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Saturday, April 5, 2014---Swim with Mike

Check out my Google Plus album for more pictures from Swim with Mike.

swimmersMy husband Jim and I arrived at the Uytengsu Swim Stadium fairly early at 10:00 a.m. There was already so much activity. There were swimmers everywhere completing their laps.

Jacob Grieswold, Grant Nichol, Patricia Alderman and Daniel SchiaviTrojan Candy saw friend Grant Nichol. He volunteers in the Massage Center every year. Here is Grant with friends Jacob Grieswold, Patricia Alderman and Daniel Schiavi.

Kathleen DeCristoIt was so nice to see friend Kathleen DeCristo again. Kathleen used to work at USC but left to take care of her son.

Women's Basketball teamTrojan Candy walked upstairs to the Kid's Corner. That is where the Women of Troy Basketball Team always volunteers. Yes, there they were!

While I was upstairs, I took a peek at the football practice going on downstairs in Howard Jones Field. Some football players will come for a swim relay in the pool after they finish their practice. Trojan Candy will definitely take pictures of them then. Stay tuned!

Next up was the Belly Flop Contest.

Belly Flop
Some of the contestants wore costumes.
Song Girl
Here is a Song Girl belly flopping in her uniform.
Dance Force
Next Trojan Candy walked around the pool area. Here were three members of the Dance Force Team.

Pep SquadThe Pep Squad also posed for me.

Cathy Marino, Sammy Lee, and Mrs. LeeSitting by the stage was Dr. Sammy Lee, his wife and his assistant Cathy Marino. Trojan Candy met Dr. Lee and his wife at the opening of the Uytengsu Swim Center on February 21st. I interviewed his assistant Cathy. Cathy competed in Kayak in the 1988 and 1992 Olympics. She has been a Fire Captain in Long Beach and volunteers for the para-Olympics. Now she accompanies Dr. Sammy and his wife to events. So nice to meet another Olympian! An honorary FIGHT ON, Cathy!

Mike Nyeholt
Before the formal ceremonies began, Trojan Candy was able to take a picture of Mike Nyeholt, the namesake of "Swim with Mike."
John Naber
Again John Naber was the Master of Ceremonies.
Jake Robinson
Two scholarship recipients related their stories to the audience. UC San Diego student Jake Robinson spoke first,
Natalie Buchoz
then USC Public Relations major Natalie Buchoz told her story about her life after a skiing accident.
Silent Auctions
The "Silent Auctions" were closing after the conclusion of the formal ceremonies.
Auction item
Trojan Candy browsed among the auction items. Three of them caught my eye. This sign,
Troy Polamalu football
this football autographed by Troy Polamalu,
and this football autographed by Heisman Trophy winners Mike Garrett and Charles White.
Marilyn and Dave Sell
Then, some friends also caught my eye in the auction area. Volunteers Marilyn and Dave Sell,
Ray Wong
Ray Wong,
Mike and Lois Valerio
and Mike and Lois Valerio (we see them at basketball games).
Ron Orr
Trojan Candy walked back to the pool area to get a good place for the upcoming football/song girl relay. I saw even more friends at the pool. Friend and "Swim with Mike" founder Ron Orr smiled for a picture.
Phillip Ribeiro
Then, Phillip Ribeiro, a friend from Northern California who used to visit Trojan Candy at the Heritage Hall desk, came to sit by me.
Arthur Bartner and Trojan Candy
Along came Dr. Bartner who posed with yours truly for this picture.
Song Girls
Spectators started gathering around the pool in anticipation of the relay. Four Song Girls across the pool posed for this picture.
Leland Waters, Ben Chua, and Michael Yee
Then, three more friends posed for Trojan Candy just before the football players entered the center. Announcer Leland Waters, USC Pep Band director Ben Chua (8/30/2013), and friend Michael Yee.
Hayes Pullard
Then, the football players walked to the pool and jumped in. Trojan Candy saw several friends. I managed to take pictures of Hayes Pullard (8/19/2010)
Cody Kessler
and Cody Kessler (9/8/2011) right before the relay began.

The football players pushed the song girls from one end of the pool, then a second team of football players pushed them back to the other end. When the relay ended, I took these pictures of the participants.

Relay participants
Relay participants
Relay participants
Relay participants
Relay participants
Relay participants
Relay participants
Relay participants
Greg Townsend and Charles Burks
Trojan Candy walked over to the exit to take more pictures of football friends Greg Townsend (4/26/2012) and Charles Burks (8/19/2011).
Arthur Bartner, Joey Arguello, and Delvon Simmons
Dr. Bartner, Joey Arguello, and Delvon Simmons
Jordan Austin and Max Tuerk
Jordan Austin and Max Tuerk
Anthony and Louise Neyer and Tom Morris
Anthony Neyer (10/26/2011) with his mom Louise Neyer and Tom Morris
Don Ludwig
Other friends that I saw in the same area were Don Ludwig
Alex Rios
and Alex Rios (8/16/2012).

Then, as I left Swim with Mike to walk to the Tennis Stadium to join my husband Jim at the USC Men's Tennis match versus California, Trojan Candy saw three more football friends.

Nathan Guertler
and Nathan Guertler (8/19/2011).
Gio di Poalo and Scott Starr
Gio di Poalo (8/24/2012) and Scott Starr (9/27/2012)

FIGHT ON, USC Football Relay Swimmers!