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Saturday, November 23, 2013---Homecoming and Two More Medallions

My husband Jim and I dropped off our Stanford 2006 grad son Gregory at the Science Museum Annex in Exposition Park at 11:00 a.m. Greg works for the Alumni Association at his alma mater and had to set up for an indoor tailgate for a thousand Stanford boosters.

Then, after parking at the Coliseum, Jim and I walked to the center of campus. Trojan Candy volunteered at the Trojan Guild of Los Angeles (TGLA) Booth diagonally across from Tommy Trojan. There were several other booths that were set up by USC women's groups. All of us are earning money for USC scholarships.

Being the photographer and publicist for the TGLA, Trojan Candy took pictures of the volunteers in our booth.


We were busy all morning.

Jackie OwensFriend Jackie Owens (2/23/2012) stopped by the booth. We talked about her boyfriend Abe Markowitz and that Abe and Kevin Greene were shown on ESPN's College Game Day that originated from USC's McCarthy Quad.

Ferris TrimbleHe came! As you know, Pat and Dudley Poon, Jim and I are responsible for distributing the 550 Heritage Hall Medallions. Trojan Candy brought Marv Montgomery's Medallion to give to his cousin Ferris Trimble. Marv was a First-Team All American in Football at USC in 1970. He was a First Round Pick of the Denver Broncos in 1971. His first cousin Ferris is an administrator at South West Community College. Ferris earned his M.B.A from USC. FIGHT ON, Marv! FIGHT ON, Ferris!

Lisa McMahonAfter lunch at the School of Education tailgate, Jim and I walked back to the Fan Fest near the Coliseum. We met Craig McMahon's (10/28/2010) mother Lisa there. Craig is a red-shirt Junior place kicker on the USC football team. FIGHT ON, Craig! So nice to meet you, Lisa!

Art MazmanianAt 4:00 p.m. Jim and Trojan Candy walked to the naked statue at the peristyle end of the Coliseum to meet another Heritage Hall Medallion recipient. I recognized him right away. He was wearing a baseball cap that read, "USC Baseball. I played for Rod." Art Mazmanian played on the 1948 NCAA World Series Champion USC Baseball Team. USC beat Yale in the best of three games.Art Mazmanian with daughter Nancy Playing first base for Yale was President George Bush! Art coached baseball at Mount Sac for thirty-one years. The university honored him by naming their new baseball stadium after him. A plaque from President George Bush was presented to Art during the ceremony! Nine of Art's USC baseball teammates came to the ceremony. There are only ten of them left. Amazing! Art's proud daughter Nancy posed for a picture with her Dad. Nancy worked for Tim Tessalone in the Sports Information Department. FIGHT ON, Nancy! FIGHT ON, Art!

John JacksonGregory YeeAfter saying good-by to Art and Nancy, Trojan Candy saw another friend. ESPN broadcaster John Jackson sat on the 710 Stage. When John saw yours truly, he smiled for this picture. FIGHT ON, John!

We were in our seats when our son Gregory came down from the Press Box to visit with us. I gave him my camera and asked him to have someone take his picture in the Stanford Radio Booth that he will work in. Gregory bought me back this picture.

kick off
Now, it was time for the game. The kick off.
Our first touchdown
Our first touchdown
Stanford Band
Halftime: The Stanford Band
The Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy.
The 4th and two huddle.
The 4th and two huddle late in the 4th quarter.
Andre's kick
Andre's kick
We won!
The fans storm the field
The fans storm the field!

Unfortunately, two of Trojan Candy's friends were hurt by the masses. Photographer Dan Avila (1/16/2009) was on the field taking pictures when he was over run. Dan was taken to the hospital. USC student Devon Bowman (12/7/2012) remained in the stands and was crushed by the fans. She was hospitalized with her injuries and is home recovering. Trojan Candy hopes that the fans do not storm the field after we beat the Bruins.

Have a speedy recovery, Dan and Devon!

FIGHT ON, USC Football! FIGHT ON, Coach O!

Friday, November 15, 2013---USC Football Rally and Heritage Hall Medallions

This afternoon Pat and Dudley Poon, my husband Jim, and I were volunteering at the Trojan Athletic Fund Office gathering and packaging Heritage Hall medallions for swimmers, water polo players, and divers. Swimming and Diving Head Coach Dave Salo had given us permission to take them to that evening's Swimming Reception to pass out to the alumni who might attend the Reception.

Emily BarthWhile we were working there, friend Emily Barth (8/24/2012), who works in the Trojan Athletic Fund Office, said that she could help give a Heritage Hall Medallion for Erny Pinckert. He played football at USC in 1930-31. Emily knew Erny's granddaughter Ginni Pinckert, because Emily's boyfriend Khaled Holmes (4/14/2011) had a class with Ginni. So Pat and I gave Erny's medallion to Emily. Thanks, Emily! Thanks, Khaled! FIGHT ON FOREVER, Erny! FIGHT ON, Ginni!

We transported 33 medallions to the East patio of the John McKay Center at 5:00 p.m. for the start of the Swim Reception. However, the start time had been changed to 6:00 p.m. An hour wait dampened our spirits; then, we heard them. The USC Spirit of Troy was playing at the nearby track field. It was the former Heritage Hall Pep Rally for the Stanford football game moved to the Loker Track Stadium. Trojan Candy, with camera in hand, took off for the pep rally. Pat and Dudley followed. Jim stayed behind to watch the medallions.

Dion BaileyThere were students, fans and alumni in the stands when I made it into the stadium. Friend Dion Bailey (9/23/2010) was addressing the team and audience. As I climbed up the stairs, I found an open space to take photographs. Right behind me was friend and football alumnus Zack Kusnir (10/1/2010). Zack told me he will complete his Master's degree in a few weeks. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Zack!

Cody's friend, Cody Kessler, and Nelson AgholorTrojan Candy wasn't able to take Zack's picture because I was focused on the Pep Rally. Dion Bailey held the coveted sword while "Conquest" was played. Then the team dispersed from the stadium. A few players lingered to speak with friends. I saw friends Andre Heidari (9/8/2011) and Cody Kessler (9/8/2011) on the track. After the clarinets in the stands left, Trojan Candy went down to the field. I wasn't able to visit with Andre, but Cody recognized me as the "candy" person. He called for Nelson Agholor to join him in the picture. Trojan Candy told both of them to "Do It!" tomorrow. Both guys nodded "yes."

Next, Trojan Candy walked back to the Swim Reception. As the four of us waited for the reception to start, I saw some football friends entering the adjacent "little" Galen to eat.

Dudley Poon, Pat Poon, Abe Markowitz, and Jim Yee
Friend Abe Markowitz (8/14/2009) came by and said "Hello" to us.
De'Von Flournoy and Demetrius Wright
A few other football friends also posed for yours truly enroute to "little" Galen. De'Von Flournoy (3/11/2010) and Demetrius Wright (10/7/2010)
Peter Mcbride and J.R. Tavai
Peter Mcbride (2/25/2011) and J.R. Tavai (8/26/2011).

Then, having still more time before the reception began, Trojan Candy was given permission to go into the "little" Galen. I took a few pictures inside.

Max Tuerk and John Baxter
Max Tuerk and John Baxter.
Khaliel Rodgers, three Student Managers, and Abe Markowitz
Khaliel Rodgers, three Student Managers, and Abe Markowitz.

Peter and Ingrid DalandNow it was finally time for the Swim Reception to begin. While the guests were arriving, Trojan Candy saw a familiar face. Legendary Swimming Coach Peter Daland and his wife Ingrid remembered that we sat next to them at Dr. Art Bartner's 40th Year Celebration Concert in the Galen Center (5/1/2010). Soon after Coach Daland arrived, many more guests arrived.

After about a half hour, Head Coach Dave Salo presented the Heritage Hall Medallions to the former First Team All-Americans and Gold Medal Olympic Swimming and Water Polo athletes. What an honor! All of the recipients posed for pictures with Coach Peter Daland. Here are pictures of the nine honorees.

Wayne Anderson and Peter Daland
Wayne Anderson was a 1966 All-American in Swimming.
Brian Earley and Peter Daland
Brian Earley was an All-American in Swimming in 1992-1994.
Sandy Gilchrist and Peter Daland
Sandy Gilchrist was a 1966 All-American in Swimming.
Russ Kidder and Peter Daland
Russ Kidder was a 1969 All-American in Swimming.
Lenny Krayzelburg and Peter Daland
Lenny Krayzelburg was a 1997 All-American in Swimming.
Ken Krueger and Peter Daland
Ken Krueger was a 1966 All-American in Swimming.
Rich McGeagh and Peter Daland
Rich McGeagh was a 1964 All-American in Swimming and Water Polo.
Jack Tingley and Peter Daland
Jack Tingley was a 1974 All-American in Swimming.
Dave Wharton and Peter Daland
Dave Wharton was an All-American in Swimming in 1988-1991.

FIGHT ON, Wayne! FIGHT ON, Brian! FIGHT ON, Sandy! FIGHT ON, Russ! FIGHT ON, Lenny! FIGHT ON, Ken! FIGHT ON, Rich! FIGHT ON, Jack! FIGHT ON, Dave! FIGHT ON, USC Men's Swimming!

Trojan Candy and Luis NevarezTrojan Candy saw two more friends at the Swim Reception. Luis Nevarez (9/8/2011) walked out of the John McKay Center, saw yours truly, gave me a big hug and posed for this picture. Luis had played Safety on the football team and just graduated from USC last year. He is now working on the football staff. Congrats, Luis, and FIGHT ON!Tory Ishimatsu

Trojan Candy saw my second friend, diver Tory Ishimatsu (9/16/2011) as Jim and I were leaving the reception. Tory's sister Haley is currently on the USC Swimming and Diving Team. Trojan Candy must interview Haley as soon as Heritage Hall reopens. FIGHT ON, Tory! FIGHT ON, Haley!

What a spectacular evening for Trojan Candy!