee, Bob Yoder (1/11/2014), when we gave him his Heritage Hall Medallion earlier this year. FIGHT ON, Bob!

A little about the game....we rebounded from Boston College. We beat Oregon State 35 to 10! There were outstanding offensive and defensive plays by our Trojans. FIGHT ON, USC Football!

We will beat ASU next Saturday!

FIGHT ON, until then!

Saturday, September 13, 2014---USC-Boston College Game Day

Game day finally came. What an enjoyable three days leading up to today.

Pat, Dudley and I took a short train ride to the Boston College campus. The weather in Boston had been sunny and beautiful until today.
Theater Arts Center
It was overcast and cold when we toured the BC campus. Here is their Theater Arts Center.
Yes, we are at Boston College.
Rashawn and Brittany
Along the way we met two young Geico workers, Rashawn and Brittany, who gave us necklaces to wear. Thanks!
Silvio O. Conte Forum
The Silvio O. Conte Forum is connected to the stadium.
At last, we made it to the BC Alumni Stadium.
Doug Flutie statue
There was a statue of Doug Flutie throwing his famous "Hail Mary" pass.
Adam Bart, George Reid and Jerry Gibson
Unfortunately, it started to sprinkle, so we walked quickly to the USC Associates dinner in the Corcoran Commons. Adam Bart, George Reid and Jerry Gibson greeted us at the entrance.
Upstairs there were lobsters galore!
Trojan Candy doesn't like lobster, but I liked the delicious desserts instead.
Brian and Mary Ann Cogbill
Inside the dining area, Trojan Candy saw some familiar faces. Fellow TGLA member Mary Ann Cogbill and her husband Brian.
Tom and Barbara Halvorsen
Two more familiar faces came to sit at our table---Tom and Barbara Halvorsen.

Dorothy Kim, Kyle Negrete and Sunny ShepherdFriend Sunny Shepherd brought in a very special friend, Kyle Negrete (8/12/2010)! Kyle was the punter on the football team two years ago. He is now working as a Credit Analyst for Blackstone in New York City. Kyle told Trojan Candy that there is a big contingency of Trojans in New York City. It was so great to visit with Kyle again! Dorothy Kim joined Kyle and Sunny in this picture.

Christopher and Milt Meler and Bob Vandernoot
Our table was almost full now. Sitting with their lobsters were Christopher Meler, his dad Milt Meler and Bob Vandernoot.
Steve and Pat Fryer
Steve and Pat Fryer were the last to join us.
Drew McAllister and Kyle Negrete
Walking in the door was another former football friend. Trojan Candy went to say, "Hello." Drew McAllister (10/22/2009) flew in from Los Angeles for the game. He and Kyle posed for this picture.
Trojan Candy and Kyle Negrete
Just like old times sake at Heritage Hall! Then, Kyle and I posed for a picture. FIGHT ON, Drew! FIGHT ON, Kyle!
Holly Pizula, Louis Wong, Sue Cimbaluk and Kyle Negrete
Two new friends came to our table after I took their picture with Kyle and Louis Wong. Holly Pizula, whose daughter Lindsey is on the Trojan Dance Force, and Sue Cimbaluk came to talk.
Next table
Trojan Candy took this photo of the Trojans who were sitting at the next table.
Louis and Mary Jo Wong
Then I spoke with Louis and Mary Jo Wong for a few minutes.
Tom Halvorsen, Karen Bowman, Pat Poon, Barbara Halvorsen, and Dudley Poon
Good friend Karen Bowman stopped by to visit on her way out to the game.
USC touchdown
Yes, it was time for us to go to the Alumni Stadium for the game. Luckily, the rain had stopped. We had a hard time finding our seats. Once we were seated, we saw our Trojans score the first touchdown to lead 7-0.

BC bandTrojan Candy will leave the game plays now. It was very frustrating in the second and third quarters. However, I did take a picture of the Boston College Band at halftime.

We had to leave midway in the fourth quarter because we had an early call for the airport at 6:30 a.m. Our Trojans almost pulled it out. We just ran out of time.

We will come back and beat Oregon State on September 27th.

FIGHT ON, until then!