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Thursday, April 3, 2014---USC Men's Volleyball Senior Salute

Trojan Candy walked out of the Merle Norman Sand Volleyball Stadium and crossed the street to the Galen Center. The USC Men's Volleyball Team match versus Concordia was scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m. I arrived in time for the game, but could not access the playing court because extra bars were installed around the seating areas for an upcoming boxing match.

Thank goodness, friend Dan Avila (1/16/2009), a "real" USC photographer was on the court taking pictures of the five Seniors who were honored before the game. Dan sent me beautiful pictures for my blog. THANKS, again, Dan!

Paul Yoder
The first Senior introduced was Paul Yoder who is pictured with his father Bob Yoder, friend, brother Jack Yoder #21 and Coach Bill Ferguson.
Joey Booth
Senior Joey Booth posed with his family and Coach Bill Ferguson.
Tanner Jansen
The third Senior introduced was Tanner Jansen with his family and Coach Ferguson.
Henry Cassiday
Henry Cassiday was the fourth Senior honored. He posed with his family and Coach Ferguson.
Maddison McKibbin
The last Senior introduced was Maddison McKibbin who posed with his family and Coach Ferguson.
Volleyball Seniors
All five Seniors posed for a team picture together. FIGHT ON, Paul! FIGHT ON, Joey! FIGHT ON, Tanner! FIGHT ON, Henry! FIGHT ON, Maddison!
Let the match begin!
The handshakes at the net.
The pre-game huddle.

Our team won the first two sets against Concordia 27-25 and 25-18. After losing the third set 25-21, our Trojans came back to win set four 25-18 and the match.

Dan Avila sent me action photos of Seniors Joey Booth and Maddison McKibbin.

Joey Booth
Joey Booth
Maddison McKibbin
Maddison McKibbin
Tanner Jansen
Senior Tanner Jansen led the team to the 3-1 VICTORY! He had 20 kills, 11 digs and 4 blocks. He's at the net next to the bottom.

Three Seniors were celebrated in the final huddle by the team.

Paul Yoder
Paul Yoder
Maddison McKibbin
Maddison McKibbin
Henry Cassiday
Henry Cassiday

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Volleyball Team!

Thursday, April 3, 2014---Seniors! Friends! Women of Troy Sand Volleyball Victories!

Trojan Candy was late to today's first Women of Troy Sand Volleyball game versus Loyola Marymount at 1:00 p.m. I was at a Trojan Guild Board Meeting all morning. I did not realize that Coach Anna Collier was going to honor her three Seniors and two Graduate Students before the first match of the double-header and not before the second match against UCLA. Luckily, friend and "real" USC photographer Dan Avila (1/16/2009) took pictures of the five Honorees. He sent me his pictures to publish in my blog! Thanks so much and FIGHT ON, Dan!

Seniors, Graduates, and familiesDan's first picture is of the three Seniors, two Graduate Students and their families and friends.

TeammatesHis second picture is of the five teammates. Senior Kirby Burnham (5/6/2013) , Senior Sam Hirschmann, Graduate Student Natasa Siljkovic (9/2/2010) , Senior Brooke Fournier and Graduate Student Mary Buckingham. FIGHT ON, Kirby! FIGHT ON, Sam! FIGHT ON, Natasa! FIGHT ON, Brooke! FIGHT ON, Mary!

Our Women of Troy swept Loyola Marymount 5-0. During and after the match, Trojan Candy saw several friends in the stadium.

Seen at the SCene:

Christopher Orenic, Vinnie Rios, and Robert Feathers
USC Men's Volleyball Christopher Orenic, Vinnie Rios, and Robert Feathers (11/9/2012)
Dana Reed and James Boyd
"New" friend Dana Reed (Sophomore at L.A. Southwest College) and "old" football friend James Boyd (former USC Trojan). James transferred to UNLV and just graduated with a degree in Sociology. FIGHT ON, James!
James Boyd and Bria Russ
James Boyd and friend Bria Russ (3/23/2012).
Bria, Yvette, and Jo Russ
Sand Volleyball team member Bria Russ, her mom Yvette Russ and Jo Russ.
Dana Reed and James Boyd
New friend and Sand Volleyball team member Sara Hughes (1/31/2014) posed for this picture with her cousin Cathy Hughes, mom Laura Hughes and cousin Randy Hughes.
Reggie Wyatt
Friend Reggie Wyatt (12/9/2011).

An update on Reggie. He said that he likes to go to museums. His favorite teams are the Lakers and the Dodgers. Reggie has used up his eligibility with the USC Track Team. He has two classes this semester and will graduate soon with a degree in Sociology. Reggie has signed with Nike, so he is a professional now. Trojan Candy asked him why he chose USC over UCLA. Reggie said that our campus atmosphere "blew him away." Trojan Candy is glad he chose USC! FIGHT ON, Reggie!

Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy arrived before the USC-UCLA match began.
Jeremy Cherry
Trojan Candy spoke with friend Scott Wandzilak at the stadium entrance. Scott introduced me to Jeremy Cherry, who works at USC, just like Scott. Welcome, Jeremy!
Micah Christenson, Tyler Cundiff, Chris Lischke, and Tommy Leonard
More Men's Volleyball came to support the women. Micah Christenson, Tyler Cundiff, Chris Lischke, and Tommy Leonard.
Cristian Rivera, Paul Yoder, Maddison McKibbin, Brooks Varni, and Tommy Leonard
Cristian Rivera (12/7/2012), Paul Yoder, Maddison McKibbin, Brooks Varni, Tommy Leonard (11/9/2012). FIGHT ON, USC Men's Volleyball Team!
Paige Hines and Nicolette Martin
Let the USC-UCLA Sand Volleyball Match begin! On Court 2 were #22 Paige Hines (1/31/2014) and #35 Nicolette Martin.
Bria Russ and Eve Ettinger
On Court 1 were #3 Bria Russ and #11 Eve Ettinger (8/30/2012).
Brooke Fournier and Kati Duddridge
On Court 3 in a non-scoring match were #10 Brooke Fournier and #13 Kati Duddridge. After the first round, the score was USC 2, UCLA 0.
Kelly Claes
In the second round, on Court 2 were #30 Kelly Claes and
Alexa Strange
#24 Alexa Strange.
Kirby Burnham
#5 Kirby Burnham teamed with
Sara Hughes
#14 Sara Hughes on Court 1.
Sam Hirschmann
#20 Sam Hirschmann and
Natasa Siljkovic
#4 Natasa Siljkovic competed on Court 3
We won!
The Women of Troy beat the Bruins on each court in round 2. USC won the match 5-0!
It's always GREAT to beat the Bruins! Let's celebrate!

Eloy LopezOn the way out of the stadium and on my way to the USC Men's Volleyball Senior Salute in the Galen Center, Trojan Candy saw yet another familiar face. Eloy Lopez showed me his Trojan spirit! FIGHT ON, Eloy!

FIGHT ON, USC Women's Sand Volleyball Team!