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Thursday, February 22, 2024---USC TGLA at Keck Hospital

Trojan Candy arrived at Keck Hospital for this month's USC TGLA meeting. It would include a talk by staff and a tour of Keck Hospital's Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research department.

I checked in where one of our Scholars Sophia Perez was volunteering with Kathie Austin and Rosalee Pechersky.
We walked across the street to the Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research Building where we listened to three speakers.
Then we were given a tour of the building and were able to look at specimens with a microscope.
A Ph.D. student showed us his research animal.

Now, it was time for our TGLA meeting to begin. Trojan Candy took pictures of each of the tables where our members and guests sat.

Here was the first table. Judy Lieb, Terri Boyle, and Carol Wright were sitting. Standing were Pa? Shi?, Lily Nakatani, Sherry De Friese, Suzanne Stillman, and Linda Waxman.
The next table was near the back. Seated there were Mary Hall, Dorothy Conte, and Kathy Shirley. Behind them were Nikki Dana, Julie Pircher, Sandi Hampar, and Jeanette Blair.
This table was at the front of the room. Seated were Jean Getchell, Kathie Austin, and Sophia Perez. Standing were Sharon Schmidt, Patty Vignold, and Rosalee and Gary Pechersky.
Sandy Johnston’s table was next. Patty Schned, Susie McKeever, and Virginia Naeve were sitting. Standing were ?, Maureen Cocchi, Mark Gaouette, Sandy Johnston, and ?eton.
Here was the last table of members. Carmel Gardner, , and Diane Wallace were sitting. Behind them were Caren Edler, Sally Edwards, Wilma Pinder, and Jane Bensussen.
These USC TGLA members posed for Trojan Candy.
Candy’s table was in the center. Evelyn Wilson, ?, and Christine Ofiesh were sitting. Dudley and Patti Poon and Diane Morgan were standing.
New USC TGLA members Patty Schned and Patty Vignold were introduced. They posed with Nikki Dana and V.P. Membership Edie Etmekjian.
Keck School of Medicine Dean Carolyn Meltzer was introduced and addressed us. Then Sandy Johnston thanked her.
Our Presidents Rosalee Pechersky and Jean Getchell thanked two Keck Hospital ladies.
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There were two speakers. Keck Chief Executive Officer Marty Sargeant gave an overview of the Center.
Marty posed with Rosalee Pechersky, Sandy Johnston, and Jean Getchell.
7521video 7522
Our second speaker was Caitlin Houghton, M.D., who spoke about “AI in Surgery”.
Caitlin posed with Sandy Johnston.