Who is Trojan Candy?

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My name is Candy Yee. I am a USC alumna who used to volunteer once a week on Thursdays or Fridays at the Information Desk in Heritage Hall. This stopped when Heritage underwent renovation in late 2013. After the renovation, the Athletic Administration decided not to allow seasoned alumni to volunteer at the Information Desk anymore.

I have been writing feature articles about my experiences at USC. I introduced you to the personalities of many of the athletes and visitors who stop by at Heritage Hall. Even though I don't have as much contacts with the athletes and visitors, I continue my quest to meet as many as I can.

My husband Jim and I have two daughters and a son. The oldest daughter Kelly and her husband Gen have two sons---Zane and Kane. The middle daughter Steffany and her husband Zac also have two sons---Parker and Bowman---and a daughter, Sawyer. Our youngest son Gregory is single.

Yee family
Family at Christmas 2015.
Zane is learning water polo from Brenda Villa, an Olympic Gold Medallist. He's the sprinter on the team.
Kane is learning Tae Kwon Do and swimming.
Parker is learning Tae Kwon Do and basketball.
Bowman is quite a playful rascal.
Candy and Jim
Jim and I are on the Tahoe Gal in summer 2015.