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Tuesday, March 19, 2024---Meet More Half Century Trojan Scholars

Today was our Half Century Trojan (HCT) Board Meeting. Before the meeting started, we were able to meet some of our 2023-2024 HCT Scholars.

Trojan Candy arrived just in time to meet Hayden Ranshaw. He is a sophomore majoring in Industrial Engineering and is also a Presidential and Viterbi Scholar. Hayden will graduate in Spring 2026. He had to leave for a class, but posed for me.
The second HCT Scholar I met was a sixth generation Trojan. Mark Stone is a Sophomore majoring in Finance Business Administration. Mark will graduate in Spring 2026.
Alex Kelly smiled for my picture next. She is majoring in Business.
Nearby was Senior Michael Groner. Trojan Candy spoke with Michael about applying for his job as early as possible. We also spoke about his musical ability. He is an accomplished pianist.

Even though our board meeting had started, Trojan Candy rushed to take a picture of each HCT Scholar.

Liane Lee posed for me next. She is a Senior majoring in Biophysics and Quantitative Biology.
Our next HCT Trojan Scholar was Kate Sweetland. She is a Senior Research student at the Department of Radiology. Her interest is Biomedical Engineering and Molecular-Cellular Emphasis.
Kaia Sheean, our seventh HCT scholar, is a Junior majoring in Psychology.

It was so nice to meet seven of our Half Century Trojan Scholars.