January (2) 2023 Candygrams

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Sunday, January 22, 2023---Meet USC’s #1 Tennis Star Stefan Dostanic

My husband Jim and I came to Marks Stadium to watch the USC Men’s Tennis Team play a doubleheader against Cal State University Sacramento and UC Irvine.

6946He was sitting in the stands, waiting to play in the second match vs UC Irvine. Trojan Candy figured that it was a perfect time to interview Stefan Dostanic who is the Men's #1 tennis player. Naturally I walked right to the seat next to where he was sitting, tapped him on his shoulder, and asked if I could interview him. Stefan smiled and said, “Yes.”

I asked Stefan when he started playing tennis. He said at five years old he started playing soccer, basketball, and tennis. He took tennis most seriously because it is an individual sport. Next I asked Stefan why he chose USC? He said that he was accepted at UCI, UCLA, Stanford, and USC to attend and to play tennis. Stefan said that he chose USC because it was the best academic choice. Also, he had known former USC Men’s Tennis Coach Peter Smith since he was six years old. Trojan Candy is so glad that Stefan chose my alma mater USC!

More personally, I asked Stefan about some of his favorites. They were as follows:

Food?Cheeseburgers and French fries.
Hobbies?I like to hang out with friends, paint at home, play video games.
Video game?“Overwatch” is my favorite game.
Television show?“Entourage”

Thank you, Stefan, for letting me interview you. KEEP FIGHTING ON, Stefan!

Thursday, January 19, 2023---USC Men’s Volleyball vs UC Santa Barbara

Our Men’s Volleyball Team played their first home game of the season at the Galen Center.

Their opponent was the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos.
Here was our team warming up.
video 0954
[Video] Both teams lined up for the Star Spangled Banner.
video 0955
[Video] Then both teams met at the net.
video 0958
[Video] Our starters were introduced. They were George Dyer, Dillon Klein, Kyle Paulson, Nate Tennant, Lucas Frassrand, Kevin Kobrine, and Simon Gallas
Nate Tennant was ready to serve.
Our team was ready to receive a serve.
Kevin Kobrine was waiting to serve.
video 0979
[Video] During a timeout the Spirit of Troy and the Song Girls performed.
video 0987
[Video] The Yell Leaders performed as the Spirit of Troy played "Fight On!"
Simon Gallas was concentrating before his next serve.

Unfortunately, UCSB won the first set 25-21.

Dillon Klein glances at the scoreboard just before serving.
video 1000
[Video] During a timeout, the Song Girls performed again.
Lucas Frassrand waited to serve in the second set.
video 1006
[Video] Our team won the second set 25-22.
video 1007
[Video] The Spirit of Troy performed “Tusk.”
Ryan Sprague dribbles the ball before serving.
video 1026
[Video] In the third set, we were ahead 24-22 when timeout was called.
video 1028
[Video] After the timeout, we won 25-22 to lead 2 sets to 1.

UCSB won the fourth set 25-18 to tie the match at 2-2. So we played a fifth set.

video 1039
[Video] This video began with USC ahead 8-5 and ended with a challenged call.
video 1043
[Video] USC was ahead 10-9 and it ended with a play under review.
video 1048
[Video] USC was ahead 14-12 when I started this video.

We won the fifth set USC 15 – UCSB 12!

KEEP FIGHTING ON, USC Men’s Volleyball!