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Thursday, August 29, 2013---USC versus Hawaii

Monday, August 26---Trojan Candy arrived in Honolulu for the USC vs. Hawaii football game on Thursday, August 29th. My sister Pat and brother-in-law Dudley accompanied me on the trip.

Tuesday, August 27---A sightseeing day. The first stop was the State Capitol Building. The building has a volcano at its center.

Center of Capitol
This is the top of the volcano.
Top and base of volcano
This is the top and base of the volcano.
Base of volcano
Base of the volcano.
A reflecting pool surrounding the Capitol represents the Pacific Ocean.
The Capitol houses the offices of the Senate, House of Representatives, Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Pat, Dudley and Trojan Candy rode the elevator to the very top floor where the Governor's Office was located.
Governor's office
Entrance to the Governor's Office.
Inside the Governor's office
Inside the Governor's office.
Trojan Candy with Dudley and Pat Poon
The Governor's receptionist took a picture of us standing in the Governor's Presentation Room. What an honor!
Iolani Palace
We walked by Iolani Palace, the former residence of Hawaiian royalty, but it was closed.
Iolani Palace gate
Decorative plaque on one of four gates of Iolani Palace bearing the Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Hawaii. The motto means "The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness."
King Kamehameha
Then, Trojan Candy saw IT across the street from the Iolani Palace. THERE was the King Kamehameha Statue.
Ali'iolani Hale
IT was in front of Ali'iolani Hale. One of my favorite television series, Hawaii Five-0, has its fictional headquarters located there. However, this was not fictional....
Filming Hawaii Five-0
There were film crew and cameras on the lawn. Hawaii 5-0 was filming today!
Inside Ali'iolani Hale
This is the interior of the Ali'iolani Hale. Inside we visited the King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center.

KamekonaRichard Flores and familyWe next walked to Chinatown for lunch at the Golden Palace Restaurant. Then we caught a bus to Hilo Hattie. Trojan Candy spotted this Kamekona display in Hilo Hattie. Naturally, I spent way too much money for souvenirs at Hilo Hattie!

Later Tuesday evening, while waiting on the Marriott patio for the D.K. Steakhouse to open for dinner, Trojan Candy saw a familiar face. Richard Flores and his family were having dinner on the patio. So nice to meet Richard's family.

Dudley and Pat Poon, Carol Nagano, Trojan Candy, and Willa and GeorgeThen, another tourist took this picture of my dinner guests and me. Dudley and Pat Poon, my daughter Kelly's Aunt-in-law Carol Nagano, yours truly, and Kelly's mother and father-in law, Willa and George. Dinner and conversation was memorable!

Wednesday, August 28---Trojan Candy rode The Bus to the Swap Meet in the Aloha Stadium parking lot. I was able to buy souvenirs for my four grandsons---Zane (7), Kane (3), Parker (3) and Bowman (3 months). It was fun to shop, but it was so hot and humid!

In the late afternoon, Pat, Dudley and Trojan Candy walked to the Pep Rally in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. I saw many friends waiting in line to enter the Pep Rally.

Patricia and Bob Barrett
Fellow Trojan Guild of Los Angeles member Patricia Barrett and her husband Bob.
Doris and Mel Hughes
Doris and Mel Hughes (8/24/2012).
Ray and Suzanne Nagami
Ray and Suzanne Nagami.
Walter and Elizabeth Babchuk
Walter and Elizabeth Babchuk.
Caroline and Paul Salata
Caroline and "Mr. Irrelevant" Paul Salata (4/18/2008).

Candy Yee and Pierson ClairIt was very hot when we waited in line, so Trojan Candy went to get some fans. That's when I saw my friend Pierson Clair (9/23/2010). He actually wanted to take a picture with yours truly. I was flattered...a professional photographer wanted to be in a picture with me!

Ron and Elaine TomFinally, the doors opened and we rushed inside. There was delicious food and entertainment.

My sister Pat sat by a friend whom she hadn't seen in at least thirty years! Her fellow Delta Phi Kappa pledge mate, Elaine Tom, and her husband Ron were also surprised to see my sister and me.

Hula dancersThe entertainment was enjoyable on the stage and outside.

Fire TwirlerWhen Trojan Candy ran outside to take a picture of the fire twirler, I couldn't see anything. I was too short! So I looked around for the tallest man I could find, reached up and tapped him on the shoulder, and asked him to take a picture for me. He obliged.

When I thanked him, I found out that he was related to Kevin Graf. His name is Derrick Graf, and he is Kevin's older brother, by eleven years. Derrick GrafTrojan Candy sure knows how to pick 'em.

Pep rallyThen, I had to rush through the crowd to get back to my seat, because the band, the Pep Squad and the Song Girls were marching in. The pep rally was starting now! Dr. Bartner led us in cheers IN THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO. Bring on the game!

Mary and Mike PashleyDan AvilaTrojan Candy saw more friends on the way out. Mary and Mike Pashley and photographer friend, Dan Avila (1/16/2009). We see Dan everywhere!

Thursday, August 29---Game day is finally here! We rode The Bus to the pre-game barbecue. Pat, Dudley and I arrived early, so we were able to get a windy, cool spot under the tent to sit.

The food was plentiful and very delicious! I loved the pulled pork.

Tailgate tents
Jill Dennis
We sat with friends Jill Dennis (8/8/2011), who works in the USC Athletic Department...
Chizuko and Arnold Shibuya
and Arnold Shibuya (pictured with his wife Chizuko who dropped him off).
Julian Bonse, Ron Orr, and Scott Jacobson
Many more friends were at the barbecue. Julian Bonse, Ron Orr, and Scott Jacobson from the Athletic Department.
Gregg Millward
Gregg Millward from the Athletic Department.
Eiko and Raymond Bates
Eiko and Raymond Bates.
Patricia Barrett and Roselyn Martov
Patricia Barrett and Roselyn Martov.
Larry and Wandy Jung and Steve Chock
Larry and Wandy Jung and Steve Chock.

Then, the USC Band marched in. SEE THEM IN THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO.

Song Girls
The Song Girls were ready to perform.
More Song Girls
FIGHT ON, Spirit of Troy!

Aloha StadiumThe five of us (Pat, Dudley, Jill, Arnold, and I) walked across the street to the Aloha Stadium at about 4:00 p.m. We sat in the top section where a cool breeze blew for most of the game.

Stephanie, Kevin, Grant and JannTrojan Candy walked around taking pictures in the stadium. I saw friends Stephanie, Kevin, Grant and Jann.

Let the game begin. Our Team Captains are Devon Kennard, Marqise Lee, Scott Starr and Marcus Martin. The 2013 season began with the kick-off.

Andre Heidari kicks a field goalOur starting quarterback was Cody Kessler. We started out a bit "shaky." But Cody connected on a touchdown to Nelson Agholor, and we went in at halftime ahead 20-5 on Andre Heidari's field goal. Yes, Cody and Andre are friends, and both were interviewed by yours truly at the Heritage Hall desk on September 8, 2011.

Sumo raceThe halftime show began with a racing contest featuring two people dressed like Sumo Wrestlers in Rainbow Warrior uniforms. They raced, or rather waddled, from one end zone to the other. When they reached the other end zone, they fell on their stomachs. It was very silly and entertaining.Hawaii Band Then the University of Hawaii Band performed.

The second series in the second half began with Max Wittek as quarterback. USC was ahead 30-5 until Hawaii finally managed to score a touchdown in the last 40 seconds. We won 30-13. FIGHT ON, USC Football!

The team listens to the Spirit of TroyPat, Dudley, and I listened to the playing of "Conquest" by the Spirit of Troy and watched as the Football team paid tribute to the band.

When the team departed for the dressing room, we left the stadium.

Demetrius Wright's familyAt the bus stop Trojan Candy recognized a friend.... It was Marlyn Curry, Demetrius Wright's mother, whom I met at the Salute to Troy this year. Marlyn was accompanied by her mother and family who were celebrating Marlyn's birthday. She had a great birthday...with her family in Honolulu and a USC victory! (I must apologize. I lost the paper with the name of Demetrius's Grandmother. Perhaps Demetrius or someone could email me her name.)

Lydia M. and Martin J. BullAs we waited for The Bus to arrive, Trojan Candy made two more new friends. They were Kris Albarado's Great Grandmother Lydia M. Bull and Great Uncle Martin J. Bull. Both of them came from Louisiana to see Kris play. We talked about Kris and his family all the way on the bus ride home. They told us that Kris has large family gatherings and that Kris's Mom and Dad normally attend all of the USC road games. The bus ride back to our condo was so enjoyable! Good company and a victory too! FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Friday, August 30---Trojan Candy, Pat and Dudley were invited to a birthday celebration for Dr. Art Bartner at the Hula Grill. Dr. Bartner greeted us with his usual big smile. We enjoyed appetizers (pupus) and, of course, cake.

Trojan Candy got to visit with Ben Chua and Brent Padelford.

Art Bartner with Pat, Dudley, and Trojan Candy
Dr. Art Bartner with Pat, Dudley, and Trojan Candy
Ben Chua
Ben not only directs the USC Pep Band at basketball and volleyball games in the Galen Center, but he also works full-time in the movie industry.
Brent Padelford
Brent Padelford

Brent publishes the USC Band Newsletter. Brent lives in Artesia, nearby to Cerritos where I live. His dad, A.J. Padelford, was a USC Associate, and his dad's company had many construction projects in and around Artesia, including the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts.

Thanks for letting us share your birthday, Dr. Bartner! FIGHT ON, USC Spirit of Troy!

Our final activity in Honolulu was the USC Asian Pacific Alumni Association Aloha Sunset Reception at the Rumfire located in the Sheraton Waikiki. Greeting us at the door were Cait Hibert, Alex Chang and Erin Jebavy.

Cait Hibert, Alex Chang and Erin Jebavy

We got to visit with friend Patrick Auerbach, who was just promoted to Associate Senior Vice President for Alumni Relations. We've known Patrick since his days with Women of Troy Basketball. Way to go, Patrick!

Pat, Larry Jung, Dudley, Steve Chock, Patrick Auerbach, and Candy
Pat, Larry Jung, Dudley, Steve Chock, Patrick Auerbach, and Trojan Candy
Wandy and Larry Jung, Rod Nakamoto, and Steve Chock
We met Rod Nakamoto, the former president of the USC Asian Pacific Alumni Association. He posed for a picture with friends Wandy and Larry Jung and Steve Chock.

Pat and I began to talk with current president Grace Shiba. In our conversation, we found out that Grace is a sorority sister.... We were all in Delta Phi Kappa!

There was good food, good scenery and good conversation.

With that, Trojan Candy says, "Aloha!"